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October 5, 2021 4:30 pm  #1011

Re: Movie night

Laura's POV

As we are eating breakfast I felt guilty about deleting Tristan's text. Yes it was true that Robyn didn't contact me at all last week, but I could allow just one text couldn't I.

I put aside my thoughts and Robyn suggested we play some Laser Quest. I heartily agreed and after we had finished our breakfast we went to the next part of our date

I was hoping I would do better than Robyn since I was wearing trainers and she was wearing her knee boots as usual. But no she beat me quite comprehensively

She had a training session with her hockey team that afternoon and she invited me along. I agreed and we got on a nearby bus to take us to the training ground

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October 5, 2021 6:17 pm  #1012

Re: Movie night

Tristan's POV:

I stayed in school late, when I got out I saw Laura and Robyn getting on a bus, Laura looked beautiful in jeans, her rear and thighs highlighted as she filled the jeans, I decide to make her a handwritten letter and leave it in her mailbox.

"Dear Laura, I haven't been able to get you out of my mind, I reached the conclusion that I am deeply in love with you and I have to confess that I am having a hard time sharing you with Robyn, I would love to hold you in my arms, make you happy, make sure you feel loved, fulfill all your needs, take care of your tears whenever you need to cry and make sure to cheer you up until you are ready to continue with life. I love you with all my heart. Tristan."

I dropped it in the mailbox and went for a coffee, I needed it, I sat at the coffee shop to read for a while.


October 5, 2021 9:36 pm  #1013

Re: Movie night

As soon as Anna stood up from wiping my tears I was too stunned to move. Before I even had a chance to process what just happened I saw William quickly kneel down right where Anna had just been.  He inept down so quick he nearly lost his balance grabbing Anna's calf for support. When he was well balanced he usednthe pads .of his fingers to wipe the left over tear streaks more my still flushed cheeks.

As soon as my face was mostly clear of any reminder of my tears and their streaks Jarrod motioned for me to get up. As soon as I stood up Jarrod kissed the last tear that was still falling off my cheeks as well as the last few fears that were still on my neck, and lips until not.a single year mod streak was visible.

After one  more kiss on my lips we started on our way down the hiking trail. After a little while we passed Jessica and Jennifer walking along th same trail. I did my best to ignore them for my sister's sake. I didn't want to rufle any more feathers especially if my sister said she was good with them. I was hoping noone else would notice them as I really didn't feel like talking about them anymore.

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October 5, 2021 10:08 pm  #1014

Re: Movie night

After about half an hour I notice William and Anna starting to breath heavier, they don't have the physical condition Camilla and I have, I ask them if they want to take a break. Anna gladly accepted.

I unzip the convertible pants and stay in shorts, motion Camilla to sit on the grass, Will and Anna followed example.

As soon as Cam sat, I gently pat her outer thigh, motioning that she places her legs on top of mine, I tell her: "I wouldn't like ants or other bugs enjoy your sexy legs my love".

William laughed and said: "Do you always think of all the small details, or do you just want to enjoy having Cam on top of you?"

"I am preventing possible bites, rash and other uncomfortable possibilities, but if I get to have something good in return, that's the reward of making the good deed" I smile and pat Camilla's thigh, caressing it from the middle of her upper thigh to the hem of her shorts and back all the way to her shapely calf, resting it there.

I see Will turn to Anna...


October 6, 2021 4:20 am  #1015

Re: Movie night

Luckily no-one seemed to notice Jennifer or Jessica and we continued on our walk. About an hr and a half into our hike Jarrod asked  William and Anna if they wanted to take a break. They both gladly said they did as they weren't used to hiking like Jarrod and I.

Jarrod motioned for me to sit in the grass while he unzipped his pants into shorts. William and Anna sat down next to us glad to be able to relax for a bit.

As soon as we sat I felt Jarrod pat my inner thigh. I got lost momentarily in the sensation as I could never get enough of his strong, soft hands on my body. I got snapped back to reality when I heard Jarrod ask me if I wanted any ants or other bugs on my legs. Focusing back on Jarrod's hands on my thigh I finally realized he wanted me to place my legs on top of his.

William laughed a little at Jarrod teasing him if he was really being that sweet or if he was just looking for an excuse to have me on top of him.

Jarrod quipped back that he was just preventing me from having anything happen to me, although he didn't mind if that meant I'd be on top of him. I then felt Jarrod pat my thigh from the middle of my thigh up to and just under the hem of my shorts barely able to stop himself from going higher. He then caressed it all the way back down to my calf stopping and resting his hand there.

I then turn to see William and Anna sitting on the grass. Her legs were drapped over his and his right arm was wrapped around her shoulders while his left arm was caressing her abs just above the waistband of her shorts. I then saw Anna lean in to give William a kiss. I turned back to Jarrod to give them just a bit of privacy. I guess they liked our idea to take a break from our hike.

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October 6, 2021 7:23 am  #1016

Re: Movie night

Robyn's POV

It was the following night and me and Laura were both celebrating different things. Laura had finished her NY Ultimate Ride and visited all 472 stations and my hockey team had won another match 3-1.

Completely by design I had decided to wear the same knee length flowery dress with my black knee boots I had worn during the movie marathon. With the addition of a dark blue scarf to keep my neck warm

After our celebrations we got our taxi to drop us off a block or two from our college so we could walk home hand in hand.

We didn't talk just savoured the last few hours of our time together. Next week Laura would be dating Tristan again and I would have to wait a week. We stopped outside the bench that I had walked across the previous Tuesday night

'This is where we began' Laura said her eyes filling with tears. I wrapped my arms around her neck as my tears streamed down my face. It would be a tough week without her but I was determined to maintain our deal.

When we broke apart Laura asked me if she could wipe my tears away. I agreed and gently she did so with a tissue. We shared one final kiss and she entered her dorm

Another pair of tears ran down my cheeks as I watched her go. I turned to look at the bench in front of me and wanting to end the week as I had started I climbed up and did a few passes down  the bench listening to the scrape and click clack of my boot heels.

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October 6, 2021 7:30 am  #1017

Re: Movie night

Laura's POV

I wiped a tear off my cheek as I came up in the lift to my dorm room. Spending time with Robyn this week had been magical and it was a shame it had to end but that was the agreement I'd made so I was determined to stick to it.

My mood however came crashing down however when I entered my dorm room and read Tristan's note.

'Laura what's wrong' my roommate Megan asked as she saw me in floods of tears on the bed

She took the letter from me and read it.

'Help me' I begged tears streaming down my face 'Tell me what to do'

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October 6, 2021 7:44 am  #1018

Re: Movie night

Robyn's POV

I stopped my passes down the bench to wipe my tears away and to tie my hair back in a ponytail. I began again only to hear Tristan call out my name

'Hey' I greeted. I turned on the edge of the bench to face him, my left boot heel making a lovely scraping noise and saw he'd been crying.

My heart gave a leap as I wondered why

'I can't do this anymore' he said to me his eyes filling. 'I can't share you with Laura anymore. You came along after she had met me, so It's only fair you break up with her so we can be together'

My body turned to ice.

'I don't want to' I told him stiffly. 'I love Laura too. I know our agreement is hard, but that's what we both agreed would be best for the person we loved

'Yes well, I've already told Laura how I feel' Tristan said. 'So we'll let her decide now, not you' He stormed off and my eyes welled with tears. So I didn't fall off because I couldn't see I jumped off the bench and immediately took out my phone to dial Laura's number.

My hand wavered over the call button but I pressed the button to cancel instead. I then walked home to my own dorm

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October 6, 2021 5:25 pm  #1019

Re: Movie night

Laura's POV

Megan looked at me with such sympathy on her face. I was so glad to have her as a roommate and a friend

'I'm so sorry you have to go through this' she said gently

'It's my fault though' I said wiping my tears off my cheeks. It didn't really help as a fresh set streamed down my face

'Yes, but although you fell in love with two people, you were honest with both of them. They didn't have to agree to date you but they did.' Megan paused. 'Who did you fall for first?'

'Robyn' I said continuing to wipe my face. 'Tristan came along about two weeks later' I broke into sobs again. 'I'm so stupid! I'd heard of other bisexuals who dated more than one person, I thought it would be okay!! I'm such an arrogant fool!'

Megan gave me a comforting hug as I continued to cry on her shoulder. After a while my sobs subsided and she broke the hug.

'If Tristan hadn't sent you the letter, what were you doing next' she asked

'Next week I was dating Tristan, then the week after I was going out with Robyn again' I explained. My tears had slowed now but one still ran down my left cheek

'If you did have to choose, who would you go for' I wiped away my latest tear and considered

'Tristan' I said honestly 'Robyn jsn't as comfortable with showing her affection in public as much as he is. Plus I think she's keeping something from me'

'You think she's cheating on you' Megan said her anger rising a little

'Possibly, I don't know exactly' I said another tear falling this time down my right cheek. 'She was a little cross at me when I pulled out Leanne's hair after we finished the marathon. But I don't know it could be something perfectly innocent'

Megan considered this for a second

'You should have your week with Tristan. I'll keep an eye on Robyn, see if I can spot any signs she's cheating. Next Sunday I'll report my findings and you can decide then.'

A pair of tears ran down my cheeks.

'Okay, I'll do that' I replied. Wiping away what I hopefully thought was my final tears, I got into bed utterly exhausted

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October 6, 2021 5:43 pm  #1020

Re: Movie night

Robyn's POV

I was back in my dorm with my back to the cupboard next to my bed hugging my booted legs wondering what to do next. As I was pondering Susan came back in.

'Hey Rob' she greeted. Then she noticed how upset I was. She asked what was wrong and I explained. I was dating a bisexual girl who also had a boyfriend with my permission but our agreement was unravelling. I wasn't expecting her to be sympathetic, I mean it was an unconventional relationship but she was

'I don't blame you for being worried' she said. 'I'm asexual and I'm worried the agreement I have with my boyfriend might end any day. You see I only have a strong emotional connection to him, we don't kiss or cuddle. I can see him getting bored with me and wanting someone who is more sexually active'

My heart went out to my roommate. I never knew what her relationship status was as I'd never asked.

'Well if he does, he's an idiot' I said forcefully. 'If I was in his shoes I'd feel like the luckiest guy in school. Besides I don't like cheaters' A tear ran down Susan's cheek at this last statement. She looked glad that I had been supportive of her sexuality

'What are you going to do now?' she asked wiping her tear away

'I'm not breaking up with Laura' I said as tears ran down my cheeks. 'I still love her, even if our relationship is unconventional. It is hard to think of her having a boyfriend too, but I'm sticking to our agreement. I'll go by whatever she decides'

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