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September 26, 2022 12:05 am  #71

Re: Truth or Dare

Abby's POV:

I have been so emotional I am fighting tears from the moment I get to the church. Seeing Kylie's eyes swimming in tears, then Tyrell with his eyes shining with unshed tears makes it more difficult for me to keep my tears at bay. Hearing Kylie sob and seeing Connor, with an utmost devotion, take care of her tears, pushes my tears further, I feel a hard sting in the back of my eyes. Once the priest begins the sermon, he hits home, I start sobbing as I feel a wave of tears strongly springing my eyes, I feel the need to close them to prevent the tears to forcefully exit. I feel burning, small drops of tears quickly slipping through my eyelids, burning their way down my cheeks leaving thin streaks on my cheeks.

I get startled and open my eyes when I feel Tyrell's cool hand refresh my cheek as he wipes my tears and dries my tear streaks on my cheeks, cupping my face, taking care of all my tears and streaks, smiling at me before letting my face go. I turn to see Connor and Kylie as I hear a warm awww (I guess the gesture of our wonderful and loving husbands to be get to everybody's hearts).


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