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June 19, 2022 10:20 pm  #61

Re: Started a Crying Girl Supercut YouTube Channel

New Bruna Marquezine supercut!
This one is for her debut Netflix show Maldivas. The crazy thing is the show only came out a few days ago so this has been an insane turnaround for me. (I've been ill and had nothing better to do, don't expect this trend to continue haha)

Also, the video was coming in a bit short so I added some Instagram clips such as her Blue Beetle casting reaction I posted about not too long ago.

Frankly, given that Maldivas only has 7 relatively short episodes it's really impressive how much crying she did, I wish some of the scenes were longer though as it's a very fast paced show.

Fingers crossed for lots of crying in Blue Beetle next year. I'm not aware of any other projects she's working on so I suspect it'll be a while before the next Bruna video. I'll probably start focusing on other Brazilian actresses soon.


June 20, 2022 12:28 pm  #62

Re: Started a Crying Girl Supercut YouTube Channel

Is this girl an amazing crier, she looks more mature in this video, she has perfected her tears and I have noticed she doesn't refuse having them taken care of, I love her.


June 21, 2022 4:54 pm  #63

Re: Started a Crying Girl Supercut YouTube Channel

Nice video as always, not my favorite but still some good crying. I guess for my personal favorite, I'm kinda torn between the girl from Heroes, Adelaide Kane, and the other Brazilian girl, though Lisa soberno and the girl from Coronation street Are also fantastic. I started looking through one of your full show playlists of this south Asian show "Chandni", as I vaguely remember watching some scenes from that posted here previously, and I must say I'm blown away by the tear shedding of the main actress. Would love to see a supercut of that show! Also the Filipino show annasandra something. Gorgeous crying in both.

Ps - excuse any typos, I'm on mobile


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