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Crying Discussion » Crying Scenes Directory » Yesterday 6:32 pm

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My wife's been watching this Korean netflix drama called "Mr Sunshine". The first episode has just the most amazing, bulgy-lipped female crying ever. Too bad my phone won't let me screencap from netflix.

Crying Discussion » Have you ever had your tears wiped? » Yesterday 2:26 pm

If you read my introduction in the Introduce yourself section, you may have noticed that there is one more thing that attracts me besides tears, legs. I have never done so, but reading your obs I pictured a young guy in jeans and a plain T-shirt sobbing on a beautiful girl’s lap, she is wearing a blouse and a mid length skirt, which when seated is a couple of inches above her knee. The guy’s tears are initially falling on the skirt, leaving wet spot, while he has one arm wrapped around her calves and the other above, clinging onto her thigh. I can see how the energy flows from one body to the other, the guy’s body shakes with the sobs, causing the thighs and calves to jiggle in response to the energy transferred, which in turn the circle closes as the guy feels the relaxed muscles on her smooth skin with the hand that is firmly holding her bare thigh as well as the forearm that is causing/feeling the well defined calf muscles jiggle. He eventually gets up from her lap and a few tears fall on her thighs, allowing her to feel the warm feelings he is letting out.

Guess I went beyond reality, oh well.

Crying Discussion » Wife obs the other night » Yesterday 1:39 pm

Does your lip curl when you cry? Do you sob loud?

Crying Discussion » Brother obs » Yesterday 1:16 pm

So, seems he doesn’t mind crying in public, and he allows his tears to fall unchecked, unusual for a guy. Big tears are more  common in girls as guys have larger tear ducts. He must have been quite a view with several tears streaks on his face. Interesting he likes to have his tears wiped, I can’t imagine his ex girlfriend wiping his tears in front of you. Just wondering, if your wife has wiped his tears in front of you, and maybe even in front of his girlfriend, by any chance did his ex girlfriend ever wipe your tears?

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