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May 8, 2022 2:20 pm  #2181

Re: Movie night

We get up early in the morning and head to the Tipperary and visit th famous Rock of Cashel, we are told that it was there where saint Patrick set the comparison between the Trinity and the shamrock. we spend around two hours exploring the whole fortress, at around 10 we leave and make a stop at Waterford to have lunch. I can't avoid tasting the specialties, as I know I might never get another opportunity to do so, so I order a blaa (white bread roll stuffed with local products).

After lunch we get on the road again, shortly reaching the marina of Dunmore East, from there we follow the South East Coastal Drive on our way to Tramore, enjoying a fantastic stretch of beach on the dunes, it gets relatively late when we reach Dungarvan. Even though I told Camilla we were going to the beach, we actually only got to see it, still, a beautiful sight, we spend the night in Dún Ard Bed and Breakfast.


May 9, 2022 5:31 am  #2182

Re: Movie night

Billie's POV

'I love it here' I declared happily. I must have triggered a memory in Robyn though, because when I turned to look at my sister, tears were streaming down her face.

'Rob, I'm sorry' I said my own eyes welling with tears. 'Did I say something wrong'

'No, it's fine' Robyn said wiping her tears that were quickly replaced by a couple more. 'You just reminded me of ...'

'Your girlfriend' I finished for her. Robyn nodded and wiped away her second set of tears

'Tell me about her, I might be able to help' I suggested

'It's no use Bill' Robyn said stifling a sob. 'Even if we somehow met up again, she’s English. We'd have to do the long distance thing and I would hate that'

'I know what it's like, to carry around romantic feelings for someone you can never be with' I told my sister tears running down my cheeks 'And it's horrible. Tell me about your girlfriend and I will do everything I can to find her for you'

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May 9, 2022 5:38 am  #2183

Re: Movie night

Kate's POV

'I'm sorry babe, that really sucks' Caitlin said to me. She had found me sat in one of the stairwells at college with tears running down my cheeks, and being a good friend had asked what was wrong

Rachel had been to see me the previous night and told me she couldn't afford the entry fee for her transit racing championship which was a ridiculous £10,000

'Couldn't she do it anyway' Caitlin suggested

'She could but she wouldn't get the recognition or prize money' I explained wiping my tears on my sleeve. I was devastated for her as having been on a couple of runs with her myself, I knew how passionate she was about her hobby

We discussed potential options like GoFundMe but any further talks were disrupted by the bell

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May 10, 2022 4:00 am  #2184

Re: Movie night

I was so excited I could barely sleep. I get up early with Jarrod. Instead of him doing his usual exercises we decide to head to the Tipperary and visit the famous Rock of Cashel. We learn about it's history and spend two hrs exploring. After we leave and head for lunch. We stop at Waterford on our way to the beach. We have a nice lunch and order two of the local specialties. Its like I'm still in a dream trying to do all the local things, (seeing the local sites and eating the local food etc.)

After a fairly leisurely lunch we get on the road again knowing it'll be a while before we reach the beach.We reach the marina of Dunmore East, then continue on through the South  East Coastal Drive on our way to Tramore. We enjoy a breathtaking view of beaches on the dunes as we continue on to Dungarvan. By the time we reached the beach it was getting late. Unfortunately, I knew we weren't going to have time to visit it as planned as we miscalculated how long it would take to drive there. Although disappointed Jarrod surprises me by telling me he planned for us to spend the night in Dun Ard bed and breakfast.

"I know you've planned this trip out amazingly, but do you mind if we push our plans ahead a day and spend tomorrow relaxing on the beach? I mean I was really looking forward to it." I asked as soon as we parked the car hoping it could be arranged.

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May 10, 2022 4:27 am  #2185

Re: Movie night

Enid's POV

It took me two or three days but I eventually finished my Lunar Module in Lego.

I had some free time before my next class so I went to see Tristan at work.

He greeted me with a kiss and told me I had to try out his new coffee recipe. Looking around I saw Robyn having a drink with Marie a french girl in her class. She was wearing a white mosaic dress and a light blue hoodie her brown hair loose down her back

Robyn was wearing her jeans and boots as usual with her hair in a jumbo claw clip. They appeared to be having a good time and Tristan seemed more than a little excited

'Darling, what are you up to' I asked him. 'They aren't on a date are they?'

'Of course they are' He said. I groaned at him

'Don't you think it's a bit soon? I mean how do you know Marie likes girls anyway?'

'I saw her coming out of the LGBT meeting' Tristan said. 'Sorry, I'm a bit busy to talk now, enjoy your coffee'

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May 10, 2022 4:38 am  #2186

Re: Movie night

Emily's POV

I closed my eyes and hugged my booted legs as tears began to stream down my face. I was alone in my room so I could allow my emotions to flood out

Amanda the girl I was cheating on Sophie with had just been killed in an incident in the town. She had just been walking through when a shoplifter had barged into her and knocked her down. She'd hit her head on a marble step and suffered a major head injury, sadly dying within minutes

I was so devastated I couldn't speak, my tears continuing to run down my cheeks and dripping onto my boots where they continued running until the crinkles at the ankle stopped them

I didn't know what to do. I loved Sophie I really did. But I also loved Amanda. There was no other way forward. If I was to safeguard my relationship with my girlfriend, I had to suppress my feelings for Amanda

Would I be able to do that I wondered as more tears streamed down my face. I had to, I had no choice

I wiped my tears off my face and cleaned my boots and got up off the floor ready to go downstairs

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May 10, 2022 2:40 pm  #2187

Re: Movie night

Tristan's POV:

I had been thinking for a while to have Marie (a French girl I met when I enrolled in culinary school) and Robyn, I really felt sorry for Robyn, until finally, she agreed to, I invited Robyn a coffee, letting her know it was my last weeks in the job and she agreed. I see Robyn come in, seating in a table near the window, then Marie arrives, I am surprised since she always wears jeans and for the date she is wearing a white, mid thigh, mosaic dress and a light blue hoodie, paired with red trainers, her dark brown hair loose down her back. I smile as I see the French flag in her.

Robyn seems to like what she sees and, honestly, if I wasn't so in love with Enid, I might have taken a shot with her too. They seem to click and engage getting to know each other. Enid arrives, the hour a bit unusual for her, anyways, I greet her with a passionate kiss on her lips as I caress her silky hair. She asks me about Marie, and I put her at ease letting her know I saw her at an LGBT meeting.

I ask Enid out for the movies after work, if she agrees I'll let her choose the movie.


May 10, 2022 2:46 pm  #2188

Re: Movie night

William's POV:

I wake up next morning, Anna is up before I am, so I get quickly get up and get dressed, I'm figuring out how to tell my business partners I'll have to work less for around half a year and I might have unscheduled emergencies during the pregnancy. Let's see how they take it.


May 10, 2022 4:01 pm  #2189

Re: Movie night

Robyn's POV

My mouth broke into a grin as I saw Marie wave at me across the quadrangle.

'I've missed you' she said giving me a hug. 'How was your sister?'

'She's doing well' I told her. As we walked back inside my mind flashed back to our first proper meeting


Robyn's POV (flashback)

'I'm worried about you Rob' Tristan told me 'When Laura broke up with me I didn't feel I had anything to live for. But then I met Enid.' He paused.

'Would you consent to a blind date. You can come to my coffee shop, I won't be there much longer it'll be your last chance'

I wasn't sure I was ready, but Susan said I should go for it

'If you aren't ready you can just be friends instead' she suggested. I texted Tristan and agreed to the blind date

At the appointed time, I put my boots on and pulled my hair into an updo secured with my jumbo claw clip and went into Tristan's coffee shop

My blind date turned out to be Marie, a French girl I shared a couple of classes with. She was very pretty and she did look nice in her mosaic dress and blue hoodie. However when our order had been taken and we were left alone, she apologised

'I'm sorry Robyn, but I do not like girls, I only like boys' I immediately relaxed

'Don't worry Marie, we'll just be friends instead'

We both enjoyed our coffees and afterwards we played some Air-Hockey in the common room. When Marie had to get back to her own dorm, I walked back with her and she shared stories about her family in France and her home town of Amboise

'Thank you for today Robyn' she said her eyes shining with tears. 'I had a wonderful day'  We had shared a friendly hug and departed


Robyn's POV (Non-flashback)

'Marie, have you ever wanted to try a long distance relationship'

'No' she said shaking her head. 'There was someone in my town in France, a boy called Pierre, but we never got together before I came here' Her eyes filled with tears.

'I met someone, in Canada' I explained my own eyes filling with tears. 'We only spent a few hours in each other's company but I fell in love with her. I don't know if she felt the same, or if we can meet again. My sister Billie said she'd try and help but I don't know what she can do'

Tears ran down my cheeks and Marie took my hand in hers. She really was a good and loyal friend

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May 10, 2022 5:18 pm  #2190

Re: Movie night

I smile as Camilla asks if we can spend the next day at the beach, I answer that the nearby beaches are craggy and seldom visited, the suggested beaches are a few more hours from here, there we'll find better suited beaches to spend the day in, but I can go through the coastal way and we can at least enjoy the sight of the beach and she can start wearing shorts or skirts.

We have breakfast before leaving and we head to Cork but make a brief stop in Helvick Head, a promontory, walking around Cobh as well. Once we reach Cork, we walk around town and climb the bell tower at St. Ann's Shandon, I am dumbfounded at how it can mark 4 different hours at the same time with just the wind blowing.

By the time we climb down we are both hungry, I ask Camilla if she wants to go to the Market Lane, Quinlans Seafood Bar or Gallaghers Gastro Pub... After lunch, we walk a little while, getting to know the city (3rd largest in Ireland) and have a drink in Larry Tompkins Pub. Staying at Maldron Hotel Shandon Cork City.


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