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November 4, 2018 9:11 pm  #1

A puddle of tears on a table

A young woman feels sad, one day, for some random reason and just let herself cry all alone at home.
She sits down on a simple chair, in front of an averaged-size glass table, puts both elbows on it with her face looking down the middle of the table - and her own reflection too by doing it - and let her tears fall totally unchecked down into the polish surface.
She starts to cry silent, her mouth closed and her eyes wide open, filling up with tears gradually...
First tear lands straight, a huge one, leaving a large spot on the glass with a crowd of tiny splashes all around it. A second one comes from the other eye, just as huge as the other, landing a few inches besides the first one, with the same spot's size it already made. Then a third tear falls, from the first eye, followed immediately by a fourth one from the other eye, both landing on the same spots the previous couple just left a few seconds before, which only increase their size a little more this way...then, everything begins to go faster and faster : more tears manage to drip from her eyes one by one to spill on the glass table which makes the couple of spots growing and growing in a matter of seconds...
After about 1 or 2 minutes, the tears spots are now litterally fusing into one small puddle therefore. When this happens, the young lady starts to sob just a little bit, but then again, only to grow bigger and bigger in quite a short time though. Her mouth begins to open but her eyes remain open as well. Her tears keep falling hard, fast, big and heavy so the puddle of tears keeps growing too obvisouly...then her body starts to shake : her face, her belly, her shoulders...her mouth's opening wider, twisting on the corners, her lips and her chin, her eyebrows are curving up from despair and her eyes are shrinking, closing themselves more and more until they get tight shut with a single blink, so her tears are shaping less thick and consistent like drops and turning into thin, regular streams but dripping messy and disorderly from her eyes.
Now the small puddle has doubled its volume at least and is not that small anymore...after 2 or 3 minutes, she begins to calm down a little bit and her sobs are beginning to disapear gradually. Her eyes open again, her mouth is closing, her eyebrows turn back to normal and her whole body stops to shake, while her tears flow less and less intense. However, she's blinking now, making her tears smaller and the streams volume gets lighter from both eyes, but her sobs have turned into spasms, breathing nervously to help herself catching back her self-control again just like after one hard physical effort, so her mouth remains a little open with her throat and her neck convulsing while doing it. Also, her belly is still shaking a little though and her shoulders almost stop to move but not entirely.
About 1 minute latter, she finally stops to cry for good. The puddle of tears she made has grown about 3 to 4 times its size and it's big like a small plate, let's say around 10 centimeters in diameter or 4 inches, something like that...but of course it can't be a full circle in shape, so it's sligthly bigger from the horizontal line than the vertical one, which naturally makes it less round than oval actually. So that would rather looks like 8 inches in length for 4 inches in wide, to give us a better idea...
When she totally finish to cry, the last thing that stops is her running tears. It almost stop the same way it has started but in reverse. One tear after another, step by step, slower and slower until the very last, like a rewind video, no more tears would fall anyway...or wouldn't it ? She gently starts to finger her eyes, very steadily, one hand for one eye and turn by turn, she dries her eyelids, her eyelashes and her rings right below them. But while she's doing it, thick teardrops were still hanging on her eyelashes, so she just catches one of these with a fingertip and just let it hang by itself from her nail, while pointing at it over her tears puddle, until it falls off alone into it...making a small wave in the puddle and little splashes all around it with the impact.

Massively shed tears with high innie belly buttons women, these are my favorites thingsĀ

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