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January 13, 2018 7:52 am  #1

Wife obs

We got home early afternoon, I was thirsty, so I went to the kitchen to get a glass of water, as soon as I took the first sip my wife approached me and asked me for a hug, I left the glass at the table and hugged her, she started sobbing with her face in my chest. I felt her ragged breathing while holding her tight to my body, also feeling her heaving shoulders and abs. I started caressing her left cheek with my right hand, feeling thick cold tears on her warm face, at first I was caressing near the eyes, then I started stroking further down her cheek, all the way to her chin and wiped her tears from her whole cheek.
​She lowered her face and I responded lowering my body, resting my chin on her shoulder, she responded the same way, her face was next to mine, so I snuggled my cheek against her right cheek, feeling her tears on my cheek.

When we were face to face I could see big, thick tears, staining her face.
​A few minutes passed when she asked me for paper to wipe her nose, she also wiped her eyes as mascara was starting to stain below her eyes. A fresh wave of tears came, this time I saw a dark streak rolling slowly down her right cheek, I gently wiped it away while soothing her verbally. Later on, she asked me for her towel, and she wiped her whole face again. Another wave of tears sprang to her eyes and fell freely down her face. I wiped her face once more, she asked me to go where we had planned to go, I asked her if she needed me to stay, she said no and went to the bathroom and continued crying there. I went to change clothes and at least for 35 minutes she was still sobbing, she was crying on and off I don´t know how long, when I left she was sobbing in the toilet.

​Nothing to worry about, it was job related. By the way, this is one of her crying fits that has turned me on the most.

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