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April 6, 2020 4:05 am  #1

The Actress Activists

Sarah was sitting in her office, scrolling through a multitude of crying videos on tik tok. She had recently been promoted to HR, which meant less time crying and more time doing other things, like finding new girls to join her organisation. She had just been another average 20 year old girl who loved posting videos of herself crying on tik tok. Then one day, she'd suddenly received a strange private message, asking her if she'd ben interested in joining an actress activist group whose vision was to heal the world through tears. Intrigued, she'd said yes, and now, three years later, she found herself looking to recruit new people to her group, to go through the same process she herself had gone through.

She was scrolling through tik tok, trying to find the right candidate, and stumbled upon a girl whose videos mesmerised her. This girl appeared to be around 19-21, she was beautiful, and in every video she had several tears stream down her face. To top it off, the video quality was excellent and she wasn't wearing any makeup, making her the ideal candidate. She immediately ran out of her office and into the lounge area to see if any of her "sisters" (that's what the members were called) was relaxing and taking a break from a crying session. And she was in luck, she ran into Sheela, who'd joined at around the same time as her and one of her closest friends.

"Hey, Sheela, check this out, I think I've found the perfect candidate", she said as she showed her this girl's videos. Sheela was impressed. "Yeah, she has a lot of promise! Have you reached out yet?" Sarah replied, "No, just wanted to show you first." "Cool. She looks like she'd fit right in with us, her tears are so much like mine. Do contact her and let me know if you hear back." "Sure, will do." "I need to get back to crying. See you soon." Sheela departed back into the crying room and Sarah returned to her office.

She opened up a private message and started typing, "Hi username Rebekah, hope all is well. I came across your account and I must say I'm impressed with your acting skills, specifically your ability to cry on cue. I have a once in a lifetime opportunity for you to use your crying skills to make a difference in the world by joining our actress activist group. We're a group of actresses whose motto is 'healing the world through tears'. We accomplish this by forming strong relationships with each other and making several crying videos talking about world issues and so on. If you're interested to know more, please respond. Thanks." She double checked her message and hit send. She was excited and nervous. Excited because this girl seemed to be the perfect candidate. Nervous because she was yet to recruit her first member, and she didn't want to disappoint the management.

"I really hope she responds", she thought to herself, as she resumed scroolling through a bunch of videos to find the next prospective candidate. Then, she got a notification for a private message. Her heart began to race as she opened it.


April 9, 2020 3:56 am  #2

Re: The Actress Activists

The actress activist group didn't have any official headquarters, at least one that was known of, and was rumoured to have hundreds of members, or "sisters" as they were formally called, around the world. Joining wasn't easy, you don't go looking for them, they come looking for you, and tik tok was their preferred platform of recruitment, though they occasionally found actresses with top notch crying abilities via youtube and other platforms as well.

Recruitment was a four step process, and many just gave up due to the intensity of the recruitment process. The recruitment process, and pretty much every activity involving the organisation involved tears, a lot of tears. After all, that was their goal, to heal the world thorugh tears.

A major day to day activity of the sisters was to film crying clips, sometimes monologues, sometimes just silent tears, that would then be used to get different messages across. Their messages covered all kinds of different topics like drugs, sex trafficing, mental health, abuse, etc. In addition to the videos, there was in each of the branches a designated crying room, where the sisters had to fill small vials with their tears as a sign of belonging to the group. The vials were collected every week and taken somewhere.

Though the sisters' role was almost exclusively just crying non-stop, they were paid pretty well for what they did and they didn't complain. The only condition was that they weren't allowed to actually talk about the group to anyone, and they had to simply say they were actresses, and they were paid for each video they featured in as if they were freelancers. That is, to the outside world, the actress activist group didn't exist.

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