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December 8, 2021 4:57 pm  #1391

Re: Movie night

Melissa's pov:

It had been quite a while since I had seen my brother, but when he told me he had a new serious girlfriend that he wanted me to meet I was extremely happy for him, yet excited I got to give him my blessing on his relationship.

Tristan did invite Enid to go to mass with us, but unfortunately she didn't show. I felt sad for my brother as he was my younger brother and all and I knee how much he was looking forward to her comming. He told me it was ok as he did invite her but not formally meaning he told her she could come if she liked but didn't have to because he knew she really go to church much anyways and didn't want her to feel awkward meeting me for the first time in such a setting.

It was a nice mass as my brother and I were holding hands through the first half of the service. Something we haven't done since we were little. After church we went home to change. My brother told me he was still holding out hope that Enid would come by and meet me as previously planned

I barely had time to change into my red, knee length cable knit sweater dress which I paired with black tights and my black knee length dress boots when I heard a knock on the door.  I quickly opened it and assuming the woman on the other side was Enid gave a quick hi. I then yelled for telling him Enid had just arrived. I then quickly walked away to the mirror hanging in the hallway so I could fix my hair. I tied it back in a high ponytail before rejoining everyone in the living room for introductions.

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December 8, 2021 10:34 pm  #1392

Re: Movie night

Camilla and I get ready to go meet my parents and brother with his wife at Mass, I wear a bright red linen, long sleeve shirt with a white coat, black dress pants and shiny black dress shoes. Camilla looks stunning, I can't wait to give my parents the good news of our engagement.

All goes well in the Church, I am quite attentive to the preaching, but I feel I am unconsciously caressing Camilla's thigh as we sit next to each other. We go home for dinner, mom is pretty excited to see Camilla after a few years and dad is happy to have his family reunited. We take our places for dinner...


December 9, 2021 1:58 am  #1393

Re: Movie night

Jarrod and I quickly hop into his car. He knows the directions better than I do as it has been yrs since I've seen either of his parents(and that was before they moved out of town) so Jarrod volunteered to drive. Upon starting our way on the road I couldn't believe how empty it was. That was a good thing because even though it only took us 2.5 hrs of the usual 3 hrs we just made it to the Christmas mass.

We quickly entered the church and found our seats next to William and Anna. His parents were seated in the row in front of us. Jarrod explained on the drive down that his parents went to Christmas day mass every yr. I figured that would be nice as my parents weren't very openly religious rarely if ever even going to church.

It was a very nice service, but my mind intermittently was drifting between excitement about telling Jarrod's parents we were engaged and enjoying the feeling of Jarrod caressing my thigh.

As soon as the service was over we said our goodbyes to his family and headed to his parents house. It was mid afternoon but we were expecting Christmas dinner to be a little early. Jarrod's mom and dad weren't't shy about expressing their joy that everyone was home for the holidays as it had been a few yrs since everyone had all been together.

We all take our places at the table. Jarrod's parents asked if everyone wouldn't mind going around the table and telling what they are thankful/grateful for. With much excitement Jarrod asked if he could go first.

"I'm thankful that everyone in my family could be together for the holidays." Then he surprised me by saying "I'm also grateful to have such a loving, caring fiancee by my side to share the rest of my life with." I was completely taken a back, but as I continued to stare at his face almost speechless I saw a tiny sparkly of impending tears quickly filling his eyes.

Without missing a beat I finally took a deep breath and said "I'm thankful to be included in such a wonderful celebration with an unbroken, non dysfunctional family. I'm also thankful to have such an amazing, sensitive, and caring fiancee by my side for now and for the rest of my life." I blurted out quickly because I knew when the tears that were filling my eyes fell  I would no longer be able to speak.

When I was done speaking silence filled the room. I didn't know what everyone was going to say or if they were even going to say anything at all or if we were just going to continue going around the table telling what everyone was grateful/thankful for. With that I slowly grabbed Jarrod's right hand that was on his lap and gave it a loving squeeze with my left hand. I then turned my gaze up to Jarrod's eyes, blocking out everything else. I quickly noticed a tear that was only moments ago swimming in his eye was now clinging to life on the tip of his left eyelash.

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December 9, 2021 2:20 am  #1394

Re: Movie night

My parents ask if we all say something we are grateful in this year, I decide to start, so my parents know beforehand that Camilla will soon be a part of our family. As I was speaking emotion got the best of me, my vision is blurred by impending happy tears. Camilla is next, she rushes talking, I know her voice is about to break if she makes it longer. She grabs the hand I have on my lap and gives it a loving squeeze, turning to look at me straight in my eyes.

Seeing her eyes full of tears encouraged tears of my own to want to escape, I try to swallow them back, knowing that if I blink I will send a few rolling down my cheeks. My vision is clearer now that I managed to push most of my tears back inside my eyes. Only one rogue tear manages to escape my left eye, starting its way down my cheek. That seems to encourage a revolution in Camilla's eyes, a torrent of sparkling, round tears start to escape through multiple paths (three paths on the middle of each cheek and two paths on the outside of her cheeks). I automatically bring my lips to a couple of tears and my hands gently taking care of the rest of her tears and tear streaks.

I see Camilla smiling through her tears, I give her a reassuring smile and give her a deep kiss on her lips.


December 9, 2021 2:43 am  #1395

Re: Movie night

I could tell Jarrod was willing his tears not to fall. Although I love seeing and ultimately taking care of his tears I understand he may not want to shed them here as his parents have probably never seen him cry. I did notice one tear finally manage its escape. The one hanging on his left eyelash finally started rolling down his cheek. I wanted to take care of his tear, to wipe or kiss it away but before I could I felt my own tears give way and begin to fall down my cheeks. I could feel tears rolling from both the middle and outside of both of my eyes and over my cheeks never fully making it to my chin as Jarrod quickly leaned in and tenderly kissed a couple of tears that had rolled from the outside of my eyes but were now on my cheeks. He then brought his  hands up to my cheeks where he used the backs of his fingers to tenderly wipe away the rest of my tears and their streaks.

I couldn't help but smile through my tears as I always loved how Jarrod knew just how to take care of me. With that I raised my left hand and gently used the backs of my fingers to delicately wipe away his still falling tear before it reached his chin. I then saw him give me a reassuring smile before leaning in and giving me a deep passionate kiss on my lips to which I responded in kind not caring who else was there or who was watching. I was so caught up in the moment it was like no-one else existed anyways.

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December 9, 2021 7:12 pm  #1396

Re: Movie night

Tristan's POV:

Melissa opens the door to Enid and her mom, they come in, mom and dad introduce themselves to Enid and her mom, mom starts serving the dinner, we take our seats, dad on one corner, on his right side mom, on his left Melissa, I sit next to Melissa (on the long side of the table), Enid on the other corner of the table (on my left), her mom on the right of my mom (on the left side of Enid).

We have a light hearted conversation, my parents getting to know Enid and her mom, I am extremely happy seeing my sister and also having Enid over for our first Christmas together...


December 9, 2021 8:15 pm  #1397

Re: Movie night

Enid's POV

It was so nice getting to meet Melissa, her red sweater dress looked gorgeous on her. And Tristan's Dad too

We sat down for dinner and pull our crackers over a light hearted conversation and groan at the jokes inside. Melissa wanted a couple to post on her Twitter feed for her followers

'How do you decide which ones to pick' Mum asked her

'I just pick the most funny ones' she said with a grin. She then asked if I had Twitter and I did so we both followed each other. Tristan and Melissa's mum then asked how I was progressing with my F1 season.

'I just watched the Canadian GP' I told them. 'Lukas nearly won because he got the lead in the final quarter of the race from Devon, but then him and his teammate had gearbox issues on the last lap. Antoine dropped out of the points and then Lukas lost the lead to Devon. I actually cried at the end'

I could see Tristan trying to hide his excitement as I knew he liked watching tears run down my cheeks.

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December 10, 2021 12:26 am  #1398

Re: Movie night

Tristan's POV:

Enid and Melissa are getting along pretty well, they are laughing and Melissa types the funniest ones on her phone, uploading them to Twitter. At one point, mom asks Enid about her F1 season, Enid explains the season, saying she cried at the end. My heart starts pounding as I picture Enid's stunningly beautiful cheeks streaked with tears, to avoid showing my excitement I place my right hand on Melissa's well formed left thigh through her leggings, feeling it softly giving in to my gentle grip, jiggling as I excitedly shake my fingers, and I place my left hand on Enid's toned right thigh, feeling her quad muscles defined, even through her jeans, and my fingers softly sinking in her relaxed inner thigh muscles, which jiggle as I do all in my hands to stay put.

I notice Enid looking at me, I smile at her...

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December 10, 2021 6:33 am  #1399

Re: Movie night

Melissa's pov:

As soon as we sit down to eat and start chatting I feel happier than I have in a while. I mean I get to spend Christmas with my parents, my brother I haven't seen in 2 yrs and his girlfriend. I was having such a good time cracking jokes with everyone I couldn't help but ask if I could use a few for my Twitter. Enid eventually asked if she could follow me on Twitter. I was glad Enid was getting so comfortable with our family.

Enid and my mom eventually get to chatting about her F1 season. As soon as Enid explained I felt my brother place his right hand on my left thigh. I'm glad everyone was having such a good time.

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December 10, 2021 7:11 am  #1400

Re: Movie night

William's POV:

Hearing Jarrod's emotive speech, then Camilla's, I caress Anna's thigh, looking for her hand until I find it and give her hand a soft squeeze, I give her a glance, her eyes sparkling...

I turn to see my parents and both were quite touched by Jarrod's engagement.


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