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July 27, 2022 4:06 am  #2591

Re: Movie night

Melissa's pov:

My brother quickly answers Lisa's question saying he's more than ok with us being together but would really like the opportunity to start over. He even opens his arms for a hug. Lisa hesitates then gives my brother a quick hug saying she really appreciates his kind words as she appreciates any kind actions as it relates towards her relationship with me as she knows there will be the fair share of unkind words.

I then decide the best way for everyone to  start over is to invite both my brother and Lisa out to lunch so they can really talk and get to know each other.


July 27, 2022 1:02 pm  #2592

Re: Movie night

I see Anna start to sob as William comforts her like I have never seen him do it before. Her eyes fill so much that tears can no longer be contained in them and they start to roll down her fair cheeks. Big, thick tears begin to draw large, shiny streaks on her face, first one one the middle of her left cheek, then one on the inner corner of her right cheek, then another one on the middle of her right cheek, followed by another one on the outer corner of her left cheek.

I turn to look at Camilla, who already had tears in her eyes, and being as empath and sensitive as she is, I softly pat her quads and caress her inner thigh, telling her softly: "I think we should go comfort Anna, seems she is overwhelmed with the fear of losing this one too, I think it's too much for William to comfort her alone when he is going through the same."

I stand up and go to the other side of William, kneel besides Anna (she is sitting down), lean a hand on her quads for stability and bring my free hand to her cheek, wiping her hot, burning tears from her cheeks. I slowly swipe my thumb on the path of her outer cheek streak until I catch the tear, temporarily clearing the streak, then with the back of my index and middle fingers do the same with the tear streak on the middle of her cheek, going back to her outer cheek as another tear makes her way down.

I instinctively pat Anna's thigh trying to comfort her, unconsciously getting a little distracted as I feel it softly jiggle in my hand, telling her: "It's ok Anna, let out all your pent up emotions, including fear and uncertainty through tears, consciously feel all the fear get out of your soul through each tear, we are all here to support you and give you our love and whatever aid you need, don't feel bad for crying, if you need to cry more intense, don't refrain from doing so, William, Camilla and I will always be at your side when you need us most." I give her thigh another pat and comforting squeeze, standing up.


July 27, 2022 2:10 pm  #2593

Re: Movie night

William's POV:

As Camilla's phone is ringing, I feel Anna's back shudder with a silent sob, I see her eyes filling to the brim with tears, she replies to my offer to take her to Ireland: "I'd like that". As she finishes talking I see the tears in her eyes win the battle and start to slide down her beautiful cheeks leaving several thick streaks on their way to her chin.

I focus on comforting Anna, forgetting about Jarrod and Camilla for a second. I fight my own fears as, now is not the moment to think about it, willing my body, mind and soul to comfort Anna. As I kiss a couple of tears from her cheek and comfortingly squeeze and jiggle her thigh (as my hand is already there), I see Jarrod kneeling on Anna's other side, expertly (his comforting skills are definitely superior compared to mine) taking care of her tears and giving her words of comfort, letting her know she has a family who loves her and takes care of her.

Anna's tears seem to increase in intensity, maybe she feels touched by us comforting her. I wipe a few more tears from her cheek and look for Camilla...


July 27, 2022 2:22 pm  #2594

Re: Movie night

Tristan's POV:

Lisa hesitates but eventually accepts the hug, she breaks it too soon, I wish she had stayed in my arms longer. Still, she says she really appreciates my kind words and actions as she expects many unkind words and harshness towards them.

Melissa decides to invite us to lunch so we get to know each other better. I fight tears of relief with all my will, successfully pushing them back, I don't want to cry in front of Lisa, at least, not yet.
Lisa leaves, guess she is sensitive enough to know I need a time alone with my sister (I haven't hinted, at least consciously, anything).

Melissa sighs in relief and I stop fighting the tears, feeling them quickly getting my cheeks wet, as I leave them unchecked.


July 28, 2022 3:56 am  #2595

Re: Movie night

I can't help but notice the tears falling from Anna's eyes. First one one the middle of her left cheek, then one on the inner corner of her right cheek, then another one on the middle of her right cheek, followed by another one on the outer corner of her left cheek. It hurts me that she is hurting and scared so much she can't even seem to enjoy this new miracle of life she is carrying. I could never imagine truly how she is feeling.

I can feel tears filling my eyes being an empath. I guess Jarrod noticed as he  softly patted my quads and caressed my inner thigh. He then spoke softly saying he thought we should ho comfort Anna as she is overwhelmed with emotions and it is hard for William to comfort her alone especially since he is going through the same emotions.

I readily agreed, took a deep breath trying to push my own tears aside and stood up. I followed Jarrod to the other side of the room and knelt next to Anna as Jarrod and William were already on her other side. It was then I noticed Jarrod slowly swipe his thumb on the path of her outer cheek streak until he caught the tear, temporarily clearing the streak, then with the back of his index and middle fingers do the same with the tear streak on the middle of her cheek, going back to her outer cheek as another tear made it's way down.

I felt such a powerful feeling of love and caring overwhelm me that without even thinking about it I began to brush the backs of my right hand across her right cheek clearing her tears as they fell. William also begins to  kiss a couple tears from her left cheek and comfortingly squeezing and jiggling her thigh apparently completely getting immersed in her emotions and forgetting entirely we were even there.

That's when Jarrod spoke and told her it was ok for her to let her emotions go and cry as long and hard as she needed to. And that she shouldn't feel any negative emotions from crying as he and I would support her and give her all our love during her difficult time. And that we'd always be by her side in her difficult times.

With that I finally felt a single tear escape my left eye and begin slowly rolling down my face. "Those words were beautiful" I said as I continued to wipe Anna's tears as they fell.

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July 28, 2022 4:08 am  #2596

Re: Movie night

Anna's pov:

As I finished talking I could feel my emotions winning and finally beginning to completely overwhelm me. I felt thick, hot tears beginning to escape my eyes and start their decent down my cheeks. There were so many tears I couldn't tell where one started and one ended.

Through my sobs I heard Jarrod telling Camilla that he felt William may need some help comforting me as they could tell he was fighting emotions of his own. The next thing I knew I felt both Jarrod and Camilla wiping my tears delicately while William kissed them away. It was such an intense feeling of love and comfort that I began to feel even more overwhelmed with emotion as more thick, hot tears began racing down my cheeks. My face felt so wet I didn't even know if any individual tear streaks were even still visible.

After a few moments of comfort I finally finally heard Jarrod speak.He said it was ok for me to let my emotions go and cry as long and hard as I needed to. And that I shouldn't feel any negative emotions from crying as he and Camilla would support me and give me all their love during my difficult time. And that they'd always be by my side in my dfficult times.

"T-tank y-you." I managed to choke out through the last of my now fading sobs.

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July 28, 2022 4:20 am  #2597

Re: Movie night

Melissa's pov:

Lisa and my brother hugged signaling they were starting on better terms. I then heard her say how much she appreciated his kind words as she was so used to unkind words and harshness.

I finally decided it was time my brother and Lisa really got to know each other as they were the two main loves in my life so I invited Lisa to go out to lunch with us. I looked back and forth between her and my brother noticing tears filling my brother's eyes. I didn't acknowledge his tears as I had a feeling he'd be uncomfortable crying in front of Lisa.

We decide where we were going to eat and Lisa said she'll meet us there in a half hr sensing my brother and I needed a few min. As soon as she closed the front door behind her I said "Thank you for explaining yourself to Lisa. Your kind words meant so much to both of us." That's when I saw my brother stop fighting his tears (as we were alone). He let them fall unchecked from his eyes and down his cheeks stopping just above his chin.

"These are happy tears, I swear." My brother began slowly half laughing. "I mean I'm so glad Lisa let me explain myself. I was so worried I had ruined your relationship and that's the last thing I would ever want." My brother finished as he continued to let his tears fall unchecked.

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July 28, 2022 4:33 am  #2598

Re: Movie night

Emily's POV

I went out to the bin to put my rubbish in. After I had done this a girl's voice eagerly called my name

I closed my eyes. The one person I didn't want to meet had found me

'You've come back' Anna said, tears running down her cheeks as she gave me a hug 'It's so good to see you. Is your girlfriend here?'

My throat got very tight as I explained she wasn't because we'd broken up, because I had cheated on her

'I'm not the person you think I am' I told her tears streaming down my face. I wanted to say more but couldn't.

Anna looked devastated and as tears streamed down her face, I turned and walked towards my kitchen door. I walked through and paused to wipe my tears away

A pair of boots click clacked behind me and Anna took my hand. Eventually I turned towards her

'No babe, I can't be your girlfriend' I told her my eyes refilling with tears. 'I will cheat on you. I'll ruin everything'

Anna gently kissed me passionately on the lips

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July 28, 2022 1:59 pm  #2599

Re: Movie night

Jen's POV

I was sitting on my bed at home, hugging my booted legs and Instagram stalking Susan. As I flicked through her pictures, tears streamed down my face

I continued flicking through her pictures, occasionally wiping my tears but still they ran down my cheeks.

I jumped as my sister Mirabelle rang me. Wiping my last batch of tears I answered it. She was wanting to know if I wanted to go to the pictures. I agreed and hung up when we had agreed a time

I picked up Susan's pin badge from my bedside table and looked at it for a few moments no longer crying. It appeared to be some sort of runic sigil. I was going to give it back to her


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July 29, 2022 2:12 pm  #2600

Re: Movie night

Anna thanks me for the comforting and supporting words as, finally, her seemingly endless river of tears start to subside. At one point there were so many thick tears that it was hard to identify individual streaks (it took three of us to take care of all her tears), I had never seen Anna cry so intense.

As I turn from Anna, I see Camilla with tear filled eyes to the brim and a single, thin tear streak on the middle of her left cheek, with a tear about to reach lip level. I slowly kiss her tear and brush my thumb from under her eye until the streak ends. I briefly turn back to William and Anna, seeing William's eyes sparkling with emotion and notice that Anna's breathing is finally getting normal. I reassuringly give one last soft pat to Anna's thigh, feeling its natural jiggle as I keep my hand there for a second, look in her eyes and softly tell her: "Never forget this words, we'll always be there for you, no matter what day it is, no matter what time it is, you can count on us for anything, there is nothing too small or insignificant. We love you".

I turn back to Camilla (since she is next to me), look in her eyes as I give her left outer thigh a reassuring pat (I almost forgot what I was going to tell her as I lower my eyes to see her perfect thigh jiggle in my hand): "Don't get sad my love, I'm sure they'll be fine, I'll try to get the best hospital for the baby to be born".

I get up and go back to my seat, waiting for Camilla to come and resume her experience...


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