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November 24, 2021 4:46 pm  #1301

Re: Movie night

William comes and gives Camilla and us a hug, I go and give Anna a hug and a kiss on her cheek, giving a slight brush on her cheek letting her know we will come back as soon as possible. Camilla also says goodbye to the family and we pack our stuff then hop on the vehicle.

I go a bit faster than usual, I would like to get home the sooner the better. We arrive around lunch time, I ask Camilla to call her dad and see if we can meet in a few.


November 24, 2021 5:23 pm  #1302

Re: Movie night

Amans lacrimae wrote:

Tristan's POV:

With our bodies still intertwined, Enid looks at me, love in her eyes, she caresses my hair and I softly say: "princess, never feel ashamed of your tears, be they sad or happy tears, you don't have to push them back" I caress her still sticky cheek and I give her a deep, loving kiss.

She tells me we should dress up, even though I don't want this moment to end, I understand mom could call us any second, so we get dressed and get back to the living room. Enid says bye to my mom, and at the doorstep we kiss goodbye. I go back to my room with the happiest smile I have ever had, even happy tears started to slide down my cheeks, I wanted this evening to be a memorable one for us, so I took a selfie of my single tear streak with a couple of tears rolling down my cheeks and sent it to Enid with a message: "Love of my life, for the first time you have made me shed tears of overwhelming love and happiness, I can't wait to continue the Star Wars marathon this weekend, I'll get creative with some recipes, be prepared for a sleepover full of love and a good bite. Don't forget to bring your Rebel Alliance and Empire stamped shorts outfit, I'll try to have an outfit ready for the trilogy. Love you".

I was getting ready for bed when Tristan sent me a message. Luckily my remedial classes had stopped so I was  able to watch some more Star Wars movies that weekend

His picture took my breath away. My heart pounded a little as I traced my fingers over his wet digital face, imagining that it was his real one and I was wiping it clean. As I did so a tear of my own ran down my left cheek and splashed onto my phone screen.

I tipped it up so it ran with perfect symmetry down Tristan's picture.  I wiped it away with my thumb

I sent him a text back telling him I wouldn't forget the outfit and telling him exactly what had happened when I saw his picture.

Once I had completed this action, I saw Alicia had put a stack of discs on my desk.

'Lukas's championship year for you to enjoy' the Post-It Note said. As it was still early and I didn't have coursework to do, I put on the first race the Australian GP

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November 24, 2021 5:45 pm  #1303

Re: Movie night

Tristan's POV:

My heart starts pounding fast and my breath becomes erratic, not even in my wildest dreams would I think Enid would react the way she did with the picture I sent her, now I am more impatient than ever waiting for the weekend so we can cry together watching Star Wars and wipe each other's tears. I am getting extremely turned on picturing her once more in her Star Wars pajama, her legs look perfect in those shorts.

I go to sleep more happy than usual, but my sleep was light as I was replaying today's scene in bed with Enid, taking care of her tears then feeling her semi naked body against mine. When I wake up, I notice I had a night pollution, so I go straight to the shower, thank God I woke up extra early, so I could shower, then go to work.

I love Thursdays, that means I get to see Enid tomorrow, plus, I get paid tomorrow. I have a lot of energy to work, my boss asks me what I did to get up like this on a Thursday, its not usual for baristas to be their best on Thursdays. I answer "love, love is what is moving me right now". I even have time to experiment with some new recipes to give Enid the best drinks she has had in her life.

I go to the gym, focus on my exercises, a typical Barbie like girl approaches me, I shrug her off without giving her any attention, she seems to be looking for sex. I go back home, study a while, read, get another shower, text Enid: "See you tomorrow baby, I hope you can stay on Saturday too so we watch the two remaining trilogies, I can't wait to see your eyes, caress your hair, hold you in my arms. My body and soul long for you, I really miss you. I love you, see you tomorrow."

I send Enid a picture of a new recipe I just came up with, with the legend "I hope you like this exotic drink I just made up, it's sweet, but not as sweet as you."


November 24, 2021 6:01 pm  #1304

Re: Movie night

Enid's POV

The first race was really thrilling. It didn't start off to well for the Canox cars (who would win the Constructors championship at the end of the year) because they both caught fire on the grid!

Lukas managed to start in the spare car, but his teammate Antoine Bouchard was unable to because he didn't have one. From the back of the grid he finished 3rd behind the two Audi's of Devon Butler and Aiden Jackson. The last few laps were so tense as he was being chased down by Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso but he held firm to get his podium which he dedicated to the late Murray Walker which moved the commentators so much that tears ran down my cheeks

Behind him there were loads of retirements, so many that the final point for sixth place wasn't awarded!

The rest of the week I was really busy with classes and coursework as I wanted to watch my marathon with Tristan and get to the end this time.

As Thursday dawned he sent me a text with a new dessert he'd made for me and it looked SO scrummy!! I replied I couldn't wait to taste it.

Friday came and I managed to clear my slate of coursework ready to meet Tristan in his house. I wore my promised outfit and drove to his house and knocked on the door, wondering what  he was going to wear

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November 24, 2021 6:17 pm  #1305

Re: Movie night

Tristan's POV:

Finally the day arrives, I get home prepare the ingredients for the dessert, change to my Obi-Wan Kenobi jedi outfit, a few minutes later Enid arrives. I am dumbfounded, I didn't expect her to wear her sexy Star Wars pajamas outside. I hug her so tight I lift her and give a spin with her in my arms, landing her in the same spot I lifted her from, giving her a passionate kiss.

I take Enid by the hand and walk to the living room, sitting on the couch and start our marathon...


November 24, 2021 11:44 pm  #1306

Re: Movie night

Jarrod seemed to be in a rush to get back home. After we finish eating he hurridly packed our bag so quick he almost firgot to fold the cothes. As I was saying my goodbyes to William and Anna and thanking them for such a wonderful time, remembering to thank Anna an extra time for all her help finding me the perfect wedding dress I didn't forget to apologize for leaving so abruptly.

I barely had time to hop in the car before Jarrod took off. We drove mostly highway, Jarrod going the speed limit and sometimes just a bit faster. I'm just glad we got home without a ticket.

We got in around lunch time. As soon as we got in Jarrod asked me if I'd call my father and see how soon we could meet.

"Hey, dad. How soon would you like to get together? I'm available any time. I'm really eager to hear your news." I said quickly sounding a little more excited than I meant to.

"Would you mind getting together around dinner time? I'd love to treat you out. I could pick you up at your new address say around 7." My father asks slowly.

"Nonsense, I'd love to cook for you if that's ok. I can tell you my exciting news over a homemade dinner and then you can see my new place." I said hoping he'd say yes. This way he could also meet Jarrod. I mean he's been my friend since we were little and my father does know him, but I mean REALLY get to know him as we are going to be husband and wife soon.

"Sure, honey. See you at 7." My father said with a sigh. That sigh was a little concerning seeing as how I thought he had exciting news to share like I did.

I quickly pushed the thought aside and began excitedly opening cabinets, drawers, the fridge and even the freezer looking for something special I could whip up in time for my father's visit later that evening.

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November 25, 2021 3:37 am  #1307

Re: Movie night

They agreed to meet at my home for dinner, Camilla starts to cook, but I see her a bit concerned. I ask her,: "princess, what's wrong?" She keeps cooking, she eventually answers, not stopping her activity, I guess he may arrive any second now.


November 25, 2021 2:42 pm  #1308

Re: Movie night

Tristan's POV:

The Empire Strikes Back starts, it starts with the sad scene where Luke is freezing in Hoth, that scene doesn't make me too emotional, but I check on Enid, I place a hand on her soft, smooth, sexy thigh as I discreetly glance at her...

The movie continues, we get a good laugh when Han is stuck in Hoth longer than expected and Leia brushes Han off, Chewbacca laughs at him.

Leia kisses Luke on his lips, I can't waste this opportunity, I lean my hand on Enid's thigh, feeling her well formed muscles sink with the pressure I put on them, and kiss her lips passionately...

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November 25, 2021 3:17 pm  #1309

Re: Movie night

Enid's POV

We continue our marathon with Star Wars Episode V The Empire Strikes Back. I can see Tristan - looking very fetching in his Obi Wan Kenobi outfit - checking me occasionally to see if I'm crying but I didn't get so much as a tear in my eye.

At least not at first. We had a mutual giggle when Han was trapped on Hoth and that was it. Oh and a passionate snog when Luke and Leia had one and then it was back to the film

I had to be honest though I didn't like it quite as much as other people. Threepio was more annoying by constantly quoting the odds and the scenes where Luke was training dragged a bit. But I was enjoying the film nevertheless

When we got to the part where Han was frozen in Carbonite I finally got a tear running down my left cheek. Luckily Tristan wasn't looking at this point so I could enjoy my tear drying on my face. I must talk to Robyn about it!

We finished the film and I finally got the chance to enjoy Tristan's dessert that I had been salivating about for two days. Then we moved onto Star Wars Episode VI Return of the Jedi

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November 25, 2021 3:46 pm  #1310

Re: Movie night

Tristan's POV:

After the movie ends, we take a quick break, I see a fresh, thick, tear streak on Enid's left cheek, since I was sitting on her right, I didn't see her tear fall, I gently kiss her tear streak and softly wipe it all the way from under her eye to the bottom of her chin.

I go and prepare a drink that consists in Mexican milk candy molten in two shots of espresso, cream milk and topped with grated coconut, Enid loves it.

Return of the Jedi begins, we have laughs and sad scenes, when Jabba the Hut appears for the first time I tease Enid: "You didn't bring a slave Leia outfit, did you?" I smile as I softly pat and caress her silky, toned thigh. Han is captured and the failed attempts to rescue him are on screen. At one point Leia tries to get him out of Jabba's palace, when he asks who is it, Leia kisses him, I give Enid a passionate kiss as well.

Yoda's death is on, I am softly caressing and squeezing Enid's thighs, as I, more attentive this time, caress the cheek that is out of my sight and glance at her other cheek every now and then...

Almost at the end, Darth Vader revealed to Luke he is his father and then dies. Enid, as expected had a waterfall of tears streaming down her beautiful cheeks. I feel I don't have to wipe them immediately this time, I have to allow her to feel, so I hold her against me, she places a cheek against the crook of my neck, letting her precious tears land on my neck and roll to my shoulder, I strategically place my other hand below her other cheek, catching the warm tears that fall. At that point I also allow a few tears to fall down my cheeks.

After a few minutes, her tears are slowing, not stopping yet, she lifts her face from my neck and stares at me, never wiping her tears, I also have a couple of tear streaks on my cheeks, not bothering to wipe them I lean and kiss a few tears as they run down her cheeks as well as some tear streaks. As I lovingly wipe her face clear of tears I ask: "Baby, you know you look stunningly beautiful even when you cry, I am glad you are comfortable showing me your tears unashamedly. I kiss and wipe your tears trying to let you know I am always here for you and I will always take care of you, do you feel comforted when I do it? Do you like when I lovingly kiss and wipe your tears?" I wipe her tears once more then drop my hands to her thighs...

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