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December 5, 2022 7:57 pm  #1

Chat OpenAI prompt

I thought this would be interesting to share. There's a new chatbot that can basically write anything you ask it to known as Chat OpenAI (Google it, you can try it for free!). I tried it out to see if it would write as good stories as we write on this forum.

Here's the prompt I put into it: Write a long story about a man crying many tears. Give details about the tears and their paths as they fall down. Sad ending.

Here's the story it put out:
The man sat alone in his bedroom, staring at the wall in front of him. Tears streamed down his face, and he made no effort to wipe them away. He had been crying for hours, and it seemed like the tears would never stop.

As he sobbed softly, the man watched the tears fall down his face. They were thick and heavy, and they left tiny wet trails on his skin. He felt like he was being consumed by his own sorrow, and he didn't know how to make it stop.

The man's tears fell in different patterns as they rolled down his face. Some of them fell straight down, following a direct path to his chin. Others curved slightly to the left or right, creating tiny rivers that snaked across his cheeks. Still others pooled in the corners of his eyes, gathering in small, round pools before finally spilling over.

For a long time, the man sat in his bedroom, shedding endless tears and watching them fall. He felt completely alone, and he didn't know how to make the pain stop. He tried to distract himself by turning on the television, but nothing could break through the cloud of grief that had enveloped him.

As the night wore on, the man's tears began to subside. He started to feel a sense of calmness wash over him, and he realized that he was beginning to accept what had happened. He didn't have all the answers, and he didn't know what the future held, but he knew that he would be able to get through this difficult time.

But the man was wrong. As he finally got up from his seat on the bed, he stumbled and fell to the floor. His heart was racing, and he could feel himself slipping away. In his final moments, the man realized that he had been crying not just tears of sorrow, but also tears of poison – tears that had slowly been killing him from the inside out.

And as he lay on the bedroom floor, his eyes fixed on the ceiling above, the man knew that he would never be able to get up again. He had lost the battle against his own tears, and he was gone forever.


December 5, 2022 10:31 pm  #2

Re: Chat OpenAI prompt

It was very good, especially from a bot but the last few lines totally threw me.


December 5, 2022 10:39 pm  #3

Re: Chat OpenAI prompt

I couldn’t get an answer it came back with unable to process.


December 5, 2022 11:15 pm  #4

Re: Chat OpenAI prompt

Amans lacrimae wrote:

I couldn’t get an answer it came back with unable to process.

What did you ask it?


December 5, 2022 11:16 pm  #5

Re: Chat OpenAI prompt

I asked it to.write a story about a woman comforting a crying man:

There once was a woman named Lily who was walking home from work when she heard the sound of sobbing coming from an alleyway. She cautiously made her way over and saw a man sitting on the ground, tears streaming down his face.

Lily didn't hesitate. She walked over to the man and asked him what was wrong. The man, who introduced himself as Jack, told Lily that he had just been laid off from his job and didn't know how he was going to support his family.

Lily listened sympathetically and then began to comfort Jack. She told him that she understood how difficult it was to go through a time like this, but that he was strong and capable of getting through it. She reminded him that he had a loving family who would support him and that together, they would figure out a way to make ends meet.

As Lily spoke, Jack's tears slowly began to subside. He felt a sense of calm wash over him, and for the first time in a long while, he felt like he wasn't alone. Lily stayed with him for a while longer, offering words of encouragement and support, before eventually saying goodbye and continuing on her way home.

Jack was forever grateful to Lily for her kindness and compassion. She had given him the strength to face his challenges head on and to believe in himself. And from that day forward, he made it his mission to pay her kindness forward, always looking for ways to help others in their time of need.


December 6, 2022 2:54 pm  #6

Re: Chat OpenAI prompt

Princess_Lucky1731 wrote:

Amans lacrimae wrote:

I couldn’t get an answer it came back with unable to process.

What did you ask it?

write a story about an older brother comforting his younger sister crying

An error occurred. If this issue persists please contact us through our help center at


December 6, 2022 3:11 pm  #7

Re: Chat OpenAI prompt

I tried it on my laptop instead of my cellphone and got this (after the second try):

Write a story of a woman crying and being comforted by her older brother. Give details about the tears and their paths as they fall down. How he wipes and kisses her tearsOnce upon a time, there was a woman named Sarah who was crying on her older brother's shoulder. Her tears were falling down her cheeks in a steady stream, creating small puddles on the collar of her brother's shirt.As she cried, her brother gently wiped away her tears with his thumb, tracing their path as they fell down her face. He kissed her forehead and whispered soothing words in her ear, telling her that everything would be alright.Sarah's tears were a mixture of sadness and relief, as she had been holding in her emotions for a long time. She felt a sense of comfort and safety in her brother's embrace, and as the tears continued to flow, she finally allowed herself to let go and fully express her pain.Her brother held her tightly and continued to offer words of comfort and support. He knew that his sister was strong and capable, and that she would get through this difficult time.As the tears subsided and Sarah's breathing returned to normal, her brother kissed her tears once more and told her that he loved her. Sarah smiled weakly and hugged him back, feeling grateful for the love and support of her older brother.Despite the challenges she faced, Sarah knew that she was not alone, and that she had her brother by her side to help her through anything. And with that, she wiped away her remaining tears and took a deep breath, ready to face whatever came next.

I then tried Cryophilia's detail of long story and I was surprised:

Write a long story of a young woman crying and being comforted by her older brother. Give details about the tears and their paths as they fall down. How he wipes and kisses her tears. How others react to her crying and his brother taking care of her tears.

 Samantha sat on the edge of her bed, tears streaming down her cheeks as she sobbed uncontrollably. She had just received some devastating news and was struggling to come to terms with it. She felt lost and alone, her heart heavy with grief.Suddenly, the door to her bedroom opened and her older brother, Jake, walked in. He had heard her crying from down the hall and had come to check on her."Samantha, what's wrong?" he asked, his voice filled with concern.Samantha tried to speak, but the words caught in her throat. She could only shake her head and continue to cry.Jake sat down beside her and pulled her into a hug. "It's okay, sis," he whispered, "let it all out."Samantha clung to her brother, her tears falling freely onto his shirt. Jake held her tightly, rubbing her back and kissing her forehead."I don't know what to do," Samantha choked out between sobs. "I feel so lost and confused.""It's okay," Jake reassured her. "I'm here for you. We'll figure it out together."Samantha's tears continued to fall, her body shaking with each sob. Jake gently wiped away her tears with his thumb, tracing their path as they fell down her face. He kissed her tears and whispered words of comfort in her ear.As the minutes passed, Samantha's tears slowly began to subside. She took deep breaths, trying to calm herself down. Jake held her hand and squeezed it gently, offering silent support."I'm sorry," Samantha said, her voice still shaky. "I don't know what came over me.""Don't apologize," Jake said. "You're allowed to cry. You've been through a lot today and you need to let it all out. I'm just glad I could be here for you."Samantha nodded, feeling grateful for her brother's presence. She leaned her head on his shoulder and closed her eyes, taking a moment to gather her thoughts."I don't know what I would do without you," she said softly."You'll never have to find out," Jake replied. "I'll always be here for you, no matter what."Samantha smiled weakly, her heart feeling a little bit lighter. She was still hurting, but knowing that she had her brother by her side made all the difference.As the two of them sat there in silence, their parents came into the room, their faces filled with concern."Is everything okay?" their mother asked, her voice laced with worry."We're fine," Jake said, giving his sister's hand a reassuring squeeze. "Samantha just had some bad news and needed to cry it out. But we're handling it."Their parents nodded, understanding. They offered their own words of comfort and support, and soon the three of them were all talking and trying to come up with a plan to help Samantha through this difficult time.Despite the pain she was feeling, Samantha couldn't help but feel a sense of relief. She had her family by her side, and together they would face whatever came next. She wiped away her remaining tears and took a deep breath, ready to tackle whatever lay ahead. 


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