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Crying Discussion » Wife crying then talking about crying » Today 12:50 pm

My wife has been very sensitive the last couple of days, on several occasions she has asked me to hug her, on one of those occasions she cried, then, yesterday she was talking on the phone with another woman and she told her that she asked me to hug her and cried in my arms, then we went to a friend’s house and she told her the same. I felt kind of proud and at the same time turned on.

Crying Discussion » Obs (me and boyfriend) » Today 12:42 pm

Laurie wrote:

Also, when I cry there are usually multiple tear streaks, and usually the biggest flood is right in the beginning when I start crying, and then the tears slow down, so I get pretty wet very early on. Usually when I cry, I kind of start hard, slow down, then when I renew my energy I start crying hard again, and unless there's someone with me to make me snap out of it, this cycle can last for a long time, I think the longest it's been was around 2 hours. If I leave the tears unchecked, usually my shirt starts getting wet around the collar as well.

And yes, it felt nice when I allowed my boyfriend to wipe my tears. I think I don't have a preference whether it's with a tissue or a bare hand, but I definitely think it helped that he was crying too and I didn't feel ashamed. I think that if he had the crying fetish too, I'd pretty much let him look at me and do whatever he wanted to me when I cry, because I'd know that no matter what my face looks like, he'll like it.

Wow, the more you describe your crying you seem like the perfect crier in my opinion, I love when my wife has multiple tear streaks running down her cheeks unchecked, bonus if they go all the way down her neck.
Nice of you to be willing to allow him to do whatever he’d like to you when you cry.
Has he ever kissed your tears? Have you ever wiped or kissed his tears?

Crying Discussion » Crying on the phone obs » Today 2:52 am

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I'm happy you got a real life lip curl obs, and it's shocking that you get them so rarely. Seeing genuine emotion in person is waaaay better than TV or videos. 

Crying Discussion » Question for the crying people of cryinglovers » Today 2:48 am

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Her lips are on the thinner side. Think Kirsten Dunst.

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