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June 17, 2022 2:11 pm  #1

I've become friends with a gorgeous crier

I met this girl about 3 months ago and it was during a rough period and I just needed someone to talk to, and she just showered me with such care that we became very close quite quickly. During that phase of me having it tough, I cried in front of her a few times, most of the time I wiped my eyes before the tears fell as I was a little embarassed to be crying in front of her tbh, but she handled it very nicely and never judged me. My voice broke during those times I cried, and she just patiently listened to me.

About a month into our friendship, after things improved for me (thanks in large part to her), she started opening up more about herself, and the first time she cried, we were sitting in her car when she drove me home after a group outing with some friends, and she was sharing a bit of her story and she got to an emotional bit and started to tear up. For a few seconds, she kept talking, and her eyes became quite full. Then she paused, stifling a sob and just gave me this sad look, her lips quivering and eyes brimming with tears. Slowly, a couple of tears trickled down her face, which she quickly wiped with her fingers. She then got a tissue and started dabbing her eyes. Her voice broke as she spoke, but she didn't full on sob, and her eyes kept watering for a couple of minutes. I felt very sorry for her and just let her cry, placing my hand gently on her shoulder to console her. I felt like crying myself, but held it in.

After that first time she cried, over the course of the following two weeks, she teared up about 3 different times during our conversations, but didn't full on cry. The next time she properly cried was last month, it was her birthday and I got a gift and a card for her, and I wrote an emotional message on the card about how much I appreciated her and her friendship, especially through a tough time in my life, and as she read it, her eyes started to well up and she glanced at me with a gorgeous smile and her eyes shining with happy tears, and she resumed reading the card, and a tear fell out of her left eye, and another tear ran down her right cheek. She looked up from the card and blinked, which made a couple more tears come out of her eyes, and she partially wiped her cheeks with her fingers. It was a very emotional moment and I couldn't really hold my emotions in, so my eyes began to fill with tears as well, and I drew her in for a hug, and we sobbed in each other's arms for a little bit, and as we let go of each other, both our faces were wet with tears. I so badly wanted to wipe her tears, but quick disclosure, I'd asked her out a few weeks before and she'd said no, and I feel that wiping someone's tears is more appropriate in a romantic relationship than in a friendship, even though the friendship is very close, so I resisted the urge to wipe her tears. But anyway, her tears were absolutely gorgeous, and she let a few more just run down her cheeks before grabbing a tissue to wipe them. I think a couple of her tears may have landed on the card, though I'm not sure. I let a few more tears fall freely as well before accepting a tissue that she offered me and wiping my tears. We spent a lovely afternoon together after that, but without any more tears.

Speaking of me asking her out and her friendzoning me, that kind of did break my heart, though I'm very glad that it didn't wreck our friendship and if anything, I feel like we've grown closer. I teared up when she told me she wanted to stay friends, but held it in, but after I got home, I bawled my eyes out and shed buckets of tears, just letting them run freely down my face, and wiping some with my pillow. We haven't really talked about that since, so I don't know if she cried.

Last week, we were talking about something and she got teary eyed, but she didn't really cry and the tears just dissipated from her eyes. Later the same day, she was telling me about some trouble she'd had at work, and a single tear ran down her left cheek, which she kind of just let dry. I absolutely adore this girl, and love how open she is with her emotions and lets me be open with mine in front of her. I still like her and hope that someday, if not now, we can be more than friends, but I still greatly appreciate her and hoping to have many more obs with her.


June 17, 2022 3:46 pm  #2

Re: I've become friends with a gorgeous crier

I’m glad how you came from no obs to quite a few, better yet, someone who became close to you. Tbh, I wipe tears from female friends and two have expressed they like it when I do. So feel free to wipe her tears next time she cries.


June 17, 2022 4:02 pm  #3

Re: I've become friends with a gorgeous crier

Oh, it's not like I've had no obs, just not up close and personal ones like this. I have seen a few girls cry over the years (and guys too, though I'm not interested in that), I just haven't been able to see much tears from up close (and like I said before in a previous post, just sobbing and stuff without clear, visible tears isn't really of much interest to me). Perhaps the best obs I've had apart from the ones I've shared here is of this girl at a wedding, she was one of the bridesmaids and I managed to catch a glimpse of her tear stained cheeks for quite a few seconds before she wiped them.

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June 17, 2022 4:15 pm  #4

Re: I've become friends with a gorgeous crier

Wedding tears are really cute. Getting back on topic, I find it quite brave to cry in front of a girl you were starting to get to know, especially since she hadn’t cried in front of you before. Usually seeing someone cry breaks the ice and you can cry in front of her, I feel awkward crying in front of someone I haven’t seen crying.

At this point, would you allow her to wipe your tears?


June 17, 2022 4:28 pm  #5

Re: I've become friends with a gorgeous crier

I tried my best to hold back my tears, tbh, but they just came, I guess she made it really easy by how kind she was to me. She's one of three people who've seen me cry in the last 12-13 years, and she's by far the one who's seen me cry the most. I cried a couple of times in front of my ex (who also cried a couple of times in front of me, but she wasn't a very tearful crier, perhaps the cutest obs I had of her was when her eyes filled up with tears of joy once). I do cry quite a bit when I'm alone, and my eyes can pump out a lot of tears if I just let myself cry.

Would I allow her to wipe my tears, yes, absolutely, though I don't forsee that happening anytime soon as she's never even initiated a hug (though she doesn't mind when I hug her, and I do it sparingly only in very emotional moments). In fact, once after the birthday card obs, I cried again in front of her, and just let my tears fall, hoping that she'd at least give me a hug, but no, she was super kind and sweet with her words, but no physical contact, she just handed me a tissue. I'm just glad I have someone I can freely cry in front of and who freely cries in front of me.

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June 17, 2022 5:27 pm  #6

Re: I've become friends with a gorgeous crier

Beautiful relationship, and in such a short time. If you would like her to wipe your tears you can subtly hold her hands and bring it to your cheeks.


June 17, 2022 5:42 pm  #7

Re: I've become friends with a gorgeous crier

It is a beautiful relationship.
 I guess the tearfulness of it is due to the fact that firstly, we're both quite emotional people, and second, we became friends at a pretty low point in my life and she's been having her fair share of struggles too this year, so we're also both bonded by tragedy and have more reaons than usual in our lives to cry about.

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June 17, 2022 5:58 pm  #8

Re: I've become friends with a gorgeous crier

I believe both of you are open to each other to have their tears taken care of, it seems that a little self confidence is the ingredient missing in order for that to happen, I’m pretty sure it would feel extremely comforting when it does. Let’s see who gathers the courage first.

Oh, and thanks for sharing, please keep us updated.

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