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January 5, 2012 3:16 am  #11

Re: Favourite reason for tears?

reptongeek wrote:

lemoniep wrote:

Reptongeek, I have done that before - engaged my boyfriend in a staring contest just to watch his eyes fill with tears! Sadly none escaped.

Maybe he has a sixth sense of what you're trying to do!!

This is something I recently experienced with an old former girlfriend I randomly met again. It was just for fun of course (I also didn't tell her about my fetish) but we had this sort of eye play for several minutes and what should I say it's

She has this deep and quite sensitive eyes which tears up really fast, so it didn't last a minute and this kind of huge drops fell first from her left, then her right eye...  She was so surprised (and excited) about this we immediately did this a couple of time again and have created a sort of *game* who both of us would start to "cry" the last... Of course she lost every time but then we lasted for almost 10 minutes and started to shed tears both (and I swear the tear speed and volume really gets serious after a time!)... I can say this is one of the hottest but also strange, interesting and relaxing thing I ever experienced, not just because of the tears but also it's sort of staring-into-the-soul of each other!  Then when we started to cry both it's strange but I had the impression she really enjoyed this (at least more as a *normal* person should do) so I was almost ready to talk with her about my *issues*, but I decided to not talk too much and just enjoyed the time with her...^^  we then also kissed us after this stare-cry contest for a really long time...

Too bad she is married since 1 year and has a 6 month old son ;((

I have tested this play with another person (girlfriend of my sister) but no tears came, even after 15 minutes... So not everybody seem to have the same ability in that direction...^^

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January 10, 2012 3:00 pm  #12

Re: Favourite reason for tears?

i prefered reason to see a female crying is over a funeral where she isnt afraid to let out all of her emotions no matter who sees her crying


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