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October 13, 2020 7:52 pm  #1

Youtuber Markiplier cries and sobs in reaction video

These might have been posted deep in some thread here before, but they're so sweet they deserve their own thread. Youtuber Markiplier breaks down reacting to fan videos congratulating him on 6 and then 8 million subscribers (this is from 2015. He's up to 27 million now). He is apparently a guy who cries when he feels big emotions, not just sad ones, and I like that. And his eyes and eyebrows are so expressive.

Reacting to 'congrats on 6 million subscribers' video
He's teary throughout, periodically covering or wiping his face, and gently joking about how much he's crying. Later on in the video tears are clearly visible on his face.
Reacting to 'congrats on 8 million subscribers, including fans reacting to him reacting to the 6 million video' video. Yeah it's meta but no less emotional--it's actually more emotional. He does all the stuff I described above, but for twice as long, and multiple times he breaks down quietly sobbing. It is just the sweetest most beautiful thing how moved he is by all the people whose lives he's touched. 

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