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June 8, 2017 7:05 pm  #1

crying and making out afterwards

Have you noticed that in films often the woman cries, is consoled by a guy and afterwards they hug and kiss. There is something very intimate in crying together. Is it also sexual for normal people? I tried to find some scenes in film which match this pattern but was not very successful. I remember "When Harry met Sally". Sally was crying because her former boyfriend got married and I remember a scene from Beverly Hills 90210, way back which shows the same.
​Maybe you remember more such scenes? Did you experience scenes like this in your own life?


June 9, 2017 11:39 pm  #2

Re: crying and making out afterwards

I'm sure it's different for different people, but emotional intimacy and physical intimacy can be all wrapped up together. Obviously, I have a crying fetish, but my husband doesn't, and this is still true for us: some of our best sex/kissing/other physical intimacy occurs after one or both of us is crying. It isn't just my fetish, I don't think, because he feels it, too. We just feel so close to each other after intense expression of emotion.


June 10, 2017 10:16 am  #3

Re: crying and making out afterwards

I think crying is so intimate that when it occurs in the right moment with two people where a strong sexual spark exists it can easily progress to kissing and more! I've written several times over the years where crying has featured before or during sex with my wife. And there are times she has instigated the intimate moment and she does not share my fetish - but the emotions and the feelings of the moment turn her on.
​If someone you care about is crying your natural response is to care and support that person - so I'm not surprised that even people without a crying fetish like us get carried away in the moment. 


June 10, 2017 11:13 pm  #4

Re: crying and making out afterwards

Yeah, agreed, I think it's just an emotional intimacy thing. Fetish or not, crying can make you feel really connected. 

It is such a secret place, the land of tears.
-- Antoine de Saint Exupery, "The Little Prince"

November 11, 2017 6:11 pm  #5

Re: crying and making out afterwards

Honestly I agree with Carrotcake, the best sexual encounters I have had, were after one or both of us had been crying.
In my experience, if both of us are crying, in my case it has been I pent up emotions and intercourse lowers your guard, so they come our as tears, so I am a lot less tense, which brings back my normal senses (feel more than when stressed), plus I get turned on wiping, kissing and seeing her tear streaked face, if I am crying and she wipes/kissed my tears, several turn ons at the same time, won't go into details.

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