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March 12, 2020 3:55 am  #1

hey guys! just another long term lurker

so i've actually been on here for a while. ive had an obsession with crying and tears for as long as i can remember. tears especially, i find them weirdly fascinating to watch them fall and comfort the person. i have lots of stories to share if you guys are interested but for now i guess i'll just introduce myself!

sex: nonbinary, but i was born female
orientation: bisexual, lately have been attracted to men more
age: 21
location: us
interested in: i love watching tears fall from someone's eyes, the journey the path takes and where it ends (dripping off chin, onto shirt/chest etc.) I also love when im comforting my significant other and their tears fall on me!! i love wiping away tears and kissing my boyfriend's salty lips when he cries. 
interest in the forum: i just like to know im not alone. for a while i thought i was the only one with this fetish, so its a relief to see there are others like me i also just want to meet people and share experiences!
my own crying: im a big crybaby lol. usually when i try not to cry, my eyes well up super fast and tears just spill rapidly down my face before i can wipe them. i whimper a lot too which is kind of embarassing but i just cover my mouth. when im with people im close to, i let them fall unchecked, sometimes watching for their reaction haha.
other fetishes: i'm a sucker for sensitive men that will let me cuddle and hold them, but thats not really a fetish, just sort of related. i do like some aspects of bdsm though
yourself in general: im honestly just a college student who loves music and binge watching crime shows. im also polyamorous and currently seeing two guys. only one knows about my fetish. im pretty emotional and sesitive and probably a little too empathetic. im also a dog mom and i love my little guy to death!!

i have a LOT of stories to share so if you guys want to ask any questions feel free! so happy i finally took the plunge and decided to join


"when the night was full of terror, and your eyes were filled with tears..."

March 12, 2020 11:52 am  #2

Re: hey guys! just another long term lurker

Welcome Prettytears,first of all, nice name, I guess you have prettytears I am glad you finally decided to join.
I love the way you describe your own crying, I really love sensitive girls, specially if allowing tears to fall unchecked and plus if looking for someone to comfort when crying.

You mention allowing tears falling unchecked looking for a reaction, what Is the usual reaction of people close to you when they see you crying freely? Also, you mention that when you try not to cry, your eyes fill faster with tears, when that happens, do you shed so many tears that a single streak is not enough or do your tears have that Hollywood style of a single beautiful streak on the cheek?


March 13, 2020 5:16 pm  #3

Re: hey guys! just another long term lurker

thanks, i honestly just chose that name because i just find falling tears so beautiful.

it really just depends on the person, if its someone i dont know and they see tears falling they usually just hand me a tissue or give me a hug. if they hug i always just let my tears fall on their shoulder, im not ashamed or anything, i never have been. with my s/o and close friends i let them wipe them away and hold me. i've gotten a lot of shirts soaked through because of it lmao. 

with my own crying it also depends, if im just a little upset a tear will slip out hollywood style, they're usually pretty big though so there are still remnants of the drop on the cheek after it falls. when im really sobbing, tears get everywhere. ive noticed sometimes multiple tears will fall from the same eye at the same time. i dont really know why the volume of them are so big, i do have really big eyes so maybe it's easier for them to spill out. at this point im usually sobbing a little and i always cover my mouth (weird instinct) and the tears drip onto my hand. 

hope i answered your questions okay!! x

"when the night was full of terror, and your eyes were filled with tears..."
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March 16, 2020 5:23 pm  #4

Re: hey guys! just another long term lurker

Interesting, I wouldn't expect a hug from a stranger in that situation, I love when a girl cries unashamed in front of me, big plus. Is it common having your friends wipe your tears? I expect it from your s/o, it seems you have sensitive friends.

Stunning, I really love big tears, both the tear itself (as It Is more visible than a tiny tear) and the streak left by it (big tears leave thick streaks, opposed to very small tears that leave a barely visible thin streak). I thought big eyes could hold more tears, I get it when you mention the volume of tears is related to how intense you are crying, I have never seen multiple tears falling from the same eye at the same time, I guess that you can get your face tear streaked quite fast.
Have you ever noticed so many tears that individual streaks are no longer visible?


March 21, 2020 3:08 am  #5

Re: hey guys! just another long term lurker

i wouldnt necessarily call them strangers, just aqaintances. sorry for the confusion. with friends its usually more so, i gravitate to people who are more sensitive and in tune with their emotions. it makes it easier to let it out when i need to. as for shedding multiple tears, they usually drip off some parts of my face and the streaks go every which way, which usually results in my face just being completely wet, kinda like you talked about. sorry for the late reply, things have been kinda stressful on my end with the corona virus situation.. but i have shed quite a lot of tears, so there's that!!!

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"when the night was full of terror, and your eyes were filled with tears..."
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March 23, 2020 4:01 am  #6

Re: hey guys! just another long term lurker

When you talked about having multiple tears fall from the same eye at the same time, i immediately thought "wow, you must be an amazing crier". When that happens, do the tears drip on the floor?


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