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April 17, 2019 5:28 am  #1

Songs that make you cry

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What song(s) makes you cry and why (if you feel comfortable enough to say). Have you ever cried to music in front of anyone and if so what was their reaction?

Your Song by Elton John. It reminds me of an ex best friend (haven't spoken in a few yrs). We were almost an item (but weren't). He used to sing this song to me any time I was having a rough day to make me feel special. My eyes usually only fill up with tears but once in a while if I really l I seen to the words close enough it can send a few tears rolling. Never cried to music in front of anyone.

And Christmas Shoesby New Song  because...Christmas Shoes. If you haven't heard it I highly recommend it (but only if you're ready to cry).


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