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November 22, 2021 8:42 pm  #1291

Re: Movie night

Tristan's POV:

I quickly unbutton my shirt and slip out of it, feeling Enid's soft breasts covered by her bra, her abs against mine, her toned, firm thighs against mine. I blush, I couldn't hide my hard on this time as I kiss Enid with passion while caressing her abs with one hand and thighs and calves with my other hand. I couldn't help but shiver, I had never had such an experience, I feel everything enhanced, the rise and fall of her abs as she breathes, the warmth and jiggle of her thighs and calves as my hands tremble against them. After just a few minutes we lay, half naked, facing each other, our bodies still intertwined, I look at her eyes with all the love I'm capable of...


November 22, 2021 9:11 pm  #1292

Re: Movie night

Enid's POV

I look back equally in love with my boyfriend. I didn't expect to be so daring in a house that wasn't my own.

I stroked his hair for a few moments

'We should get dressed' I said softly 'I wouldn't want your mother to walk in on us' Tristan agreed and we put our clothes back on. We gave each other another kiss, then we went downstairs.

I put on my coat ready to leave for my dorm and kissed him again before I left

I walked back home giddy with happiness, as I replayed the love scene with Tristan tears of joy welled in my eyes. I permitted them to stream down my face, luckily there was no-one about to see me cry.

I wiped them away before I went through the front door of my dorm and went to my own room

Security will run you down hard
And I will lead them on a merry chase

November 23, 2021 5:43 am  #1293

Re: Movie night

A giant rush of love overcomes me as I see Jarrod's eyes begin to fill with tears as I finish agreeing to the wedding date he chose. I assume they are happy tears. Although I'm getting more used to seeing his eyes full of tears it's still a surprise that he's finally able to allow himself to be vulnerable.

I give his right thigh a pat feeling his firm muscles hold with the pressure of my hand. I was trying to give him a loving gesture without being too obvious. I didn't want our happy news to be overshadowed by his tears, even if they were happy ones.

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November 23, 2021 10:00 am  #1294

Re: Movie night

I am surprised feeling Camilla pat my thigh, I really love it when she does it, I immediately get turned on, causing my tears to go back inside, I kiss her passionately, corresponding as I grasp her outer back of her thigh, feeling my fingers sink in her well defined, relaxed muscles, I can't help but jiggle them discreetly as I am still kissing her.

We finally break the kiss and chat for a while longer, have a light dinner then we all go to our bedrooms to rest. In the privacy of the bedroom, we finally let our sexual tension explode as I make love to Camilla in a not so gentle way, I guess desire built up for too long. She isn't holding back either, so we have an intense round that honestly, isn't that discreet, Camilla turns me on with the sound she is making as I become one with her.

Next day, I wake up early as usual, morning exercise, when I finish, Camilla is still sleeping, I love seeing her beautiful face as she sleeps. I check our backpacks and take out her clothes for the day and fold them in my side of the bed. I get lost picturing how sexy she will look in this cute black, long sleeve short top, showing her abs and how stunning her toned thighs will look (and feel) in the brown checkered mid thigh skirt, not less important, the black combat boots will highlight her beautiful shapely calves.

I decide to get a shower before I burn just picturing Camilla inside this outfit I got for her.

While I am still in the shower I hear Camilla's phone receiving a message, I wonder who that could be.


November 23, 2021 10:13 am  #1295

Re: Movie night

Tristan's POV:

With our bodies still intertwined, Enid looks at me, love in her eyes, she caresses my hair and I softly say: "princess, never feel ashamed of your tears, be they sad or happy tears, you don't have to push them back" I caress her still sticky cheek and I give her a deep, loving kiss.

She tells me we should dress up, even though I don't want this moment to end, I understand mom could call us any second, so we get dressed and get back to the living room. Enid says bye to my mom, and at the doorstep we kiss goodbye. I go back to my room with the happiest smile I have ever had, even happy tears started to slide down my cheeks, I wanted this evening to be a memorable one for us, so I took a selfie of my single tear streak with a couple of tears rolling down my cheeks and sent it to Enid with a message: "Love of my life, for the first time you have made me shed tears of overwhelming love and happiness, I can't wait to continue the Star Wars marathon this weekend, I'll get creative with some recipes, be prepared for a sleepover full of love and a good bite. Don't forget to bring your Rebel Alliance and Empire stamped shorts outfit, I'll try to have an outfit ready for the trilogy. Love you".


November 24, 2021 5:18 am  #1296

Re: Movie night

I noticed Jarrod's tears all but disappeared when I patted his thigh. Instead he leaned in and surprised me with the most passionate kiss of my life as he grabbed the outter back of my thigh. I couldn't help but begin to get turned on. Finally I force my self to break the kiss knowing we were company still in the presence of our gracious hosts. We then chat for a bit more before having a light dinner, quickly retiring to our respective rooms immediately after.

As soon as we entered our room for the night Jarrod quickly slammed the door then threw me onto the bed. I could see the look of desire in his eyes. I wondered how long this had been building in him. I was getting quite turned on by the look in his eyes and couldn't hold myself back. Jarrod then immediately threw off my clothes then his as fast as he knew how. Honestly I was somewhat surprised he wasn't being more discrete as we were in his brother's house, not that I was complaining.

Jarrod skipped any more of the foreplay and slipped right in between my thighs. He grabbed my hips firmly with both his hands and helped me ride him almost making me jump with every rough almost violent thrust. I couldn't help but moan loudly every time our thighs clashed. I loved feeling my warm skin meeting his. Before long I felt Jarrod's abs and thighs tense as he shot me with his warm liquid. He didn't stop thrusting the entire time, he only released one side of my thighs and placed his now free hand on my breasts. After only a min of his warm hands on my cool breasts I felt my abs and thighs tense and a loud almost deafening moan escape my throat. Within seconds I felt myself bathing his member in juices of my own. We quickly fall asleep panting and exhausted.

Hearing the shower turn on made me stir a little. I rolled over to find Jarrod had already gitten out of bed. I then looked at the clock and realized it was already late morning. I guess Jarrod was in the shower having his usual post exercise shower to help him cool off. As I layed there half asleep listening to the soothing sounds of the water I heard the text on my phone go off. Still half asleep I decided not to answer it, but soon after my text went off again.  Slightly annoyed I picked up my phone and read the text without even seeing who it was from.

"I know we don't talk as often as we should but I have some important news to tell you that I feel would be best shared in person. I've already been by your sister's to inform her but I told her not to call you. This is something I think you should hear from me. Love, Dad"

Confused but intrigued I replied back quickly "I'd love to get together sometime soon and hear your news, whatever it may be. I also have some exciting news of my own I'd love to share in person. Love, Camilla.

I then put my phone down eagerly waiting for a response while I got lost in the sounds of my love in the shower again.

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November 24, 2021 6:01 am  #1297

Re: Movie night

I get out of the shower, Camilla still in bed, I ask her: "Who was that, Love?" Camilla tells me her dad wants to meet with her soon. I tell her to get ready and we could meet him this evening, besides, she also wants to tell him about our wedding.

She sees the outfit in the bed and gets dressed, she looks stunning, I want to take her again. I refrain myself to do so. We get out of the room to eat breakfast. During breakfast I tell William and Anna we are leaving early, as Camilla's dad wants to see her.


November 24, 2021 4:16 pm  #1298

Re: Movie night

As Jarrod gets out of the shower he asks me who just texted me. He sounded genuinely curious. As I put on the gorgeous outfit he laid out for me I told him rather casually that it was my dad and that he wanted to find time to get together as he had some important news to tell me that was best shared in person. I also mentioned that that would be a great time to share our news as well about our wedding as that was best shared in person as well.

"Could you find out when your dad is available? If its mportant news its best to hear it sooner rather than later." Jarrod said as he quickly got dressed.

I quickly texted my dad back asking when was the soonest he was available.

No sooner than I sent the text I got a reply saying he was free later today as he was in the area. Little did he know it was us who weren't in the area.

"My dad said he was free later today." I told Jarrod really curious of his response.

"Ok, we can do that. We'll just tell William and Anna we have some important business we need to handle back home and we'll leave as soon as possible. Ok my love?" Jarrod asked caring my

I texted my dad back and told him I'd be available around dinner if he wanted to meet. I gave him Jarrod's address and told him that was where he could find me as I had recently moved.

We then quickly went downstairs for breakfast seeing as how it was starting to get late.

"I'm sorry William but something important came up back home. Camilla's dad needs to see her later today as he has some really important news to tell her, so unfortunately we have to be leaving early. We'll be happy to stay for breakfast though." Jarrod quickly told William as we were getting seated.

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November 24, 2021 4:27 pm  #1299

Re: Movie night

William's POV:

I am surprised they are leaving this early, I am sure they are having such a good time, at least that's how it sounded last night. Anna and I already had plans for them today, but I guess that's life, it has its surprises.
I turn to see Anna, she was already wearing a pair of khaki shorts for the expedition we had for today, she sits next to me as she listens to what Camilla and Jarrod were saying.

I softly caress her thigh, softly squeezing her quads and inner thighs every now and then, anticipating what we will end up doing later. We finish breakfast and I go and hug Jarrod and Camilla goodbye, wishing them a pleasant trip.


November 24, 2021 4:29 pm  #1300

Re: Movie night

Anna's pov:

As William and I were finishing preparing a lovely breakfast of eggs, bacon, hash browns, sasusages, pancakes, coffee and orange juice for our guests they walked into the kitchen. I figured I'd tell them of the fun plans William and I were talking about for later in the day before they had to drive home this evening.

As soon as Jarrod and Camilla sat down Jarrod began telling us they needed to leave early as Camilla had to deal with some important news back home with her dad. I figured I wouldn't entice them to stay by telling them the plans we were thinking about as it seemed their business was much more important than
what we had planned.

"I hope everything's ok. We can always get together another time. I hope you can stay for breakfast." Anna said pointing to the delicious spread they were placing on the table.

"Of course we'll stay for breakfast as I can see how much effort you.put into this delicious meal. But we'll need to be getting packed after breakfast so we can be on our way. Sorry to spoil the weekend." Jarrod said apologetically.

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