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November 22, 2017 6:03 pm  #1

Roleplay DC based story written in POV

This is hopefully a RP, my first one, by the way, hope you enjoy and feel free to join and add your creativity.

This starts with Superman talking with wonderwoman shortly after Lois dies in his arms.

Superman's pov:

I am replaying in my head the scene at the Daily Planet when Lois died in my arms, I was wondering what could I have done to prevent her murder.

As I was thinking, sad, in this lonely living room, I heard footsteps from a girl coming my direction. I tried to clear my mind so nobody saw me in this mood.

When I heard a knock on the door, I went to open, not expecting a pretty girl, wearing a tank top, skirt and lace up sandals, in my apartment.

I remembered the battles fought by her side, Diana was a girl who had a sense of justice and dignity that most people admired.

I let her in and offered a seat on the sofa as well as a drink. I could not help taking a glance when her skirt raised to mid thigh when she seated, then went for a drink. I felt sadness rising up again and had to shake it off to prevent tears.

When I came back with the drinks, I saw her face was sad, I took a seat next to her and asked her why those pretty sad eyes, her eyes started to fill with tears and she answered that today was the anniversary of Steve's death.

I felt connected to her, as I was feeling the same for Lois. I had to hold back my tears and set my mind on being there for her. I gently patted her thigh trying to make her feel understood and supported, feeling her soft skin as well as her relaxed muscles jiggle.

She smiled at me and I noticed tears were about to overflow from her beautiful light brown eyes.
I told her crying was allowed, even brave girls cry, as I said this I gently caressed her thigh, as my hand was already resting there.

Diana felt comfortable and knew she could trust enough in me to lower her guard and expose herself crying. At that moment I saw a tear slowly overflowing from her left eye and patiently marking a perfect streak on the surface of the middle of her cheek.

When she found out that tear escaped, she blinked, which caused a couple more tears to escape from both eyes, this time they fell faster, leaving a couple more streaks on her beautiful face stopping at lower lip level.

Diana quickly wiped those tears with the dorsal side of her hand, and the other one with the pad of her four fingers, she seemed a little ashamed and lowered her face, I squeezed her thigh reassuring it was ok and she could rely on me.

I caressed her hair with my other hand, as I had one resting on her thigh. Her tears subsided for a moment, then I offered my arms for a hug. This caused the dam to break, tears streamed down her cheeks as she threw herself sobbing to my arms.

I held her tightly as she sobbed in my arms, I felt her tears falling on my shoulder and her body trembling in my embrace.

When the hug ended she looked straight to my eyes, her beautiful face was tear streaked and there was still a steady stream of tears rolling on the paths already marked on her cheeks.

Tears stung my eyes, which I repressed one more time. Seeing her like this made me feel sadder still, and all I wanted to do is wipe her tears, hoping to wipe her sadness as well.

I waited to see what her reaction would be, she kept looking at me and said "why did he die, why does it hurt so much?", as she allowed her tears roll down her cheeks unabashedly and unchecked.

I decided to take initiative and cupped her beautiful face while I looked deep into her eyes, as I wiped her tears from her cheeks with both of my thumbs, clearing the streaks that stained her face.

Well long post, hope contributions come, anyways, will continue with the story. See you soon.

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November 23, 2017 9:39 pm  #2

Re: Roleplay DC based story written in POV

Supergirl's POV

From my rooftop position I looked out over the city.

My throat constricted as I thought of my cousin Kal El, mourning the love of his life. I knew Lois that is to say I had met her in my Kara Danvers guise.

We had met at a Daily Planet function once. I had taken a friend as a date after Kal had got me an invite. Lois was a truly amazing woman one of a kind, and a perfect reporter. And now she was gone.

Tears for Lois for Kal streamed silently down my cheeks as I watched the traffic below. Everything seemed so peaceful from the turmoil of my own life it seemed so unreal somehow.

Suddenly out of nowhere two cars screamed down the street below and knocked into a car driving the opposite way. The speeding cars carried on followed by a brace of patrol cars, the innocent bystander spun into a wall.

Wiping my tears with the back of my hand, I flew down to the street and located the car. The drivers side was pinned by the wall of a nearby shop, and by the look of the passengers door the driver couldn't get out that side either.

I landed on the road out of the line of cars making their unhurried way down the road and made my way to the trapped car. I noticed that the situation was worse than I thought. The car had hit a fire hydrant and the car's interior was rapidly filling with water.

Quickly I wrenched open the car door.

"Supergirl!" the woman inside the car greeted me in surprise.

"Can you move." I asked the woman whose name was Andrea.

"No." she told me. "I'm trapped by my seat belt."

Carefully using my laser eyes I cut the seat belt away from her, then using my strength, moved her car away from the wall.

Andrea managed to scramble from the car.

"Are you okay?" I asked. Andrea nodded in acknowledgment and I flew away.

I didn't land for a while deciding to fly around the city limits for a while. After a couple of laps a white light streaked past.

"So you fancy a race do you?" I said to myself a smile breaking across my lips. I flew in pursuit but couldn't catch up to my rival. Not that I minded.

Presently my rival landed on a roof top and I followed. He was dressed in a full white costume with billowing white hair, and he was the most beautiful man I had ever seen.

"Supergirl, I am Comet." the stranger introduced.

"How original." I told him a grin forming on my mouth. "How may I help you?"

"Not at the minute." Comet replied. "For now I just enjoy the thrill of the chase."

I smiled again feeling as if I'd known Comet for years. He flew away leaving me alone on the rooftop.

Tears started down my cheeks again as I watched him go. But these were tears of joy, not of sorrow. And I was sure I would see my mysterious friend again in future.

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November 25, 2017 6:33 am  #3

Re: Roleplay DC based story written in POV

Wonder Woman's pov:

It has been another year without Steve and I feel the same way as the first day. I don't know how to move on or how to stop this sadness that still haunts me year after year.

I decided to get up and take a shower to clear my mind, but it only makes it worse, as I keep thinking how could I have prevented Steve from getting killed.

I have been on the verge of tears most of the day, I don't know how to deal with it. I am thinking to go out and take a drink, or maybe hang out with friends.

I set my mind on cheering up, so I dress a bit in fashion, since it is a little warm out there I chose a tank top that reveals my abs and my toned arms, a decent skirt, just above the knee, that is fresh and allows me to show my well defined calves, which I emphasize even more with laced sandals.

Anyways, I go out for a walk, thinking that I need to talk this out with someone I can trust, so the first couple of persons that come to mind are Bruce Wayne and Kal El.

I went to Bruce first, but he was not home, so I took a long walk to Kal's apartment.

When I arrived I noticed something was clearly bothering him, as he was not as usual, anyways, he, as the gentleman he is, offered me a seat at the sofa and a drink.

I had been trying to get Steve out of my head during the walk, but it was clearly no easy task. I took a seat in the comfortable sofa, I catched him taking a look at my legs when I sat down, men, so predictable, but in his case, I felt slightly flattered.

I could not stop thinking about Steve, when Kal came back with the drinks, he seated right next to me and asked why the sad look on my eyes, at that moment I could not avoid the tears from surfacing and my sight got misty.

I told him the truth, it was Steve's death anniversary, I felt we were in a similar situation as he had just lost Lois, I saw tears starting to well in his eyes, I was amazed, as I had never seen him like this.

He blinked back his tears and unexpectedly patted my thigh a few times with his strong open hand, which brought me closer to tears as it brought back memories of Steve, who used to do the same, he always told me I had amazing thighs and calves and used to playfully jiggle them and pat them every now and then.

I smiled remembering those sweet moments with Steve, as nobody had ever touched my thighs, less patting them, I liked the feeling of Kal's warm touch as after patting my thigh his hand rested there.

I guess he noticed I was on the verge of tears, as he sweetly told me it was ok to cry as he tenderly caressed my thigh.

That was it, he clearly knew I was about to cry, and I was definitely not going anywhere. I felt a tear escaping from my left eye and rolling down my cheek. Even though I trusted Kal, I was ashamed and tried to blink back tears, which surprisingly, instead of going back into my eyes fell fast down my cheeks.

Ashamed, I lowered my face and quickly wiped the tears, one eye with the back of my hand, the other I swiped it with my four fingers.

When Kal noticed I was ashamed, he gently squeezed my thigh, reassuring me I could rely on him. This is what Steve used to do. Kal opened his arms to hug me and I could not hold it any longer, I started sobbing in his strong arms as he held me, tears were streaming down my face unchecked and falling on him as I was clinging on to him.

After what seemed like an eternity, we broke the hug, I clearly had lost control of my emotions, what else was there to hide, I looked at him straight in the eyes, I must have looked like a mess with my tear streaked face and tears still falling freely down my cheeks.

I just managed to ask why did he have to die and why does it hurt so much.

I guess he saw me like a helpless little girl, as Kal, looking deeply into my eyes, cupped my face with both hands and gently wiped my tears with the pad of his thumbs, clearing my face from the remainder tears as well as the streaks that were left after tears subsided.

I did not know how to react, I felt very embarrassed as I had never cried in front of Kal, much less losing control and sob. I did feel relieved after crying, I felt safe sobbing in his strong arms, I even felt a bit aroused by his physical gestures, first by firmly grasping my thigh, then warmly caressing it, and last but not least, he tenderly caressed my face and almost magically wiped my tears and cleared my cheeks from the stains caused by unchecked tears that streaked all the way down my smooth cheeks.

That overwhelming release of emotions exhausted me, I fell asleep. I lost track of time, when I awoke, Kal was not with me, I looked for him and to my surprise, found him sitting in front of his computer looking at a picture of Lois. I think his breathing was ragged, he was so absorted that he did not notice me approaching him.

I walked towards him from his side, when I got closer to him I saw he had very shiny eyes filled with tears and I also saw thin stains that shown tears had trailed that surface.

When Kal sensed my presence, he got nervous and quickly wiped his tear streaks with the palm of his hands.

Considering he had already seen my meltdown, I told him it was normal to cry in his situation. Yet, he blushed and chose not to cry this time.

I perceived his attention was elsewhere, as receiving a signal. He rushed out of the apartment and I decided to drink some juice quicky went home, changed my messy clothes and come back to wait for his return.

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November 30, 2017 8:05 pm  #4

Re: Roleplay DC based story written in POV

Supergirl's POV

It was the morning after the night before, to use the usual clichés and my encounter with Comet was still fresh in my mind

I had to push it away though because it was time for my alter ego Kara Danvers to go to work. After I showered I dressed in a smart blouse and knee length skirt, tying my hair back in a simple bun.

On my way to work I had to stop for a coffee run for my colleagues in the office. The branch of Starbucks nearby had a TV in one corner and it was on the news channel.

As the main headlines ticker taped their way across the bottom of the screen, I saw the main headline.

"Bruce Wayne engaged! Billionaire bachelor set to wed Selina Kyle".

A flood of emotion went through my body and my eyes started to well with tears. Rather embarrassingly it was my turn to order my coffees.

"Two Americanos, one toffee latte and a cappuccino please" I requested as a single tear made it's way down my left cheek. I quickly wiped it away hoping that the guy behind the cash desk hadn't noticed.

He busied himself making my drinks and after I'd paid I left as quickly as possible trying to blink my tears away. I didn't know why I was so emotional all of a sudden, but I hoped I could keep myself under control.

When I got to the office everybody was talking about it. That Mr Wayne was finally getting married was a shock. That his bride was a reformed thief was even worse. I managed to distribute my burden without incident and then it was time for me to meet the new client.

With a start I saw as I walked into the boardroom that our new client was Andrea the woman I had saved (or Supergirl had saved) the previous night.

My eyes filled again and I tried in vain to blink them back but it was no use.

"Kara Danvers" I introduced myself to Andrea as tears ran down my cheeks. "Sorry about the allergies"

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December 9, 2017 6:00 pm  #5

Re: Roleplay DC based story written in POV

Superman´s POV

​I was in shock, I am having a hard time thinking clearly, an overwhelming wave of sadness just hit me, first, I am already mourning Lois, second, seeing Diana like this, I had never seen a tear flow from Diana´s eyes, I never expected to be in this situation. After her meltdown, she was very tired and fell asleep, I just lifted her legs to lie her down in the sofa as I started replaying the scene in my mind.

I had seen her eyes water before, she is a very compassionate girl, but I had never seen her as sad as she was this time, I know she must feel very ashamed for being unable to control her emotions. I just tried being there for her, I don´t know if it was correct for me to wipe her tears, it could be more humiliating for her. I have mixed emotions, I shouldn´t have glanced at her legs when she sat down, I feel a little ashamed of patting her thigh, I don´t know why I am being attracted to her now, I should be grieving and being faithful to Lois, caressing and squeezing her thigh could be seen as if I am trying to become more than a friend, but feeling her well toned thighs jiggle and caressing her smooth skin softly made me aroused. What is affecting my morals is, I don´t know why I really loved wiping her tear streaked cheeks, don´t know if I should be ashamed of myself, but feeling her hot tears on my fingers made me feel something I have never felt before, so I took the chance and dared to continue wiping her tears as they were artistically staining her cheeks until there was not a trace that tears had been running on her smooth skin. As I think about this I go to my desk and decide to work on a project, when the background on my screen has a picture of Lois, that hit me. I had been on the verge of tears a few times while I was with Diana earlier today, so this time, I allow myself to cry, 

​I was crying silently, feeling hot tears burning my eyelashes and the trail they are marking, I don´t know how long this lasted, until I felt a presence of someone coming, I quickly wiped my tears with the palm of my hands, but I was so distracted that I think Diana might have seen my tears, as she returned my earlier words, she told me it was ok to cry this time. Anyways I swallowed my tears back and felt a hot flush on my face.

​I heard sirens not very far from here, so I took off without even saying good bye. I flew to the origin of the sound, it was a police chase, I pinpointed the car they were chasing and went after it, when the driver noticed me he got nervous and was about to crash another vehicle, I stood in the middle and he crashed against me instead of hurting another person. I waited for the police to arrived and take him away.
​I walk back to my apartment thinking what had happened earlier with Diana, I am not sure if she noticed my tears welling while I was trying to comfort her, she clearly saw me crying while I was in my computer. I have never allowed myself to be seen crying, I don´t know how to talk to Diana anymore.

​Anyways, I get back home, finding, to my surprise, that Diana is still there. I feel intense sadness returning home and finding a woman that is not Lois, I felt worse because I was starting to have more than friendly feelings for Diana.

​I think she noticed I was not ok, as she told me to stay where I was, and she brought me a glass of water and asked me to sit in the sofa and get comfortable. I followed her lead. She sat down beside me and asked me what was I feeling, I hesitated opening myself to her, but remembering her unconditional friendship and her not leaving or closing herself to me earlier, kind of turned the scale towards me responding the same way.

​I told her what I was feeling for Lois and how her presence there kind of reminded me when there was a woman always waiting for me to return to. My eyes started welling, she noticed, as she placed a hand on my shoulder, reassuring me it was ok, she told me not to worry, whatever happened there would stay there. That was a determining comment, I opened up and felt vulnerable but safe.

​Diana said she understood how I felt, it was a similar feeling she had about Steve, she told me I was the first person she was telling that she cried at least once a week because she missed Steve, said she felt relieved and lighter after crying, I felt like she was encouraging me to do so. Diana also confessed that I was the first person, besides her deceased husband, that saw her crying, I did not know how to react, I felt honored.

​Diana asked me how was I coping with grief, if I had any friends that I had talked about it, I answered that I was just trying to bury the feeling and I had not shared it with anybody. She was silent for a moment, then her face flushed and her eyes gave me a tender look, straight in the eyes, seems like she had a hard time saying her next comment: " I have been also hiding the way I feel about Steve´s parting from this world, until today. I held back tears a couple of times, then decided to let you into what I am feeling, my inner self, I felt tempted to remove your hand from my thigh when you patted it, reminded me of Steve, but decided to allow myself to feel. You know what Kal, I honestly felt embarrassed for tearing up, at first I quickly wiped the tears hoping you hadn´t noticed them, but I was sure that it would benefit me allowing myself to cry, I remember feeling a lot better when I cried for Steve and he comforted me. So, even though I was embarrassed to cry in front of you, I allowed you to see my tear streaked face, I did not hide it for you, I allowed you to comfort me, accepted your embrace, I even allowed you to wipe my tears, I was surprised you did, I wasn´t expecting it, but I felt safe, loved and comforted. Sobbing in your arms had a healing effect for me as I had never felt before, think about it".

​I was surprised by what I was hearing, I was still hesitating to let go, but if, as Diana was saying, was as positive as it sounded, I could get over this sooner, plus, who would be better than somebody that understood, lived and experienced the same situation, plus, I had already been there for her. Guess this was the perfect timing for it.

​I was silent for a moment, processing the information I had just received. After a while I started sharing the fact that I felt lonely, I missed the way Lois looked lovingly at my eyes, the way she hugged me everyday I returned home, our trips, the fun we had. At this point my eyes started filling with tears, this time I was not going to suppress them. Diana caressed my right cheek and then went further to play with my hair, she slid to be sitting closer to me.

​Feeling loved and understood was making me more emotional, and as I was not making any effort to hide it, I felt my lips beginning to quiver and my chin trembling as my eyes were about to overflow, I could barely see through the tears in my eyes. I saw Diana was looking at my eyes, she closed her eyes and kissed my cheek, then returned to keep her attention at me, she placed both hands open on my thigh, while she looked closer at my eyes, very attentive. My mind went on a flashback, Lois used to sit like this when we went on picnic. I felt a couple of tears fall from my eyes, I was determined to allow myself to feel, trying not to be ashamed, both tears fell on my chest, leaving a small trail from my eyes to the middle of the cheek.

​Diana kept looking at me, I saw her eyes follow the tears and she squeezed my thigh with her left hand and ran her right hand up and down my thigh, I felt her soft hands through my suit, feeling reassured and loved.
​She told me I was no less a man than I was, yet I was a more complete man, a man that was smart enough to feel and brave enough to share his feelings with a friend. I felt my lips opening and a sob coming from my stomach as a wave of tears started to race down my face, feeling several trails marking my cheeks with tears that were leaving streaks all the way down my cheeks, some of the trails reunited In my chin, which as it was trembling, tears were constantly dripping from it. 

​Diana caressed my chin, wiping the tears that were dripping from it, with one hand as she caressed my hair with the other one. I liked the feeling of her warm hand on my cold skin. Nobody had ever witnessed me crying, less touching me while I cry, I became a bit self conscious when I saw my tears on Diana´s hand. I lowered my eyes and felt a fresh torrent of tears cascading down my cheeks, which I allowed to course my face unhindered. This time she caught me by surprise, she leaned over and kissed a tear as it was trickling down my cheek, then she wiped where the kiss was placed, drying the stains left by it. I kind of liked it, I was confused, yet a bit aroused.

​Diana reassured it was ok to let go, nothing wrong in expressing my feelings, I started sobbing audibly but not loud, as a river of tears streamed down my face unabashedly and unchecked, I saw Diana lean over again, I kind of knew what was going to happen, I did not react, as Diana with her open palms wiped the tears from both of my cheeks with her fingers, clearing my tear streaked face from the stains left by the tears rolling down. Her face remained close to mine as she looked at me with compassion and love. She opened her arms inviting me for an embrace, I automatically rested my cheek on her chest as she embraced me, I was to embrace her but refrained, as I noticed it was her lower back, so I rested them on her thighs, anyways, that contact had already been made before as I slid my face from her breast to her thighs, next to my hands. I closed my eyes and sobbed for a while, clinging to her thighs, as she was petting my hair and upper back. 
​When I opened my eyes I noticed my tears had been dripping on her thighs, I got up and kept looking at her thighs, I was feeling lighter and less sad, and that was easily noticed. She looked down at her thighs and saw what I was seeing, she giggled and cupped my face with both hands and tenderly wiped my cheeks with her thumbs a few times, clearing my tears that were falling freely down my cheeks, then clearing the streaks left, and then made sure my face was clear of any signs of crying, I felt overwhelmed by such devotion and love, that fresh tears rushed down my cheeks, the first couple were caught by Diana´s thumbs as they were swiping my cheeks.

​Diana seemed surprised to feel tears on her hands, her eyes started to well and asked me if I was ok. I answered these were no longer tears of sadness, but of overwhelming love and compassion, she smiled and kissed a tear from each cheek and gently wiped the rest of my tears, making sure no trace of crying was visible on my face. I felt loved, cheered up and I discovered that Diana was right, I was reluctant to accept I liked the feeling of Diana´s hand wiping my tears, but I could not deny it. I smiled at her and thanked her for showing me how to move on, and with a little more effort, as it is hard to accept it and say it, I thanked her for wiping my tears. She clearly noticed I had a hard time thanking her for wiping my tears, she playfully said " Guess you feel you owe me for wiping your tears without you wiping mine, huh? Well, you already did, I will never forget that.

Well, guys, a few more characters would be nice, hope you post.

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Re: Roleplay DC based story written in POV

Wonder Woman´s POV

​I was surprised how he switched mood and left just like that, as I was drinking a glass of juice I walked around the apartment, thinking how this situation would change my relationship with Kal, I clearly saw he was crying on his desk and I am pretty sure he noticed I saw him. I turned the TV on and saw Priscilla Rich on screen talking about a physical contest in Paradise Island. I was startled that my family´s home was involved, so I rushed home to change clothes to something more suited for a physical activity.
​I got home and pulled out of the closet a white t-shirt, pink mid thigh shorts and white tennis shoes, and went straight to enroll in the contest.

​When Priscilla saw me, she seemed to become enraged, just looked at me and seemed to be very bothered.
​I returned quickly to Kal´s apartment and took a seat at the sofa. Shortly after, Kal arrived, he didn´t seem to expect me in, I saw his eyes turn very sad when he saw me. I didn´t know why, I just got up and brought him a glass of water and invited him to sit next to me.

​He accepted my invitation and sat in the sofa, I asked him what was bothering him, anything wrong? He was reluctant to talk, but managed to open up. He told me how he felt about Lois and how my presence reminded him when there was a woman waiting for his return. His eyes started to well with tears, I reassured him by placing my hand on his shoulder affirming it was ok, I told him "whatever happens here will stay here". At this moment I perceived he opened up and relaxed.

​I said to him I clearly understood how he was feeling, as I had already experienced it. I started to blush and confessed to Kal he was the first person who I told I cried at least once a week because I missed Steve and I felt better and lighter after crying. I opened up and told him he was the only person besides my beloved Steve who ever saw me crying, he didn´t know what to saw, he was in shock. I asked him how was he coping with his loss, he confessed being in denial, trying not to feel, less share it.

​I felt my face flushing once more as I had a hard time telling him, straight in the eye, that I had also been hiding my feelings about Steve´s death until today. I also let him know that I trusted him, enough to open myself and share all my feelings and grief, even though I held back tears at first. I told him I thought on refusing his physical contact at first, when he surprised me patting my thigh, I confessed that brought tears to my eyes, as it reminded me of Steve.
​I accepted I felt embarrassed crying in front of him, that´s why at first I quickly wiped tears from my eyes, but then I chose to accept his support and allowed myself to feel without restrains. I let Kal know that I trusted him enough in him to comfort me, felt safe and relieved in his arms so I sobbed and felt cleansed and so much better that I didn´t even bother to wipe my tear streaked face, which by the way, he surprised me when he gently wiped my tears.

​I encouraged him to release his tension to ease the burden he is carrying, Kal hesitated letting go, losing control is something he is not used to. I saw tears starting to fill his eyes, I caressed his cheek and his hair, moving closer to him. I was shocked when I noticed his chin and lips trembling, I had never seen him like this. I leaned on him and tenderly looked at his eyes, a couple of tears fell fast and bounced from his cheeks landing on his chest. I followed the tears and squeezed his thigh with one hand as I was running my other hand up and down his thigh, showing him support.

​I started comforting him verbally, when he started sobbing as torrents of tears streamed down his face, making several trails on his cheeks, which reunited and dripped from his chin, I caressed his chin wiping some tears along. When Kal felt my caress, he turned his gaze to my hand, his eyes followed his tears running from my fingers to my hand and he blushed feeling self conscious, he lowered his face briefly as a fresh wave of tears cascaded unchecked down his cheeks.
​I couldn´t resist the need to console my friend, so I approached his face and kissed a tear from his cheek then wiped the streak left. At this moment I remembered feeling his embrace and I opened my arms inviting him to rely on me.

Kal rested his head on my breast briefly and hesitated to hug me, he felt uncomfortable or at unease on my breast, as he placed his hands on my thighs, which I felt sinking a little in my quads, and slid his head between his hands. I started feeling his cold tears landing on my thighs and shorts as well as my thighs jiggling in consonance with his trembling body as he was sobbing, cleaving his fingers in my thighs, while I petted his hair and upper back.

​When he stopped sobbing, he got up and his eyes went down to my thighs, he kept staring for a few seconds, I followed his eyes only to find a puddle of tears mixed with not too much snot, I couldn´t resist giggling with a smile. Seeing Kal in a less gloomy state and his eyes no longer sad was so sweet for me that I rushed my hands towards his cheeks lovingly wiping the tears that were staining like rivulets his handsome face until there was no sign of crying, except his reddened eyes.

​When I was about to finish cleaning Kal´s face, I felt a couple of tears fall on my thumbs and I didn´t know why, I felt my eyes begin to water when Kal told me these were tears of joy, I felt relieved and happy I spontaneously kissed a tear from each eye and wiped the remaining streaks left by the still falling tears until no stain was left in his beautiful face.
​He seemed to like the gesture, as he smiled, thanked me for helping him move on and, he doubted a little to admit it, but finally also thanked me for wiping his tears. I thought playfully asking him to wipe his tears from my thighs, but decided to just tell him we were even, he had already wiped mine.

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February 14, 2018 12:56 pm  #7

Re: Roleplay DC based story written in POV

Andrea Martinez/Comet's POV

I saw the speeding cars in my mirror shortly before they both tried to overtake me on both sides. They cannoned into me and the car started to spin.

I could feel a tyre start to puncture as the car fishtailed into the side of a building. I saw stars briefly as the driver's airbag inflated in front of me. However I was still not out of the woods yet.

During the spin I had taken out a fire hydrant and my car was starting to fill with water through a broken window. To make matters worse the driver's side door was crumpled into my seat belt pinning me into my seat.

Suddenly a figure flew down and landed outside. The passenger side door was ripped open.

"Supergirl" I said in surprise.

"Can you move?" she asked. Once I had pointed out the seatbelt, she carefully lasered the belt in half allowing me to get out of the car.

"Are you okay." Supergirl asked me. She was a beautiful woman her blonde hair softly blowing behind her and it appeared that she had recently been crying. The faint tear tracks still visible on her cheeks made me wonder what it was that had made her cry.

I didn't have time to ruminate on this point as she flew away after I had replied that yes I was perfectly okay.

Part of me though wanted to know for sure, so after finding a quiet corner transformed myself into my male alter ego Comet and took to the sky.

Flying with Supergirl was amazing fun and after a brief race we both landed on a rooftop.

After I had introduced myself, I realised that my recent car crash was spiking my romantic feelings for my beautiful rescuer.

I saw tears start to well in her eyes and decided it was time to leave.

"For now I simply enjoy the thrill of the chase" I told her as I flew away.

It wasn't long before I saw Supergirl again. The very next day in fact. Even though she had glasses and her hair tied back I still recognised her. And the intense love she felt for my alter ego was still present as she shook my hand.

"Kara Danvers" she introduced with tears running down her cheeks. "Sorry about the allergies."

"Andrea Martinez." I introduced

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Re: Roleplay DC based story written in POV

Wonder Woman ‘s POV

The day of the contest finally arrives, I get up and choose appropriate garments for hand to hand combat. For this tournament I chose a scarlet top, fit to the body, midnight blue shorts that allows me to make every required movement, and black combat boots.

I was waiting for the first round opponent, when I was announced, Lushan was to be my first rival. I went to the arena and Lushan showed up wearing a jiujitsu white gi, I noticed she had been training, I could tell by her forearms and calves.

Well, the fight lasted several minutes, which went by fast, as I remember her fast movements, she tried to hit me on several vital points, I blocked all her attacks and countered with strong kicks aimed at her thighs, she manages to dodge a few, but a good portion of them landed on target, her strong muscles were able to resist, but her stamina decreased, I noticed when I felt her thighs started to jiggle with the kicks, they were no longer resisting.

Lushan changed tactics and attacked me with wing chun style punches and kicks, managing to get close to me, then quickly threw herself to tackle my legs, I tensed, but lost balance as we both went to the ground grappling. I quickly put my legs around her waist in the jiujitsu guard, taking away her advantage on ground combat.  She tried breaking my guard by strongly sinking her elbows in my thighs, I tensed my muscles to avoid losing grip, she unsuccessfully was unable to even sink into my thigh muscles. We struggled for a while in combat, when I finally found the opportunity to choke her in a triangle, she tried desperately to get out of the hold first by punching my thighs, which by the way were rock hard, then when she was about to lose consciousness, she tried to pull away my thighs, I just felt a futile grasp in my inner thighs, then her hands slide to my upper thighs grasping one last time, I felt her hands clench my quads one last time before she fainted. This round was over.

I got up and found Arthur Curry was there, when our eyes met he smiled and opened his arms inviting me in. I got out of the arena, tired and as soon as I got out he ran towards me and hugged me firmly. Arthur congratulated me for the fight and when the hug ended, he surprised me by lifting me and carrying me out like a princess, I felt my relaxed muscles sink in his hands and my calf muscles jiggle graciously every time they met Arthur’s hands as they were swinging with the momentum of him walking while carrying me.

He told me he would be around the whole tournament. I said goodbye and went to take a shower.

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Re: Roleplay DC based story written in POV

Superman’s POV:

I felt way better after releasing the sadness and pain, being comforted by Diana was a unique experience. Today I am in an excellent mood, it’s been quite a while since last time I see my cousin, so I go and visit her at her office.

I arrived around 10:00 a.m. I said hi to the receptionist and she directed me to Kara’s office. When I got there, the door was locked, I knocked and Kara opened the door, as soon as I saw her, I got worried, as I saw faint, clear tear streaks that went all the way from her eyes, down her cheeks to her chin, and down her neck.

I didn’t say a word, I just hugged her tight, caressing her hair, she had a ponytail. Suddenly, after a few seconds of hugging my cousin I felt her abs pressing mine, shaking in silent sobs, her breathing was irregular and she hugged me tighter. I placed my chin on her shoulder as she leaned her face on my neck, I felt heavy, thick, hot tears, fall on my neck.

After a minute or so, we broke the hug and big, thick tears started to slowly slide down her eyes leaving several stains on her cheeks, she made no attempt to wipe them, I held her by her shoulders, making her feel supported, when she felt my hands, her chin started to quiver and her lips formed a large lip curl.

I couldn’t see her like this, since I didn’t know what was wrong, my reaction was to tell her to let it all out and gently started to wipe her tears from her eyes and cheeks as she started to sob audibly as tears gained in speed and number.

Floods of tears quickly fell down her face landing on my fingers and making streaks faster than I could wipe them. I sat her down in her chair and I knelt beside her, I continued to wipe her tears until they subsided. She seemed relieved and when I gently wiped the remaining stains of tears on her cheeks she had a radiant smile on her face.

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Re: Roleplay DC based story written in POV

Wonder Woman´s POV:

Round 2 is starting, I am ready for my next combat, well rested, combat uniform clean, mind and body able for this fight. I see in front of me a tall, blonde, fit, amazon with a tight panther top, revealing her toned, flat, abs and a pair of matching mid thigh, tight shorts. Dalma started walking towards the center of the arena, I saw her toned arms as a threat, as she excels in boxing, going lower, I see her powerful abs as she breathes, while studying her lower body I notice her well formed quad muscles jiggle with each step she takes and her chiseled calves responding to the steps dancing out and in perfectly synchronized and corresponding to the rest of her body.

I approach her and think of the strategy. By the time we both are at the center of the arena, she surprises me with a firm jab in my chin, I shake a bit, surprised, and quickly respond with a roundhouse kick, which she barely dodges, I see a strong punch coming to my face, I quickly duck and hit her with a spinning sweep kick which throws her flat on the ground.

I leap trying to land on top of her, when suddenly she rolls under me and lands a hard, solid punch on my inner thigh, I lose balance and fall on my side as she gets up. I roll on my back and stand in guard, ready to continue.

Dalma rushes towards me, I receive her with a series of kicks on each thigh and on her right shoulder, the one on her shoulder seems to have caused damage, as she could not avoid flinching in pain. I punch her face then target her left arm, using a technique learned in martial arts, I neutralize her arm without harming her.

Dalma, with both arms disabled, acknowledges defeat, I can see tears welling  her brown eyes, as I was turning to leave, I saw a tiny pearl shaped tear starting to fall from the outer corner of her left eye, which she quickly wiped with the back of her index, her eyes with tears brimming, about to spill, we both leave the arena.

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