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May 30, 2022 7:30 pm  #2291

Re: Movie night

Tristan’s POV:

As soon as the fire is lit and before the movie starts, Enid asks me a favour, she asks me to allow her tears to fall unchecked until she was ready to wipe them. I feel a bit disappointed because I won’t be able to take care of her precious tears, still, I agree.

As the movie gets to an extremely sad scene, when he receives a present from the girl then starts to sob, Enid starts to sob as well. I hold her tighter against my body, feeling her whole body tremble as I fight the urge to kiss and wipe her tears.

An idea comes to my mind, I bend the arm I have crossed to her arm (holding her) and make sure it’s under her chin. Success, not five seconds go by before I feel the first hot tear splash my arm. A steady stream of tears rain on my arm, I guess it’s the next best thing to wiping them.

I kiss her hair as I feel her breath slowing and her heartbeat rising, I am getting really turned on seeing her face with multiple tear streaks, I gently rest my hand on her inner thigh as her tears subside.

Enid grabs a tissue and wipes her face, surprising me by giving me a passionate kiss on my lips. I wouldn’t have expected her to be as turned on as I am, I close my eyes, enjoying the kiss as I squeeze and jiggle her soft thigh.

The next scene runs as we kiss passionately, the hand I had in her arm is on her thigh and the hand I had on her head gradually slides down to her face. I shiver feeling her still wet cheek, I unconsciously wipe it.

The kiss intensifies (if that’s even possible) and we are sliding down on the blanket. I begin caressing her thigh in a broader motion, sliding under her skirt to her upper and inner thigh and down all the way to her shapely calves as I feel her doing the same, exploring my body.


May 31, 2022 4:31 am  #2292

Re: Movie night

Enid's POV

Our passions increased and then I suddenly realised we were on a beach I public view!

'Maybe we should save it until later' I advised. And not just for the fact that we were also missing the film!

The ending made us both cry too, but just as we agreed Tristan didn't wipe my tears but let them stream down my face again. Once more I had a small sexual spark as I felt two portions of wetness glide down my cheeks

After the credits had rolled we packed up and returned to Tristan's dorm

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May 31, 2022 4:39 am  #2293

Re: Movie night

Billie's POV

Me and Gemma were back home after our Montreal trip and were having a quiet afternoon. She was doing a jigsaw and I was reading in-between checking for news on the Transit race championship.

'Your wish came true Gem' I told my girlfriend. 'The guy doing Paris did get lost'

I showed her the article and she giggled as she read. He had got lost on the 2 line apparently because he had gone the wrong way round. By the time he had corrected it, he had wasted an hour

'Serves him right' Gemma said wiping the tears of laughter from her eyes.

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May 31, 2022 9:10 pm  #2294

Re: Movie night

Tristan’s POV:

Things are heating up, I can feel Enid’s smooth hands on my back, under my shirt and on my inner thigh, under my shorts, when sue suddenly breaks the moment saying: “Maybe we should save it until later”. I understand her point, still I try to make it less awkward: “If it’s embarrassment what is stopping you, let me tell you most everyone would envy your body, as a matter of fact, I would be the one in danger, everyone would want to have you. If it’s for the movie, I can understand, may I ask a request, would it be ok if we both indulge in your precious tears? I mean, I promise to allow them to run freely down your beautiful cheeks, at least I’ll try, and once you’re done, would you give me the honor of taking care of them instead of wiping them yourself? By the way, now that we are completely open in this subject, feel free to indulge in my tears, you can do whatever you want to do with them.”

After a relatively brief scene, we continue to watch the movie, the end finally got to me, we were both crying, I just found out my senses are enhanced when I cry, I notice I like feeling tears rolling down my face and feeling my beautiful girlfriend’s tears land on my arm and hand as I am caressing her silky, toned thigh, which I notice flushed when she started crying. I shiver finding out she is turned on by her own tears.

As the credits start to roll, I quickly lean on her thigh, kissing a tear from each of her cheeks, kissing a streak up to its source, wiping her cheeks then nuzzling my left cheek against her left cheek, feeling our tears mingling.

I feel extremely turned on and I see all signs she is turned on as well. We pack and return to my dorm. I ask Enid if she wants to come in for a while and finish what we left inconclusive. I smile at her.


June 1, 2022 5:42 am  #2295

Re: Movie night

Sophie's POV

Caitlin had told me at college that Emily was back. When I arrived home she was waiting for me in the lounge.

All my pain and grief came flooding to the surface and I gave her an almighty shove onto the sofa


Tears were streaming down my face. Emily looked as if she was about to say something as her eyes filled with tears too


'Sophie please' Emily begged wiping her eyes. 'Please listen to me. After Amanda died I was in a really bad place. I needed some time to myself, to heal. Because I really did love her so much' More tears welled on her eyes. She tried to wipe them away but one escaped running down her left cheek

'I needed time to decide what I really wanted.' She continued. 'And I want you, I really do. Before I went away, I asked you not to give up on me. Please let me have one more chance and I promise to be the girlfriend you want me to be'

I turned away and closed my eyes as tears streamed down my face. During her absence I had thought about nothing else. Holding her tight, kissing her passionately, playing with her hair and her boot buckles. All those things I wasn't prepared to give up. And yet could I trust her enough to let me in again

I turned back to Emily as tears ran down her cheeks. Was I a fool for letting her in again?

'Kate and Samantha are not going to like this' I told her. 'They'll support my decision because they are my best friends and they love me. But if you do one thing they don't like, I'm not going to hold them off again'

'I promise, I won't' Emily assured me, a more tears ran down her cheeks to replace the ones she had just wiped

'You'd better' I said sharply. 'Because when Kate gets angry she can be very intimidating. The last time she got really mad, she scared her Dad'

'I won't' Emily said standing up now and approaching me. I let her kiss me, hoping I hadn't made a huge mistake

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June 1, 2022 12:39 pm  #2296

Re: Movie night

Kate's POV

As she had forecast, me and Samantha didn't like Sophie's choice, but we were her best friends and so had to support her. She clearly loved Emily very much

'But does she trust her?' Samantha asked. 'Like you trust Rachel. You wouldn't let her travel around the world for her competition if you didn't trust her implicitly'

I wiped away a tear that streamed down my face. She was right of course

Rachel had left the previous evening to go to New York her first destination. She was spending a couple of weeks acclimatising then she was doing her attempt

We had spent our last few precious hours together before parting with an extended hug as tears ran down both our cheeks.

It was time for rehearsal so I said bye to Samantha and went to the hall

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June 1, 2022 5:34 pm  #2297

Re: Movie night

Robyn's POV

It was time for Rachel to start her championship. The following day in the early hours of the morning she was going round all 472 subway stations with Marie as her official timekeeper

Me and Susan both watched her press conference after classes and it was such a breath of fresh air. Completely lacking in arrogance and superiority she told the media she was looking forward to it and as long as she finished in the Top 6 which paid the prize money she would be happy

'Do you have any specific goals over your year' she was asked

'Just to stay safe' she replied. 'I have loved ones back in England, who allowed me to do this so I need to pay them back by coming home in one piece'

Me and Susan both had tears streaming down our faces

'I wish her every luck in the world' Susan said wiping her tears.

'Me too' I said as I wiped mine. I sent Marie a text wishing her good luck and asking her to give Rachel a message from us both

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June 2, 2022 9:19 am  #2298

Re: Movie night

Enid's POV

We both return to Tristan's dorm and resume our love making, this time in complete privacy. Tristan was prepared this time, which was very sweet of him.

After our love making session we just laid in bed our bodies intertwined, my boyfriend stroking my hair

'I'm going to have to concentrate on my exams after today' I said to him. 'You should too' Tristan did look very disappointed but I reminded him I would be free to spend lots of time with him in summer

'That's true' he said brightening up. We both got dressed and Tristan got ready to do my hair. He first gently brushed it then tied it back in a mid ponytail, giving me some nice bangs into the bargain.

We shared a final kiss, I complemented his nice job with my hair and we parted

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June 3, 2022 5:38 am  #2299

Re: Movie night

Rachel's POV

'Morning Marie' I greeted my Master Stopwatch. It was just before 2am and we were both outside Far Rockaway Mott Avenue so I could start my first run of the championship

'Morning Rachel' she said her eyes sparkling with tears. 'As my grandfather used to say 'The threshold is the place to pause'

'Indeed' I nodded with a grin. We both entered, Marie weighed down with her metal box. She stopped at the ticket machine to purchase her ticket to B 25 St-Wavecrest Station. I didn't need to buy anything as I already had my monthly ticket on my MetroCard

'Oh I almost forgot' Marie told me. 'Robyn and Susan have a message for you'

I didn't get to find out what the message was as a clipped voice barked out;

'Oh my, oh my god. Will you go through the ******* ticket barriers' Tears ran down Marie's cheeks and I glared at my adjudicator. All of us had to take one with us on each run to prevent cheating. Their job was to tick off all the eligible stations and verify the run at the end. It was clear from his outburst that Crabby wasn't going to be the best of travelling companions

Marie wiped her tears and followed me through the fare gate and onto the platform, opening her box to take out the stopwatch. Once we had got on the train and the doors had closed, she started her timer, closed the flap on the stopwatch and carefully returned it to the box. The box was then closed, a large sticker applied to make a seal and finally the digital padlock - to which only I had the combination - was placed on the clasp and locked.

At the next station Marie gave me a hug and departed meeting up with a lady on the platform. It was 2:08 am and today was going to be the longest day of my life

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June 5, 2022 12:56 am  #2300

Re: Movie night

Tristan’s POV:

Enid agrees to come in and quickly suggests we continue making out. We kiss our way to the bedroom and as soon as I close the door she starts taking my clothes off, in less than half a minute I am in swimming trunks and shirtless.

Feeling her desire for me turns me on (a lot) and I correspond taking her dress off, feeling her bathing suit tight on her curves.

I feel my member standing at attention when I remove her bathing suit, inevitably and indulging in her warm, smooth, toned thighs and calves, both of us completely nude.

Enid gives me a passionate kiss on my lips as she explores my body with her hands. I feel my heartbeat and breath increase when she brings me to bed, her thighs soft as her muscles relax, brushing my now toned thighs.

I instinctively slide my hands all the way from her silky hair, to her cheeks, down her shoulders and arms, her soft breasts and worked out abs, finally reaching the upper part of her thigh with one hand only. Feeling the desire of caressing the rest of her thigh and her calf, I pull her thigh, feeling it slide, as it was intertwined with mine, from my thigh to my lower abs as her calf slides from my calf to my upper thigh as she bends her leg.

I shiver in extreme arousal and love for my girl as I feel her perfect thigh muscles jiggling against my hand when I give small squeezes, then her shapely calf graciously jiggles when I playfully squeeze and pat it.

She gets so aroused with my caressing (don’t know what she likes most) that she rolls a bit and surprises me when I notice she is mounting me, adjusting herself to become one with me.

I quickly grab protection, knowing she feels more secure when I have protection (even if I prefer not to). As soon as she adjusts, I feel her squeeze my member and starts slowly bouncing on my member, sliding it inside and outside of her.

I feel outside of myself as I, not even knowing why or thinking on doing it, begin to thrust in contrary motion, clashing my hips with her perfect thighs, bringing my hand to her upper thighs. I feel an overwhelming sexual overload feeling the back of her thighs jiggling against my hips, her quads sexily bouncing in my hands and my fingers softly sinking in her tender inner thighs. I don’t know how to avoid exploding feeling in heaven as her perfect thighs jiggle in my hands.

After not more than 20 thrusts I can’t resist any longer and explode, my tent becomes hot and sticky as Enid squeezes it. I hope Enid reaches the point of no return as well, as I couldn’t notice. To make sure she reaches it I caress her with my hand, I reach the point of no return for the second time just feeling her inner thighs jiggle as my hand clashes against them. I feel she is reaching climax, her skin turns rosy, her thighs jiggle even without contact as well as her calves, which bounce through and fro, I can’t stand seeing her sexy calves jiggling like that without indulging in them, as I am still caressing her I bring my other hand to her well formed calves, feeling her strong calves jiggle in my hand.

After Enid comes back from the point of no return, we both lay spent in bed, she intertwines her legs with mine and I caress her hair soothingly. She tells me we won’t be seeing each other as often, as she has exams, I feel a bit sad, I’m getting used being with her. I let her know that I’ll open our coffee shop this month and it’ll take a lot of time and energy, since I am still training as a barista and I just started college, so, school, other courses and my own business, I think I won’t even have time for myself.

I let her know I’ll start opening a few hours only and when I am able to hire someone trustworthy I’ll expand the work hours. We end up sleeping naked in my bed, her legs intertwined with mine and my arm embracing her by her shoulders.

Next morning, I teasing, help Enid get dressed, feeling her stunning thighs and calves for the last time this evening. I get dressed and made her hair in a ponytail. As I walk her to the door, I feel a strong wave of sadness hit me, realizing Enid is leaving and I don’t know when I will see her again. As I give her a kiss goodbye on her lips I feel a tear fall down the middle of each eye. We break the kiss, look into Enid’s grey eyes as I feel my tears rolling unchecked down the middle of my cheeks.

I gasp when Enid…


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