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July 8, 2022 6:24 pm  #2411

Re: Movie night

Enid's POV

At the museum looking at all the paintings my eyes filled with tears as I looked. Tristan would love looking at these

Melissa asked me what was wrong and I told her. She recommended I ring my boyfriend when I get back. A tear ran down my right cheek just then and I agreed.

I opted not to wipe my tear just leave it to dry. It was impressively not falling off the edge of my face just hanging there near my mouth. Once I had my fill, I gently used a finger to wipe it off my face.

We returned to the hotel, once again experiencing the Brazilian rush hour and then Melissa stayed in the bar, whilst I went up to our room to call Tristan

I dialled his number as my eyes filled with tears. As soon as I heard his voice they began to run down my cheeks. Because I was holding my phone in my right hand I couldn't wipe them away easily so I let them dry on my face again

He asked me how we were both doing and I told him we were both doing fine and getting along very well. He told me how far his training was going, that he'd managed to find a suitable space for the shop and Kim was a perfect apprentice.

'She and her girlfriend got engaged by the way' he told me. Another round of tears ran down my cheeks. I was so happy for my housemate Leanne

'Does Melissa have a new boyfriend yet' he asked

'No she doesn't' I said truthfully. We talked for another two minutes and then I hung up and went down to Melissa

I told her about our conversation and that her brother had asked if she had a new boyfriend and that I had said no

'He didn't ask if you had a girlfriend' I said quietly. 'He doesn't know about your sexuality does he'

Melissa nodded no as a tear streamed down the left side of her face

'Don't worry' I told her 'I'm not going to pressure you. This is your secret not mine, tell him when you are ready, not before'

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July 9, 2022 4:58 am  #2412

Re: Movie night

Melissa's pov:

As soon as we reached our hotel, despite being stuck in rush hr...again, I told Enid to feel free to go up to our room to call my brother. I opted to give her privacy by staying downstairs in the bar. As per Enid's warnings about drinking alcohol I opted for a Virgin cocktail while I waited.

Enid returned in about 10min to tell me she had finished her conversation with my brother. She told me he asked how I was and if I had found another boyfriend. She said she had told him no. And wasn't sure if I had ever told him about my sexuality so she didn't mention anything about a girlfriend.

I shook my head no as I couldn't get any words to come out. It hurt not feeling able to tell even someone as close as my brother about my new love. I mean yes, his ex did leave him for another girl but that couldn't have left a good taste in his mouth about same sex relationships. Thinking about all this made my eyes quickly begin filling up with tears with one almost immediately streaming down the left side of my face.

Thankfully Enid told me she was going to keep anything I tell her about my relationship a secret and let me tell people only when I feel ready.

"I'll tell my brother when we get back from vacation." I began taking a deep shaky breath as another tear escaped my left eye and ran down the same path as my previous tear. "I mean, if he cares about me the way he says he does he'll just be happy I'm in a happy relationship despite the sex of my partner." I continued hoping my words weren't in vain. "Now, could we go back to our room for a bit before figuring out dinner?" I asked using the palm of my left hand to roughly wipe the now drying tears and their streaks off my face.

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July 9, 2022 8:45 am  #2413

Re: Movie night

Enid's POV

We decided to go back to the Italian restaurant as we had both enjoyed it. Me being the creature of habit, I opted to have the Tagliatelle and tiramisu again whilst Melissa had the Lasagna

We discussed what we wanted to do next. Melissa wanted to visit the Olympic Park and I wanted to be a bit geeky and go on the Monorail as I had never been on one before

We returned to our hotel and went to bed. At some point during the night I awoke to hear the sound of sobbing coming from the bathroom. I decided to let Melissa have her privacy and let her cry and closed my eyes again a tear escaping from my eye and soaking into my pillow

The next morning Melissa seemed fine and I didn't want to make her uncomfortable so I didn't mention hearing her crying. We first took the Metro to Pinherios and then changed to Commuter Rail to go to the Olympic Park.

After a brief lunch and some more Instagram posting, we retraced our steps back to our starting point and continued on the Metro to Villa Prudente where we climbed two levels to get on the Monorail which continued for eleven stations to Jardim Colonel

I was very excited to see the view and Melissa despite her inner turmoil seemed happy too. We got off at the terminal station to have a brief walk round before heading back to the hotel

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July 9, 2022 1:05 pm  #2414

Re: Movie night

Feeling Camilla’s toned thighs softly molding in my hand forms a tent, but I know Camilla is pretty tired and we have a long day tomorrow, so, we decide to go to bed.

As soon as we get in bed, Camilla entwines her legs with mine, I still haven’t gotten used to desire my wife and not do something about it. I suppress a gasp when I feel her silky, smooth shin rubbing my relaxed calf, my strong, firm muscles not putting any opposition, as if welcoming a friend, give in to her touch. I feel my tent pulsating, I take a couple of deep breaths as I feel her head in the crook of my neck, so relaxed that I know she is drifting off. I softly bring my hand to the back of her thigh, giving it a couple of soft squeezes, feeling it jiggle lightly.

Next morning we have a light breakfast, get dressed and ready for some hiking. We head back to Galway and take the M6 towards Dublin to get to Newgrange.

On the way there, we stop at Clonmacnoise, a monastic site, where we admire the ruins of a cathedral and 8 more churches, along with tombstones that date from more than 1000 years ago. They have beautiful Celtic crosses and are surrounded by round towers .

We go back to the car and continue our way to Newgrange, as soon as I start driving, I softly place my hand on Camilla’s thigh, feeling her warmth seeping through the fabric of her pants. I can’t believe the more I am with her, the more I love and desire her, as I feel a tent slowly building in my pants as I feel her perfect thigh softly jiggle in my hand.

We finally reach Newgrange, the most spectacular and ancient funeral complex in Ireland that is located in the middle of the Boyne valley. We visit the Trim castle, then take a stroll in the Hill of Tara.

After all this walking, we both feel our stomachs rumble. We go to Bru bar & bistro to have a delicious meal, then we check in Listoke House, ending our day.


July 9, 2022 3:22 pm  #2415

Re: Movie night

Melissa's pov:

We had a lovely dinner at the Italian restaurant we enjoyed the previous evening. It was per Enid's suggestion. She said she had such a lovely meal she wanted to enjoy it again. Who was I to disagree? I couldn't say my meal wasn't lovely as well; but this time instead of ordering the same thing as Enid I opted to get the lasagna.

While we ate we discussed what we'd both like to do the next day. I mentioned I'd like to visit the Olympic Park while Enid said she'd like to go on the monorail as she'd never been. We both agreed to each other's suggestions and after dinner decided to call it a night.

Unfortunately after a couple hrs sleep I was awoken by a bad dream. I couldn't get the image out of my head and when I opened my eyes I realized I had tears streaming down my face. I could feel a sob about to escape my throat so instead of waking Enid up I decided to go into the bathroom. No sooner than I had stepped foot into the bathroom than a very ugly pout came on my face and a gut wrenching sob immediately escaped. I just stood there and let myself ugly cry for a while while I tried to process my feelings from my dream.

*I dreamed I finally and excitedly came out to my brother, in person by bringing my lovely girlfriend to meet him and he yelled at me asking WTF I thought I was doing. Then he asked if any time a guy gets dumped if the girl is just going to turn to another girl, like his ex did and now me. He asked me very angrily what's wrong with men. I then told him he'd love my girlfriend if he just got a chance to get to know her. Instead he walked out of the house slamming the door behind him leaving both myself and my girlfriend with tears starting to stream down our faces and a look of disbelieve of our faces.*

After a few more min of letting myself sob, my tears finally started subsiding. I washed my face and went back to bed hoping I hadn't woken Enid.

The next morning I felt much better. After a quick breakfast in the hotel's restaurant we took the Metro to Pinherios and then changed to Commuter Rail to go to the Olympic Park.

We decided to have a quick light lunch while posting some more on our Instagram feeds. We then got back on the commuter rail back to Pinherios and then the metro back to our starting point. We however continued on the metro to Villa Prudente. We then climbed two levels to get to the monorail. We stayed on the monorail for its entire run which was eleven stations, ending at Jardim Colonal.

We got off the monorail and enjoyed the view, Enid understandably more excited than I. We walked around a bit then got back on the monorail to go back to the hotel.

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July 9, 2022 3:37 pm  #2416

Re: Movie night

Upon awaking Jarrod is already up as usual. We decide to get dressed for some hiking before haveing a light breakfast. We then head out, back to Galway. We take the M6 towards Dublin to get to Newgrange.

We stop off at Clonmacnoise, a monastic site on our way. We admire the ruins of a cathedral, eight more churches and 1000+ yr old tombstones. We admire their beautiful Celtic crosses and the towers they are surrounded by.

After a bit we get back in the car continuing on our way to Newgrange. No sooner than Jarrod had started driving again than I felt him place his hand on my thigh. Unfortunately it wasn't a very warm day today and I'm wearing pants. I'll admit I do love feeling the warmth of his strong, sort hands on my bare skin.

Soon we reach Newgrange, a spectacular and ancient funeral complex that is located in the middle of the Boyne Valley. We visit the Trim castle, then take a stroll in the Hill of Tara.

I am beginning to get hungry so I ask Jarrod if he's interested in getting some dinner to which he happily agrees saying he's getting hungry as well. We decide on the Bru bar & bistro, have a lovely meal then head to the Listoke House for the night.

Upon entering our room in then to Jarrod and whisper in a sultry voice "I've seen a tent in your shorts more than once today. I know how much you desire me, just a single touch has been driving you wild. Unless you're too tired I'd like to indulge you in your desires."

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July 9, 2022 3:38 pm  #2417

Re: Movie night

Tristan’s POV:

Enid calls me, I hear her voice thickened with tears, my heart goes soft and I let her know I wish I was with her to comfort her and take care of her tears. I also let her know I am getting next level certifications and that the help she sent has been quite useful, the girl surely is compromised with her job, maybe it’s because she has a new girlfriend. I also ask if my sister has found a new boyfriend yet, to which she says no.

I tell her I love her and miss her, I’m praying for both of them until they return.

Considering the time zone, I let her get ready for bed.

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July 9, 2022 4:24 pm  #2418

Re: Movie night

As soon as I close the door in the room, Camilla seductively says she noticed a tent more than once today and how easy my body reacts to hers, and offers to indulge me in my desires.

I accept and tell her we have only two full days and fly back on the third, so one round will have to do.

I lay on bed and allow Camilla to be creative and take the lead…


July 10, 2022 3:15 am  #2419

Re: Movie night

As I'm trying to seduce Jarrod he reminds me we only have two full days left before we have to leave Ireland and return to our regular lives. I actually felt a bit sad, but pushed the thoughts aside as he laid down on the bed ready for me to seduce him. Before I even touched him I noticed a tent starting to form in his pants.

"I see you like what you see." I whisper seductively as I teasingly rub Jarrod's groin through his pants then begin to slowly remove my clothes. I notice Jarrod couldn't keep his eyes off my calves and thighs.

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July 10, 2022 5:26 am  #2420

Re: Movie night

Enid's POV

'I hate this book!' I exclaimed as tears streamed down my face. Melissa shot me a grin

'Then why are you reading it?' she said

We were both relaxing by the pool in our hotel. The plan for this day was to visit the market and then another park just off Line 1 of the metro but exhausted by our travels the previous three days had meant we slept in.

So we decided to have a quiet day instead. I had picked out Safe Haven to read and it was this book that was making me cry. I wiped my streaming tears as Melissa sat next to me on her lounger.

I wasn't even at the end of the book just the middle. I was going to be an emotional puddle at the ending. I took another sip of Bicardi and Coke and continued to read

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