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December 23, 2016 1:40 pm  #1

Crying Roleplay

NeedHerSobs if you want to start your own or join in with mine feel free. Anyone else is free to join if you desire. The female characters in the group of seven are my favourite female Power Rangers as ordinary people if that makes sense.


"Hi, I just wanted to apologise, in case our celebrating deafened you." The young man sitting on a bench just outside the hotel bar looked up at the beautiful girl who had spoken. She had soft long brown hair tied back in a ponytail and like her friends was dressed in a simple black dress and long black boots.

Her dress wasn't completely black, the top right part of the dress featuring two thin green stripes that stopped at her waist. The young man had managed to notice another member of the same group leave the interior of the hotel and walk towards the fountain in the grounds, presumably to photograph it with her camera. She had had blue stripes on her dress, so it wasn't an overreach for the young man to deduce that all the colours of the rainbow were present in the party of seven girls.

"No you didn't deafen me at all." he replied politely. "I've had a bit of a rough week, so I just wanted some time alone."

"Would you like to talk about it?" the girl asked him. Normally the young man wasn't too slow to tell people to get lost, but there was something about the girl that made him reconsider. That and the caring tone in her voice.

"Look I appreciate the thought." he told her. "But it's a long messy story and rather a touch melodramatic."

The girl moved closer a step, the gravel under her boots making a small crunch.

"It can't be that bad. You are drowning your sorrows in J2O rather than alcohol."

The young man grinned in spite of himself.

"Doctor's orders I'm afraid. I'm on medication that prevents me from drinking." he informed his new friend. "Not that it mattered because I'm practically teetotal anyway."

The girl sensing that she had probably outstayed her welcome started to move away, but the young man stopped her.

"What were you celebrating anyway?"

"Syd is having a birthday." the girl replied sitting next to him. "Of course being Syd it has to be grand. She has pink stripes. Then there's Kira who is a singer, she is yellow and her partner Tori who designs surf boards, she's blue. Ronny is a motor racing fanatic so has to be Ferrari red, Summer is orange appropriately and she is currently involved in regeneration projects. Maddie who is at the fountain wants to be a filmmaker and she is purple."

"And then there's you." the young man added.

"I'm Lily." the girl introduced. "So naturally I have to be green. I'm a street dance teacher."

"I'm Jack." the young man told her. "Temporarily unemployed unfortunately."

"I should go." Lily decided. "Feel free to say hi to Maddie if you like although have a monologue prepared if I were you, she might want to film you."

After Lily had gone Jack decided to do just that. Maddie greeted him shyly and said she would love it if he did a monologue. After changing the Super 8 cartridge, Maddie pressed the button to start filming.

The monologue Jack gave her was about a cop who had lost his wife to cancer, had gone out that night to get drunk only to be called into action again during a hostage situation. The cop trying to commit suicide had managed to overcome the hostage taker and get a bravery medal.

As Jack was giving his medal he noticed tears starting to form in Maddie's eyes. He wondered for a minute if he should stop. But then he thought 'no, I'll carry on'. It was possible that the tears in Maddie's eyes would overflow and Jack wasn't going to miss that.

Sure enough they did. A single tear fell from Maddie's right eye and smoothly ran down her cheek stopping just before her mouth. A second fell from her left eye just as Jack finished.

"Wow. That was really beautiful." Maddie told him. Despite the pleasure he derived from tears Jack suddenly felt guilty at making a stranger cry.

"I'm sorry, I didn't think it was so emotional."

"No, no it's okay really." Maddie told him as another pair of tears fell. "I should get going, my table is probably ready for dinner."

After wiping her face, Maddie walked back into the hotel

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January 1, 2017 3:41 pm  #2

Re: Crying Roleplay

"What is your book about. And don't say a hotel!"

Jack looked up at the girl who was stood at the table. By sheer quirk of fate or maybe by design, his table for dinner was nearby the sexy septet on their long table. The pink stripes told Jack that it was Syd (the birthday girl) who had asked this particular question.

"I can't unfortunately." Jack explained. "You see the location in the title is an important part of the story."

He offered the book to Syd who sat opposite him as she perused the story.

"Are you enjoying your birthday?" Jack asked.

"I see Lily's introduced you to us all." Syd acknowledged with a grin. "Yes I am, thank you. A small group of us went to see a film this afternoon called 'That Fateful Night'. It's about a high school quarterback whose blinded in a car accident who finds love again after he's dumped by his girlfriend."

Syd moved closer and whispered privately to Jack.

"Don't tell anyone, but it made me cry, not all of it just the ending."

Jack promised he wouldn't, but already he was starting to wonder what she would look like with tears running down her cheeks.

The dessert course had started to arrive on her table so Syd handed the book back and returned to her friends. Presently Jack also received his dessert and started to eat, keeping - as he had done the entire meal - one very discreet eye on the girls.

In between finishing his dessert and getting his bill so he could sign it, Jack noticed that Ronny had left the party rather quickly. Once he had handed in his signed check, he got in the lift deliberately getting out on the first floor in case he caught a glimpse of her.

He was in luck. Ronny was sitting on the stairs that led to the suites her tablet resting on her skirt and hugging her booted legs. Something she was watching obviously distressed her as she gave an anguished cry of 'no, no, no!!' followed by several choice swear words.

Jack felt it necessary to ask if everything was alright. Ronny snapped her head up at him and started to rant tears pooling in her eyes. Suddenly a pair of them streamed down her cheeks at supersonic speed. One second her face was dry, the next it wasn't. Then she left flouncing down the corridor.

Jack had been rather dumbfounded by this whole display.

As he sat in the space previously occupied by Ronny staring at the floor in embarrassment a pair of leather boots entered his eyeline.

"Don't worry about it." Kira told him gently "Ronny is a little obsessed with her Motor Racing."

"When a championship is at stake she get's really into it." Tori explained. "It does tend to stress her out a bit in the closing stages."

"Does she watch a lot." Jack wanted to know.

"Formula One, World Rally, World Touring Cars, GT Racing and Rallycross." Kira listed.

Jack didn't think one person could actually follow all of that but Tori told him that Ronny did, or tried to as much as possible.

After saying goodbye to the two girls Jack made his way down the corridor to the lift at the far end. He would have used it too, if he hadn't noticed Summer trying to get into her room.

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January 6, 2017 7:08 am  #3

Re: Crying Roleplay

"Can I help?" Jack asked Summer.

"No, I think I've put it close to my mobile and wiped my room key." Summer told him. "I'll have to go to reception and get it re-done."

Jack immediately got his wallet out of his pocket. He pressed it briefly onto the key and it turned green. Summer was both amazed and grateful and wanted to know what he had done.

"My brother works here." Jack explained. "I stole his master key when he went on holiday, I didn't think he'd miss it."

Summer looked at him for a moment.

"That was very sneeky and very opportunistic of you." she told him. She seemed to be telling him off but there was a twinkle in her eye.

"Well it has saved you a trip to reception." Jack told her.

"Very true." Summer replied. She walked into her bedroom and slightly flirtatiously asked if Jack would like to come in.

Jack didn't need to be asked twice. Summer's room was a simple rectangle. The bed was at the bottom, a small table and a sofa was in the middle and the bathroom was near the door. Summer closed her curtains then offered Jack a drink from her mini-bar.

Jack politely declined and sat next to Summer on her sofa, asking about her job.

Summer explained that currently she was building a play area for children in a housing estate with a small garden on a previously delirict area of land. What really held Jack's interest though was when she took her hair out.

It was in a low ponytail held in place with a simple black hair tie and it reached a third of the way down her back. Jack's heart skipped a beat as Summer reached a hand up and slowly pulled the hair tie down the ponytail letting the now loose hair fall down her shoulders.

"Now what about you?" Summer asked him. "Lily was concerned for you at dinner. She said you had had a rough patch lately but had filed any further details in the 'good question, for another time' folder."

She paused and Jack drinked in her beautiful face framed by her now loose blonde hair.

"My sister was going through problems in her personal life." he explained. "She'd fallen for this guy in her class who had asked her to go to the prom with him. However on the night of the prom he decided to go with someone else. So I made my feelings clear by punching him on the nose. Unfortunately he happened to be the son of my boss, hence the temporary unemployment."

Summer listened to this story a quiet sympathy across her face.

"To make her life even more complicated, the night of the prom my sister was being comforted by her headmaster's daughter who wants to be her girlfriend, but she is still struggling with her feelings for this guy she thinks was her boyfriend."

"Her boyfriend went off with this other girl because he didn't want a bisexual partner." Summer guessed. "And presumably this other girl would."

"Yes." Jack confirmed. "Basically my sister has now fallen headlong into a love triangle she didn't want."

"Well I can't speak for your sister but if it was me, I'd want to be in a relationship with someone who likes me for who I am." Summer replied. "Not for a fictional ideal that I can't measure up to."

A tear had started to well in Summer's left eye. Jack who had already got a brief sexual spark from when Summer had taken her hair out was now facing another one. The tear overflowed hanging for a fraction of a second on the edge of eyelid before sliding down fast at first then slowing down and stopping in the middle of her cheek.

Jack couldn't resist leaning across and wiping it away with his finger. Summer's cheek was cool to touch and her tear on his fingers was the best sensation he had ever felt.

"So would I." he said in answer to Summer's reply. He stroked his hands through her blonde hair and leaned in for a kiss

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January 20, 2017 8:04 am  #4

Re: Crying Roleplay

The next morning Jack awoke in Summer's bed, the beautiful blonde by his side.

"Good morning" she said. Jack gave his own greeting in reply stroking a lock of her hair.

"I'm meeting the girls for breakfast." Summer explained. "I'll need a shower before I go down."

"So will I." Jack told her explaining that he should go back to his own room. After Summer had gone into the bathroom Jack's eyes scanned the room and set upon the pair of leather boots that Summer had taken off the previous night. It couldn't hurt to just have a look right.

He walked over to them squatting as he ran his eyes over them. They had a heel that looked like a blade of some description, a pointed toe cap with a square end and a double ring of stitching round the ankle area. But it was the zip fastening that Jack was most intrigued at.

The actual zip fastening itself was black and ran up the middle of the boot stopping at the top. The zip head was gold with a small leather tassel and was currently residing at the bottom of the boot.

Jack ran his fingers over the boots, his insides trembling with a burning esctacy. Summer had now started in the shower and Jack his hands trembling grasped the zip head of one of the boots and pulled it upwards taking care to do it slowly to minimise the noise.

A small rasping sound came to Jack's ears. His heart started to pound with that same sexual joy, he had the previous evening when Summer had taken her hair out and he'd seen her and Maddie cry.

After zipping up both boots and unzipping them again, Jack decided to return to his room. Replacing the boots were he had found them. He quietly exited the room.


It was just over forty minutes later when he arrived in the restaurant. The girls had the same table as the previous evening but Jack wasn't so lucky. He had to sit at the other end of the restaurant. Wanting to spread out to read his paper, he moved to the sofa's outside the restaurant door after he finished his breakfast and spread it out on the table.

"Hi Jack." a voice interrupted him. He looked up and saw Ronny looking down on him. She had changed into casual clothes and was dressed in jeans, a black top and a white striped blouse with a red tinge. And of course her black knee boots under her jeans. Her muddy brown hair which was tied up in a sexy updo the previous evening was now loose tumbling down her back

"I wanted to apologise." Ronny explained sitting next to him. "I over-reacted and I'm sorry."

Jack wasn't sure what the collective noun for a group of tears was, but during Ronny's explanation a flood of them ran down her face. Jack counted three down her left cheek and six down the right. He was only half listening to Ronny's story which apparently her favourite WRC crew had won the rally and the championship only to break down a mile before final time control.

As he watched an upset Ronny sob through her story, Jack started to feel a little uncomfortable. He liked seeing hot girls cry, but he was a bit lost for words when he had to comfort them. Plus of course there was Summer to consider as Jack wasn't altogether sure what their current status was.

Ronny by now had decided to stop crying after tears eight and nine fell in perfect sync stopping in the middle of her cheeks.

"I'm just looking dumb, so I'm gonna go. I have to meet Tori, Kira and Syd at the spa." She still seemed upset as she left and Jack decided he needed some air.

Outside he ran into Maddie who must have received some good news as she was happily twirling on the spot when Jack saw her. She was dressed in exactly the same outfit as Ronny - but with a purple tinge to her white stripy blouse. This apparently was the casual uniform of the group.

Maddie danced across to Jack her boots making a suitably appropriate noise on the stone path.

"I've had my short film proposal approved." she told him. "A donor's given me all the money I need and full creative control as long as I shoot it on film."

Jack was so swept up in Maddie's enthusiasm that he gave her a hug. When they broke apart he looked at the beautiful face in front of him, the raven black hair moving slightly in the wind and kissed her on the mouth.

A throat cleared behind them and they broke apart. Lily informed Maddie that Summer was looking for her and faced Jack down with a look that could kill at ten paces. A single tear streamed down the middle of Lily's left cheek with almost surgical precision.

"What the he'll are you playing at." she said dangerously

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March 6, 2017 6:04 pm  #5

Re: Crying Roleplay

"Summer told me what you two did last night." she continued. "I don't mind you having a one night stand if that's what you want but don't move in on another of my friends."

"We didn't have a one night stand." Jack replied, making sure he got all the mileage he could from Lily's tear which was frozen at the bottom of her chin. "We just shared a bed."

"You still slept with her." Lily pointed out. "Just leave my friends alone."

Jack walked off allowing Lily to explain to Maddie what had transpired the previous evening. He decided to go to the Juice Bar for a drink and maybe some chocolate cake. However when he entered the room Tori was already there.

She beckoned him over and Jack brought his drink and cake over to her.

"I hear you had a good night." she said in a conspiratory whisper. Jack still smarting from Lily's putdown told her that he hadn't planned it.

"Don't worry about it." Tori told him waving her hand, "I'm not going to judge." Kira arrived at this point and the two girls greeted each other with a kiss. Jack felt another sexual spark flood through his body and he noted quietly that he hadn't seen any live same sex kisses before.

"Syd's gone back to her room to wait." Kira informed her girlfriend. "We're just waiting for Ronny."

Jack wasn't sure what motivated him to suggest this next course of action, but he did anyway. The two girls laughed at the idea of a staring contest, but readily agreed.

They all closed their eyes and on Jack's command they opened them.

Jack subtly moved his head between the two so he wouldn't miss any tears should the two girls happen to cry. Tori was the first to crack, a single tear gently falling down her left cheek and then she blinked putting her out of the running. Jack's heart was starting to beat a little faster.

Kira was a tougher cookie but eventually after what seemed to Jack like a very long time indeed, a pair of bulbous tears formed at the edge of her lashes. The first tear fell from her right eye and then when it was halfway down her cheek, the second tear fell as well.

Jack as a kid had always wondered when he saw crying scenes in books whether the words 'running' and 'streaming' were a specific description of tear speed or simply interchangeable words to stop these types of scenes boring. He wondered as he saw Kira's tears fall down her cheeks which of these words would be applicable. He came to the conclusion that they were half and half. Too quick for 'running' and too slow for 'streaming'.

While he was pondering this thought he blinked making Kira the winner. Tori took a phone call from Syd and Jack took this opportunity to take his leave.

He walked down the corridor and a voice came to his ear, bringing him down to earth with a bump.

"Hey I want a word." Syd called to him. She clearly wasn't in a happy mood having been told about Jack's kiss with Maddie after his night with Summer.

"I want to know the truth." she continued.

"Oh that's a relief." Jack said bitterly. "About what in particular. The US debt limit. How to enter the Hufflepuff basement at Hogwarts."

"That story you told Summer last night." Syd asked. "Is it all true or just some of it." Her left eye started to brim with tears and Jack having wondered what it would be like to see Syd cry since the previous evening wanted to draw out this encounter as long as possible.

"What do you think?"

"I don't know Jack that's why I'm asking you." she said with maximum sass

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April 1, 2017 1:41 am  #6

Re: Crying Roleplay

this is quite the cliff-hanger.  Let us know when you finish the rest of it.


April 1, 2017 3:48 pm  #7

Re: Crying Roleplay

"I wasn't fired, I resigned." Jack informed her with a firm note in his voice. "I didn't get on with someone I had to work with. Instead of working with me she made me jump through hoops to get what I want. I finally had enough. The gold card is mine not my elder brother's."

Sidney's eyes were still full of tears but frustratingly for Jack they weren't overflowing.

"I didn't need to work for a while as I had enough money saved up to live an easy life for a bit." Jack continued. "However my boiler had other ideas and decided to flood my house leaving me to stay here."

"And your bisexual sister, is she a figment of your imagination too." Sidney asked him.

"No, she's real okay." Jack revealed. "Her boyfriend didn't want a bi girlfriend but I didn't knock his teeth out. I wanted to though. They broke up after their first proper date on Valentine's Day. She wasn't in a love triangle. Her new girlfriend asked her to the prom a few months after her break up."

"Why did you lie?" Sidney asked him. Her tears still hadn't fallen and Jack was now worried that he wouldn't get his moneyshot.

"I thought you wouldn't believe me." he mumbled.

"We might have done." Sidney told him as a single tear finally slid down her right cheek. "Of course we'll never know because you fricking lied to us the first time."

Jack was half ashamed with himself for his behaviour over the past two days, but at the same time half pleased with himself. He'd managed to see all seven girls cry. So many tears!

Sidney brought him down to earth with a bump.

"We're checking out." she told him. "Go to your room and don't watch us leave."

She marched sharply past him and Jack did as he was told and went back to his room.

The window in his room however overlooked the main car park where a mini-bus was parked. Looking carefully he watched as the party of seven made their way to the bus and drove out.

Jack sat down in his chair. He did wonder what might have happened had he done the decent thing and told the truth from the beginning. But like Sidney had told him, they would never know.


A few weeks later Jack was touring a small National Trust property. The upstairs was cordoned off for a private function of some kind. Jack knew that they must be making some kind of film up there because someone in a t-shirt and jeans walked up the stairs carrying a film magazine in his hand. Presently two girls came down stairs and Jack recognised them as Summer and Maddie. Summer was dressed in a smart skirt suit with a black blouse and Maddie in casual clothes with a pair of headphones round her head. Clearly Maddie was directing her short film and Summer was playing one of the parts.

They met Jack's eyes as they were about to leave the house, but left without saying a word.


I would like to continue this but I need some more ideas. Feel free to suggest some

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July 21, 2017 11:33 am  #8

Re: Crying Roleplay

I don't have any ideas for a next part sadly. Any suggestions are most welcome

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May 20, 2018 4:22 pm  #9

Re: Crying Roleplay

A few days later Jack went to the beach, near the hotel, and spotted two beautiful girls, one of them was Kira, she was testing a surfboard, she was wearing a blue top that revealed her slim abs, and a pair of mid thigh blue shorts. The other girl catched his attention, it was Summer, she had a tank top that barely showed her lower abs and a pair of bright, fluorescent orange shorts that showed off her beautiful soft thighs, and sandals.

Summer saw Jack and started walking towards him, he couldn’t avoid staring at her beautiful lower body and lost track of time seeing her nicely formed thighs jiggle with each step she took, as well as her shaped calves responded in consonance when she firmly stepped on her sandals.

When she reached Jack, he asked her for an opportunity to talk, he could see in her eyes a mix of anger, disappointment and a hint that she liked Jack.

She told Jack that they could meet in a nearby coffee shop in a few hours. Jack took a walk around the beach and when it was time, went to meet her. He entered the shop and looked for her, she was in a non crowded part of the shop, sitting in a two person sofa, she was in the same outfit. Jack went there, stood in front of her and said hi. She offered him a seat next to her and crossed her leg.

He took a seat and they were both silent for a little while, Jack looked at her straight in the eyes and said he was sorry, he hesitated and didn’t know where to start, Jack was direct and honest, told her he liked her but didn’t know how to approach, she smiled and her eyes sparkled, she took his hand in hers and told him she had feelings for him. He felt a great weight off him and relaxed, Jack took the conversation to lighter subjects, her projects, likes and dislikes, he even got to tell her some funny things that happened to him, she relaxed and leaned towards Jack, he placed an arm around her, caressing her hair and very close to her shoulder, almost touching.
Summer was very interested in the conversation, she got to be funny to, telling him adventures with her friends.

At one point they were  both laughing about something, Jack patted her thigh, as it was pretty close to him, he felt her soft, tender muscles jiggle in response to the sudden contact with his hand, he instantly  looked at her thigh and patted it again, perceiving it with all his senses, he could feel her muscles jiggle against his hand, he was focused  seeing the waves on and on from the contact towards her outer and inner thigh, could hear the slap made, and finally he felt her silky skin as he left his hand on her thigh.

She placed her hand over his and leaned over to kiss him.
Jack kissed her in a loving caring way, no roughness, no rush or explicit sex desire. They kissed for what seemed an eternity, after the kiss ended, Jack looked at her eyes and saw them brighter than before, as if tears were about to overflow. Jack swiped his thumbs under her eyes, she smiled and a tear fell from each eye, leaving a thin streak on her beautiful cheeks, he gently slid the outer part of his index and middle fingers caressing her cheek, following the tear streak. Summer lifted her hand from his and placed it around his waist, Jack lifted his free hand from her thigh and making eye contact swiped his thumb under the eye where the tear was still unchecked, clearing her face from any traces of tears.

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June 12, 2018 9:52 am  #10

Re: Crying Roleplay

Lily was devastated when she heard the news that Jack and Summer had got together. All through their time at the hotel celebrating Syd's birthday she'd hoped to finally confess her feelings for her friend and now the moment was gone forever.

"Lily please don't cry." Maddie begged her eyes starting to well with tears. "There must be something we can do."

Lily wiped her streaming tears away with the back of her hand.

"Tell Ronny how you feel." she told her. "I missed my chance with Summer, don't do the same."

A tear slid down Maddie's cheek. Yes it was true, she had developed feelings for Ronny, but had held them back so she hadn't upset Syd.

She took a deep breath and walked down the street sending a text to Ronny asking her to meet her.

She wasn't exactly sure what to say or how to say it but she was sure it had to be done. She knew that trusting Jack was a bad idea, after all he had kissed her after spending the night with Summer.

When Ronny came over to her in the coffee shop, she first explained about Jack and Summer.

"I know." she said glumly. "I saw them earlier, across the road. How's Lily?"

"She's really upset." Maddie told her. "She told me not to miss my chance like she had."

Maddie cupped Ronny's face in her hands and tenderly kissed her on the lips. Ronny overwhelmed by the kiss let it continue until it had become almost half a snog.

When the two girls broke apart, Ronny took her hands in Maddie's as silent tears streamed down her cheeks.

"Let's go meet Jack." Ronny told Maddie


"Hey did you have a good time." Tori said to Kira giving her a kiss when they met after Kira's surf lesson. The couple had decided to swap hobbies for the day when they had seen an ad for surf lessons.

"I did." Kira confirmed. "I know now why you love it so much." She returned Tori's swimsuit to her in a towel and enquired as to her girlfriend's progress with her song.

"It's still a work in progress." Tori told her, but she started to sing what she had already.

About halfway through Tori's song which she called 'That Fateful Night', Kira's eyes started to well with tears. By the time the song was finished they were running down her cheeks.

"It's beautiful." she told her girlfriend giving her hand a loving squeeze.

The moment was interrupted by Ronny and Maddie texting them. Both couples went to the coffee shop to meet Summer.

"Jack, can we have a moment with Summer please." Ronny asked him clicking her heels together for emphasis.

"Allright keep your boots on!" Jack grumbled. "I'll be outside"

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