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July 5, 2019 11:08 am  #1

Girlfriend emotional obs

A recent obs and a slightly long one. My girlfriend had quarreled with one of her best friends and was quite upset. She was telling me about it when this other person called her. She answered and my girlfriend said a few angry words at first. This her friend started explaining her side of the story and my girlfriend just listened, though she attempted to interrupt a couple of times. As this other girl spoke, my girlfriend's eyes started filling with tears. She just stared blankly in front of her with no real expression on her face, though you could tell she was a bit angry.

The tears stayed in her eyes for quite a while, probably the longest they've ever stayed in her eyes while crying emotionally (they usually run down her cheeks pretty quickly). They stood right at the edge, on the verge of overflowing, for quite a while, and it was a sight to behold as I really love to see tear filled eyes, especially when the tears are at the point of overflowing. A single tear ran smoothly down her right cheek all the way down to her chin, and soon, another tear ran down, this time down her other cheek. Her expression had changed from mild anger to mild sadness.

Her friend kept talking and her eyes filled up with tears again. This time, the tears overflowed much quicker and ran down the same path as her previous tears. Then she began to talk and her voice was a bit shaky, and tears continued to gently stream down her cheeks as she spoke. Then, after a couple of minutes, she began to sob, and a tear ran down the side of her nose from her left eye, and another tear ran down a new path next to the streak that was already there on her right cheek. At this point I held her tight in my arms (I'd just been holding her hand before that), but she gestured to me to leave her alone for a while, so I released her from my arms and left the room, not before catching a few more tears streaming down her face.

After a few minutes, she'd hung up and came out of the room, and her face was still wet with tears. I gave her a hug and wiped her tears, and she started crying again and buried her head in my chest. Massivetearslover would love this, this time, I did notice that her tears left a small, wet patch on my shirt (I guess it happens whenever she cries burying her head in my chest, I've just not been bothered to take notice, but due to repeated requests from Massivetearslover, this time I did take notice). As she lifted up her head, her eyes were still wet, and a couple more tears ran down her face, which I wiped with my fingers. She then grabbed a tissue and wiped her face, and calmed down after that. And the bright side of it was that she and her friend had patched up.

It's not great when she's sad, but since this had a happy ending, I decided to post this. I probably wouldn't have if it hadn't had a happy ending. She told me her friend had been crying on the phone as well. I know this girl reasonably well, but I've never seen her cry. But these days, I don't really care about seeing random people (or even friends) cry because I'm quite happy and satisfied with my girlfriend's tears. She is an absolutely amazing crier, and while there are so many great crying videos on the internet, and I've seen some other girls shed a lot of tears as well in my life, nothing beats my girlfriend's tears for me.


July 5, 2019 2:24 pm  #2

Re: Girlfriend emotional obs

Beautiful obs, I have known your girlfriend to usually cry shedding a single, thin tear streak from her eyes, now, More than a single streak is unusual for her, was this because of her head position or because of the crying intensity, as she rarely sobs?


July 5, 2019 2:38 pm  #3

Re: Girlfriend emotional obs

I'd say it's more due to her crying intensity and sobbing. She was crying pretty hard (as in intensely with a lot of tears, not as much sobbing as you might have seen from other girls), and she was also crying for quite a long time (the whole obs lasted around 30 minutes, give or take). Now, there have been times when she's cried even harder, and there have been multiple streaks during those times (I don't post those obs here because the reason for her crying in such cases is somewhat serious). But her tears running down multiple tear streaks is not as rare when you consider those intense, emotional crying episodes. I do find it interesting that when she's crying on cue (non-emotionally), even though she sheds a lot of tears, those tears usually go down the same streak whereas when she's extremely emotional, her tears can form multiple streaks, but it makes sense because when she is very sad, she sobs and blinks more often which she doesn't do while crying on cue.

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July 5, 2019 4:04 pm  #4

Re: Girlfriend emotional obs

Hey nice one ! Thanks for having thinking about me I agree with you, your GF is a formidable crier, she seems far above the average people about this "skill", if I dare say, somehow ^^'

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July 5, 2019 4:12 pm  #5

Re: Girlfriend emotional obs

Also, I'm feeling a bit sorry for not having obs to share, considering I don't have close people around me that cry very often and when they do they usually hide themselves from me so I never have real opportunities to witness some interesting crying that's about it

Massively shed tears with high innie belly buttons women, these are my favorites things

July 5, 2019 10:31 pm  #6

Re: Girlfriend emotional obs

That is an amazing obs! I'm really glad that things worked out between your girlfriend and her friend. Fights with close friends are always painful, and it's nice when they resolve positively like that. Also, I'm definitely envious of you that you have a significant other who cries not only well, but seemingly fairly often. Mine rarely, if ever, cry, though they know of my...proclivities, as it were.


July 11, 2019 3:50 pm  #7

Re: Girlfriend emotional obs

Wow! Your obs are unreal! That sounds just perfect! Glad and also jealous that you have a girlfriend who is such a perfect crier!

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September 13, 2019 10:54 am  #8

Re: Girlfriend emotional obs

Here's a more recent emotional obs with my girlfriend. She didn't really cry, her eyes just watered, but since I love tear-filled eyes more than anything else, it was still an amazing obs for me.

She's been having a somewhat rough time at work lately (nothing to worry about, it's just a greater workload and a few extra hours every week), and she was just talking to me about how tired she felt. I was just listening and speaking comforting words to her, and as she was speaking, her eyes filled with tears. She didn't make an attempt to wipe them (and she almost never does in front of me, she knows I like her tears), and just kept talking. This went on for some minutes, us just talking with her eyes filled with tears, she wasn't sobbing or anything as she wasn't really sad. After a while, she closed her eyes, but there weren't enough tears to run down her cheeks, and her tears just dampened the part of her face just below her lower eyelid, and her eyelashes got slightly wet as well, but that was it. I still wiped her eyes and she smiled, and she jokingly apologised for not crying harder! Later that day, we cried on cue together like we often do, and she shed a lot of tears for me.

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