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June 15, 2018 8:13 am  #11

Re: Crying Roleplay

Jack saw Maddie and Ronny along with Tori and Kira, both couples approached him and Summer. When they surrounded the couple, Ronny asked: “Jack, can we have a moment with Summer, please?” . Jack was surprised to see them all, he perceived something was not right by the tone of voice, he had no choice but to agree to the demand, Jack firmly patted Summer’s thigh, turned to see her in the eyes and squeezed her thigh as he told her he would be nearby. Summer was nervous but she nodded affirming. When Jack left, Maddie told Summer to double check her feelings, and told her about her feelings for Ronny. Summer thought about it, and felt Jack was the one she wanted to be with.
Tori went out for Jack and brought him back in, she escorted him to stand in front of Summer, Kira told Summer about Lily having feelings for her. Summer was confused, having shared a lot with Lily, bar ely knowing Jack, the issue with Maddie, she hesitated.
Jack felt he was losing her, and for the first time he acknowledged this was not losing a girl, it was losing “the” girl. He wanted to say what he felt but knew he might break, but he would not resist losing the girl of his life. Jack said to summer, straight in the eyes: “I love you, for real”, as tears slowly started to fill his eyes. Summer saw this came from the heart and was shaken, she took both of Jack’s hands in hers as tears quickly filled her beautiful blue eyes. Jack felt relieved for letting out what he felt, but at the same time ashamed because he had never cried in public before, less in front of a group of beautiful girls. The girls stood breathless waiting for Summer’s reaction. Summer held Jack’s hands firmly for a little while, Jack, unable to keep his tears at bay and unable to wipe them, he allowed his tears to fall unchecked. Summer was in shock as she had never seen a man cry, less over her, she was overwhelmed by his love, her cheeks turned red and the dam broke as she approached Jack and kissed his tears under his eyes, then gave him a kiss on the lips. Jack felt his hands were released and a hand on his waist pulled him firmly close to Summer.
When the kiss ended Jack felt loved and aroused, he never expected that to happen, nobody had ever wiped his tears, he never imagined a beautiful girl would kiss his tears, as Summer returned to her position, Jack saw her tear stained face with tears still marking several streaks on her cheeks. He couldn’t resist, he approached and kissed under her eyes as well as a couple more tears from her cheeks, tenderly wiping the remaining tears with the back of his index and middle fingers, leaving no trace of tears.
The girls were stunned, could not believe what was happening, when Jack pulled Summer next to him, and they went out of the coffee shop.

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November 22, 2018 2:34 pm  #12

Re: Crying Roleplay

The four girls looked at each other their faces glistening with streaming tears.

"Someone needs to tell Lily." Maddie said wiping her cheeks.

"We will." Tori volunteered. Her and Kira wiped their tears away and hand in hand left the restaurant.

Ronny wiped her cheeks free of tears and together she and Maddie left together walking hand in hand back to the hotel.

"I have to edit my film." Maddie said to Ronny. "Are you going to be okay." Ronny nodded and the couple shared a kiss before they separated, Maddie going upstairs and Ronny going into the lounge to read a book.

She selected one off the shelf, unzipped her boots and sat down on the nearby sofa her legs tucked up beneath her.

She became so ingrossed in a motor racing thriller called 'Chequered Flag' she completely lost track of time. Her head was starting to hurt with her hair tied back so she started to undo it. But she got it tangled up as she slowly undid her updo.

Luckily a pair of warm hands tenderly untangled it and dropped her now loose hair round her shoulders.

"Thanks Maddie." she said.

"Sorry, it's only me." Ronny looked with an angry scowl at the figure of Jack.

"I knew it." Ronny spat. "You were just leading us on."

"Actually I'm not." Jack told her. "I DO love Summer, and she is the girl of my dreams. Wish I could say that Maddie is yours though."

He paused for dramatic effect before continuing.

"Do you know what I'm thinking about Ronny." he said. "That day at the hotel when you apologised for being angry at me the night before. It was such a shame you ran off, why was that?"

Ronny's eyes filled with tears again, but she was determined not to let them fall.

"I love Maddie, not you." she told Jack. "Don't speak to me again." She picked up her boots, threw her book back on the shelf and left the lounge

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