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June 4, 2022 5:48 am  #1


I walked into our place excited to be home. It was a tough few days at work and today is Friday, and a three-day weekend so it means I get to spend more time with him over the weekend.

After taking off my coat and putting away my laptop I went through looking for him. I figured he must be in the bedroom so I opened the door quietly hoping to sneak up on him and surprise him with my early arrival home.

He was looking at his phone, no surprise there. But to my surprise, he looked emotional. I watched as his face transformed from emotional to holding back tears. It was rare that he cried and I didn't know if I should go in or let him have some time alone. He turned off his phone and seemed to stare at the bed in deep thought. I saw tears swimming in his eyes, he seemed to hold back. He sighed and seemed to resign to the tears and the first one slowly slipped from his eye.

Another followed the same track, and I saw his lip trembling. I saw him pick up his phone as he swiped at his cheek and held back his tears once more. A moment later my phone vibrated. It was a text from him.

"Really need you right now." I looked up and watched him put his phone on the table and dry another tear with his thumb. I knew I had to go into the room.

"Baby?" I saw him look up in surprise at my voice and smile with relief. It seemed the moment he saw me the floodgates opened. Tears quickly fell down both cheeks as he sighed and continued looking at me.

I felt like I was put on the spot but also felt like he was sharing something deeply personal with me. I rushed over to him and reached out to grab his hands, neither of us breaking eye contact. More tears rushed down. I climbed into his lap and felt him wrap his arms around me and bury his face in my neck.

He stifled a quiet sob. I pulled away to look at him as he looked down. Tears fell. "It's my sister." He looked at me, his eyes red. I pressed my thumbs under his eyes, holding them there. He shut his eyes, allowing his tears to fall. I wiped his tears away and pulled him in.

"I'm sorry." He was trembling as he held his head underneath my chin and I held him as the tears silently trickled down his cheeks and into our laps.


June 4, 2022 8:03 pm  #2

Re: Quiet

Hello girl, I love the sweet and touching way you write. I wasn’t aware I missed your fics.


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