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November 13, 2022 11:02 am  #1

Death of friends (Extract from fanfic of mine)

When Disco-Tron 3000 woke up again, he was inside the church. "I'm still alive, how is this possible", he asked himself. "Shield Zombie, Mecha-Football, Charlie! We made it! We're alive"! He cheered. However, when he turned around, he noticed his friends were not there. "Wait, Shield Zombie? Mecha Football? Charlie"? He asked in shock. "Shield Zombie, Mecha Football, Charlie"! He called. "SHIELD ZOMBIE, MECHA FOOTBALL, CHARLIE, WHERE ARE YOU"?! He screamed. He paced around the church, calling their names, to no avail. However, as he walked around, something else became apparent - everything felt like knives inside his body. "Aaaagh", he winced, as he made his way to the doors of the church.

He went outside the doors of the church, and wished he never did, for the sight he saw was one he could never forget. His friend's bodies were mangled from the gunshots, and they were lying there, lifeless and dead. He poked Shield Zombie with his mouth. "Shield Zombie, c'mon, we have to get inside, it's dangerous out here", he ordered him. "You, too, Mecha Football", he added, poking his body. "Charlie, we need to find the rest of the group", he ordered him. However, there was no movement from any of his friends' bodies. "HELP!" He cried. "SOMEBODY, ANYBODY, HELP ME, PLEASE"! he cried. While the physical pain coursing through his body was making every step he took felt like being stabbed, seeing the state of his friends made the physical pain he felt practically non-existent.

As he stared at his friends' dead bodies, he was suddenly flooded with all the memories of them arguing with each other, fighting, and being mean. Then, the memories of them having fun, playing, and helping each other. Tears began to fill his eyes, as he dissolved into a flood of helpless sobs. Soon, a blonde-haired girl, who was around 15, wearing a pastel purple dress and carrying a black parasol walked outside. "Are you OK"? The girl asked him. "Leave me alone", Disco-Tron ordered her. "I can't leave you alone, you were calling for help and you're crying, you're distressed", she told him. "Yeah, I am, now what do you want"?! He ordered. "I want to help you", she told him. "Fine then", he grumbled. "May I know your name, please", she asked him. "My name is Disco-Tron 3000, but I also go by Disco", he responded. "Hi, Disco, I'm Mary-Lou, but I also go by Mary", she responded. "Nice to meet you, MaryLou", he responded. "What's all this metal laying in front of you, and why is there a dead man on the ground"? MaryLou asked him. "Those were my friends", he sobbed. "Plus my other 3 friends were taken away by the sheriff, they're likely to also be dead", he added amid hiccups, before sobbing even more intensely. At this point, he wasn't just shedding salty water from his eyes; he also struggled to speak because his throat was so swollen, his vision started to blur, his eyes were red and puffy, his nose was blocked and running, and his mechanical underbelly felt tight and constricted. Mary-Lou put her right hand on him and started to caress his whole body, while Misty and Travis sat down near him, licking him, and the hens rested their feathery bodies on them. "I'm so sorry, that must be horrible", MaryLou assured him, who then pulled out her handkerchief and started to wipe Disco's eyes and nose.

Then, the rest of Mary-Lou's family exited the church building and found her outside with Disco-Tron 3000. "Mary-Lou, what were you thinking? You missed so much of the service"! Her father complained. "Mama, Daddy, I heard some gunshots, and then someone calling for help and crying", she pleaded. "OK, I guess I'll let it go this time, but the rules are, that you must ask before leaving church", her father explained. "Yes, Daddy", she responded. "What are we going to do with Disco, the horses, and the chickens"? Sarah, her mother asked. "Well, Charlie, the deceased man, doesn't have any children or a wife, and the rest of his family is deceased, so can we come with y'all"? Asked Misty. "Wait, you can talk"? MaryLou's mother asked. "I can", Misty responded. "Well, to answer your question, yes, you can come with us", MaryLou's mother answered. The family then proceeded to walk back from church, with Travis and the hens following them. However, at one point, one of MaryLou's brothers, Jonah, noticed something. "Hey, I think someone's been left behind", Jonah remarked. Matthew, the father, then proceeded to do a headcount. You're right, Disco and Misty have been left behind. The family then had to walk back to the church, and by the time they came back, most of the people had already left. However, Disco and Misty were still there. "Disco, we have to go," Mary-Lou told him. But Disco didn't budge. "Mama's planning to cook some dinner," she told him. He still didn't budge. For hours, Mary-Lou, Misty, and Disco just sat there together; at that point, the rest of the family had already gone home.

It was coming up to 5:30 pm, and Sarah, Matthew, Jonah (19), Emma-Mae (17), Billy-Joe (13), Vincent (9), Benjamin (6), and Rosie (4) were all starting to panic. "MaryLou's been out for hours, and she's only 15", Emma-Mae panicked. "What if someone's taken her"? Billy-Joe quaked. "She could be dead"! Rosie remarked. "She could've been eaten by the zombie"! Vincent exclaimed. "What if she's been shot"? Benjamin trembled. "I don't want to know what could've happened to her", Sarah stammered. "Me neither", Matthew stuttered. "Attention, y'all", Jonah announced. "I have an idea. We'll all go back to the church, Mary's probably there". They then went back to the church, with the leftovers from dinner, and sure enough, Mary-Lou, Misty, and Disco were all there. Sarah tried to coax Disco with the leftovers, but while Mary-Lou ate them, Disco refused to eat. Matthew then tried to move Shield Zombie's remains, and Disco began to hiss at him like an irate cat. "Disco, shhhhh", Mary-Lou whispered to him, while resting her hand on him. "Disco, Misty, we're going to bury Charlie's remains on the church grounds, is that OK with you"? Emma-Mae asked them. "Yes, that's OK", Disco told them. They then proceeded to dig a hole in the church grounds, placing Charlie's body in it. They then took the bodies of Mecha-Football and Shield Zombie and proceeded to head home. Disco-Tron, Travis, and Misty were taken to the horse stables and Vincent laid down some fresh hay for them.

This was about to be the start of the hardest chapter in Disco's life. 

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