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April 12, 2021 9:19 pm  #1

Crying reunion

It was a warm spring day. I decided to go out for a walk. Threw on some sweats and quickly headed out. The weather man did say it was supposed to rain later so I didn't want to waste any time. I decided to go a different direction this time. Halfway up the hill I spotted a really cute pug. As I was a dog lover I couldn't help but stop as I walked by. "What a cute dog you have." I said to the gentleman walking him. "Thank you. His name's Pugsley." The gentleman said as I finally looked up.

I couldn't believe my eyes. Was it really Ramon? I wondered to myself. But didn't he live 3,000mi away? "Ramon? I asked slowly half expecting him to call me.crazy. " I was wondering how long it would take you to recognize me." He said. "What are you doing here?" I asked very curiously. Well, I just moved to town a couple weeks ago. Actually, I live just down the block. I got a job offer I couldn't refuse. " He said excitedly.

"what about your wife and daughter? Didn't they move with you?" I asked also excitedly. That's when his expression change. He sighed "Unfortunately, no. My wife had to stay back in Mexico with our daughter. She wanted to finish her last yr of high school with her friends." "That's understandable." I began.

"Hey, I'm having a get together tonight with some friends. We are going to watch a movie on my new big screen. Maybe you'd like to come?" I asked hoping he'd say yes. "Sure." He said as his smile started to return. "I'll text you the address." I said seeing as I already had his number. "Ok see you then." He said as he turned and he and his dog continued up the hill.

Around 8:00pm that night my friends started showing up. First Maria then Kevin then Kourtney and finally Justin. It was 8:15pm by then so I figured Ramon wasn't coming.

I was getting the snacks while everyone was making themselves comfortable on the couch. Just then I heard the doorbell. "Who could that be?" I thought, so startled I dropped the popcorn I was holding. I walked to the door and opened it. "Hey." Ramon said. "Oh, hey. I didn't think you were coming." I said excitedly. "I'm sorry I'm late." He said apologetically. "No worries." I said reassuringly. "Come in, make yourself comfortable on the couch. I'm going to finish getting the snacks ready." I said leading him into the living room on my way back into the kitchen.

As I was sweeping the popcorn I had dropped earlier I could see him getting comfortable on the couch. I quickly finished and walked excitedly back into the livingroom. I set the popcorn on the coffee table and turned towards the couch. "Excuse me, may I sit here?" I asked pointing to the spot next to Ramon. "Sure." Maria said scooting over just a bit. As I sat down I gave Ramon a quick smile then I grabbed the remote and pressed play.

Halfway through the movie I noticed we were running low on popcorn. I looked around to see if anyone wanted more. As soon as I looked over at Ramon I noticed a small dampness just under his right eye gleaming from the light of the TV. I didn't want to draw any attention to it as I knew he hated crying, especially around other people (and ones he didn't know at that). He never cried around his children and barely even his wife; maybe once or twice in the almost 8yrs they had been married.

I didn't want him to see me staring so I quickly turned my focus back to the movie. Not 5min later did I hear a low almost muffled sniffle. "Could it be?" I wondered to myself trying not to get my hopes up. Just then I felt an arm brush against mine snapping out of my thoughts.

I turned my head slightly trying not to be too obvious. As my eyes finally focused on his face, I could see it was Ramon. But this time not only did he have slightly more dampness under his eye but I also noticed his chin was quivering ever so slightly.

What was happening? Was I finally going to get my ultimate fantasy or would he wipe his tears before I got the chance?" I wondered paying more attention to his face then the movie. After a minute a "BANG!" from the movie startled me out of my thoughts.

With my focus back in reality I noticed some of the dampness that was under his right eye had finally formed a thin tear and was slowly making its way down his cheek. It seemed as though he had made no attempt to wipe it as it freely continued its decent down his face. "Was he ignoring his feelings so no more tears fell or was he ignoring the tear so no one would notice?" I wondered still staring at his cheeks.

Whatever it was I couldn't leave him like that. I knew he hated crying but it would be more embarrassing for him to cry in front of people he didn't know instead of just me because I had already seen his tears before. With that thought I couldn't help myself, I nervously brought my right hand up to his right cheek and slowly wiped the thin tear streak on his face with the pads of my fingers as well as the thin tear that was still on it's decent down his face. I caught it just before it was about to drip off his still wobbling chin. I didn't know how he'd react seeing how I never wiped is tears in real life before (only virtually).

Startled he slightly turned his face to look at me. I quickly snapped my hand back not knowing if I was too forward; but he gave me a shy smile through his still falling tears telling me he actually liked it. I smiled back somewhat relieved. He then turned his head a little more so I could see his left cheek. Surprised this time there were two tears running down his face. I didn't know if he wanted me to wipe those tears as well but I figured I'd give it a try seeing as how I now had full access to his cheek. Again I nervously brought my hand up to his left cheek this time This time however, I used the back of my hand to wipe the thin tear streak running down his face as well as the two thin small tears still on their decent before they could drip.
He blushed a little when he felt the coolness of my hand against his now hot cheeks. As soon as I removed my hand from his cheeks he turned his head back toward the TV, still blushing, not wanting to be too obvious to anyone who may have noticed.

I didn't want to make it too obvious either so I refrained from giving him a hug knowing how he disliked them anyways(while crying). Instead I took a deep breath and gently grabbed his right hand with mine trying to be there for him without being too obvious. Startled he quickly turned his head backward me. I gave him a shy smile while giving his hand a little squeeze. I was still a little nervous as I wasn't sure if I was being too forward, but when he didn't let go of my hand even lightly squeezing it back to acknowledge what I was doing, I began to feel less nervous. He then gave me a small, shy smile before turning back to the TV. With that I instinctively and comfotingly began to draw circles on the back of his hand with my thumb, still never letting go of his hand.

The rest of the movie went uneventfully. When it was over my friends stayed to chat a bit never letting onto the fact that Ramon had shed a few tears. It was dark anyways so who knew if anyone had even seen.

After about an hr of chatting it was about 11pm and most of my friends had early morning plans so they all started slowly leaving. All except one that is. "Mind if I stay a few?" Ramon asked as the last of my other friends had finally left. "Sure." I said smiling.

"I'm sorry about earlier." He began nervously. "I've just got a lot on my mind with the move and being away from my family and all. I guess it finally got to me. I'm not one to usually cry in front of other people, but I figured once you saw my damp cheeks you already knew I was crying so it was useless to continue to hold them in any longer." He finished blushing slightly. "I hope by your smile earlier you liked me wiping your tears. I hope I wasn't too forward." I said quickly. "Not at all. I'm glad since I did almost completely break down, that it was you who saw me and wiped my tears, not a stranger who might not have looked at me so favourably." He said as he smiled.

"I have an idea that might make you feel better about earlier." I began standing up. "But you would have to be willing to stay a bit longer." I finished turning to look at him as he was still sitting on the couch. "Sure, I can stay a bit. I really have nothing going on tomorrow." He said sounding curious.

I turned around, walked back towards the TV and picked up a movie from the middle of the stack next to the TV. Then I popped out the movie still in the player and popped in the new one. I then turned back around, walked toward the couch and sat back down.

"So what's..." He began before being interrupted. "Well, since I already saw you cry its only fair that you get to see me cry. I put in a movie that's guaranteed to make me cry. I've never watched the whole thing with dry cheeks." I said smiling at him. "Really?" He asked in disbelief I'd do such a thing for him. "Yup." I said finally pressing play.

I knew what part in the movie would make me cry so I knew I had time to get comfortable. I scooted just a bit closer and leaned my head on his shoulder. (I loved cuddling even if I was with just a friend). He knew how much I liked cuddling and wanted me to feel totally relaxed so I wouldn't have any reason to hold back whenever the time came and I needed to cry so he placed his right arm around my shoulders.

The movie continued uneventfully except him looking at me every so often hoping to see tears, but half expecting I wouldn't really let myself cry. That is until a few min before the end. I knew instinctively when the scene was coming so about a min before the particular scene I grabbed his right hand with my left almost as if letting him know to get ready.

Just then the scene began. My chin started to quiver and my breathing increased. I really did want to sob. I wanted to let every ounce of raw emotion to wash over me. I didn't want to hold anything back. I could feel the back of my eyes start to burn. Then my vision finally started getting blurry. With that the thick tears began to cascade out of my eyes like a faucet had been turned on. They dripped out of my eyes and onto his shoulder.

As soon as he felt the first tear hit his shoulder, he lowered his gaze away from the TV and onto my face. He could clearly see a river of tears leaving my eyes. Then as if almost instinctively he raised his left hand (still holding my hand with his right) and slowly brought it to my right eye. He delicately wiped just under my eye with the back of his hand then traced the cascade of thick tears that were running down my cheek. Also with his right hand.

By this point there were so many tears no streaks were visible just a big wet mess running down my right cheek. My left eye was still pressed into his shoulder so his shirt was taking care of those tears.

My chin continued to wobble. I could feel a lump forming in my throat. I didn't try to suppress it like I normally would. I wanted to sob openly and loudly. I mean I already saw his tears so it was only fair for him to see mine; my tears and whatever other raw emotions came with it. Honestly with him putting so much trust in me to let me see and even wipe his tears, I felt totally safe putting my trust in him to hold no judgement on my crying.

Focusing back on the movie rather than how he would precise me for crying I could no longer contain the lump in my throat, nor did I try. It started out as a low muffled sob but quickly grew louder and louder until I was crying so hard I could barely breath. I was blushing a little but I hoped he couldn't see.

"It's ok." He began before I interrupted. "No!" Was all I managed to choke out between sobs. "I mean its ok for you to feel. Please don't think in any way me seeing you like this makes me now want you to hide your emotions. You took care of me and now I want to take care of you, tears and all." He finished tenderly. With that he let go of my hand, turning himself slightly sideways to get a better look at my face. With my head still on his shoulder he gently cupped both my cheeks in his hands, lifting my head slightly off his shoulder; and as if instinctively began wiping the river of thick, hot tears that were still flowing from my eyes, down my cheeks and to my chin with the pads of his thumbs.

I didn't realize how good it would feel to finally let go uninhabited and let someone take care of my tears. It was a sensation I wasn't used to but I didn't want it to end so I continued to let myself cry unashamed even after the movie was over and the credits began to roll.

He continued to wipe the river of thick, hot tears that were flowing from my eyes. Moving his thumbs from my chin back up to just under my eyes.

After about 5min I finally started to calm down. My loud sobs slowly started growing quiet and my breathing slowed to some ragged, hiccupy breaths. "Thank. You." I choked out still catching my breath. "Its my pleasure." He said smiling at me to let me know it really was ok. "I just couldn't let you cry alone. I mean I know how much you dislike crying especially in front of other people so it must have been hard for you to let go; but you really must have needed it for your walls to break like they did." I said tenderly. "I guess I just couldn't hold it in anymore." He said finally removing his hands from my cheeks. "its ok. Sometimes you just need to feel." I said finally lifting my head and sitting up. "It's just not something I'm used to. I mean I really did try to hold them in." He said almost in defense. As if admitting he cried would make him seem weak.

"But you have to admit it did feel good to finally let your emotions out." I said trying to avoid using the word cry again for fear it would finally scare him away. "Yes and no. I mean it did but a man's not supposed to." He said slowly half hating that he almost admitted it. "I understand; but since nice already seen you... And I don't think any differently of you." I said tenderly. "I know." He began slowly half smiling. "But other people..." He trailed off with a sigh.

I could see his emotions were starting to bubble to the surfaces again. "Don't think about other people. It's just us right now." I said putting. My hand on his shoulder hoping to push him over the edge. With that he let out a long sigh. I couldn't help but turn my gaze to look up at his face. New tears a were slowly forming in his eyes. They were making his eyes almost sparkle.

As I was staring into his beautifully tear filled eyes I could see his gaze begin to get far away as if looking past me. With my hand still on his shoulder I finally gave it a squeeze. That was all he needed. His chin finally started to quiver. His walls were finally starting to come down (again) and I wanted to be there to catch them when they finally crashed.

I was hoping the fact that I already saw him cry earlier would make it easier for him to let go this time. With that I noticed that instead of him trying to hold back I saw him blink a few times as if trying to force the tears out. After the second blink I saw a small tear escape his right eye and start its quick decent down his cheek leaving a tear streak in it's wake. Never lifting his hand to wipe the tear, he continued to blink sending a small tear down his left cheek this time. "Was he finally comfortable enough with me that he was really letting his emotions go and letting himself feel?" I wondered to myself as I continued staring at his beautiful tears on his decent down their face.

With that in could feel a lump forming in my throat. " Was his crying really getting my choked up?" I again wondered to myself. I swallowed a couple of times trying to make the lump disappear. Although he had seen me sobbing earlier and even wiped my tears, I didn't want to make this time about me. I wanted him to feel free to let his emotions flow down his face without worrying about how it was affecting me.

But the more I swallowed the more I could feel hot tears stinging the back of my eyes. I realized it was useless trying to suppress my tears so I stopped holding them back. I quit swallowing and just let his emotions wash over me. I let my eyes fill up with the now hot tears I was desperately holding back only moments before.

I took a deep, ragged breath and closed my eyes. I knew that would finally send the tears cascading down my face; and boy was I right. When I finally opened my eyes I could feel thick, hot tears making their way down my cheeks. One tear from the outter corners of each eye and two from the inner corners.

All of a sudden I felt a cool hand brush across my right cheek. My cheek was hot so the coolness of his hand made me shiver a little. With that I lifted my right hand up to his face which was still damp with newly falling tears, and used the back of my hand to wipe a way his still falling tears which became cool as they left his eyes.

I gave him a shy smile through my tears still never removing my hand off his face. With that he continued to wipe my right cheek with the back of his hand tenderly removing the falling tears and erasing the thick streaks they left behind. Soon I could feel his hand move to my left cheek.

All the while I was using the back of my right hand to wipe away his still falling tears as they left his right eye and quickly dripped down his face. Through my tears I could see a smile forming on his face so I moved my hand to take care of his left cheeks this time. I'm guessing by his smile he liked me wiping his tears away, I know I did (when he wiped mine).

After about 10min of us wiping each other's tears our tears finally started to dry up. Mine first as they only seemed to be empathetic tears coming from seeing his tears and feeling his emotions. Then shortly after, his.

When we were both done crying I still wanted to make sure all his tears and the streaks they left behind were erased from his face because I knew he would be worried about leaving and having other people see them so I removed my hands from his face, put them down then began scanning his face for any left over tears or streaks that I may have missed. With that he also removed his hands from my face and put them down.

After a minute of me scanning his face I found a thin yet tiny tear streak on the outer corner of his right eye going down only a few inches. "Could it be?" I wondered to myself. I decided it was the perfect opportunity.
I slowly leaned over nervously and delicately placed a soft kiss next to the outer corner of the tear streak that was still visible. I then slowly pulled back to look at his face.

I could feel my cheeks growing hot. That was the first time I had ever kissed anyone's tears. With that I also noticed him blushing. I was hoping I wasn't too forward.

No one's ever..." He began breaking the silence before trailing off. "Thank you." He finished softly still blushing. With that he slowly leaned over and placed a gentle kiss just under my right eye before slowly pulling back. Startled I let out a tiny gasp. "There was a tear." He quickly lied nervously trying to return the favor.

Once I realized what had happened a smile slowly began to spread across my face. "Wow! No one's ever..." I began quickly having trouble finding just the right words. "I mean... Thank you." I babbled out still in shock.

"I couldn't leave you with any trace of tears that were the result of my crying." He said quickly. "Don't worry about it. I'm just glad you felt comfortable enough to open up to me. I sure hope you feel better now." I said trying to sound casual as I didn't want to embarrass him any further for his feelings. It may have been hard for him to open up but we both know how much he needed it.

Just then he let out a small yawn snapping me out of my thoughts. "Excuse me." He said half startled himself. "No worries. I didn't realize how late it was." I said looking at my watch and realizing it was nearly 2am. "I guess I must be going then." He said as he stood up from the couch. "Ok. I'll walk you out." I said also standing up. I then began to walk to the front door with him following close behind.

I opened the front door, then before he could turn around to leave I said "Remember any time you need a friend feel free to give me a call. I'm only a walk away." "I'll remember that." He said smiling before he finally turned around and walked out the door to leave.


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