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June 16, 2022 9:55 pm  #2321

Re: Movie night

Anna's pov:

No sooner had I let my tears begin to roll down my cheeks when William leaned over and delicately kissed two tears from my left cheek; using the pad of his thumb to wipe the tears on my right cheek. He then leaned back to get a good look at my tears as they continued to fall. He smiled at me and then leaned back in kissing a tear off my left cheek while sliding the pad of his middle and index fingers along the tear streak on my right cheek until he finally caught it. i felt so loved and taken care of in this moment that I placed my left leg on top of his right thigh and began to snuggle in closer as we turned our focus back to the movie.

Wen enjoy each other as we continue to watch the movie, until songs Real Life followed by Why start to play. Out the corner of my eye I can see a sea of tears begin to fall from William's eyes and over his cheeks. My heart drops as I don't know what sparked this reaction in him. After a min I can feel some of his hot tears rolling through his fingers and on to my thigh. I turn my head slightly and watch in awe as his beautiful tears continue to stream down his handsome face. His tears just highlight his already handsome features so I leave them unchecked for a min. Before I know it his tears start to slow. It hadn't even been five min.

I then leaned over and kissed one of his now drying tear streaks on his right cheek while thumbing away another tear streak on his left cheek. I then gave him a reassuring smile and asked him if he wanted to talk about it fully aware he might say no.


June 17, 2022 11:19 am  #2322

Re: Movie night

Camilla puts on a beautiful black dress that barely covers up to mid-thigh, I smile when she modestly said it was above the knee, it definitely is way above the knee, with thin straps and no sleeves. I study her body from her beautiful loose hair, her sexy lips, her firm breasts, her rock hard abs, going lower to her strong, toned thighs as she starts to spin, I quickly bring my eyes to her calves as she is spinning, all her calf muscles tense as she is on her tips spinning, I bring my eyes back to her thighs, she stops spinning, dropping her feet flat on the ground.

I feel a tent quickly rising in my pants as Camilla's outer thigh muscles are hard as marble and her quads and inner thighs softly jiggle as she violently hits the ground with her soles. I let her know she looks irresistible, I tell her: "My love, don't take another spin, I won't be able to resist your breathtaking, firm thighs and I want to have energy for the night that awaits us in the couple of places I want to take you to".

I stand up and walk next to her, caressing her body through her dress, then go out and head to O'Connors Famous Pub, I really love good music and the relaxed atmosphere there, we have a drink and something to eat, dance for a little while. I notice a couple of guys staring at her as we sit to catch out breath, I smile as I tell Camilla to look at them, they are drooling with her body, since we are having so much fun, I decide not to get bothered by them and Camilla comes up with the idea of making them drool even more and starts teasing them. She brings her chair closer to mine, a little away from the table and brushes her thigh against mine, opening my legs with her knee, sliding her leg between my legs as she leans in for a kiss. I instinctively kiss her back passionately as I grasp the back of her thigh, pulling it toward me, I caress firmly across the back of her thigh feeling my fingers sink in her relaxed muscles, suddenly giving a soft slap to her inner thigh, feeling her soft, relaxed muscles jiggle in my hand as the sexy wave caused by the sudden impact moves my hand as I firmly keep it there. We both smile as the guys react looking at each other, as I give Camilla another passionate kiss while I give her inner thigh soft squeezes.

After a few minutes we leave the pub and go to Kings Head, just as I had researched, great music, nice drinks, Cam and I have a great time there, things start to get steamy and I ask Camilla if she wants to call it a night and finish what we're starting in bed.


June 17, 2022 11:35 am  #2323

Re: Movie night

William's POV:

Not a minute after my tears subside goes by, when I feel Anna leaning and kissing a thick, still wet tear streak on my right cheek as she brings her right hand up to my left cheek, thumbing away a remaining tear that hadn't dried yet, asking me if I want to talk about my crying fit, to which I answer that I'd rather finish the movie then talk.

We continue watching the movie, which is about to end, and, as expected, the tragic last song before Larson dies, Louder than words, causes the last bout of tears to fall from both our faces, I see Anna is quite touched by Jonathan Larson dying before his dream comes true. A steady stream of tears are falling down both our faces, as the song is ending, I lean my right cheek on her left cheek, mingling our warm tears on each other's cheek as I cup her right cheek with my left hand, taking care of all her tears.

After our tears finally subside, I tell Anna that earlier the sudden HIV diagnose on Michael made me think of life's frailty and the chances of dying, or worse still, not able to even born, are always present, which brought me to our previous miscarriage, that is why I cried so intense. I also let her know I really love when she kisses and wipes my tears, I start caressing her toned, sexy thigh, feeling her now familiar strong firm spots as well as her tender jiggly ones, both our breathing patterns increasing as the loving desire of becoming one with her is leading me.


June 17, 2022 1:05 pm  #2324

Re: Movie night

Enid's POV

The final few months of the semester fly by. I concentrate on passing my exams so I can move onto the second year and Tristan is working on setting up his shop

We still keep in contact via text and e-mail. It was wonderful to collaborate with my boyfriend on his new shop and he was left with a space he could be proud off

He then told me of his plans to come back to college and I was so excited even though he would have to repeat the year

At Leanne's graduation her partner Kim asked me about how the shop was progressing and if Tristan needed someone could she volunteer. I said I would let him know

Leanne then said goodbye to Robyn and it was very emotional for the two of them as they both had tears streaming down their faces. I confess I hadn't thought much about her over the course of the last few weeks, but she'd pass her exams so she seemed to be okay

I went to Tristan and told him that Kim had asked if she could work in his new shop

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June 17, 2022 1:57 pm  #2325

Re: Movie night

Tristan's POV:

Enid's collaboration on our new coffee shop is invaluable, plus we get to be together, even if for work. She tells me Kim is volunteering to work, I smile and let her know she is welcome, I won't be paying much initially, but in the long run I'll be sure to compensate the first believers in this project. I caress her silky cheeks, giving her a passionate kiss afterwards.

Having Kim means I can advance faster in my courses, as she can keep the shop open while I'm not there. I enroll in more tea modules to finish my certification sooner and quickly add different beverages in the menu. By the time the semester ends, I have finished the intermediate barista level in all its categories, by the time the semester ends I am a month away from finishing the WTA (World Tea Academy) Certified Tea Specialist level, which is the entry level, I'll start adding tea to the non coffee drinking customers. Next year I'll work on deli.

Enid is pretty excited as well and is more than willing to learn the trade, even though she is in a different field in the university.


June 17, 2022 9:30 pm  #2326

Re: Movie night

Jarrod tells me, after my second spin, that if I take another one he won't be able to contain himself and he may just use up all his energy before we even leave for the evening. He then stands up and walks next to me. He indulges himself for a moment caressing my body. We then quickly leave for O'Connor's Pub before he gets carried away.

We enjoy the pub for a while. We eat and drink then dance to the music for a while. As soon as we sit back down I notice Jarrod staring at two guys who he says were checking me out. I'm worried that he might be jealous, but instead he says he's too busy enjoying the evening. I decide to really make them drool by teasing them, and Jarrod likes my idea. I guess it's the alcohol that is making me so bold.

I scoot my chair closer to Jarrod, brushing my thigh against his. Opening his legs with my knee and sliding my leg between his legs as I leans in for a kiss.  He kisses me back more passionately than I expected, grabbing the back of my thigh and pulling it toward him, startling me with a soft slap to my inner thigh. I notice the guys looking back and forth to each other in awe. He then gives me one more passionate kiss as he softly squeezes my inner thigh.

After seeing their reaction a second time we leave the pub and head to Kings Head. We have a couple more drinks and  dance to more great music. After a little while Jarrod asks me if I'd be interested in heading back to the hotel and finish what we started eatlier.

"I would love nothing more. I mean although I've had an amazing time tonight I couldn't help but have thoughts in the back of my head about earlier back in the hotel." I said as we got.up to leave

As soon as we stepped back outside I decided to start off the intimate part of our evening by taking a couple spins in front of Jarrod in my dress. That was it he...

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June 17, 2022 9:47 pm  #2327

Re: Movie night

Anna's pov:

William says he'd rather finish the movie than talk about why he was crying.  I snuggle back in and watch the end of the movie until the last song  Louder Than Words begins to play. It was so moving neither of us could contain our tears as another round of tears began to fall unchecked down both our faces. As the song is ending I feel our tears beginning to mingle as he leans his soaked right cheek on my equally soaked left cheek. He then cups my right cheek with his left hand and delicately thumbs away all my falling tears as well as their streaks.

We sit there in silence for a moment letting our tears subside completely when William tells me he's ready to talk about what made him cry earlier. He says earlier the sudden HIV diagnose on Michael made him think of life's frailty and the chances of dying, or worse still, not able to even be born, which brought him to thinking about our previous miscarriage. I felt so bad he had those thoughts brought up again; but then he told me how much he loves when I kiss and wipe his tears. I then feel him begin to caress my thighs as I still had them over his.

"Interested in making love, honey?" William began slowly looking me deep into my eyes. "I mean I know what crying does to you." He finished teasing me a little.

"You better stop caressing my legs like that or I might just finish before we have a chance to make love." I began teasing him back. "I mean you know how turned on I get by your crying, and that added to your sexy touch..." I finished trailing off.

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June 18, 2022 10:26 am  #2328

Re: Movie night

Liz's POV

Wiping away my streaming tears from my face, I got up and walked back to my car. I was visiting my parents grave for the first time in a few weeks as my new business had occupied my time

We had had a relatively quiet patch following Adrian's opening, but people were still coming through the door so it wasn't quite the disaster I had feared, but I still made some sensible trims like cutting back on the cakes I asked Kelly to make and not having as many floor staff

As I reached my car I saw Leo walking up and he appeared to have come from his job as he was in his uniform.

'How is it at the other place' I asked him

'I thought it was going to be paradise' he confessed. 'Instead it was like the Las Vegas Strip. Not what I thought it was'

'Well the difference between Adrian's place and the Las Vegas Strip is, on the Strip It's always another day in Paradise as that's the name of the town it sits in' I informed him

'I owe you an apology' Leo said 'I resigned in anger and broke up with Alicia because I was a fool. It didn't take long, after I had been at Adrian's place for two weeks I started doing a cleaning schedule too because there wasn't one. Adrian hasn't noticed yet and that was a month ago. That's the difference between you and him, you see everything because you are there four days x week.'

My heart did go out to him a little and a tear ran down my left cheek, but I wiped it away. I had cried enough today

'He's lowering his prices' Leo said to me. 'Trying to get you into a price war' We said goodbye and I got into my car, feeling a little cold despite the warm temperatures

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June 20, 2022 1:31 pm  #2329

Re: Movie night

...lifted me as a kidnapper, my abs on his shoulder and his arm around my thighs.

Camilla agrees to calling it a night and we go out of Kings Head. As soon as we were out, Camilla takes a couple of spins, lifting her dress all the way up her thighs, making her thighs and calves jiggle as her feet land strong on the ground.

I can't resist anymore, I go to her, lift her up in one arm, her toned abs on my shoulder as I hold her thighs with one arm. I start walking towards the car carrying her as she playfully wiggles her legs trying to release the hold. I'm not sure if she is doing it just playfully or on purpose, knowing that her quads jiggling against my shoulder, her outer and back of her thighs jiggling in my hands as well as her calves occasionally hitting my hands as she bends them, are making me about to reach the point of no return even without actively caressing her.

As soon as we reach the car, I open the door for her and place her on her seat, going to the driver's seat, driving back to the hotel. We get out of the car and head straight to our room, not a second have I closed the door, Camilla... 


June 20, 2022 2:09 pm  #2330

Re: Movie night

William's POV:

I tease Anna a little, letting her know I know the effect crying does on her, she teases me back telling me if I don't stop caressing her legs the way I am doing so right now. With the hand I still have on her face, I lovingly wipe the remaining tears and beautiful streaks from her cheeks, then bring it down to her inner thigh, feeling the now familiar jiggle against my hand, when it stops jiggling I slide my hand to her core, feeling it already wet for me (I'm glad as I feel myself pretty wet already).

I smile as I look in her eyes and lay her on her back, slide a finger inside her as I enter and become one with her. I feel Anna shudder with this new feeling of the tent and a finger inside her, I start slowly thrusting intermittently my finger and member as I use my thumb to heighten the stimulation. Not even five minutes gone by, when I feel Anna's whole body tremble and a loud scream comes out from her. 

Even though I try to last longer, feeling her inner thighs strongly jiggling against my outer thighs, seeing her breasts bouncing and her abs trembling, make my whole body, mind and soul shake with utmost passion and love. I instinctively bring my hands to her thighs, feeling her quads graciously jiggle as I slide my hands to her outer thighs, which also jiggle with intense emotion, I slide my hands to her inner thighs, unable to resist her soft skin and muscles jiggle against my hands I shoot my life giving seeds in synchrony with my hands that softly squeeze her inner thighs with each shot my member shoots inside Anna's full with life womb.

I turn my eyes to her eyes (I was too busy admiring her thighs) and see...


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