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October 13, 2020 11:39 am  #1


**This is my first attempt at a crying fiction but I hope it's decent. I've had this idea rattling around in my brain for a while and I finally found a way to do it. Enjoy!**

He's never been much of an emotional person, but having a job in the CIA will numb you up like that. To be a good agent you need to be observant, that means less talk and more watching. He's definitely not an exception. It's rare to get much out of him. He's always been the kind of guy who focused more on her than himself. That can be a good thing, but it can be frustrating to be locked out of your partner's head like that.

Especially in the days after coming home from being captured in a foreign country. He went on a contract with a partner, but it went wrong when his partner inadvertently got them captured by the country's intelligence team. He was captured for 14 days and God only knows what happened in those 2 weeks. After 12 days, a team went in and performed a risky rescue and thankfully succeeded.

While she cried during their first reunion, he seemed more reserved than usual. He rushed over to her, he kissed her passionately, he said he was happy to be home and to see her but there was no emotion in his eyes or his demeanor. In the days following, he didn't talk at all. Not one word. He didn't answer when she asked him what he wanted to eat, or what he wanted to watch or do, or whether he was feeling okay. He just seemed...lost in his head.

It wasn't until a week later, that she had enough. She begged him to say something, to talk to her, to talk about what happened, to just let it out somehow. For the first time in what felt like forever, he turned to her with pain in his blue eyes and said his first words in a week.

"I can't let it out."

She was so surprised he even said anything that she didn't even say anything. She didn't need to though.

"The things that happened in there are things that I could never tell you. I can't stress you out with the burden of all that. I can't scare you like that."

He was standing in the middle of the living room staring at her with a blank expression. If she hadn't been with him for 2 years she wouldn't have noticed the pain gripping his eyes.

His low voice started shaking. "I have to be strong, if I'm not I'll be crippled. I have to do my job, If I can't talk to you about it, what can I do? If I release it, what if it overtakes me? I can't let that happen, I have a job I have to do to provide for us. I can't leave it."

She rushed across the room in seconds and wrapped him up in her arms. She snaked one arm around his waist and the other across his broad shoulders with her fingers in his light brown hair pressing his head onto her shoulder. For the first time he let his guard down and held onto her. His arms gripped her like she was his lifeline. He clasped a chunk of the collar of her top like he was trying to keep from drowning.

"I love you." His words were barely a whisper, but there was a vulnerability in his voice.

"I love you too," she told him. "I'm not going anywhere, I'm here for you. Letting things out may be weak when you're with the team or on a job or with an enemy. But it's not weak when you need to, or when you're with me. You're safe here with me."

"I love you," he repeated. His voice cracked, and he cleared his throat. He gripped her tighter, if that was even possible, and kept clearing his throat.

She began to rub his back. He always relaxes when she does that. He didn't this time. His arms tensed up around her and his torso began shaking. A breath rapidly escaped his lips and he buried his face in her neck, trying (and failing) to steady his breathing.

He was just as surprised as she was when a sob escaped him. Tears began soaking her neck and that's when he pulled away. He turned to rush out of the room when she grabbed his hand to stop him. "Stay, it's okay to cry with me."

He turned to look at her. For the first time, she saw his blue eyes had tears shining in them. He almost looked... disappointed.

"It's okay to feel. Tears are okay."

"Okay," he whispered, finally allowing his tears to flow. Torrents of large tears rushed down his cheeks in pairs of thick streams. He held no expression as he wordlessly allowed her to see the most vulnerable part of him.

As soon as she took a step toward him, he turned away. He raised his hands to his hair as a sob escaped him. He seemed utterly lost and overwhelmed. It was clear to her that these vulnerable emotions had been drilled out of him in CIA training. He barely knew how to feel them, let alone understand what he was feeling.

He walked over to the couch and plopped himself on it, head in hands. She knelt next to him and resolved to sit with him through his pain. She put her hands on his arm and leg as she noticed his shoulders began to tremble with silent sobs. She could see tears fall down his cheeks and into his lap. She could see the grimace in his expression, the pain overwhelming him. She could even see the way he would avoid blinking to try to keep the tears from escaping his eyes. His adam's apple bobbed up and down as he tried to swallow the persistent lump in his throat.

She sat next to him facing him on the couch and pulled him into her arms. He held onto her waist and quietly sobbed into her shoulder. She rubbed his back, and worked her hands through his hair as his entire body trembled. After nearly an hour, his sobs started slowing down. He leaned himself on her chest as the tears slowed to a small trickle. Eventually his breathing slowed down. He pulled away and thumbed a few tears from his cheeks. He sniffled and leaned in to give her a kiss on the cheek.

"Thank you," he breathed. She laid on the couch on her back and he settled himself back into her arms. He sniffled every few moments until they fell asleep together.

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October 13, 2020 1:13 pm  #2

Re: Captured

I love the slow build up before breaking down, also how he started crying large, thick tears and slowly ending with small trickles of tears.

Hope to read more from you soon.


October 13, 2020 9:17 pm  #3

Re: Captured

That was awesome!  Keep writing! 

" do not cry. They will do anything BUT cry. They stop themselves crying. And eventually they do cry if it is bad enough. So that's how you know with a man how bad it is for him. Because he would've stopped himself...Men always cry like that. They don't cry and in the end they do and if they do then it's overwhelming." ~Michael Caine

October 15, 2020 5:53 am  #4

Re: Captured

That was an amazing. I specially loved it when he tried to hold back his tears but couldn't. I love it when men become weak/vulnerable and the woman comforts them with such tenderness/understanding.


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