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September 24, 2019 3:40 pm  #1

Real-life male crying scenario that happened to me!

Okay, so this is something that actually happened to me. Strap in!(BTW I’m going to use italics to represent when the person talking’s voice wavers or breaks from emotion. I feel like it’s easier to show you what’s going on that way) I was at a curling camp (a camp that furthers your education in the sport of curling) and we had a couple professional curlers come in to teach us about curling. This one curling guy named Brett was showing us a slide show of his curling career. This is a picture of him:

I had my notebook open for writing notes. His presentation was a relatively boring slideshow about his career, so naturally, I slipped my mind into my notebook and started writing a crying scenario. 
The idea behind it was I was watching my boyfriend curl and he lost a game that was really important to him, but it came down to the very last stone and was really close. Then I ran out onto the ice because I knew he would be upset, and he would start crying on my shoulder. Kind of a cute idea. I was writing the part in the little story where I started to run out to see him, when I heard a familiar noise.
I snapped back to reality where I’m sitting at this table with my head in my notebook. I hear the telltale sound of an emotional voice crack. I look up. Brett is standing next to the screen that has a picture of himself, his brother and his father all smiling at the camera. I looked to Brett and he had tears in his eyes. He was making the most effort not to cry that I have ever seen, and I have seen a lot being a dacryphiliac.
“This was a really important moment to me because…” his voice wavered and he stopped to gather himself. He was standing pin straight, sweating from the heaviness in the room, grinding his knuckles into his palms to distract himself from this sudden surge of emotion. He was clearly uncomfortable, but to me, it was beautiful.
“This was when my self, my brother and my father… we all went to the Briar together.” He was hit by raw emotion, surprised at the impact it had on him. Thoughts about this moment and what it meant to him swirled around his head, bringing sadness into his heart.
“And it was really special to me because…” His face started to contort with pain. His bottom lip quivered as he spoke, biting it to a still. His eyes grew shinier as the emotions welled up inside. Everyone in the room was probably uncomfortable while I was in awe.
He finally looked to us, tears threatening to spill onto his cheeks. “I’m sorry.” He smiled sheepishly as he scratched his chin, embarrassed. I smiled up at him warmly, comfortingly. I can’t say the same for everyone else in the room, because I couldn’t see anyone else, but I should think and hope they did as well. He turned back to face his presentation, wiping at his eyes. “Yeah. This was just a really special moment.”
He turned around to the computer projecting his slideshow and cleared his throat. “Anyways, next slide.”

... My heart...

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