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May 3, 2012 9:48 pm  #11

Re: Changing up your crying fantasties.

That's really hot.  I especially like the him making a joke out of it followed by him immediately crumbling.  I want to see that so bad.  Don't think I've ever had that particular one happen in real life.  I love the contrast and the denial... the big cover-up, the completely futile attempt to stop the wave of emotion which follows in full force.  Yes, hot!!!


May 3, 2012 11:08 pm  #12

Re: Changing up your crying fantasties.

Yeah, I definitely think resistance to crying is hot, but then being so overwhelmed that they can't stop themselves. I've never actually seen my current boyfriend cry, but I do think he would totally be like, 'Ah, man up, [his name]', cos he's always talking to himself, and try to make light of it. Swoon!
I think the closest I've seen to that was in a video on the set of Doctor Who, of David Tennant's last day filming, and he was trying to speak but his voice kept wavering because he was trying really hard not to cry, and he kept berating himself and saying things like, 'Oh this is ridiculous, shut up!' to himself. But he didn't properly crumble, so I had to imagine the next part


May 5, 2012 9:49 pm  #13

Re: Changing up your crying fantasties.

See for me, it can never be just about the crying, it's usually that it's a specific person (sometimes fictional, sometimes real, depending), ,and so the scenario changes based on what I think the particular guy would say, how it would come about with him, etc. I get sick of the same scenario after a while, too, although my interest in it usually doesn't *completely* vanish.


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