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June 26, 2022 4:23 pm  #2351

Re: Movie night

I quickly feel Jarrod's hands on my cheeks. He wipes the backs of his fingers gently across my cheeks, catching a few droplets on his way across my cheeks then back up to just below my eyes. As we then break the kiss I feel a new wave of tears filling my eyes. I let them fall unchecked down my cheeks. He then leans back in and kisses a couple of my new tears from each of my cheeks. He then lovingly tells me how much he loved the way I felt during our love making as he's not sure he's ever felt me in just that way. The way I brought him to heaven and back was magical for him. The way my body tensed and rekaxed. The way he felt my hard then soft body. He then told me how much he wished we could have round three, but that we should rest and save our energy for the following day to go to Aran Island.

I gently nuzzle my head into the crook of Jarrod's neck and intertwine my legs with his as he simultaneously drops his left hand on my outer thigh. Not even a sec goes by when I feel a familiar warmth on my thigh. Startled I let out a tiny gasp, but then smile and whisper "I love you."  to Jarrod trying to lessen his embarrassment before drifting off to sleep.

When I awake the next day Jarrod is already awake and out doing his exercises, as usual. I get up feeling a slightly sticky substance on my leg and decide to hop in a quick shower, trying to be ready by the time he gets back.


June 26, 2022 4:35 pm  #2352

Re: Movie night

Anna's pov:

As I am responding to William's deep kiss I can feel my eyes starting to slowly fill up with tears. It seems he has slid one of his hands unconsciously from my waist to my belly. A we break the kiss he looks me lovingly into my now completely tear filled eyes. He has a puzzled look on his face. I point down to his hands as a single tear finally escapes my right eye and is slowly making it's way down my face.  He looks down as I giggle and say "Sorry, it's just my pregnancy hormones. Nothing to worry about. It's just when you put your hands on my belly..." I begin to trail off.

William quickly removes his hands from my waist/belly while asking "So is that a no on the love making?"

"I didn't say that." I begin as another tear runs down my face this time from my left eye. "I've never made love while crying before, but there's always a first time for everything." I finish as I grab his right hand with my left and guide him upstairs.

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June 26, 2022 5:57 pm  #2353

Re: Movie night

Emily's POV

I closed my front door and walked upstairs to my bedroom.

Sophie had just left and had made the difficult decision to end our relationship.

I can't say I was surprised or shocked by her choice. Ever since I had got back to London after my travels following Amanda's funeral things hadn't been right

Tears ran down my cheeks as our time together passed through my mind. We had been so happy, but I just had to ruin it with my roving eye. I had had two beautiful girlfriends; Caitlin and then Sophie. And had managed to cheat on them both. Perhaps it would be best if I spent some time single and only initiate my next relationship when I was absolutely sure I wouldn't screw it up

I wiped away my tears and went back downstairs to help my parents with the dinner

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June 26, 2022 6:10 pm  #2354

Re: Movie night

Sophie's POV

'I'm sorry' I sobbed to my two best friends, tears streaming down my face. 'I asked you to support me and then I do this'

Kate and Samantha hugged me tightly and when we broke apart I saw tears were streaming down their faces too

'Don't apologise' Samantha said wiping her tears. 'If things weren't fixable between you and Emily, you did the right thing'

'I just didn't think I could trust her anymore' I sobbed, wiping my tears. 'Not like you trust Rachel, Kate'

Kate wiped her tears and nodded. Her girlfriend was in Tokyo after doing her Seoul Metro run and would be away for another week. Despite missing her girlfriend something fierce, their relationship was strong enough to survive their time apart

I was feeling dehydrated after my crying session so I went downstairs. As I entered the kitchen I heard a pair of boots being unzipped.

'Hi Soph' Samantha's sister Kirsty greeted. She zipped her boots on under her jeans and put her jacket on. She was obviously preparing to go out somewhere

'I thought I'd catch a movie' she explained. 'You can come with me if you like I have a spare ticket'

I was a little unsure, but I was swayed by the offer as I hadn't spent much time with her. So I said yes

Security will run you down hard
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June 27, 2022 6:56 am  #2355

Re: Movie night

Emma's POV

I was walking back to my office to continue my day at work when I saw Leo on a bench

He looked exhausted and was drinking a can of Coke obviously hoping the caffeine boost would help him through the day

Despite the fact that he had left the juice bar to work for Adrian and broke up with Alicia, I couldn't help tears from running down my cheeks

'You need a day off' I said to him. He took another swig of his drink

'I don't really get one anymore' he explained. He dumped his empty can into the nearest bin and went off to work.

I wiped my face but that didn't stop the tears from running down my cheeks and dripping onto my jacket and skirt. He was working so hard and I knew from what Helen and Natalie told me about Adrian he wouldn't appreciate it at all

Security will run you down hard
And I will lead them on a merry chase

June 27, 2022 1:21 pm  #2356

Re: Movie night

After an overload of love and a great time to get to know my loving wife's body, I wake up refreshed, I feel sticky, yet, I'd rather do exercise before taking a shower. I do my 45 minute routine and when I come back I find Camilla wearing a ribbed bra with a fleece jacket (she is wearing it unzipped teasing me with her six pack abs), Greenstone shorts that highlight her chiseled thighs up to mid-thigh and peak hiker 2 mid (that enhance her shapely, muscular calves). I go get a quick shower, trying to bring my tent down, come out wearing a Mountain forest graphic tee with a Highline Trail full zipper hoodie and knee length Carto shorts, I sit and put on my Peak Hiker mid boots.

We set off from Galway to Doolin to embark to the Aran Islands, a heavy rain starts to fall as we are in the very on the way to Inishmore, a 13 km crossed by a single road, we admire Dun Aengus, a dry-stone walled fort that overlooks an unprotected cliff. As we hike I can't stop recalling the sensation of Camilla's hard body suddenly becoming soft in my hands as I see her sexy thighs and calves flexing and slightly jiggling as she walks, the water enhancing her muscles.

We take a cliff cruise, then we ferry back to Doolin, where we get to experience the real Irish life. As night catches upon us, I see Camilla a bit tired, I softly pat her thigh and ask her if she wants to call it a night.


June 27, 2022 9:26 pm  #2357

Re: Movie night

After my shower I quickly get dressed in a ribbed bra with an unzipped fleece jacket, Greenstone shorts that show my thighs up to mid-thigh and peak hiker 2 mid. Soon after I finished getting dressed Jarrod comes back from his exercises. He gives me a quick glance up and down (I can see a tent quickly forming in his shorts). He then excuses himself to the shower. Not a few min go by when he comes out wearing a Mountain forest graphic tee with a Highline Trail full zipper hoodie and knee length Carto shorts, and Peak Hiker mid boots.

We then quickly set off from Galway headed toward Doolin to embark the Aran Islands. No soon after we are making our way to Inishmore it starts to rain heavily. It's a warm rain so I don't mind. We admire Dun Aengus on our hike.

Shortly thereafter we reach our destination and take a cliff cruise before ferrying back to Doolin.  I don't know where the day had gone, but it is fast approaching night and I am getting a bit tired from all our fun today. I guess Jarrod read my mind as he then patted my thigh and asked if I wanted to call it a night.

"Yeah, I'm a bit tired but I don't want our fun to end just yet." I begin with a yawn. "Mind if we grab a late night bite to eat and maybe a drink or two before going back to the hotel?" I ask hoping Jarrod will indulge me as I don't want our perfect day to end just yet, despite the fact that I'm a bit tired.

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June 27, 2022 11:44 pm  #2358

Re: Movie night

William’s POV:

As we kiss I slide my hand from her waist to her still toned abs. When we break the kiss I see her beautiful eyes full of tears. I don’t understand what is causing her tears, she points down to her abs, saying as a tear rolls down her right cheek: “Sorry, it's just my pregnancy hormones. Nothing to worry about. It's just when you put your hands on my belly...” She trails off, confused, I ask if I am not allowed to touch her there. She answers that she has never made love while crying, another tear starts to roll down her other cheek and teasingly says: “but there’s always a first time for everything” immediately grabbing my right hand with her left, leading me to the bedroom.

I am surprised and starting to get extremely turned on as she, with lust in her eyes, quickly with undresses me. I respond the same way, stripping her out of her clothes. She throws me on the bed placing herself on top of me, her knees right next to my hips, I am getting turned so turned on I can’t remember last time I felt this way. Feeling her inner thighs brushing my waist, Anna leans towards me, her fit abs on mine, I feel a tear land on my chest, she approaches my lips, giving me a passionate kiss, another pair of tears land on my cheeks.

I feel myself becoming one with her, my member searching hers, meeting in an explosion of emotions. Anna raises her body to adjust to me inside her. As soon as I become one with her a torrent of tears stream down her beautiful face, landing on my lower abs. I start thrusting as I grasp the side of her abs, which softly trembles with each thrust.

I slowly slide my hands down her waist, feeling it bounce with each thrust. I continue going down until I reach her strong, well built thighs. Not long am I indulging in her breathtaking jiggly thighs when I see a huge tear (I guess a few tears collected on her chin until they couldn’t hold anymore).

I feel an utmost good feeling, I had never felt her tears and her beautiful thighs jiggle in my hands at the same time. To fulfill the experience I continue sliding my hands from her jiggling thighs to her muscular, shapely calves, which strongly make my hands bounce as they jiggle with each strong thrust.

We hit the point of no return, I tense my body, feeling my thighs strongly jiggle against her still jiggly thighs as I lift my upper body to kiss her tear soaked face. I kiss her salty cheeks a few times, lifting my hands to clear her cheeks from her tears. She smiles as a new wave of tears streak her cheeks.

I kiss a couple more tears and streaks from her cheeks and say: “I guess the pregnancy hormones are making your tear ducts work overtime.” As I lovingly wipe her tear streaks dry.
We collapse in bed, her right thigh over my abs, I softly caress her strong thigh muscles along her soft, jiggly crevices until I drift off to sleep. Before I fall asleep I whisper: “I love you.”


June 28, 2022 3:33 am  #2359

Re: Movie night

Even though Camilla is a bit tired, she doesn't want to call it a night yet, seems the hiking made her hungry in the evening. She asks if we can get something to eat and a drink or two. I think for a minute, take her hand and walk her to Fitzpatrick's bar, there are the traditional fish and chips, silky seafood pasta and a wide variety of food and drinks.

I order a couple of pints of traditional Irish Ale, as we drink and giving Camilla time to order, I slowly move my left calf towards Camilla's silky, sexy calf. As soon as contact is made, I feel her soft skin against mine, her relaxed muscles give in to the light pressure of my shin, which pushed them all to the inner side of her leg. Camilla blushes a bit and looks at me. I slightly move my shin away from her calf, gravity does its work, Camilla's shapely, strong calf muscles quickly try to get back to their place, jiggling all the way to the outer part of her leg and back to the inner part three of four times, finally resting on their normal position.

I slide my calf, turning my leg lightly in order for my well worked out calf muscles meet hers, I am getting turned on with this exciting preamble when the waiter arrives to take our order; I choose the traditional fish and chips, Camilla...


June 28, 2022 3:51 am  #2360

Re: Movie night

Anna's pov:

As soon as we get into our bedroom I quickly undress William and he responds in kind undressing me just as quickly. I can't help my strong emotions as I push him onto the bed and climb on top of him placing my knees next to his hips. My inner thighs begin to brush against his waist. As I lean in closer to him I feel a tear escape my eye and see it as it drops onto his chest. I slowly approach his lips, giving him a passionate kiss as I feel another pair of tears roll off my face and land on his cheeks.

I quickly feel William trying to become one with me. I lift my body just enough for his member to enter. As soon as our bodies become one I can't help but feel a rush of hormones overcome me and I can't stop a torrent of tears from streaming down my face, finally dripping into his lower abs. He then grabs the sides of my abs as he starts thrusting inside me.

I feel William slowly begin to slide his hands down my waist, continuing to slide even further until he reaches my thighs. I am nearly lost in the sensations of him indulging in them until I get caught in a new sensation. A giant cold tear bare!y still clinging to my chin, until it looses its battle weigh gravity and falls onto his hand that is still on my thigh.

I feel William continuing to slide his hands from my thighs down to my calves. He indulges himself in my calves or only a min when I feel his body tense. I know he is at the point of no return. His thighs jiggling against mine as they jiggle in contrary motion to his. I then feel him lift his upper body and lean in for another delicate kiss, indulging himself in my tear soaked face.  He kisses my tear soaked cheeks a couple times, then lifts his hands to my cheeks. He then uses the pads of his thumbs to clear my cheeks from all my tears. I can't help but smile as I feel a new wave of thick, warm tears falling from my eyes and over my cheeks.

William gently kisses a couple more of my new tears from my cheeks when he tells me he knows my tears are just from my pregnancy hormones. As soon as he completely wipes all my tear streaks dry we collapse in bed, my right thigh over his abs. As he is caressing my thighs and calves I remove his hand and place it in my belly. "Of course you can touch my belly. Any time you want. It's just become such an emotional spot for me since I've become pregnant. As it makes me think of the happiness our newly forming life as well as the sadness of our lost life." I say softly trying to ease his confusion from earlier. The last thing I remember as we drift off is him whispering "I love you" softly into my ear.

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