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August 4, 2020 3:12 pm  #11

Re: Siblings

Jason: [As I try to sleep the memory of the intense event of earlier today repeat in my mind, very vivid, detailed, sensations, feelings, emotions. Everything is so alive. Since I awoke, I awoke with my sister crying to me, hugging me with her lean arm and thigh, silently sobbing. I took care of her frail body, wiped her warm tears, cheered her up, took her to get some ice cream and play chess. How everything turns so abruptly, she ended up comforting me, holding my shaking body as I grasped to her soft legs, feeling safe in her lap. She lovingly wiped the hot, burning tears that ran down my cheeks with her delicate hands. What I wasn't expecting was to see Becca fully meltdown, her face turned into what my sister calls ugly face, even though I found it stunning, I had never seen Becca cry, honestly I thought she was kind of cold in terms of feeling emotions, I would have never expected to see her shed so many tears that her face would become completely wet. I saw her so vulnerable, so in need of comfort, I hope I didn't lose firmness when I went to her, wiped her tears, caressed her lips, felt her thighs, usually strong and firm, now her thighs felt soft, my elbows sank easily, my hands molded them with no resistance, her muscles gave in, even her muscles were soft now. She rarely asks desperately for a hug, her whole body trembled with sobs. I think she must have really been hurt. So, she really loves me?

Jessica: [I am very disappointed at Dante, flirt with my brother's girlfriend in front of my brother and me. I don't think he is a man I can trust in the long run, so, why waste my time and stay with him so I am not alone.
The longer I am with him, the more attached, so, better cut it right now, I might cry for a day or two, but I'll survive.

Fortunately I have my brother to comfort me when I cry, I love how he makes me feel safe in his arms, he makes me feel loved when he wipes and even kisses my tears, he gives me the strength to carry on, I don't know why, I kind of associate it with riding a horse, he makes me feel it's time to move on and pushes me when he pats my thighs, I like the way he dissipates the sad and tense aura when he jiggles and squeeze my thighs or calves, it seems as if we were rolling in the grass, in each other's arms, he makes me forget my problems.

I am glad I was able to be there for him today, I comforted him the same way he comforts me, and I love he likes being comforted, most of all because I know I am the only one who he shares his tears with, that makes me feel special. On the other hand, I was having mixed feelings, seeing Becca shattered in a sea of tears, her usually strong and fit body now looked slim and frail, her usually defined legs looked soft and wobbly, could it be a matter of mindset? Even though I exercise too, my legs, although they are shapely, they have always been soft and jiggly, and Becca had extremely firm thighs and calves, but now that she was crying I saw them as soft as mine, I saw how Jason leaned on them, how he jiggled her thighs, it was not her usual state, at the movies I felt her calf hard as a wall. Anyways, I guess I'll talk to Dante tomorrow, I know life has better plans for me.

Sleep covers their mind and both stop thinking and have a good sleep the rest of the night.


August 9, 2020 5:57 pm  #12

Re: Siblings

Next day, Jessica determines to go to Dante's house to break up with him.

She wakes up not too early in the morning, chooses what to wear to go break up with Dante.
Jessica: [It's Sunday, I guess I'll go casual, anyways, it's not a date] I put on a long sleeve plain white shirt, my favorite Derek Lam 10 Crosby hot pants and a pair of ankle boots. I look at the mirror, I look great, well, time to go to the sour moment]

Jessica goes to Dante's place and knocks. Dante opens after a few knocks, he seems surprised, Jessica scans him quickly, black silk shirt, levis and black Reeboks.
Jessica: "May I come in".
Dante: "Sure, sorry".
Jessica: "What you did yesterday hurt me a lot, you know, not only the fact you did it, but the trust that was starting to grow, it broke what could be and now it can't be anymore".
Dante: "What do you mean? It's no big deal, I tried explaining after the movies, but you didn't even let me talk".
Jessica: "There was not much to talk, what you can see you don't ask".
Dante: "But..."
Jessica interrupts: "I thought it overnight and all day yesterday Dante, this is over, I cannot trust you and a relationship is built on trust".
Dante's eyes start to sparkle, Jessica seems in shock.
Dante: "Please leave".
Jessica: "I haven't finished, we need to get this over with".
Dante: "Go now,"
Jessica: "I know I am breaking up with you, but I want you to understand why and let you know..."
Dante throws himself in Jessica's arms, Jessica stumbles with the sudden weight on her, but she reacts instinctively holding Dante in her arms.
Dante buries his face between her left shoulder and her neck and whispers with a shaky, whispery voice: "I'm sorry".
Jessica is frozen in shock. She has Dante's trembling body in her arms, feeling his warm tears on her neck, she doesn't know how to react.
Dante: "I'm sorry, I wanted you to leave so you didn't see me like this".
Jessica reacts, she tightens the hug for a few seconds, then moved away from him, still holding him by his shaking shoulders. "Don't make this harder, please". Seeing his tear streaked face is making everything harder. She tenderly cups his face in her delicate hands and slowly wipes his tear streaks, a couple of tears start to roll down the middle of his cheek and the inner corner of his other eye. Jessica wipes the tear from the inner corner, allowing the other one to roll down all the way to his chin.
Dante closes his eyes, sending tears down several streams, two from the middle of both cheeks, one parallel to the other one, both outer corners also had a fresh stream, and both inner corners had tears running down as well. Dante tried to lean on her shoulder again, but Jessica stopped him, thinking he was going to kiss her, she kissed a tear from the middle of his cheek, holding him at that distance. Dante opened his eyes, in shock, he had never experienced having his tears kissed.
Jessica froze, hinting what she had done. Dante remains in silence, his eyes sparkling, tears slowed down.
Dante: "I am really sorry, I am embarrassed I broke down in front of you, it had never happened before, but losing you, even though it's a short time we have been together, I felt overwhelmed." Dante sees tears starting to fill Jessica's eyes.
Jessica: "Dante, I didn't want this to happen, I didn't mean to make you cry, I'm sorry for making you feel so bad, it's not my intention, but I had to let you know where we stand." Tears are at the brim, Jessica's eyes are about to overflow, yet, she is trying to contain her tears inside.
Dante: "I'm sorry if I sounded rude when I told you to get out, the fact is I didn't want you to see me cry over you".
Jessica: "We can still be friends". A tear escapes each of her eyes, quickly rolling down from her eyes to her chin.
Dante places his hands on Jessica's shoulders and closes the distance, bending his elbows: "Even though it breaks my heart, I don't know if I could continue seeing you knowing I have no chance of being with you, it would keep opening the wound, I don't think it's a good idea to keep seeing each other". Jessica's tears started to flow, several tears adorned her beautiful face, she had two perfect streaks down the middle of each cheek, one closer to the inner corner, one closer to the outer corner half an inch apart from each other, as well as a tear on the outer corner of her right eye and a tear on the inner corner of her left eye.
Jessica: "Believe me, I didn't want this to happen". A tear from the outer corner of her eye rolled halfway down her face and dropped, landing in Dante's arm, Dante suddenly looked at his arm, seeing a tear was rolling down his forearm towards his elbow.
Jessica turned to see what he was seeing, and blushed seeing her tear roll down his arm.
Dante, walked Jessica to a one person couch and sat her there, kneeling in front of her, never losing physical contact.
Jessica sat on the couch not knowing what to expect.
Dante: "Please Jess, think it over, I know I am not perfect but I would never stab you on the back, I would never be unfaithful, I would never cause you to cry (at this point he wipes her entire face with the pads of his fingers), trust me one more time, please".
Jessica is stunned, nobody outside of her family had ever wiped her tears, she didn't know what to say, how to feel, she lost the purpose of the visit now. She was brought back to reality when she felt her quads sink as Dante supported his hands on her bare thighs to get up.
Jessica: "I don't know what to say, I guess I'll have to reevaluate the situation, Dante, could we at least pause the relationship for 2 weeks? I need alone time to think"
Dante bends, takes her hand and kisses the back of her hand, kisses her knuckles, kisses her wrist, and motions her to get up.
Jessica hugs Dante tightly: "Remember this hug, keep it with you, let's see what destiny has for us".
Dante's eyes start to fill up with tears again, he wipes the remaining tears from Jessica's face, as a leftover tear slips down her right eye. Jessica tried to wipe it away, but Dante was quicker, he kissed her tear from her cheek, he smiled and said: Jess, never forget this kiss, I love you with all my heart and this is just a little bit of what could be for the rest of your life, I swear that I will never make you shed a tear, and if life has tears for you, I will take care of them all, I won't let your beautiful face be tear stained, I will wipe and kiss your tears for as long as I live".
Jessica: "I have to leave, be safe, hope you feel better."

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August 9, 2020 8:36 pm  #13

Re: Siblings

OMG I could totally picture this whole chapter like I was right there.  Could feel every emotion like it was my own. This is exactly how I'd like a break up to was very sweet/emotional even if they don't get back together. And girl would be lucky to have a guy (in real life) act as Dante had. This is exquisite writing.


August 18, 2020 9:14 pm  #14

Re: Siblings

Jason is playing chess online to get his mind distracted from Rebecca, his parents had gone to visit some long time friends, Jason and Jessica didn't go because they had plans with their significant others, they didn't expect otherwise. Jason was extremely concentrated in the game, this was an important match, it was against an Eastern European opponent, he almost spent his 90 minutes, until he finally finishes his opponent with a Stamma mate. Little time did he have to celebrate his promotion to National Master when Jessica arrives swiftly, yet stealthily, seems she didn't want to be noticed, but Jason heard her erratic breath.
Jason: "Jess, why so quiet?", Jessica starts walking faster to her room, Jason stops celebrating, getting a bit concerned about his beloved sister and goes after her.
Jessica is about to reach the door to her room when Jason scoops her up, carrying her like a kidnapper, with her upper body across his shoulder on his back and both arms holding her legs.
Jessica struggled to get out of the hold, Jason held her thighs firmly, her calves hit his arms with the struggle, he took her to the living room, gently dropped her on the large sofa and he sat right next to her, taking the back of her head, caressing her hair and smoothly moving her face to him, he placed his other hand on the middle of her thigh, softly caressing it and squeezing it gently, letting her know with non verbal language she had to accept her brother take care of her.
Jason: What's wrong Jess?
Jessica: I want to be alone in my room, I need to think.
Jason: "Come on Jess, do you think you can think in the state you are now?"
Jessica trying to be clever: "What do you mean, in Colorado?"
Jason: "Haha, very funny little girl, Colorado is the color of your eyes, cheeks and tip of your nose, don't take me for stupid, that honestly bothers me, do you think I can't see the stains in your makeup?" He slowly caresses a very faint track of a tear that had run down her cheek, following it from below her eye, down her cheek, took a turn down her neck, and Jason kissed where the stain ended and said, here, either wiped it or absorbed by something.

Jessica blushed: "I hate when I can't hide my feelings to you, you know. I mean, I love when you comfort me, but at the same time, I don't want to be a burden to you."
Jason: (touching between her breasts) "Your heart says otherwise (her heartbeat starts accelerating) and your eyes never lie, they seek relief, give yourself permission to allow your precious tears to take away your sorrow and pain as they swiftly roll down your cheeks".
Jessica's eyes started to fill with tears: "I don't want to talk about it, yet, I would like to have it off my chest, that has me confused."
Jason, who had his hand still in her thigh, starts soothingly caressing it again and moves the hand from the back of her head to her cheek: "It's ok, you will have a clear mind once you release all the stuck emotions through your tears, (softly caressing her cheek) don't worry, you're safe here, I'll take care of all your tears and hold you while you feel the most vulnerable, I love you, and you know I'll always be here for you."

Jessica's tears overflow her eyes and start to swiftly run down her cheeks as if not wanting to be catched. 
Jason swiftly uses both his hands to wipe every tear, even having to kiss a few to avoid them going all the way down her face. Jessica seems relieved but there is still some tension in her body.
Jason pats and squeezes both her thighs: "Let it all out sis, trust me, you will have a clear mind and make the best decision, trust me".
Jessica started sobbing and stood up, suddenly sitting on Jason's lap, burying her face in the crook of his neck, brushing her cheek against his every now and then, wiping her tears on him.
Jason holds her athletic body, trembling against his, he softly whispers: "It's ok, let your body react how it needs to, there is no shame or disgust, no matter what you do, this will remain in these four walls, between you and me sis, nobody will ever know what happened".

Jessica, with some effort to calm her mind, allowed her body to take over, her body started to shake more, a wave of tears rushed down her cheeks, wetting Jason's neck and cheek, her lips formed a prominent curl, eventually they broke the hug. Jason wiped all of Jessica's tears, caressing her lips as well: "Good, you are doing a great job letting all out, you will feel depleted and relieved once every negative thought is gone, I'll be here to take care of you". He pats both her thighs one more time, squeezing them as a sign she has to get off of him.
Jessica stand up, Jason stands up after her, wipes her face clean of tear streaks, wiping her neck as well with both hands, giving her a strong hug afterwards. Her face is starting to form a smile, Jason caresses her hair with one hand and her cheeks with the other. Jessica gives Jason a kiss on each cheek.

Jessica: "I feel very tired, I need to sleep." Jason picks her up like a princess and takes her to her bedroom, lying her on her bed. He kisses under her eyes and in the middle of each cheek and goes to his bedroom to rest, the celebration can be postponed.

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August 19, 2020 3:47 am  #15

Re: Siblings

I love the way Jason comforted Jessica. I love how he MADE her release her emotions. I could picture every detail. I love when people who are fighting their emotions are forced to release.


September 4, 2020 4:59 pm  #16

Re: Siblings

Two weeks later...

Jason is in the school library sitting with some books in a private desk, the farthest from the corridor, when Rebecca approaches him, he couldn't avoid looking at her, she was wearing a cute white, short sleeve top, a denim mid-thigh skirt and a pair of white with a pink stripe tennis shoes.

Rebecca: "Hi Jason, can I have a word with you?"
Jason: "Hi Rebecca, sure, what do you want to talk about?"
Rebecca: "Us, our relationship, I have been missing you, my body misses you, my heart longs for your presence." I feel my eyes starting to fill with tears.
Jason: "I miss you too Becca, I just want to be sure you won't look for something more with someone else, and from what I can see now, you are telling the truth, come, give me a hug."
Rebecca: "Not here, not now, if I hug you I'll cry".
Jason: I see Becca's eyes are to the brim, tears are about to spill despite her effort "I don't understand, you say your body misses me and want to be with me, yet I want to give you a warm hug, I miss you too, hope you noticed, let me try to understand, you want us to be together, and at the same time you refuse my touch".
Rebecca: I force my tears to not fall with all my will and go to Jason, he stands up and gives me a strong, tight, warm hug. Despite all my efforts, my body shakes with a silent sob.
Jason: I feel Becca's back shudder with a sob as I am hugging her, I feel warm and I am more than willing to get back with her, I break the hug and, as expected, I see four streaks on her right cheek, inner and outer corner of her eyes and a couple more somewhere in between around the middle of her cheek, and three on her left cheek, two parallel tears rolling down the middle of her cheek close to each other and another one almost at the outer corner of her eye. I kiss the two tears almost at lip level on the middle of her right cheek and the one on the outer part of her left cheek, kissing her lips afterwards as I cup her cheeks, wiping her warm tear streaks.
Rebecca: My whole body involuntarily shivers with goosebumps when Jason kissed my tears, tenderly kissing my lips and wiping my tears afterwards, I sigh, full of love and my lips automatically form a smile.
Jason: The kiss ends and I see a stunningly beautiful smile on Becca's face, I sit again and motion her to sit next to me, instead, she sits on my lap staring closely at my eyes.
Rebecca: I am speechless, I don't know why I am being so daring in a library, I am so in love with Jason, I love how he takes care of me; as I am thinking this, I feel his smooth hand softly landing on my thigh, caressing it and softly gripping it. I bury my face in the crook of his neck.
Jason: I don't know why I am being so daring, I couldn't refrain from feeling her athletic thigh as she is on my lap, I feel her face in the crook of my neck and, surprisingly, I start to feel tears dropping on my neck. I caress her hair with my free hand as I keep caressing her thigh with the other hand.
Rebecca: I love when Jason soothes my hair, after a few seconds I lift my face and rub my cheek against his staring at his eyes lovingly, I can see tears are forming in his eyes.
Jason: I had never felt Becca rub her tears against me, I kiss a tear streak from her cheek planting several kisses on her tear streak following all the way down to her tear, this tear tastes different, it's not bitter like the previous ones.
Rebecca: "Jason, I don't know how to thank you for doing this, I have never had anyone kiss my tears, especially with such care and gentleness, let me tell you, these tears are not sad, they are happy tears, I really missed your hugs, I missed your touch, I'm glad you are more confident touching my body, I really really love when you caress my thighs."
Jason: I successfully push tears back in, I am so in love with this sensitive, daring, lovely girl. "I love you Becca, I don't think there is anything I wouldn't do for you, you are the love of my life, I will always hold you, support you with your projects in life, take care of you when life gives you a blow, take care of your tears when you are down and pat your thighs to tell you when it's time to get back up."
Rebecca: "I love you Jason, I'll never do anything to break your heart, I want to be with you my whole life, share goals, your goals will be my goals, I will do all I can to make you happy, please never think otherwise about me."
Jason: I think I won't be able to concentrate in the books again, so I gently pat both her thighs, feeling her defined muscles jiggle with the contact, and motion her to get up.
Rebecca: I get the message, I love the way he tells me to get up by making my thighs jiggle, as soon as I get up, he stands too, places the books in the cart and we head out for lunch.

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September 6, 2020 8:00 pm  #17

Re: Siblings

During the same week

Jessica is getting ready to go to school, the weather is warm, she decides to wear a short sleeve violet t-shirt and a pair of white chino shorts with a beautiful pair of laced sandals.

Jessica: After fourth period, I go out on lunch break, I am about to get a healthy Ceasar salad with chicken, when I see Dante coming to get on the line, my heart is starting to beat faster and I fake not seeing him. He passes by, I get my salad and freshly made juice and go sit, I wasn't even thinking of him when I see him with his food coming to my table, he sits.

Dante: "Hello Jess, how are you?"

Jessica: "Hi Dante, I am fine, surviving school, trying to catch up on some classes."

Dante: "I don't want to be blunt, but lunch is short, I miss you."

Jessica: I see his eyes are kind of tear filled, too much moisture for normal eye hydration. "I can't say I don't miss you, but I am still trying to process what happened between you and Rebecca."

Dante: "That wasn't what it looked like, I mean, it never crossed my mind being with her, I have to admit she is attractive, to say the least, I guess it's in nature to admire aesthetic bodies, don't blame me for going with nature, but that doesn't mean my heart is there".

Jessica: "Maybe your heart isn't but your eyes and your mind were, the only thing that was left was your heart."

Dante: "Come on Jess, you can't make a judgment like that, I am committed to you, heart and brain, body and soul, to you, can't you see I love you?..."

Jessica: Dante's words are piercing the barrier I had built on my mind, making my will to not fall for him, his eyes were now filling with tears, almost to the brim, and, against my will, so were mine. "Stop, let's finish lunch and go to a private place, I want to get things clear, but I don't want to get emotional in the school cafeteria."

Dante: "I get it, there is nothing I wouldn't do for you, and if that includes keeping composure here, I can do so."

They finish lunch and go to a lonely spot in the campus gardens. They sit on the floor, next to a tree.

Dante: "I want the truth, do you have real feelings for me? I need the truth, no matter if I have to deal with it myself, I hope I have the strength to do it"

Jessica: "No need Dante, I have the same question for you, I don't want my heart broken." I can feel tears clinging to my eyelashes and my sight is getting blurry, yet I don't want to cry.

Dante: Seeing Jessica about to cry is breaking my heart, I love her tears, but I don't want to make her cry, I am forcing my tears to stay at bay with all my force of will. I caress Jessica's cheek. "Jess, don't forget what I said last time we spoke at my place, I meant every single word I said, I know I'm young and things could change and life can take turns, but no matter what happens, I will always love and be in love with you, my angel, you are the most beautiful girl, inside and out, I can see your soul through your stunningly lovely blue eyes." 

Jessica: No matter how hard I try not to cry I feel my tears are about to escape the barrier of my eyelashes and roll down my cheeks. "Dante, stop, I don't want to cry, not here"

Dante: I cup her cheek with one hand, supporting my other hand on her inner thigh to reach her lips with mine. "I am pouring my soul to you here, don't be ashamed to feel, I am here for you, like I said before and I will say it as many times as needed, I will always hold you, cherish you, support you, wipe your tears, make you laugh, do all in my hands to make you happy and you don't need anything else in the world." I kiss her, as soon as I kiss her I feel a tear landing on my thumb, I softly squeeze her thigh and keep kissing her, the kiss stops time for me, I can't say how long it lasts.

Jessica: Dante kissing me breaks all the barriers I had and my will shatters, I close my eyes and kiss him back, I feel a tear escape down the middle of my cheek, then I feel a familiar loving squeeze on my soft thigh, my brother is the only person who does that, as I think of that I feel a couple more tears fall down my cheeks. I don't know how long the kiss lasted, but when we broke the kiss, I opened my eyes, only to see Dante's face approaching mine again, this time not aiming at my lips, but I felt him kiss a tear away from my cheek, kissing the trail it left behind. wiping my other tears with his fingers. I am speechless.

Dante: "I hope this is the last time I have to wipe tears caused by me, I love you so much, that it took quite an effort to not break down and cry. I want you to trust me, let's put a date, you have until friday, I want you to give me the opportunity to be my wife."

Jessica: "I don't know what to say Dante, I will give ourselves the chance to get back together, but about getting married, I am still underage, let me think it thoroughly." Dante kisses another tear from my cheek, I flush, he wipes the leftover tears on my cheeks. "Thank you for taking care of my tears".


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September 7, 2020 4:07 am  #18

Re: Siblings

I loved both chapters very much, but I think I lean towards the Rebecca/Jason chapter a bit more. It just seemed a bit more moving to me.

It was also moving however, when Dante said "I love you so much, it took quite an effort not to break down and cry." I could picture every detail and it gave me goosebumps.


September 30, 2020 4:48 pm  #19

Re: Siblings

The intercollegiate tennis tournament is on, Rebecca reached the quarter finals, her next match is against a very talented Native American girl from the University of Arizona in Tucson. This tournament was very important for Rebecca, if she won the Pacific -12 conference tournament in NCAA, she would have the opportunity to be drafted to the WTA to play professionally. 

Rebecca shows up in the court wearing a red top that shows her well defined abs and a pair of black short shorts, enhancing her toned thighs and calves as she walks in her white with black striped tennis shoes. Her opponent comes to the court in a pink dress, revealing great arms, quite muscular thighs and shapely calves that jiggle with every step she takes in her pink and white tennis shoes. 

The game is intense and highly competitive, both have 5-5 in the first set, Rebecca wins the sixth and with a lot of effort, the seventh, winning the first set. 

The second set is more challenging, as her opponent already found out how she plays and is responding to her offensive, after setting the score 6-6 it ends in a breathtaking tie breaker, Rebecca losing it because of a small mistake. 

At the third set, in the fifth game, with a score of 2-2 30-15 Rebecca, her opponent throws a strong and fast ball, when Rebecca sprints for it, she sprains her ankle, losing strength in her leg and feeling intense pain. 

Becca's trainer runs to the court to check her, it seems she won't be able to continue, when her trainer told her that, tears sprang to her eyes and Becca, with a lot of effort, kept them at bay. She hops with her working leg outside the court, where her brother, her father, Jason, Jessica and Dante quickly arrived. 

The trainer briefly told her father the next steps for her, as Jason walked directly to her.

Jason: I rushed straight to Becca, I caressed her hair and her cheeks, I saw her eyes filling with tears, I gave her a strong, quick hug, then kissed both her cheeks, placing my hands in her face afterwards. 

Rebecca: Jason is being so supportive, I can feel he is worried about me, his gestures are not helping my will to keep tears at bay, but I don't want to say it out loud, as the others will become aware that I am on the verge of crying. I try to blink tears back in, but, even though I am barely touching the ground with my injured foot, the pain is an added factor to the cause of my tears, I am trying not to think of the disappointment of this important match. 

Jessica: I can see Becca struggling to keep her tears at bay, I go to her and rub her shoulder. "You did great Becca, nothing to be ashamed of, we are here for you." 

Dante: I keep myself at bay, I don't want more problems with Jess, so I stay behind watching the scene. 

Jason: Becca tried to blink tears, only managing to get tears on her eyelashes, since she is making an effort to keep tears at bay, her tears are growing in size inside her eyes and her eyelashes, seeing that she is unsuccessfully trying not to cry, I turn her away from the others and caress her cheeks, keeping my thumbs under her eyes. Next time she blinked, two large tears fell from her left eye, one from the outer corner, and two from around the middle of her cheek, one landed just on my thumb, and two equally large tears from her right eye, one from the inner corner, leaving a thick, shiny streak on her path, and one from the middle of her eye, which also fell on my thumb. 

Rebecca: I failed to keep my tears at bay, fortunately Jason is very perceptive and turned me around so nobody saw I was crying, at least I managed not to sob,I felt Jason kiss a tear from my left outer cheek, as he wiped a couple from my cheeks. I couldn't help but smile, I love when he does that, I am starting to get used to him taking care of my tears. I blink once more and I feel a river of tears rushing down my cheeks in several streams, I didn't even get the chance to wipe my tears, Jason gently took care of this wave of tears carefully wiping my tear, then softly following the streak, blending the makeup so no trace remains. 

Jessica: I can see Jason wiping Becca's tears, even though she is turning her back to me, I feel compelled to approach her. I rub her shoulder and look at her face, a wave of tears is streaming down her face, I took the liberty to carefully wipe a tear from the outer corner of her left eye with the back of my fingers, she turned, surprised to feel that, and, before she had the chance to react, her brother suddenly came over her right side, wiping a tear from the middle of her cheek. She looked stunned. 

Dante: I can't believe what I am seeing, Jason, Jessica and another guy comforting Becca, I don't know if she is crying, but she seems to be, they seem to be touching her face. I'd love to go comfort her, but I don't know if that is a good thing to do. 

Jason: I saw Jess came out from her left side, wiping a tear from the outer corner of her left eye, and not long after Becca's brother from her right, swiping his fingerpads on Becca's right cheek. "We are here for you Becca, we love you and will never think bad of you, like I said in the library, I will always be here to wipe your tears when you need me to, guess Jess and Roger feel the same, we will always support you, never doubt that". 

Rebecca: "Thanks Jason, thank you Jess, Roger, I never expected you would be sensitive enough to wipe my tears, I love you brother".  

Roger: "Becca, you have always been the tomboy one, I was afraid you might find it too girly".

Rebecca: I turn back to dad and the trainer, after a few indications we left, dad took me, Roger took my motorcycle and Jason, Jess and Dante followed us in Jason's car.

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October 3, 2020 4:42 am  #20

Re: Siblings

Liked the comforting in this chapter. Didn't seem as intimate to me as in previous chapters, but well written nonetheless.


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