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December 9, 2020 3:34 pm  #11

Re: Alternate Reality Obs (AROs)

Unexpected encounter with lifelong crush part 2

After a week of spending a great time with this girl, the time I was afraid would come, finally is here, she tells me she needs to go back to face her reality and fix things, either makeup or breakup, but she will decide there. I take her to our private place to say goodbye, I ask her: "When will you come back?", both our eyes start filling with tears. She answers: "I hope soon, but I don't want to lie to you, I honestly don't know". I am becoming anxious as I feel the tears are brimming my eyes and, she has never seen me cry, I wouldn't want to break in front of her.

I caress her cheek, her eyes becoming a bit red and full of tears, then she says: "my beloved friend, I don't want to make this hard on you", she pulls me in a hug, I hold her tight, a few seconds into the hug I feel her back shudder, a sob, immediately after, I feel a couple of tears land on my shoulder and she lifts a hand from my back, I am sure she wiped her tears. I try to blink back tears, but instead of going back in, they leave my eyes, and, surprisingly (as my tears always run down the same streak), I feel hot tears slowly rolling down the outer corner, two down the middle of my left cheek and another couple, one between the middle of my eye and the nose, and another one, around the middle of my cheek from my right eye, I didn't want to be too obvious and release her, but my breathing pattern betrayed me. I don't know how many seconds I spent thinking on how to resolve my tears, when unexpectedly, she broke the hug, her eyes widened and her face softened, but she stopped her tears and not thinking too much, she brought both her hands to my face, tenderly wiping my tears with her finger pads.

I froze, I never expected to cry in front of her, and  I didn't expect her to wipe my tears so lovingly. I felt a couple more tears fall down my cheeks, I felt in a different reality, she stood on her toes (I am 6 inches taller than her) and kissed a tear from each of my cheeks, I pulled her in a hug, a stray tear slipped from the outer part of my cheek, near the outer corner of my eye, she rubbed her face against mine, catching my tear with her silky cheek.

I compose myself and tell her I hope to see her soon, and I wish she is happy. We part ways...


December 9, 2020 6:14 pm  #12

Re: Alternate Reality Obs (AROs)

Unexpected encounter with lifelong crush from her POV

I arrived to the city where I used to live, I wanted to get fresh air, beach (where I live there is no beach), so I go to a good coffee place my best friend showed me (a lot of years ago) and I sit and think, I start to feel sad, but I don't want to make a scene there.

I am shocked when I see my best friend entering the coffee shop, I mean, what are the odds of him coming the same day at the same time, especially since he rarely comes to this place nowadays. Our eyes meet, I can see his eyes sparkling of joy. He says out loud: "Hello, I'm so happy to see you" and sits in front of me, then asks me: "How is everything?". My eyes start to fill with tears, thinking of my current situation, I answer: "I am very happy with my daughter and son, but I had a big fight with my husband" at this point my voice starts to break. I try to keep tears at bay, I am embarrassed crying, I have never cried in front of him, I was close to tears twice, but I managed to hold them back.

He caresses my cheek, stands up and comes to sit next to me, starts caressing my hair with one hand, caressing my cheek with the other one as he tells me: "It's ok to feel, don't be afraid to let it all out". Tears are forming in my eyelashes, I can't hold them back much longer, especially if he is as sweet as he is right now.
I say to him: "I'm ok" as my voice breaks, he softly and heartwarmingly answers: "It's ok princess, you can let go, I won't judge you, as always, I am here for you, feel free to allow yourself to feel, there is no shame in crying, even Jesus cried." As he finished this sentence he places both hands on my cheeks, caressing them as well as my lips (I always loved when he did that back when we hung out), I couldn't refrain from curling my lip as big, round, hot tears started to escape from my eyes, rolling down my cheeks, I can feel some roll all the way to my chin, and I feel other end in his fingers, as he is still caressing my cheeks. I feel a mix of embarrassment for crying in front of him, and something between comforted and arousal as I find this a very intimate gesture.

I bring my hands up to cover my face and unexpectedly he holds both my hands, slowly bringing them down to my lap as he kisses a tear from each of my cheeks, this gesture makes me shiver, I have never felt so loved and comforted, I didn't know how to react when he suddenly kissed my curled lips. My crying got more intense, and now, feeling more comforted than embarrassed, I felt his soft thumbs softly caress my cheeks clearing them from tears and tear streaks.

I let him know how much I appreciated him taking care of me: " I'm sorry for losing composure and telling you what you don't need to know". He sweetly answers: "Girl, never forget, I will always be here to wipe your tears, to hold you in my arms and to make you happy if you allow me to." I smile and answer: "I know, I just didn't expect to see you here, and less to wipe my tears, thank you for wiping and, kissing my tears." I genuinely smiled.

A couple of stray tears escaped from each eye, and he kissed them from my cheeks, we ordered coffee and chatted for a little while longer then decided to go to the movies. We chose a romantic comedy, we were getting quite comfortable, I (like I used to do it with him before) place my legs on his lap, he immediately starts caressing my calves, eventually going up to my thighs, I can feel my soft muscles give in to his hands will,  I was surprised with myself because I never cry at movies, but this got me, guess the situation is not helping, I ignore tears, trying for my dear friend not to notice I am crying again, I feel his warm hand against my cheek, gently wiping my tears, I let myself indulge in his caresses, I lean my face against his hand, feeling my tears slip from my cheek to his fingers. I hope we can have this experience more often. Unfortunately, the evening is over and he takes me back to home.

After one of the best weeks in my life, the day I have to go back home arrives, I tell my dear friend that I have to go and face my reality, I'd love to stay, but I can't escape my life, I will either fix or break the relationship with my husband. He asks me if I want to go to our private spot, when we arrive we get out of the car and he bluntly asks: "When will you come back?" I see his eyes fill with tears and I feel the emotion too, I just answer: "I hope soon, but I don't want to lie to you, I honestly don't know". I can see he is becoming uncomfortable, like struggling to control himself, I am in shock, I have never seen him cry, I thought he was one of those guys who never cried (at least in public).

He caresses my cheek, I am getting emotional too, I can feel myself blushing and my sight is blurry because of the tears in my eyes. I tell him: "My beloved friend, I don't want to make this hard on you" and I pull him into a hug. As he holds me tight, I lose composure and let out a sob and see a couple of wet spots on his shirt, I wipe my tears with the back of my hand, I don't know how long I focused on wiping my tears but I got distracted when I felt his breathe irregular. I break the hug and, to my absolute surprise, I see three tear streaks on his left cheek and two on his right, with tears still rolling down his handsome cheeks. I swallowed tears back and, not sure if love or instinct took over me, but I, without thinking brought both my hands to his face and, with my hands open, I lovingly wiped his tears with the pads of my fingers.

I waited for a response, but he froze, not even blinked, I saw a couple more tears start to roll down his cheeks, I stepped on my toes to reach him and tenderly kissed a tear from the lower part of each cheek, he finally reacted, he pulled me into a hug, I rubbed my cheek against his and I felt a warm tear transfer from his cheek to mine.
We part ways... As soon as I was out of his sight I started sobbing, I missed him already and I hadn't even left.
I really hope to go back to his arms.

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June 4, 2021 3:33 pm  #13

Re: Alternate Reality Obs (AROs)

It's hard to say goodbye

Ray's (M) POV:

Background: Things in the country have become very hard, after almost a year of looking for opportunities, finally, a job offer came up in a distant country, but the condition is that I go by myself to see if I am able to sustain myself without being a burden to the country for a year, then I can bring family.

The day I have to leave is here, I have everything ready and my family is reunited, the two girls (20's and teen), my wife and a couple of close friends (a married couple in their 20's). I say: "As you all know, even though I love to travel, it's hard for me to leave my family for such a long time, I'll miss my princess, my girls, my dear friends, love you all". My sight starts to become blurry as my eyes start to fill with tears.

My wife starts to cry, big, round, hot, thick teardrops start to roll down her beautiful cheeks: "I'll miss you, I will think of you everyday, I'll wait for the day you come back for us". She throws herself into my arms, which causes tears to push harder against my eyes, trying to escape and the familiar tightness in my stomach is starting to build. She rubs her cheek against mine, transferring a couple of tears from her face to mine, then she breaks the hug.

I can see my friends are starting to get emotional too (both of them cry easily), my eldest daughter steps up and, with tears in her eyes, says: "I promise I won't mess up, take care of mom and my little sister". I think, this is the first time she is taking this responsibility, she is aware that we all need every help that shows up, tears are now hanging in my eye lashes, I caress her hair, that breaks the cup, she starts sobbing, her lips curl, her cheeks are slowly becoming adorned with streak after streak of tears. Seeing her sob because of me detonates the tears that were barely hanging in my lashes and, still resisting, a single tear rolls down my cheek, I slowly move my hand from her hair to her cheek, softly caressing it from the middle to the outer corner, feeling two tears and two more wet streaks on the way. The gesture that really surprised me was her reaction, she tried to smile through her lip curl and she brought her hand to my face, slowly brushing the pad of her index and middle fingers from below my eye, drying my tear streak, following the tear streak to the middle of my cheek, where she catched the tear, stepping back as I blushed.

With that gesture, I instinctively pushed back the tears, cleared my throat and said: "I know it sounds drastic and long term, but be sure, I'll succeed and send for you, we will have a better life out there, I can see a lot of opportunities for all of us". As I finish, my youngest daughter holds me in a warm, tight hug, I can feel her back trembling as she starts to sob loudly, I break the hug, hold her cheeks, wiping a few tears as I do so, kiss a tear from the middle of her cheek and tell her: "Don't cry, be sure I'll make sure you have a better life so you can make your dreams come true". She is still crying, I swipe my thumbs all the way across both cheeks, clearing them from tears and streaks as well.

My friend Zack, comes and hugs me tight: "little brother, we'll stay in touch with your wife, anything she needs, we'll be here for her." When he breaks the hug, I can see tears sparkling in his eyes, I can see the reflection of tears in my eyes as well. His wife comes to me and looks at me, straight at my eyes, tears well in both our eyes, she gives me a firm hug, I hold her hair with one hand and her back with the other, I feel her back starting to tremble with silent sobs, that gives my tears the strength to escape my eyes, she rubs her cheek against mine, mingling our tears. We break the hug and I see her tear streaked face, thinking mine might be streaked as well. I tenderly wipe her tears from both her cheeks, and, for the first time, she wiped mine. I smiled when she wiped my tears and a wave of tears fell down both our faces. I dared to kiss a tear from each of her cheeks, wiping the rest, as she tenderly, wiped both my cheeks clear of tears.

Will try to work on other's POV.


June 4, 2021 6:51 pm  #14

Re: Alternate Reality Obs (AROs)

Alice's POV (eldest daughter):

My dreaded day in which my father is leaving the country finally arrived, this is the second time we separate, and the first one distance and time weren't a big issue, as we reunited relatively often. This time is different, a new country, a new language, a lot of hours of time zone difference. I am very emotional right now, even though I thought I was mentally ready to face it, the truth is that I'm not.

We meet to say goodbye, my mom, my sister and a couple of my parents friends that I had never met were there. Mom starts to cry, she goes and hugs my dad, I can see he is trying to suppress tears, even though I know he cries and I have heard him crying (never let him know), I know he wants to keep that manly figure in front of us. I can hear they are talking but I am so much into my feelings that I don't pay attention to what they're saying, I just see both friends have watery eyes already, my sis is about to cry and I am trying to keep composure.

When mom and dad break the hug, I step up and, as brave as I can be, tell him: "I promise I won't mess up (again), take care of mom and my little sister". And I mean it, I'll get a job, I'll stay in school, a tear hanging in my dad's eyelashes brings me back to full attention to him, he caresses my hair, and that broke me, my face starts to turn into my ugly cry face, with my lips curling and my eyes swelling, I can feel tears trickling down my cheeks, through my blurry vision, for the first time in my life, I see a tear slowly rolling down my dad's cheek. I feel he stops caressing my hair and very tenderly wipes my tears from my cheeks (he usually does it), I tried my best to smile, and I consciously bring my hand to his cheek and, with the pad of my index and middle fingers, wipe his entire tear streak until I reach his tear, cleaning him from any sign that he cried. He blushed, so I stepped back, I don't know if he liked it or not.

I see my little sister hug him and started to sob loudly, she is the one most attached to him, he is her support, the one who does more things with her, takes her to places she likes. And finally the couple go to him, the guy first, I noticed he wiped his tears before going to hug my dad, gave him a firm hug, then his wife went to my dad, I found it extremely sweet when she rubbed her cheek against dad then they wiped each other's tears. I didn't expect my dad to kiss a couple of tears from her cheeks.

Then we parted, hoping for a better life, I'll wait for him.


June 4, 2021 9:19 pm  #15

Re: Alternate Reality Obs (AROs)

Wow Amans Lacrimae those were intense Aro's. I could feel and n picture every emotion like it was my town. It gave me goosebumps. It was also really sweet the way he got his tears wiped after they fell despite his control (or lack thereof).


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