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May 10, 2022 5:33 pm  #2191

Re: Movie night

Tristan's POV:

Seeing Robyn and Marie I have a flashback: 'I'm worried about you Rob' I told her 'When Laura broke up with me I didn't feel I had anything to live for. But then I met Enid.' I paused. 
'Would you consent to a blind date. You can come to my coffee shop, I won't be there much longer it'll be your last chance'

Robyn's eyes quickly fill with tears and overflow, my eyes also start filling with tears, which I push back, I have to be there for Robyn. As soon as I blink back tears and look at Robyn, big, round tears are rolling down  her fair cheek in a few streaks. I can't stand seeing her like that.

"Even though we didn't end well when Laura chose you, I consider you a good person and want to be your friend." I lean and cup her right cheek with my left hand, wiping her tears as I lean and give her two brief kisses, one on a tear and the second about an inch above the first, on the thick streak. I cup her cheek afterwards, clearing her face from all tears and tear streaks.

"I met a cute French girl who I'd love you to meet. It's not necessary to be a date, and I would love to serve it in the coffee shop where I still work, I'll give you the best service, I'll resign soon and about a month or two later I'll open up my own coffee shop, and since it'll take a while, better soon than wait a few months."
I cup her cheeks in my hands and wipe the remaining tears from her cheeks, she seems relaxed now, even comforted by my gesture.

End of flashback: I see tears in the distance, I don't know what they are talking about, but then I see them chatting and hugging. Marie looks very cute in the dress, can't say Robyn is behind in fit jeans, enhancing her curves.

After serving them, they enjoy their drinks and get up, hug and leave. I'll wait for Robyn to tell me how it went, I'll try no to ask.


May 10, 2022 7:18 pm  #2192

Re: Movie night

Enid's POV

Tristan asked me to go to the movies with him, my choice and I agreed. I decided to choose Ms Quarterback which was about a girl trying out for the lead position on a football team in memory of her dead brother. Tristan wasn't too onboard with the choice at first but as soon as I told him the synopsis I could see his eyes get wide. He was hoping for crying! Not only from the beautiful lead actress but also me

'I'll try not to let you down' I whispered as I loved it when he enjoyed my tears running down my cheeks. While we were queuing for the movie, he seemed desperate to hear how Robyn and Marie got on.

'Sorry darling, your instincts were wrong.' I said to him gently. 'Marie is straight, she doesn't like girls'

My boyfriend was very befuddled

'But she came out of an LGBT meeting, I saw her' he said.

'She could be a straight ally' I suggested 'They do go to LGBT meetings, or perhaps she was setting up'

'But Marie was crying and hugging Robyn' he persisted.

'Robyn agreed to be her friend' I replied. 'She hasn't had much luck finding actual friends. Most of the guys and the girls at college take the mick out of her fashion sense and her accent. I can imagine it would be quite moving for her to meet someone who takes her as she is'

Tristan's shoulders started to droop, but I told him he'd done Robyn and Marie a great service. Although they could never be a couple they seemed destined to be close friends

We went into the movie. The actress playing Claire the eponymous Ms. Quarterback had long dark brown hair - like Marie's actually, just not as thick - and she did cry in the movie her beautiful tears streaming down her face.

I cried along with her and Tristan gently wiped them away in the gloom of the auditorium

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May 10, 2022 9:26 pm  #2193

Re: Movie night

Anna's pov:

As soon as William gets up and starts getting dressed I notice something seems to be off. I myself also feel off but realized it is just from nerves. I don't want to tell anyone I'm pregnant yet, but with the intention of only working part time for the first trimester of my pregnancy I need to find a delicate way to tell my boss.

"Honey are you ok?" I ask sensing he's more off than I first realized

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May 10, 2022 9:57 pm  #2194

Re: Movie night

Jarrod turns down my request to spend time at the beach in as delicate a way as possible. He tells me the nearby beaches are pretty rundown and dirty. The nice ones are pretty far away. He said he wasn't sure we'd make it to them today but we can drive down the coast and enjoy the sight of the beach. I hesitantly agree.

The next morning we have a nice breakfast then get dressed. I finally decide it's warm enough for me to wear my new shorts. I was excited as I know how much Jarrod likes looking at, touching and indulging himself in my legs. I quickly choose a pair of light blue jean shorts that barely come to mid thigh, a tight white no sleeve shirt that shows off quite a bit if my abs and white sneakers.

We finally leave and head to Cork stopping in Helvick Head and Cobh along the way. We finally reach Cork and take a nice walk a round town as well as climb the bell tower at St. Ann's Shandon.  Jarrod asks me if I  am starting to get hungry as he wouldn't mind stopping for a bite. As soon as I say yes he asks me if I'd prefer Market Lane, Quinlans Seafood Bar or Gallagher 's Gastro Pub. I choose Quintana Seafood Bar as I like seafood but rarely get any as it is so expensive. I decide to treat myself. It is my honeymoon after all.

After a wonderful lunch (not to mention a great view) we decide to walk off the food a bit. Jarrod asks me if I wouldn't mind having a drink with him once we stumble across Larry Tompkins Pub. Out waiter at the restaurant suggested it and said many nice things of the place. I figured why not. Its not everyday we can indulge ourselves and drink in Ireland. I tell Jarrod I'm going to have just one drink. Any more and he might have to carry me to our hotel for the night. He told me we'd be staying at Calderon Hotel in Shsndon Cork city.

We ended up staying at the pub a little longer than we anticipated. Jarrod enjoying 3 drinks. I myself had 2 and a shot on the house once the bartender found out we were on our honeymoon. I stumbled my way back to the car, but assured Jarrod I was fine and was having an amazing time.

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May 10, 2022 10:02 pm  #2195

Re: Movie night

Princess_Lucky1731 wrote:

Anna's pov:

As soon as William gets up and starts getting dressed I notice something seems to be off. I myself also feel off but realized it is just from nerves. I don't want to tell anyone I'm pregnant yet, but with the intention of only working part time for the first trimester of my pregnancy I need to find a delicate way to tell my boss.

"Honey are you ok?" I ask sensing he's more off than I first realized

“Honey, you know the business is still in an early phase, experts say it’s not a good time to leave the business unattended, but you know what, my beautiful wife is more important than any business and if my partners decide to kick me out, I’ll start on other projects, as long as you and the baby, in that order, are ok.”

I look at Anna, surprised that I realized that she is the most important thing in my life.


May 10, 2022 11:07 pm  #2196

Re: Movie night

After a wonderful day with Camilla, we call it a night. Camilla a bit dizzy, as she is not good at handling alcohol. I am also pretty relaxed with a few drinks.
As soon as we enter our room, the day goes in my mind as if in a movie: The first surprise, when we get dressed, she took my word and is wearing a pair of light blue Jean shorts, barely covering her upper thighs (maybe a quarter-third part of her thighs), a sleeveless white top that shows her abs completely, only covering her breasts, and a pair of white runners. I pick a long sleeve green t-shirt with a rain jacket, a pair of black, water resistant, performance shorts and black hiking boots.

I can’t wait to get on the car, but we should eat something if we want to have energy for the day. During breakfast I couldn’t help to slide my shin under her calf and brush it lightly, I notice she likes feeling my soft skin on her shapely calf. She gives me a look which encourages me to turn the soft, light brushes into full contact. I lift my leg, feeling her relaxed calf give in, and rub her calf, feeling her muscles going to her inner leg when I push my shin and out when I pull. I slide my shin along her calf until I reach the back of her thigh. I feel a tent slowly forming in my shorts when I feel her smooth, silky thigh give in, starting to tremble as Camilla starts to get aroused as well.

Fortunately, we finish breakfast and get in the car without delay. As soon as I secure my seatbelt, I drop my right hand on Camilla’s irresistible left upper thigh (as she seldom shows it), slowly caressing her relaxed quads, outer thigh and inner thigh intermittently, getting to feel it heavenly jiggling once in a while(when there was a bump, a small debris or something on the road) as we enjoy the beach below along the coastal highway.

We make a stop to climb to the promontory and the bell tower at St. Ann, I get extremely aroused seeing Camilla flexing her thigh and calf muscles, I teasingly brush my arm or my thigh as we climb.

After the climb we got hungry and went to the seafood, what a good lunch we had. We hopped on and off walking across the city, until we finally hit the famous Larry Tompkins pub, getting a few drinks.

Even though I had a drink more than her, I was way more alert, I never thought I’d think Camilla looked so sexy, her wobbling legs jiggling as she is trying to keep her balance.
We reach the Maldron hotel and I playfully lift her like the princess she is and carry her to our room.

As soon as she hits the bed, she falls asleep, I guess I’ll save my arousal for tomorrow. Tonight, indulging caressing her silky thighs and calves will do. I love how, even sleeping, she craves for me, as soon as I undress and get in bed, she intertwines her legs with mine. I caress her cheek as I whisper I love you, then bring my hand to her thigh, softly caressing, squeezing and lightly jiggling it until I drift off asleep.


May 11, 2022 3:57 am  #2197

Re: Movie night

Anna's pov:

William told me I (and the baby) were more important to him than his business. He would tell his business partners later today that he needed to take some time and if they couldn't accept it he'd work on some of his other projects instead.

With the look he gave me, I could tell he meant it. I finally felt like the most important thing in his world That gave me newfound confidence to tell my boss at work and accept whatever he had to say.

I give William a giant hug with tears in my eyes. "I've never been happier to call you my husband. And I'm going to tell my boss as soon as I get into work later. The sooner we get things figured out the better. I want to ease your mind as much as possible." I said thick tears now streaming out the inner corners of my eyes and landing on his bare shoulder.

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May 11, 2022 4:15 am  #2198

Re: Movie night

I was glad to make it to our hotel realizing the alcohol affected me more than I previously realized. Trying to get out of the car I could feel my legs wobbling as I could barely keep my balance. That's when I felt Jarrod pick me up princess style and carry me to our room. The whole way I couldn't stop smiling as I felt so special.

I barely hit the bed when I felt myself drifting off. Before I completely fell asleep I could feel Jarrod  caressing my silky thighs and calves. A few min later I'm started awake by him climbing back into bed, this time naked. I then feel him caress my cheek while whispering he loved me. I rolled over and placed my head right between the crook of his neck and his shoulder and as I felt him bring his hand to my thigh, caressing, squeezing and jiggling it I felt a thick warm tear escape the inner corner of my right eye, roll down my cheek a few in before dripping off and landing on his shoulder.  I felt slightly guilty I couldn't indulge him in his arousal because I decided to indulge in one too many drinks during the evening even though I said I wouldn't.

That's all I remembered before I finally drifted back off. I remembered even less the next morning. Luckily when I awoke all I had was a slight headache and not a raging hangover. Even so I decided to tell Jarrod we should take it easy today.

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May 11, 2022 7:50 am  #2199

Re: Movie night

Sophie's POV

When I heard about Amanda's death my mind was in turmoil. I knew despite Emily's denials that she did love her. A lot, but where would I fit in to all this

'Hey Soph' Kate said coming over to me 'I just heard the news this morning, how are you doing?'

'Oh you actually care now' I said snippily. Kate didn't seem to want to spend as much time with me and Samantha lately preferring to do things with Caitlin when she wasn't with Rachel

'We are not going there!' Kate told me fiercely, tears beginning to stream down her face. 'You're my best friend and I love you and besides you didn't hear any complaints from me when Samantha joined our little duo'

I calmed down. Yes she had a point. I explained my current situation with Emily and how I wasn't sure how much of her heart I occupied

'Maybe I should just break up with her now' I suggested, tears running down my cheeks. 'Let her mourn in peace'

Kate took me by the hands

'No you shouldn't do that' she said, tears running down her cheeks. 'You need to be there for her. If you really love her, you'll ride this out. It's the only way you'll guarantee she won't cheat on you again'

I let my tears fall off the end of my chin and spatter onto my hands as me and Kate touched our boot toes to each other

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May 11, 2022 1:57 pm  #2200

Re: Movie night

Tristan's POV:

I meet Enid after work, she is wearing the outfit I got for her, she looks stunning in that red skirt and gray hoodie, she chooses Ms. Quarterback, I think it's a chick flick, then again, Enid tells me the synopsis, I can't hide my amusement when I see Enid potentially crying, she then teases me whispering: "I'll try not to let you down".

Sensing I am curious about Robyn and Marie, she tells me nothing happened, since Marie is straight, I'm a bit disappointed. Enid explained not all girls at LGBT meetings are lesbians. Anyways, we get inside the movie theatre.

The movie goes not as boring as I expected, until it reaches the scene I was expecting, the girl interpreting Claire (which kind of looks like Marie) cries buckets of tears, big tears are showing on the screen, her cheeks with several tear streaks and her lips curled. I cross my arm around Enid's shoulders, surprisingly feel them shaking in light sobs, I turn to look at her, only to find the most beautiful lip curl I have ever seen and huge, thick tears streaming down her face. I place a hand on her warm thigh as I lean and kiss a tear from her cheek, bringing my other hand to lovingly wipe her tear streaks. I get turned on feeling her hot tears and tear streaks on my lips and hands.

Enid looks way more beautiful than the actress. I am more surprised when Enid corresponds giving me a deep French kiss, I feel in heaven as we are making out while I am taking care of her tears. I must be dreaming.


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