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May 19, 2022 12:01 pm  #2241

Re: Movie night

For the first time I feel the day flew, I felt it a lot shorter than other days, and for the first time Camilla falls asleep as soon as she touches the bed. I rest by her side, a bit tired as well but not too sleepy, I remember our wonderful day. After an extremely sweet and intimate night, I awake in a mood in which the slightest sexy movement Camilla makes, I want to become one with her, so, seemingly knowing my mood, she starts the morning choosing an outfit in which I can't keep my hands off her. A pair of mid-thigh shorts with a short sleeve top that reveals a bit of her abs, paired with comfortable tennis shoes.

As soon as we get on the car I place my left hand on Camilla's right thigh (I'm still getting used to driving from the right, British cars are the only ones I know that have the steering wheel on the right seat), I smile as I quickly feel the effect of last night's massage, her sexy muscles jiggle in my hand, relaxed and soft as I drive. We enjoy the beautiful scenery of the islands across the sea, the sheep, and finally our relaxing boat trip.

When we were in the boat, I couldn't hide it anymore, I held her from behind as she was admiring the beautiful sea and felt a tent grow inside my trousers and apply pressure on Camilla's rear while I caressed her exposed abs. I feel about to explode as I slide my hands across her abs until I reach the hem of her shorts and caress her cool, soft thighs with my warm hands.

I release Camilla and start to look at the beautiful surroundings, I know that if I keep touching Camilla like that I won't be able to hold myself longer. After a romantic hour of boat trip we got to eat and a drink after it. By now it's almost 7:00 P.M. and we go straight to the inn. We change into our sleepwear, as soon as we get in bed, Camilla says goodnight and places her arm across my pecs, her face in the crook of my neck and intertwines her legs with mine, the top one thrown across my waist and the bottom intertwined with my leg.

I am finally drifting off to sleep, giving Camilla a kiss on her temple and my last memory is hearing a soft slapping sound as I feel her soft thigh jiggle in my hand.

Next morning I wake up early, playfully squeeze Camilla's inner thigh, sliding my hand to her quads, jiggling her thigh: "Good morning my love, time to get into your sexy Lara Croft outfit, we won't spend much time on the car today as we will make an expedition in nature, I want to give you a few of Ireland's beautiful landscapes surprises."


May 19, 2022 4:43 pm  #2242

Re: Movie night

Amans lacrimae wrote:

Tristan's POV:

With my heart still pounding fast and trying to hide the tent that, even against my will, formed in my pants, I take Enid's hand and get up, the lights are coming on and the movie ends. I still have images in my mind of two beautiful girls crying, one on screen, huge tears and thick, giant streaks and another, breathtaking beautiful and loving, with hot, huge tears, sexy shaking abs and shoulders, stunning full lips and the most perfect legs, sitting at my side, kissing and hugging me.

We get up and go back to her dorm, I give her a passionate kiss as I caress her hair and slide my hands over her worked out back muscles. I ask her if she is feeling the same sexual spark I am, hinting if she would like to become one with me, either here or at my place...

Enid's POV

I agreed to his suggestion and said it would be better if we made love at his place as Mirabel my new roommate was a light sleeper

As we drove back he mentioned he felt a bit of a failure finding a girlfriend for Robyn

'I still might try to find her a girlfriend' he said. 'But I want to see if I can find one for your roommate Mirabel. What is she like? Who does she like?'

'I don't know yet' I giggled profusely, my eyes welling with tears of laughter. 'Let me find out for you first. If she does like boys you should know she has short bobbed hair and she prefers to wear trainers, not knee high boots like Robyn. Boys love Robyn because she wears boots'

'I love you, and you don't wear boots' Tristan pointed out tenderly wiping a tear that streamed down the right hand side of my face as I drove

We entered his dorm quietly. Luckily he was alone. We gently started kissing and slowly removing each others clothes

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May 19, 2022 9:57 pm  #2243

Re: Movie night

Anna's pov:

It isn't even noon yet but I have already talked to my boss and explained my situation. Before returning to work I take a min to call Jarrod. I didn't want to bother William as he has a lot going on his plate right now. No sooner than I hung up William calls me. He says he couldn't stop thinking about me and couldn't wait to talk to me until I got home. I then stupidly blurred out that I called Jarrod. William seemingly upset tells me that I shouldn't have bothered him on his honeymoon. Anything I needed to say to him could wait until he gets back.

William then apologised for snapping at me. He says it's just because he's so stressed. But he still doesn't think calling Jarrod was a great choice, interrupting his honeymoon and all. He then asks me if I could met him at home. To make up an excuse to tell my boss as he really needs me at this moment.

Nervously I go back into my boss's office and tell him I don't feel good. Then I ask if I could head home. Before leaving I ask if I could have him cancel all my therapy appointments for the day and that I'd be back ON TIME in the morning.

I drive home as fast and as safely as possible. Heading to the house I realize William had been there for some time before me. He looked stressed/worried. I asked him what was wrong and why he needed me .to.come back home so urgently.

It look almost as if he's about to break down, but I just stand there and wait for his response.

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May 19, 2022 10:14 pm  #2244

Re: Movie night

Jarrod wakes up early as usual. He immediately begins to  playfully squeeze my inner thigh, sliding his hands to my quads where I can now feel him jiggling my thigh. He wishes me a good morning then tells me that for the first time in a few days we won't be spending too much time in the car instead he wants to make an expiration into nature. He explaines that he wants me to be able to enjoy few of Ireland's beautiful landscapes surprises.

I love being out in nature and rather walk around than take a car anywhere if possible, so I'm all for it. Still half asleep I open my eyes. "I'd love to, sweetheart. You know how much I love nature. And I truly believe Ireland is the most beautiful place on earth." I say sleepily letting out a small yawn. I then roll over to look at Jarrod directly in his eyes while planting a deep passionate kiss on his lips.

Almost instantly I feel a tent quickly forming in his pants. I'm guessing we won't get as early a start as we thought.

"It is still quite early Mind if we venture out into nature in a little while?" I begin asking watching the expression on Jarrod's face change to puzzled. "I mean I think we have something that needs to be attended to here. Nature can wait." I finish quickly really hoping that he suggests we just combine the two so we can attend to things, yet still get an early start in nature.

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May 20, 2022 6:47 am  #2245

Re: Movie night

Caitlin's POV

The Winter Ball was coming up, but unfortunately I didn't have a date since there was no way of me getting hold of my beautiful stranger I met in Canada

Kate suggested I go on my own, but I didn't really want to do that either

'I don't want to be a third or fifth wheel' I said gently when she said I could come with her partner and her best friend Samantha and her boyfriend

'You've worked hard this year babe' Kate pointed out. 'You deserve to go to the ball'

Slowly weakening I agreed to accompany Kate and Samantha on a shopping trip to buy our dresses. When I had found the one I wanted to wear, tears ran down my cheeks as I saw myself in the mirror. I wanted so much to see her again, my love, but that would be impossible.

I wiped my tears and got changed back into my regular clothes.

On the night of the ball, I was getting a little nervous, hoping I won't get too many sniggers for attending without a date. I got ready in good time and when the bell rang, I walked out of my room and went downstairs

As soon as I saw who was waiting for me my hands flew to my mouth and my eyes flooded with tears. She was here impossibly, incredibly here.

Her eyes were full of tears too. I stepped closer scarcely believing my eyes

'Are you real' I said a sob escaping from my throat as tears began streaming down my face

She came closer, tenderly wiped my tears with her fingers and kissed me. It was the longest most passionate kiss I had ever been given

'I'm Robyn' the girl introduced. Tears began to stream down her face. 'Yes, I am real and I love you very much'

'I'm Caitlin and I love you very much too' I sobbed. We both gave each other a loving hug and more tears streamed down my face

When we had fixed our make up, the two of us walked out to the limo where Kate, Samantha and their partners were waiting. Kate had tears in her eyes when she saw us both and I knew that if she didn’t care about her make-up, hers would be streaming down her face too

It was a wonderful evening, the greatest revelation was actually Beth who looked lovely in her dress. She was attending the ball alone which was staggering. The girl was gorgeous, yet couldn't find a boyfriend.

'I don't actually need one' she explained. 'I'm happy single' I decided not to press the point and continued to mingle

I got to know Samantha and Damien a lot better and meet Kate's partner Rachel. A lot of our conversation revolved around travelling and adventure challenges. But most of the time I spent with Robyn

As the night reached it's conclusion, me and my girlfriend found a quiet place to talk.

'It's been lovely to spend this time with you' Robyn said tears running down her cheeks. 'We never get enough time to see each other do we?'

'No, we don't' I replied as tears ran down my cheeks too. Robyn then told me about her friend Alicia and the fact that for her a long distance relationship hadn't worked out

'I'm willing to try if you will' I sobbed, still crying

'Are you absolutely sure you want to do this?' Robyn sobbed, her tears also still falling 'We aren't even on the same continent'

I hugged her tightly, my tears now streaming down my face

'Yes, I don't want to be without you Rob' I sobbed. 'As hard as it will be, I want to be your girlfriend'

'So do I' Robyn sobbed. We continued to hug and cry on each other's shoulders knowing our time together was rapidly coming to a close, as Robyn had a train to catch the next day, so she could spend time with her best friend's family in France

We broke our hug, wiped away our streaming tears and exchanged numbers. She took me home and we shared a long and final loving kiss before we departed

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May 21, 2022 6:19 am  #2246

Re: Movie night

Robyn's POV

When I got Billie's email I was a little staggered to tell the truth. She had found my beautiful stranger. It turned out she was a close friend of her partner's niece

I managed to book myself a ticket to England so I could attend the Winter Ball with my new girlfriend and then travel onto France to meet Marie's family

'They love you Robyn' Marie explained. 'They so want to meet you'

Susan was very pleased for me that I was going to have a lovely Christmas, although she was understandably emotional as she was still without a romantic partner

'You have an amazing time' she said, giving me a hug as tears ran down her cheeks

I was nervous for the ball but need not have worried as I had a very emotional reunion with my girlfriend who it turned out was called Caitlin - a beautiful name for a beautiful girl.

We agreed that despite the distance, we would make a go of the long distance relationship. With tears streaming down our faces we gave each other a loving hug and parted that night with a passionate kiss

The next day on my train down to Paris, I wrote Caitlin a letter explaining everything about me that we hadn't had time to discuss at the ball. It wasn’t until I had stopped my written narrative to wipe away a tear that I noticed I had written four double sided pages

I signed my name and carefully wrote her address on the front. I would have to post in the post box at the Gare Du Nord Station

When I arrived Marie was waiting for me on the train platform with a hug and tears running down her cheeks

'How was your ball?' she asked 'Did you have a good time' I explained I did and showed her a picture of Caitlin

'She's beautiful Robyn' Marie said, tears still running down her cheeks 'I'm so glad you got to meet her'

'So am I' I said warmly. Marie wiped her tears and we went to meet her family

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May 21, 2022 7:39 am  #2247

Re: Movie night

Billie's POV

Wiping away a tear that had streamed down the left side of my face because of the cold, I walked inside the main station in Chicago. Me and Gemma were spending the first week in January here to celebrate New Year. We had both heard good things about Navy Pier in January so we wanted to check it out.

We both knocked our boots together to clear off the snow and went to the subway for our train to the pier

While we waited for our Green Line train we heard someone having an argument with another man

'I'm not allowed to help you mate' one of them was saying 'I can only verify your run once it's completed'

I was photographing at the time and decided the stitching on my boots was an appropriate thing to study so it didn't look like I was eavesdropping. So one of Rachel's competitors was underway. I did think he should have waited until the weather was a little better. Chicago looked beautiful in January, but it was cold and not perhaps ideal conditions for a race

As if to confirm this point a pair of tears fell from my eyes and spattered onto my boot toes. I wiped my eyes again and click clacked my way back to Gemma to get our train

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May 22, 2022 5:39 am  #2248

Re: Movie night

Kate's POV

As happy as I was that I had managed to meet up Caitlin and Robyn, Sophie my oldest friend was still very unhappy

As we moved into January she was still stressed and worried about Emily who nobody had heard of since November last year

'I can't stand it Kate' she sobbed, tears streaming down her face. 'Everytime I hear on the news about an airline crash or a bus crash or an earthquake, I keep thinking she's dead. She won't respond to my emails and I don't know what to do next'

I didn't know what to do either. My best friend was in this horrible limbo unable to move on because she didn't know where she stood.

'I'm completely lost' I sobbed to Rachel one day. 'I can be there for her but what can I say that is going to help'

She tenderly took one of my hands and played with my fingers as tears ran down my cheeks. My girlfriend was looking beautiful today, wearing her lilac jumper I had bought her for Christmas and her knee boots under her jeans and her long dark hair in a low ponytail

She wiped away my tears and gently kissed me on the lips. She tucked her legs up on the sofa which allowed me to fondle her boots

'I'm sorry Sophie is in so much pain' she said her eyes filling with tears. 'I'm sorry you're in so much pain too, I know how much your friends mean to you'

Tears began running down her cheeks and I shed some more tears too. We had another tender wipe of our faces and kissed again

We decided to move onto happier topics, namely her Transit Race championship. Aunt Gemma and Aunt Billie were in Chicago for New Year and had seen one of Rachel's competitors start his runs. However this had caused panic amongst the others as they scrambled like mad to get top spot on the leaderboard

'It is a bit silly' Rachel said allowing me to play with her boot zips. 'From what I understand they aren't pressure testing any of their routes, they just want to be in front. One guy who did Seoul last week took 45 hours to do his run, so he definitely didn't read the small print'

We decided to put our coats on and go for a walk

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May 22, 2022 6:28 am  #2249

Re: Movie night

Tristan's POV:

Enid gets the hint and accepts to become one with me in the most intimate act one can have. She asks to make love in my place, first, because her roommate Mirabel is in her dorm and is a light sleeper and second, because I just got a place for myself, initiating my independence from my parents.

On the way, as she drives, I ask her about Mirabel's preferences, hoping to hook her up with someone I know, Enid laughs so hard that beautiful big, thick tear that sparkled with the moonlight, leaving back a broad, shiny streak behind rolls down the outer corner of her right eye. I want to kiss it but it's far and it could be hazardous as she drives, so I tenderly wipe it away for her, slowly brushing my thumb from her tear, along the tear streak until a little below her eye.

By the time we reach my place we both are so built up, we start kissing as soon as we enter my dorm, fortunately my roommate is not here. We continue kissing and our caresses get hotter as we walk to my bedroom. I don't even finish closing the door when Enid starts removing my clothes slowly, yet seductively. I make sure to close the door and immediately catch up with her clothes, taking out her sweatshirt along her t-shirt under it in a single, slow movement.

I can't help but shiver as I softly brush my hands slowly across her fit, silky abs. That seems to turn her on even more as she starts unbuttoning my pants and dropping them on the floor, action that I immediately, as in a canon, follow, but I, instead of dropping her pants, break the kiss and very slowly, pull them down her toned thighs, lightly feeling my hands caress them as I slide her pants down.

I can't resist being so close to her breathtaking legs, I immediately start kissing her outer thigh, moving to her quads, and as my hands reach her shapely calves, I kiss her inner thigh as I softly jiggle her calves. Feeling the intense need to become one with her, I guide her to the bed and tease her with my firm hardness, noticing she is as ready as I am.

Without thinking I enter in a stronger than planned movement, feeling her perfect thighs jiggle against my hips and her calves hitting my thighs as they jiggle through and fro. I lean in for a deep kiss, when I remember I am not wearing protection, but my instinct got the best of me, besides, it doesn't feel the same.

The deep kiss turns Enid on fire, she starts thrusting her hips strongly against me, her athletic thighs bouncing and jiggling like jello in my hands, her calves trembling against the back of my thighs, her breasts bouncing, yet firm. We are about to reach the point of no return, when the protection thought invades my mind again, but Enid's love, devotion and, of course, her perfect body break my will and we explode like fireworks in the Fourth of July, sharing our potential life giving liquids with each other. I feel happy tears sting my eyes, I look at Enid...


May 22, 2022 6:40 am  #2250

Re: Movie night

William's POV:

She opens the door and goes to the living room, where I am, anxious and worried about her job mostly, but in the back because of what happened previously, even if I wanted to bury the feeling. I know Anna sees I am struggling not to break down. I open my mouth to try to answer, no sound comes out of it, instead, my lips and cheeks begin to quiver as a big tear runs down each of my cheeks steadily all the way down to my chin.

I allow my breath to leave my lungs, the air is expelled in a ragged breath, anticipating sobs. I blink, feeling another pair of tears spring out of my eyes, creating a second thick streak on each cheek that runs down to my chin as I start to sob. Anna...


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