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July 10, 2022 7:21 am  #2421

Re: Movie night

As I patiently wait for Camilla to strip, I feel a tent in anticipation, knowing what I'm about to feel. Camilla seductively rubs it as she slowly start to strip, taking her pants off first, along with her runners. Her sexy leg muscles chiseled by God himself, she has the perfect proportion of muscle tone and feminine softness. She always brings me to the point of no return when I feel that hard to achieve muscle tone at the same time that my hands and/or hips make her strong muscles jiggle.

She expertly mounts me, I feel extremely grateful for having the girl of my dreams since middle school. I feel her perfectly fitting on me as we become one. I spiritually feel we are sharing our most intimate feelings in this act, psychologically our bond is growing stronger and physically we know each other to perfection.

My hands immediately go to her outer thighs, it seems like I activated a switch, as soon as I touch her silky, strong thighs, she starts riding me, making me slowly build up the cannon to forcefully shoot inside her, I instinctively start thrusting in contrary motion to her sexy way of riding me, unusually (I think, as I have never been with another girl) feeling her strong outer thigh muscles bouncing firmly (the whole muscle together, no waves of soft jiggle) and, at the same time, I feel her inner thigh soft, tender area jiggle softly, the waves hitting my hips back.

After a couple of minutes I feel Camilla's climax is building up, so I move my hands to her inner thighs to feel her feminine sexy jiggle. That pushes me over the edge and I tense my body as I shoot life giving liquid inside Camilla as she shudders reaching the peak as well.

I am surprised, I don't recognize myself, my tent doesn't deflate, instead, I pull Camilla off me and, lifting her left thigh, I start thrusting into her again, this time, however, since I am holding her thigh and she is not using any strength, I feel all her thigh and calf muscles strongly jiggling in my hands, I move from the back of her thigh, to her outer thigh, the front of her thigh, I almost lose it when I feel her quads jiggling and giving in. I can't control it, for the second time, I shoot strong inside her.

As she slowly lays on the bed, finally resting, I let her know: "Sorry my Love, I couldn't help the second round, I know I promised only one, hope you enjoyed it the same way I did." I slowly close my eyes, softly caressing Camilla's inner thigh, as she has it intertwined, and we drift off to sleep.


July 10, 2022 2:58 pm  #2422

Re: Movie night

Melissa's pov:

I was so excited to visit the market and then another park just off line one on the metro but we ended up sleeping in instead. I didn't realize how tired we were. It wasn't a big deal as Enid suggested we have a quiet day in relaxing by the pool in our hotel and we could go see those things tomorrow.

Enid brought a book as she loved reading, but hadn't had a chance to in forever seeing as how busy she was with her schooling, and helping my brother out with his coffee shop.

All of a sudden I heard Enid exclaim how much she hated the book she was reading. And I asked her why then she chose to read it. She explained it wasn't that she really hated it, she just forgot how much it made her cry every time she read it. Although feeling slightly better about her tears (since getting with my brother), she still wasn't really comfortable crying in public where others could possible see her.

"Well, I'm glad you're enjoying your book." I began hoping I was making the right assumption. "I think I'm going to take a dip in the pool if you don't feel like crying anymore and care to join me." I finished as I stood up from my lounger I had been sitting relaxing on for the better part of the morning.

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July 10, 2022 3:20 pm  #2423

Re: Movie night

Enid's POV

Since I had finished my drink and I had cried enough over Safe Haven, I agreed enthusiastically. We both jumped in the pool and began to swim a few lengths, laughing and weaving our way through the various kids and their inflatables. One of which was a dinosaur

After a lovely dip for what turned out to be over an hour we decided to discuss our evening meal

'Shall we try the Japanese place again' Melissa suggested. 'It might be slightly less rammed tonight'

I agreed and after we both had a brief shower and dried off, we changed into our evening wear and went to the Japanese restaurant

It was luckily less busy than the first night.

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July 10, 2022 3:35 pm  #2424

Re: Movie night

As Jarrod was intensely watching me strip, I slowly mounted him. I felt his hands immediately go to my outter thighs. Feeling his touch was always such a turn on (the way I've never felt with anyone else) that I immediately started riding him. He started thrusting with me his hips hitting mine.

It only took a couple min for me to feel the point of no return quickly building up in me. I guess Jarrod could tell as well, as he then moved his hands to my inner thighs. He does love feeling them as they jiggle. I guess that's was all it took for him to reach the point of no return as I felt him filling me up with his liquid. That immediately made me reach the point of no return and I started bathing his member with my own liquid. I loved feeling the way it mixed with his.

I was surprised when instead of Jarrod rolling me onto the bed to rest, he rolled me onto the bed then  lifted my left thigh and started thrusting hard into me again. As he is holding my thigh I don't have to use any of my strength as he is taking my it upon himself to do all the work.I just let my thigh and calf muscles jiggle in his hands. He then moved his hands from the back of my thigh to my outer thigh to the front of my thigh. That's when I feel him filling me up with his liquid again.

Soon after he slowly laid himself on the bed and told me he was sorry for going a second round but he couldn't help it. He explained he knew he said we would only have one round tonight but again he couldn't help it. Still he said he hoped I enjoyed the second round.

"I know you said only one round tonight, but no worries. I always love any time our bodies are in intimate contact." I said hoping my words would make Jarrod feel better about him going against his word.

With that Jarrod and I intertwined our legs as he softly caressed my inner thigh as we both drifted off to sleep.

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July 10, 2022 3:47 pm  #2425

Re: Movie night

Melissa's pov:

Enid readily agreed to join me in the pool saying she had enough crying over her book for now. We enjoyed swimming in the pool for just over an hr even if we had to sometimes weave our way through the various kids and their inflatables.

After about an hr we were both getting hungry and decided to discuss where we wanted to have dinner. I suggested the Japanese restaurant as I felt it would be less busy tonight seeing as how it was the middle of the week. Enid happily agreed saying she had enjoyed their food last time.

We hurried to our room, took turns showering to remove the chlorine from the pool and then changed into our evening wear. Nothing fancy, but slightly fancier than our lounge clothes from our time at the pool earlier.

We then headed to the restaurant, lucky to find we were right and it was much less busy than the last time we ate there. This time we could enjoy our dinner with nice conversation.

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July 10, 2022 4:12 pm  #2426

Re: Movie night

Next morning, I wake up a bit late, as I spent a lot of energy last night with Camilla, I decide to stay in bed with her, feeling her perfect thigh and calves jiggle in my hands as she has her legs intertwined on my hips.

I softly pat her upper thigh, feeling the sexy waves of soft muscle giving in, letting her know it's time for breakfast. After a nice breakfast we head straight to a sports clothes shop to get her a pair of convertible pants (as she hinted she wanted a pair), she leaves the shop with the pants on. As soon as she gets in the car, she looks at me in a very seductive way, letting me know I would get to feel her silky skin in the car.

I see Camilla slowly taking off the lower part of her pants, leaving her with shorts that cover only the middle of her thigh. I can't help but strongly drop my left hand on her right inner thigh, feeling it graciously jiggle in my hand. I caress it up and down from the hem of the shorts to her knee.

We go down to Dublin, stopping at Skerries, where the sea laps the road, we make a stop at Malahide to stretch our legs, I wonder if Camilla is putting her pants back on or will she let me indulge seeing her beautiful leg muscles flex.

We walk from Malahide to Portmarnock, it's a short, 7 minute walk in which we admire the coastline. We walk back to the car (another 8 minutes) hop back in the car, and I make our final stop at Howt, a beautiful seaside village, we walk in the beach, we admire sea lions and we treated ourselves to a one piece of the promenade on the promontory.

The day is ending, so we return the car and go to the Luxury Rental Dublin Sir John Rogerson's Quay to sleep.

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July 10, 2022 5:16 pm  #2427

Re: Movie night

I feel Jarrod softly patting my thigh the next morning indicating I should get up. I'm surprised he's still in bed. He tells me he decided not to go for his usual exercises as he was up a bit late last night enjoying me. He then tells me it's time for breakfast.

After breakfast Jarrod surprises me by taking me to a sports clothes shop. He tells me he's going to buy me  a pair of convertible pants he knows I've been wanting. I can't help but get so excited I decide to wear the pants out of the store. I give him a seductive look as we get into the car.

I slowly unzip the bottom of my pants while Jarrod watches. After I'm left with shorts that only cover to the middle of my thigh. He immediately drops his left hand on my right inner thigh. He begins to caress it up and down from the hem of my shorts to my knee and back up again. I shiver a little, never getting enough of the sensations I get when he touches me.

On our way to Dublin we stop at Skerries, then Malahide to stretch our legs. Although a bit breezy I decide not to put my pants back on as I know how much Jarrod likes to see my legs flex as I walk.

We walk from Malahide to Portmarnock admiring the coastline. After seven minutes we turn back and walk the eight minutes back to the car, then we make our final stop at Howt to walk the beach. We admire the beach and the sea lions, but most of all we admire each other. I can't stop thinking of how lucky I am to be with such an amazing man and feel my eyes begin to fill with happy tears. I grab his hand and give it a subtle squeeze as my tears find their way back into my eyes.

As the most perfect day is ending we return to the car and go to the Luxury Rental Dublin Sir John Rogerson's Quay for the night. On the way I confess that I wish our trip was longer as Ireland has always been my dream and now that I'm finally here I never want to leave. It finally hit me that we only had one more full day here before we would be traveling home and I could feel another wave of tears beginning to sting the backs of my eyes.

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July 10, 2022 6:14 pm  #2428

Re: Movie night

As we end our day, Camilla confesses she wishes our trip was longer as Ireland has always been her dream and now that she is here she doesn't want to leave. I see tears filling her eyes, my heart grows tender: "Don't get sad, its not as if we couldn't come back in the future". I caress from under her eyes to the edge of her lips with the back of my fingers, that is all it takes, thick tears slowly pour out of Camilla's beautiful eyes and crawl down her cheeks.

I kiss a tear from the middle of each cheek as I notice a second streak on the outer corners of her eyes, which I lovingly wipe with the back of my fingers. "There is always the anniversary to celebrate and come back" I say as I smile at her, slowly brushing her lips with my thumb. "It doesn't matter where we go hiking, you know the best experience of each hike is seeing your sexy leg muscles flexing and jiggling as you walk".

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July 11, 2022 3:58 am  #2429

Re: Movie night

About halfway to the Quay Jarrod responds telling me not to be sad about leaving Ireland as we could always come back. He then turned to look at me and noticed the tears filling my eyes. He turned off the road and parked in a deserted spot then began to tenderly caress from just under my eyes to my lips with the backs of his fingers. That was it, the dam broke and thick, hot tears started to pour out my eyes and flow down my face, streaking my now flushed cheeks.

Jarrod quickly leaned in and delicately kissed a tear from the middle of each of my cheeks while using the backs of his fingers to wipe streaks I didn't even realize were still on the outer corner of my eyes. He then looked me lovingly in my eyes and said we we could always come back on our anniversary next yr as he gave me a reassuring smile. He then slowly brushed my lips tenderly with his thumb while saying that it didn't matter where we went hiking as the best part was not where we were but that we were together and that he got to see my sexy leg muscles jiggling just for him as I walked.

I finally felt my tears subsiding as I said "I appreciate your kind words but I don't want our relationship to be just about me. I want you to pick where we go on our anniversary next yr. As long as we're together I'll be happy."

With that Jarrod turned the car back on pulled out of our parking spot and finished our drive to the Quay so we could rest for the night.

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July 11, 2022 12:27 pm  #2430

Re: Movie night

Enid's POV

The next day we had our deferred trip to the market and then went to Ibirapuera Park

It was quite a complicated journey as from our hotel we had to change onto the 4 line to get to the market, then once we had our picnic provisions we had to return to Luz Station, get the 1 train down to Santa Cruz and finally switch to the 5 line two stops and then had a brief walk to get to the park

We were both tired and ready for lunch after our journey so we laid out our food cracked open a can of Coke each and started to drink

'Thanks for inviting me on this holiday' I said to Melissa as tears ran down my cheeks. 'It's been such fun'

Melissa's eyes filled too

'I'm glad' she replied 'We must do this again.' Once we had eaten and disposed of our rubbish we had a nice walk round the park

Once we had finished our walk Melissa asked me how easy our trip back on the metro would be.

After checking my special app and finding out we would need to take three trains to get back, Melissa suggested an Uber

It arrived at the appointed time and took us back just in time as rush hour was starting to build as we arrived back at our hotel

The Japanese restaurant was quiet again and as we settled down to eat, I got a text from Tristan telling me he was flying down and could meet me off the plane in Texas

I showed the text to Melissa as I expected Lisa would want to do the same and I wanted to avoid any unplanned meetings.

'What do you want to do?' I asked

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