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June 21, 2019 5:00 pm  #1

My first obs of my ex

I was contemplating whether to post any obs of my ex, but it's been a couple of years since we broke up and I'm over her now, and she was actually a reasonably good crier, and most of the obs I have from the last 10 or so years (my late teen years and early 20's) are of her. This is my recollection of the first time I saw her crying.

My ex and I had been dating for a few months. I don't actually remember what made her cry that day, so I can't provide too much of a background besides that. All I remember was that we were at this cafe, sitting in a corner, it was about that time of the day when people are usually busy at work so the cafes tend to be deserted, and I don't remember if there were any other people there besides us. I think we were talking or maybe even arguing, but I'm not sure. Could have been that latter as that's one thing that often made her cry, getting into arguments. As for her appearance, she's not easy to describe because she has quite a complicated ancestry. I would describe her as a dark skinned white woman with dark brown, curly, shoulder-length hair and brown eyes. Overall, she's quite a beautiful young woman.

The obs
At a certain point in our conversation, her voice started shaking and her eyes started watering. Her eyes quickly filled with tears, I think the first tear ran down her right cheek. One or two more tears ran down her face before she grabbed a tissue and wiped her face. I remember holding one of her hands, and she just kept crying with more tears running down her face, all of which she wiped away with a tissue. There was only one streak on each cheek at a time, because she was wiping her face every time one or two tears ran down, so there was never more than one streak on one cheek at the same time. I'd say the crying lasted somewhere around 3-5 minutes. And while I wasn't keeping track, I think she shed a total of about 10-15 tears, pretty evenly distributed between both eyes (I know that's a wide range, but my memory isn't all that good).

It was a much anticipated obs. We'd been dating for about three months, and I was longing to see her cry. She'd teased it a couple of times before when she'd spoken of herself crying (it was unintentional, she didn't know that I had dacryphilia, I never told her), and once when she yawned, her eyes had become slightly watery, so I really was looking forward to seeing her actually cry. So, with all the anticipation behind it, it was a great obs, one that stuck with me for quite a while until she started crying a bit more regularly in front of me. Also, this was a relatively harmless obs, coming from the least emotional period of our relationship (before the peak when we actually became quite emotionally invested in each other, and the downward slide that followed which led to our breakup). And that makes it all the more easier to think back on it now.


June 21, 2019 6:51 pm  #2

Re: My first obs of my ex

Did she sob during those minutes. Did her lip curl or chin tremble?

Ugly crying is pretty crying

June 21, 2019 10:54 pm  #3

Re: My first obs of my ex

Nice obs, I know time fades memory, I relate to the longing of seeing someone cry for the first time. I can assume she was in her late teens back then, right?

You mention she wiped away all her tears, so, obviously no tear streaked were visible. Does her tears flow from the same part of her eye, in other words, if she hadn't wiped them, would her face show a single streak or would there have been several streaks on her face? By any chance did you wipe her tears at some point?

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June 22, 2019 3:31 am  #4

Re: My first obs of my ex

Very good obs! Would you mind if I borrow your format? It's really good and it'll probably make my obs less repetitive.


June 22, 2019 8:59 am  #5

Re: My first obs of my ex

Really nice obs! It's always great when there are unchecked tears.

Tears of joy are beautiful.

June 23, 2019 3:26 pm  #6

Re: My first obs of my ex

Awesome ! I like the way you've estimated the number of tears she might have shed this way...
Can you remember if you used to pay attention to the way her tears would have probably landed on the table or not at all ?

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June 28, 2019 9:56 am  #7

Re: My first obs of my ex

@TorNorth Yes, she did sob a little. I don't think that her chin trembled, though there might have been a slight lip curl as she's done that a few times while crying.

@Amans lacrimae Yes, she was 19 (or almost 19, I don't fully remember if this was before her birthday or after, but she did turn 19 that year). I assume her tears would have run down the same path if she hadn't wiped them and left a single streak on each cheek as I've seen her cry like that a few times. I didn't wipe any of her tears.

@SparklingEyes Yes, of course you can borrow my format. I'm flattered you'd even ask!

@JohnstonWalker Thank you.

@Massivetearslover I don't remember. I don't really pay attention to where tears fall, I'm more focused on them running down the cheeks. I do like it when the drip off the chin, but I hardly pay attention where they fall.

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