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Crying Videos » Great discovery- new crier, Neal McDonough scenes » Today 8:38 pm

Neal McDonough has quite a nice crying scene  in the movie 1922 towards 1:27:00 or so and just before the end Thomas Jane tears up can find the movie on netflix

Crying Videos » Crying Videos 4 » Today 2:26 pm

The last one of the fantasy show is a really hot scene, I love how both girls ashamedly wipe the tears before they fall. But my favorite part  is when the eldest looking wipes her tears then cups the young girl's face and wipes her tears from the middle of her cheeks, plus, almost at the end, she smears a tear from the young girl's face with the thumb then swipes it with the other fingers, just moving it to the outer part of her face, from where you can ser the tear slowly trickle down her cheek.

Crying Videos » this is us » Today 4:32 am

White Tulip
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Ha, ha!  From the title, I thought this was going to be a video about people who love crying!

But, wow, there's actually a show with male characters who cry a lot?!  Who would have thought! 

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