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July 2, 2022 7:01 am  #2371

Re: Movie night

Enid's POV

It wasn’t long before the exam results came out and I was very pleased to learn that I had passed my sophomore year and would move up to juniors next year

I could devote myself to helping Tristan prepare his new shop. It was a wonderful time and my boyfriend listened to my suggestions and soon it was coming together

My holiday with Melissa to Sao Paulo was fast approaching. I had already done some research on my own - I wasn't aware for instance that it had a metro system - and I was soon ready to go

Tristan saw me off at the airport and he asked me to look after myself and I promised I would. I gave him a hug goodbye as tears ran down my cheeks

I felt guilty when I passed through security, you see Melissa had asked us to keep our trip secret.

'I don't want my brother to worry' she'd said in her email 'I want to enjoy some girly time alone with you'

I agreed and hadn't told him where we were going, but a part of me didn't think Tristan would like that

I flew down to Texas where I was spending the night with Melissa. She greeted me with a hug and to my delight tears ran down my cheeks again. (My dacryphillia had grown a lot since the last time I had been in Texas)

'It's so good to see you' Melissa said. We drove to her house and I put myself up in her spare bedroom

We were up early the next day as we had an 11am flight down to Sao Paulo, but the next morning as we were coming down to breakfast I saw Melissa had a female visitor and from what I was hearing as I walked down the stairs they were having a tender conversation

'I'll see you when you get back' the girl said and as she started to kiss Melissa I opted to silently go back upstairs to give them some privacy.

I didn't know Melissa liked girls as well as boys. Or if she was just bicurious. Whatever she was it was none of my business and if she chose to tell me during our trip then so be it

I waited for the front door to close counted to ten and walked down to breakfast

Melissa greeted me with a smile and we started to both eat our cereal

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July 2, 2022 4:16 pm  #2372

Re: Movie night

Melissa's pov:

Finally the day came for my trip to Sao Paulo with Enid. I hoped she had listened to me and not told my brother about our trip as I knew he'd get worried about us. I found out a day brfore our trip that unfortunately she had told him we we're going on a trip, she just didn't say to where. I can understand her wanting to tell him, and I wasn't mad, but now I was worried he might try to convince her not to go as he has a tendency to overworry.

Enid planned on spending Friday night with me in Texas before our trip. Enid finally arrived. I greeted her at the airpoirt and she gave me a giant hug. I felt a few tears land on my shoulder and when we pulled away I saw tears running unchecked down her cheeks. Enid explained they were happy tears and asked if I minded letting them continue to fall unchecked as my brother rarely did and she loved how they felt as they  ran.

I put Enid up in my spare room for the night and we turned in early, just after dinner as we had to be up early the next day for our 11am flight to Sao Paulo. After a wonderful night sleep I awoke a bit earlier as I was expecting a special visitor before we left. Since Enid's last visit I had met a very special woman at school. It wasn't until then I realized I may like women just as much as men. We had only been going out a few weeks and I asked her to stop by to say goodbye to me before our trip. I asked her to come early before Enid woke up as I wasn't sure how Enid would take it that I was with another woman.

Lisa came over and texted me instead of ringing the bell. She knew I had company and didn't feel comfortable announcing I was dating a girl...just yet. We talked in my kitchen for a few min. I could feel my eyes filling with tears. This was the longest she and I would be apart since we met. I could feel my breathing increase and a lump forming in my throat. She has never seen me cry so I tried to blink back the impending tears. She then told me she'd see me when I get back and she gave me a tender kiss on my lips to which I happily responded. That's when the damn broke and my tears began to fall freely down my cheeks. I let them fall unchecked as we finally broke our kiss.

Lisa stood there in awe as she looked me directly into my eyes as my tears continued to fall. "It's only going to be a week." Lisa reassured me. "But I can't stand to see so many beautiful tears running down your face, my love." She finished as she lifted her hands and delicately yet nervously began to wipe my tears away with the pads of her thumbs.

"I never knew you liked tears, but I really appreciate your kindness." I said as I looked up at my girlfriend sheepishly hoping she liked tears as much as I have recently begun to.

"When the tears are as beautiful as yours, who wouldn't love them and have the utmost desire to take care of them." Lisa said as she finally put her hands back down awaiting my reaction.

I looked at my watch and realized it was getting late and Enid should be getting up to get ready to head out for our trip. So I told Lisa goodbye gave her one last hug and showed her to the door.

Not a moment later Enid came down into the kitchen and we had a quick breakfast. I hoped the last of my remaining tears had started to dry as I didn't really want her to ask any questions. Not that I'm ashamed of my tears, but I didn't want to start crying again. I wanted to start our vacation on a more happy note.

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July 2, 2022 11:10 pm  #2373

Re: Movie night

Camilla blushes, then slowly says: "I'm so in love with you I'd marry you 1,000x if only we could. Every day would be the most magical day of my life. You have no idea how long I've loved you even before we got together. I was just afraid of ruining our friendship, but becoming your girlfriend and now wife was the best decision of my life." I feel my eyes start to fill with tears, but immediately remember the cute girls in the other table and quickly push them back, leaning on Camilla's thigh, giving her a deep, loving kiss on her lips.

I softly brush my thumbs over her cheeks, remembering when Camilla told me that gesture made her extremely emotional, and break the kiss...


July 2, 2022 11:42 pm  #2374

Re: Movie night

Tristan's POV:

Enid's exam results came well, she has been helping me with the shop, making it 1000x better, she tells me Melissa invited her on a girls only trip, she didn't say where though. A few more days go by, Enid and I working in the shop, indulging in each other every now and then, becoming even close to each other, our relationship is getting tighter bonds, we get to know more of each other, physically, intellectually and spiritually.

The day of her depart finally comes, I take her to the airport, I can't help placing my hand on her beautiful thigh, as she is wearing a pink t-shirt and a pair of white shorts, I take my right hand off the steering wheel and casually drop it on her left thigh, my heart still leaps when I feel her silky soft skin and her relaxed, yet toned muscles jiggle in my hand. I casually caress it on the way to the airport, intermittently bringing my hand up her toned, defined arm.

When we reach the airport, I take her hand and walk her to the terminal she is flying from, I tell her to take care, she gives me a hug, I look around when I feel her back lightly shudder in a soft sob, a quite handsome guy is staring at us, seems he likes what he sees in her showing off her stunning thighs and breathtaking calves. I caress her hair as I feel a couple of tears land on my shoulder. When she breaks the hug she looks extremely beautiful, her grey eyes shining with tears and tears sparkling as they roll down her cheeks, leaving thick streaks behind adorning her lovely face.

I see the guy walking around from behind her to her side, I guess he can see her tears by now (when Enid gets this emotional she can shed quite big tears). I smile at Enid, hold her hands as tears run down her cheeks. I softly tell her: "You know I will miss you, a lot, I'll pray for you both so God is with you and nothing bad happens to you. You know I love you both with all my heart". As I say this last sentence I lean and kiss a hot tear from each of her cheeks and saying: "I'm sorry for not letting your beautiful tears run down your cheeks, I feel the need to comfort you, I honestly hope you love me devoutly kissing and wiping your tears trying to comfort you, as I do when you take care of mine, I feel our bond grows stronger". I bring the pad of my index and middle fingers to her cheeks and very lovingly swipe them from the inner corner, just below her eye, to the outer corner, feeling the pads and the rest of my fingers catching her precious tears and drying her tear streaks.

I look at her and softly swipe my thumbs, taking care of her remaining signs that she has been crying. I notice the guy brings one of his hands down to his member and his face grows red strongly blushing. I see Enid walk towards the plane, her perfect thighs and calves jiggle as she walks. I turn to the guy and walk towards him...


July 3, 2022 4:42 am  #2375

Re: Movie night

I thought I noticed Jarrod's eyes filling with tears but they soon dried up as he leaned hard on my thigh and  surprised me with a  deep kiss on my lips. I then felt him softly brush his thumbs over my cheeks as he slowly broke the kiss. Although not initially very emotional, this loving gesture always seemed to make me unusually emotional pushing my tears to the surface. I could feel my eyes beginning to fill up with tears. I blinked a couple times  while his thumbs were still on my cheeks and just let my tears roll down my cheeks and over his thumbs which I knew he found a really intimate gesture.

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July 3, 2022 5:10 am  #2376

Re: Movie night

I take a glance, very briefly and discrete, to the girls on the other table, they are with their mouths open, they seem envious, maybe they wish they had someone to wipe their tears?

I see Camilla’s eyes quickly fill with tears, she blinks and, instead of going back like mine did, they overflow down the middle of her cheeks, landing on my thumbs, as they are still on her cheeks, leaving a small, thin streak from under her eye to where my thumbs catch the tears (I find this gesture both, extremely sweet and also a turn on, especially in public, that means to me that she doesn’t mind letting the world know I am the chosen one who loves her the most and takes care of her tears).

I swipe her tear streaks and a new pair of beautiful tears replace the first, I lean and kiss both tears then both streaks. Camilla blushes (maybe she felt self conscious about others possibly seeing us?)

I brush her thigh with mine (I wish my shorts were shorter, I feel her soft muscles against the fabric, still I manage to feel them give in) as I tell her: “I can’t wait to give you a surprise tomorrow, you’ll love where we’re going “. I gently drop my hand on her relaxed thigh, indulging in it with all my senses.

“How about we enjoy our dinner and go to bed?”

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July 3, 2022 5:32 am  #2377

Re: Movie night

Enid's POV

'Why did you tell Tristan about our holiday?' Melissa said to me at the gate waiting to be summoned to go onto the plane

'I didn't mean to' I said quietly. 'He found my plane ticket down to Texas and put two and two together. Don't worry though, I didn’t tell him where we we going'

'I hope not, because my brother he overworries and has done since we were both little' Melissa replied

We both got onto our plane for our 9 hour flight and I took the opportunity when we were up in the air to have a brief nap as I had got up extremely early

I awoke about two hours later to see Melissa watching a sad movie on her in flight entertainment system, tears streaming down her face. Leaving her alone I looked through my options and decided to watch Transformers Rise of the Stunticons again

After a very long period of time we reached Sao Paulo and at my suggestion we took the train and the metro to our hotel in the centre of the city

After checking in and going up to my room, Melissa apologised for not speaking to me much on the flight and recommended that we don't go out at night or drink alcohol as she had read somewhere this was important for our safety

I was a little disappointed I have to say as I would have liked to explore the city at night but agreed. I needed to do exactly as she told me if this holiday was going to be nice. Then hopefully she might tell me about her girlfriend once she trusted me again

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July 3, 2022 3:00 pm  #2378

Re: Movie night

As I am letting my tears fall unchecked I feel Jarrod wipe my tear streaks from just under my eyes to the middle of my cheeks, where he catches a few of my thick tears. I can't help but feel this loving gesture wash over me and feel another pair of tears begin to roll down my cheeks right where the last ones had just been.  He then leans in and kisses both tears as well as their streaks. I can feel my cheeks getting hot as I finally realize the girls at the other table are still watching us. I can't help but blush a little.

I guess Jarrod notices my slight embarrassment as he brushes my thigh with his. He then drops his hand on my thigh while telling me he can't wait for tomorrow as I'll love the surprise he has. With that he suggests we enjoy our dinner then go back to the hotel and call it a night as it is already pretty late.

I agree, then order a drink myself to enjoy with my meal. Before I know it we were having such a good time eating and chatting that I ordered another drink, Jarrod two. After an hr we finally decide it is really time to call it a night. I stumble slightly back to the hotel, Jarrod using his arm to give me support. I guess I'm getting used to the alcohol because any other night I would have been completely drunk and have had to be carried back to the hotel.

We finally get back to our room, throw off our clothes and go straight to sleep.

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July 3, 2022 3:32 pm  #2379

Re: Movie night

Melissa's pov:

After our nice breakfast Enid goes to get her luggage out of the spare room. I hear a buzzing and realize she has left her phone on the table and a text is coming in. I glance over slightly and notice it was a text from my brother. It said "Have a good trip with my sister and be safe!"

I managed to hold my tongue until we got to the airport. As we were waiting at our terminal to get on the plane I turned to Enid and asked her why she told my brother about our trip. Enid said she hadn't but that he figured it out when he found her plane ticket to Texas then she felt she had to give him some sort of explanation. Luckily enough she didn't tell him where we were going, that was my only solice. I told her I was upset because I wanted toenjoy a nice girls trip, but that my brother likes to overworry.

As soon as we got into the plane I decided to look for a nice movie to watch to take my thoughts away from the current situation. I guess Enid noticed I didn't feel like talking so I soon noticed her fast asleep. I quickly found a movie I hadn't seen in a while. UP. By the end of the movie I had tears streaming didn't face. I didn't bother to wipe them as it was dark in the plane and I doubted anyone could see me; besides Enid was asleep, or so I thought until I heard her TV playing a movie quietly.

Seven hrs later (our trip was 9 total) our plane finally landed in Sao Paulo. We quickly grabbed our luggage then Enid suggested we take the train and metro to our hotel. I decided she was right and that was the best way.

As soon as we got into our hotel and dropped our things in our room I was finally starting to feel a little less upset at Enid so I apologized for my behavior earlier and giving her the cold shoulder on the flight by ignoring her and not talking to her. I then decided to give her a friendly warning about not going out at night or drinking any alcohol saying I had read this was very important for our safety. I mean anything extra we can do to stay safe will help with my brother overworrying I thought to myself. Enid readily agreed.

I then decided to text my girlfriend letting her know we arrived safely as I knew she would be a bit worried too. "Lisa, We made it to Sao Paulo safe and sound. We're in the hotel now unpacking our bags, before we head out to see some sights. Love you, miss you. See you in a week." I then threw my phone onto the nearest bed.

"I'm kind of hungry. I haven't had anything to eat since breakfast. Mind if we grab a bite after I take a quick shower?" I asked Enid hoping she wasn't too tired.

"Sure. I'd love to. I'm kind of getting hungry myself." Enid said as I quickly went into the bathroom and turned on the shower.

Half way through my shower I heard my phone beep. I knew it was a text. It was my girlfriends special tone. I guess I had forgotten to shut off the ringer. As I was finishing up my shower I was hoping Enid wouldn't see the text as I still hadn't told her about my girlfriend, not knowing how she'd take it.

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July 3, 2022 5:05 pm  #2380

Re: Movie night

Enid's POV

Melissa asked if she could have a quick shower before we go out for a bite and I agreed.

I quickly changed myself into a tank top and blouse and trousers with some nice sandals.

As I was doing this I heard a phone bleep. Initially I thought it was mine and then I remembered it couldn’t be as I had switched mine off before our flight and never switched it back on!

I didn't pry into Melissa's messages, just left it

Once Melissa had finished her shower and got dressed we travelled just down the street to the Japanese restaurant we had passed on our way to the hotel from the metro station

It was very busy and we did have to shout to talk over our fellow patrons, but the meal was nice and reasonably priced and once we had finished we immediately went back to the hotel as the sun was setting to plan our excursions for the next day

We bought ourselves a lemonade each and we went through the list of things we could do. Having already done my research on the metro I was able to plan our journeys to the various places. We decided for our first day we would go to the Sao Paulo zoo

I was starting to yawn so we both decided it was time to go to bed

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