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August 6, 2022 3:18 pm  #2691

Re: Movie night

Melissa's pov:

I feel my brother leaning on my thigh and slowly reaching around me. Although still focused on the movie I am getting a bit curious. I see out the corner of my eye my brother bringing his thumb to just under Lisa's eye and thumbing away her newly falling tear before it has a chance to decend down her face.

My brother leans back into his spot on the couch just as Lisa turns to look at him. I see a glowing smile forming on his face as he's still facing Lisa. I try to ignore the situation half happy half confused.

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August 6, 2022 6:53 pm  #2692

Re: Movie night

I prepare Camilla's coffee and we sit at the table, William goes and chops some fruit, then brings a chair next to us and sits at the other side of Camilla, offering us fruit. We start drinking our coffee, Camilla says she really likes the coffee and gives me a kiss on my lips, I caress her cheeks in return. William looks at the gesture, and out of the blue, asks: "I was thinking, Camilla, I don't recall seeing you cry often, save a couple of times and only Jarrod, Anna and I were present. How did you feel crying in front of everybody in st Patrick's Cathedral, even though they were happy tears, did you feel embarrassed or self conscious?"

I see Camilla tun to look at William...


August 6, 2022 7:10 pm  #2693

Re: Movie night

William's POV:

After cuddling a while on the couch, Anna tells me she doesn't have stamina for round 3, I help her get up and walk her to bed to call it a day, we sleep with our legs intertwined and Anna wrapped in my arms. Next day I wake up and hear sound coming from the kitchen, I put on a pair of shorts and go to the kitchen, I see Jarrod made coffee and is serving two cups. I go chop some fruit and bring it to the table, I am about to sit in front of them but I feel we're too far, so I bring a chair next to Camilla and sit.

I see Jarrod giving Camilla her coffee, Camilla loves it and thanks him giving him a kiss on his lips, Jarrod corresponds caressing her cheeks, I see a sparkle in her eyes, a question comes to my mind: "I was thinking, Camilla, I don't recall seeing you cry often, save a couple of times and only Jarrod, Anna and I were present. How did you feel crying in front of everybody in st Patrick's Cathedral, even though they were happy tears, did you feel embarrassed or self conscious?" She turns to look at me...


August 6, 2022 7:14 pm  #2694

Re: Movie night

Tristan's POV:

I notice a slight smile on Melissa's face, I softly jiggle her thigh, letting her know I notice, I see Lisa for a moment, then turn my eyes to the screen, waiting for Lisa's reaction...

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August 7, 2022 3:31 pm  #2695

Re: Movie night

William chops up some fruit then sits down next to me offering us some. I politely decline as I take sip of my coffee. As I set my cup back down on the table I tell Jarrod how much I like the coffee then lean over and give him a kiss on his lips. I feel tears of happiness filling my eyes, yet not falling.

William then surprised me by blurting out asking how I fe!t crying in front of everybody at St.Patrick's cathedral as he knows I'm not one to cry so openly in public. He and Anna have even only seen me cry the select few times and they are family. He also mentioned that he knew they were happy tears, but wondered if I still felt self conscious or embarrassed.

I was taken aback by his lack of discretion but decided to answer his question as honestly as possible. I turned to loook at him the I spoke.

"Although I do tend to keep my emotions mostly to myself or at least behind closed doors with a select few this experience was something completely different for me. I was so overwhelmed with love and happiness in the moment that it felt like the rest of the world just didn't exhist, like we were the only two there (although I know that wasn't true). I was so happy I just let my emotions flow without the slightest thought of embarrassment or self consciousness." I then began looking back and forth between William and Jarrod waiting to see their reactions/responses to my bold statement.

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August 7, 2022 3:49 pm  #2696

Re: Movie night

Melissa's pov:

I guess my brother noticed the smile on my face as he softly jiggled my thigh before turning his focus back to the movie.

A few sec later out the corner of my eye I saw my brother looking at Lisa out the corner of his eye. This prompted me to turn my head slightly to look at Lisa. Although still resting her head on my shoulder I could see she had a smile on her face, yet she was also blushing. I wonder if she was thinking about what my brother had just done or if I was just over thinking things. With that I saw her close her eyes which forced another tear out her right eye and land on my shoulder while a tear from her right eye pooled in the corner between her eye and nose.

I decided to be bold, slightly nervous as I didn't want to ruin this perfect moment. I lifted my left hand, brought it slowly up to her right eye and thumbed away the now cool tear still pooled in the corner between her eye and nose. With that she opened her eyes and lifted her head slightly. I turned my body so I was facing her and brought my left hand over to her left eye and traced her now drying tear streak with the pad of my thumb from the middle of her cheek to just below her eye. She began to blush even more from this gesture. I didn't want her to feel embarrassed or self conscious in any way so I cupped her cheeks with both of my hands and planted a deep kiss on her lips almost forgetting my brother was even there. I then surprised myself when I spoke so boldly.

"Lisa, please save your precious tears for me. You never have to feel embarrassed, I'm here to help you take care of them... (Even if they are just from a silly movie)." I added the last part trying to lighten the tension just a bit.

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August 8, 2022 7:28 am  #2697

Re: Movie night

Surprised at Camilla's answer, I kiss her lips as I swipe my finger pads across her cheeks. When we break the kiss I turn to William: "Will, are you confessing Camilla? Since yesterday you have been asking quite personal questions." I think William found a good opportunity to get to know Camilla better, I guess there's nothing wrong, but he may not be asking the correct way.

I caress and give Camilla's thigh a soft squeeze, feeling her worked out muscles give in to my touch through the fabric of her convertible pants.


August 8, 2022 7:55 am  #2698

Re: Movie night

William's POV:

I am shocked hearing Camilla's answers, then Jarrod turns it on me as if I'm being too straight forward, the truth is, I don't know a softer way to ask. I blush as Jarrod says that I am confessing Camilla nd being too personal.

"I'm sorry Camilla, I didn't know a softer way of asking, and I'm asking because I'm going through a process of getting to know myself, I mean, I changed recently and I don't know how to deal with it. Jarrod talking about having his thigh jiggled in a pub, in front of girls who he noticed were seeing him, I know he had to work on it, then you crying in public in the cathedral, I know you since childhood and you never cried, even when you fell from the bike and scraped your knee, I saw your watery eyes, yet you held back your tears, and we were in our early teens, when girls are supposed to cry the most. Where am I going with this, same as Jarrod, who noticed the girls looking at him, the day of the wedding I say two girls and a guy looking at me as I couldn't stop my tears, I tried being discrete, I leaned forward to hide behind the bench, but Anna lifted my face and I clearly saw them seeing my tears fall unchecked. I was extremely embarrassed as, (I start to blush harder) I am opening up like I have never opened before (except with Anna) I feel I cry in a not too masculine way, I have seen guys with a single thin, Hollywood style, streak on their cheek and that's all they cry, while I shed many tears in multiple thick, tear streaks, it's something I can't control and it makes me feel extremely embarrassed, I think I feel more embarrassed by how I cry than by the actual crying. There, my soul is bare, no secrets." I softly pat Camilla's thigh trying to release the anxiety that is building in me as her relaxed thigh bounces my hand as it jiggles against it.

I look at Camilla, and feel tears start to fill my eyes...


August 8, 2022 7:55 am  #2699

Re: Movie night

Liz's POV

'What will you do now?' I asked Leo

'Find another job, I guess' he said 'I don't think Adrian will have me back'

He had won his court case after Marianna his court appointed lawyer had skilfully proven to the Jury that he had been cleaning the restaurant at night because nobody else had been doing it.

She had managed to subpoena the contents of the filling cabinet and his cleaning sheets had been found stuffed in the back of one of the drawers. She successfully argued that since their existence had been proven, someone else was guilty of corporate espionage not Leo

Mine and Emma's testimony that he had been really tired when we had both met him helped out too

We said goodbye and I watched him go, tears running down my cheeks. I hoped he would be happy in his future endeavours

Security will run you down hard
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August 8, 2022 8:11 am  #2700

Re: Movie night

Robyn's POV

I was lying on the grass at the college, exhausted but happy

I had finished my final exam and there was just four days to wait before I would be reuniting with my girlfriend Caitlin. I was going over to see her and then she was coming back with me to the US

I was so looking forward to it

Two figures approached

'Is this a private spot or can anyone join?' Marie asked.

'What's the password?' I replied jokingly

'Biscuit!' Marie replied without hesitation a giggle escaping from her lips.

'Oh is that it' Susan replied with mock disappointment. 'I was told it was SPDDEPCH' I grinned and Marie collapsed onto the ground laughing. Susan joined too and I got up from my seating position

'Thanks for getting me through this year' I said to them. 'If it hadn't been for you two, my long distance relationship would have been so hard.'

Tears welled in both girls eyes

'I mean it was always going to be hard, but without you it would have been really hard. You're my best friends and I love you both.'

I couldn't say anymore but then I didn't have to. Susan hugged me tears streaming down her face, and Marie joined in her tears running down her cheeks

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Security will run you down hard
And I will lead them on a merry chase

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