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October 7, 2019 3:25 am  #1

Crying poems

Some poems I've written with crying in it or a crying based theme. Feel free to add any poems you've either written or read somewhere.


October 7, 2019 3:34 am  #2

Re: Crying poems

Walking down the hall,
He tries to pretend he's alright

He doesn't want to break down,
He doesn't want her to know

But he has to let it out.

She asks him if he's alright.
He shyly hides his face.

Slowly the tears build up
And one trickles down his face

"Please tell me." She begs.
"It's too painful." He says.

Then he walks away,
Trying to be strong

He doesn't want anyone to ask questions.

She runs to him
And apologises for her prying.

"What I need now," He says
"Is just a friend."

"I know you do." She says right back.

Then she turns to him
And sees the pain in his eyes.

She grabs his hands
And quickly gives him a hug.

"What was that for?" He asks.

"Even if you aren't ready to talk about it,
I just want you to know,
That I am your friend,
And I will always be here for you." She says

Then he leans over,
And gives her a hug back.

Feeling totally safe
And not alone,

He lets his tears slowly trickle down her shoulder.

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October 7, 2019 3:37 am  #3

Re: Crying poems


A tear suddenly rolls down her face
As she smiles to hide the pain.

He looks over at her
Sensing her fake smile

She continues to put on a show
To mask the hurt inside.

He embraces her in a hug
Where the smile slowly fades

She feels safe in his arms,
He finally feels needed.

First one tear,
Then another.

Crying never felt so good
When all she could do is smile.

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October 7, 2019 3:51 am  #4

Re: Crying poems

Looking into the coffin
You slowly turn your head.

You don't want to b believe it
But your mother is dead.

You tell me you're fine
As you fight back the tears.

I know that you're not,
As you slowly wipe your face.

You ask me to leave,
To go back to your place.

You put on a smile,
Try to save face.

But your hands are now shaking
And you know you'll never make it out.

You put your face in your hands
And try not to let it out.

I grab your hand
And you pull away.

Then you lift your head
And I see the hurt in your eyes.

She was your best friend
And now she is gone.

Slowly I see the tears begin to fall.

You struggle to stop it,
You don't want to do it.

You don't want to be weak,
You don't want me to see it.

But I tell you it's alright
And to just let go.

Then I grab your trembling hands
And promise to be there.

You look at me and smile
As you finally let go.

You put your face in your hands
As the tears continue to fall.

I whisper "I love you."
As I remove your hands from your face.

Slowly I wipe the tears from your face
And I smile,
Knowing you need more.

"You can cry on my shoulder," I say.
"That's what it is for."

You slowly berry your head,
And I feel the hot tears run down.

I wrap my arms around you,
And tell you it's ok.

You wrap your trembling arms around me
And you whisper that you know.

Then we just sit like that
For what seems like forever.

But I know it's what you need,
And I'll do anything to make you feel better.

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October 7, 2019 4:31 am  #5

Re: Crying poems

Nice poetry you have under the sleeve, I really liked the last two, specially the last one. Congratulations.


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