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September 6, 2019 11:05 pm  #1

Mouths vs Shockwaves

Prince Android noticed that MePhone5 was lying down on the couch, sobbing. There was a cream cheese bagel in front of him. Prince Android asked him, "MePhone5, why is there an uneaten cream cheese bagel in front of you, and what's wrong with your eyes"? MePhone5 responded with stating, "I'm crying 'cause I can't eat this bagel because I don't have a mouth". Prince Android responded, stated that he wished he was a phone with a shockwave, stating that he would get sick when he consumed. MePhone5 responded by saying that Andy would always bite his enemies, which he wouldn't be able to do with a shockwave. Andy further added to this by saying that his friend Aaliyah got a modification to be able to consume and have a shockwave mouth. The modification was initially successful, but because her body was incompatible with the modification, blue liquid and sometimes blue crystals would leak from her lightning connector when she would consume. She would scream and cry every time a crystal was passed. For this reason, her surgery had to be reversed. 

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