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August 8, 2022 8:57 am  #2701

Re: Movie night

Tristan's POV:

My heart starts to gradually increase its beat, I see Lisa blushing as a smile forms in her face. I knew behind that tough almost psychologist, was hidden a beautiful, sensitive girl who loved, no, needed to have her tears taken care of. When she notices I am looking at her, she closes her eyes, only sending more tears down her cheeks, this time, Melissa beat me to it, she raised her left hand and brought it to Lisa's cheek, wiping a tear from the inner corner of her eye and bridge of the nose, making Lisa open her eyes and lifting her head from Melissa's shoulder, blushing. Lisa's tears start to roll down her cheeks (as she has her face straight now), Melissa takes advantage of the moment to turn her body to face her, gathering the courage (as it seems this is the first time she wipes her tears) and cups her cheeks, Lisa blushes harder, her fair skin quite red, giving her a kiss on her lips as she lovingly wipes the tears from both her cheeks.

Melissa surprises me when she boldly asks Lisa to save her tears for her and that she doesn't have to feel embarrassed, adding she was there to take care of her tears, after a short pause, adds that even if the tears are caused by a silly movie, I guess she added that to make her less self conscious.

I lean on Melissa's thigh, standing up and kneeling between them, leaning a hand on each of the girl's thighs, I am a bit surprised when I feel Lisa's thigh barely giving in (almost the same as Enid) at the same time that my other hand sinks all the way, pushing Melissa's soft muscle until I feel the femur. I wouldn't expect my sister to have such a strong girl as a girlfriend (to be honest, I didn't expect my sister to have a girlfriend).

I guess feeling a strange hand makes Lisa turn, I see her eyes and I feel Melissa's eyes on me as well, but I'm focused on Lisa now, her eyes still filled to the brim with unshed tears. I softly say: "What my sis says is true, never feel ashamed or embarrassed of your tears, I would never judge you, I, like my sister, will be available for you whenever you need to talk, to vent, and, I know I'm younger, still I have experience, if I can help you with anything, I may not be physically here, but feel free to call me or if you visit us at our hometown, feel free to drop to my coffee shop, I hope Melissa gets to know it soon, since I opened it after Mels last visit." That gesture seems to push some buttons (I guess she has family love issues) as her lips begin to form a curl and the tears that were about to fall, start to slide down her fair cheeks. I open my arms for her to lean in a hug: "Come here, let me hold you". she leans on my arms, placing her face in the crook of my neck, allowing her now hot tears to fall, landing on my neck. I caress her hair with the hand I had on her thigh and giving a soft squeeze to Melissa's thigh, I lift my hand and bring it to her back, rubbing circles on her back as I soothe her hair: "It's ok, feel free to let it all out, the Holy Ghost will give you the gift of healing the old wound behind these tears, I know the movie was just a trigger, but you had underlying issues buried that came out. Please, allow God to make a miracle happen in your life".

I start praying for her in silence, closing my eyes, I know Melissa knows I am going in profound prayer as I feel Lisa's back start to tremble against my hand as sobs emerge from her throat. I allow her to sob in my arms for a few minutes. I open my eyes as she is still sobbing in my arms, I see Melissa with her jaw open, I don't know what she sees in me (could it be the prayer?), I assent with a nod and break the hug, lifting Lisa's face from her chin: "I have a message for you, allow me to give you a proof that God will always comfort those who cry (I lean and kiss a thick, hot tear from her cheek), feel the comfort of Jesus Christ, (I kiss a tear from her other cheek), Our Lady the Holy Virgin Mary is also comforting you, you have healed, you don't need to tell me what it is, the Lord has taken it away from you. (I lean and kiss a tear streak from each cheek) these kisses are just me in my humanity, I really want to comfort you, and following the reading that says that God will wipe away every tear, I want you to feel all the love of God through me". I cup her cheeks and wipe all her tears and streaks from her cheeks, some with my thumbs, others with my finger pads and most of her streaks with the back of my fingers.

"Lisa, God has given you a gift through the Holy Ghost, once you discover it, accept it and don't be ashamed, even though you will swim against the current, Melissa and I are here for you whenever you feel you need to rest or you break down. Your mission will change many lives, and God will take account of it for your salvation. Trust your heart". I pat Lisa's thigh, this time I feel my hand bounce as the contact made her quads jiggle, and stand up, going back to my seat.


August 9, 2022 3:56 am  #2702

Re: Movie night

I'm surprised when Jarrod boldly came out and told William that he thought his questions may have been embarrassing me as they were too personal.

William turns to me and apologizes just in case Jarrod's assumption was right. He explains that he couldn't find a better way to ask. He said he felt the need to ask as he's going through a process within himself and he doesn't know how to deal with it. He said he was surprised to hear how easily I cried at the cathedral seeing as he's known me since we were very little and never seen me cry no matter what happened. Then Jarrod  talked about his thigh being jiggled in public was something he had to work on. He then told me he was mentioning all this because when he cried at our wedding he tried to be discrete but failed and became extremely embarrassed and wanted to know how  we transformed into people who weren't embarrassed about what used to bother them.

With that I feel Jarrod squeeze one of my legs while William pats my other thigh.

"Well, for me it wasn't an easy thing and it didn't happen over night, but I just tried to stay in the moment and forget my surroundings just paying attention to my emotions and not the other people around. It makes me feel a little less self concious on the occasions I can't control my emotions." I answer looking at William as tears start to fill his eyes.

"Just focus on Anna and not the other people around and know she will be there to comfort you and lovingly take care of your tears if/when they need to fall, as will Jarrod and I. I mean I know you've been so strong for Anna these last few mos but I'm sure it hasn't been easy for you with everything going on and I hope you're asking all this so you can finally let go without embarrassment and finally let someone be there for you. Excuse me if I'm being too forward." I said hoping I wasn't overstepping.

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August 9, 2022 4:25 am  #2703

Re: Movie night

Melissa's pov:

I see my brother stand up leaning a hand on both Lisa as well as my thighs. Lisa and Melissa both turn to look at me. He seems more focused on Lisa in this moment. I then hear him speak. He agrees with me and tells Lisa she shouldn't feel embarrassed or ashamed of her tears as he won't judge her and will be there for her to talk to, just like I would. He says she shouldn't hesitate to call him any time she needs to cry or vent. After my brother says this I can see a huge lip curl on Lisa's face. That's when her tears could no longer be contained and began to fall down her cheeks. Before I can even move my brother has already opened his arms initating Lisa in a hug. I was hoping she wouldn't think my brother was being too forward, but she leaned in placing her face in the crook of his neck. He then moved his hand from her thigh to her hair caressing it gently. He then brings his other hand to her back rubbing circles. Then I was even more surprised when I heard my brother tell Lisa he wanted her to feel comfortable to let it all out as he knew the movie was just a trigger from some bigger underlining issue.

My brother starts praying for Lisa in silence. I know this as I see him quietly close his eyes. I can hear Lisa almost immediately begin to break down in sobs. I can't help but let my mouth hang in surprise/disbelief as only the other day Lisa couldn't stand my brother yet now she is openly sobbing in his arms. After a few min my brother breaks the hug, Lifts Lisa's face and begins to tell her that God will always comfort those who cry and that he has already healed her from whatever was bothering her. After he then kisses a tear from each of her cheeks he cups her cheeks and wipes all her tear streaks from her cheeks delicately with the pads of his thumbs, pads of his fingers and backs of his fingers.

I am still in shock as my brother pats Lisa's thighs and then gets up and goes back to his seat. I turn to my brother and try to find just the right words. "That was amazing. I really appreciate your kindness towards Lisa it means the world to me as I believe it does to her as well."

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August 9, 2022 1:55 pm  #2704

Re: Movie night

William's POV:

I feel I am beginning to flush as Camilla says it wasn't easy for her to overcome her embarrassment, then she acknowledges I have stood strong in every situation, but I need to learn to rely on Anna and Jarrod and Camilla, they will always be there to comfort me. Hearing that I feel the tears fighting to escape my eyes, I stop fighting them and allow them to fall unchecked, serene instead of sobbing (I have noticed that I tend to sob and have a crying face more often when I fight tears than when I accept them). I feel a big, thick, hot tear slip from the middle of each of my cheeks. I try not to blink, as more tears will fall. Nonetheless, even though I  don't blink, another tear streak is drawn on my face, I feel a burning thick streak about an inch apart from the one in the middle of my right cheek, parallel to the first one, then I feel another streak on the outer corner of my left cheek. I close my eyes, blushing even more as I feel another pair of streaks drawing on each of my cheeks.

When I open my eyes I am ashamed to look at Camilla, so I look down, my tears about to reach my chin. 


August 9, 2022 2:05 pm  #2705

Re: Movie night

Tristan's POV:

As soon as I sit, Melissa turns to me thanking me for my kindness toward Lisa saying it means the world to her, to which I smile and respond: "I felt the motion of the Holy Ghost that she needed to release and that she would heal that old wound, becoming more free from the slavery of pain and sin, even if I hadn't received that I would have had a gesture of comfort for her, maybe a bit more discrete, I hope Lisa didn't find it as if I trespassed her personal boundaries, but like I said earlier, that was the message, and I was clear that I would have comforted her anyways. Melissa knows I always comfort the girls I love most (her and my girlfriend) and if Lisa is so deep in my sister's heart, she is in a status of almost family, so, there is no way I wouldn't comfort her, if she feels ok with it.

I see a leftover pair of tears rolling down the middle of Lisa's cheeks, I lean my closest hand on Melissa's thigh, reaching Lisa's cheek with the back of my fingers of my other hand, feeling warm tears (no longer hot or thick like the previous), smiling at Lisa (leaving her other cheek for Melissa to take care of).


August 9, 2022 9:30 pm  #2706

Re: Movie night

As soon as I told William that he can stop being strong and rely on Jarrod and I sometimes I see a thick tear escape and run down the middle of each of his cheeks. He leaves them unchecked. I was taken aback as he usually fights to control his tears. Not even a sec later I notice another tear flowing down his right cheek making a streak only inches from his last streak. And another one on the outer corner of his left cheek.  I see him blush as he closes his eyes only sending another set of tears running down both of his cheeks leaving behind distinctive streaks.

A few sec later William slowly opens his eyes hanging his head so I can't see his eyes. I delicately use the backs of my fingers to lift his chin so I was looking into his eyes.

"Please don't feel ashamed. You've been strong for so long and always there for everyone else now is our turn to be there for you. We promise to never judge you for your tears." I refrain from wiping his tears until I see his reaction.

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August 9, 2022 9:41 pm  #2707

Re: Movie night

Melissa's pov:

My brother tells me he would have comforted Lisa either way but he did it this time because he felt the motion of the Holy Ghost that she needed to release and that she would heal that old wound, becoming more free from the slavery of pain and sin. He then added that he hoped Lisa didn't think he crossed any boundaries.

I then felt my brother lean his left hand on my thigh to reach Lisa. He then used the backs of his fingers on his right hand to wipe a single tear that was still rolling down the middle of her right cheek. He left her other cheek unchecked, I'm guessing as a gesture for me. I immediately lifted my right hand to her left cheek and thumbed away her still falling tear tracing its streak to just below her eye.

With that although it looked like Lisa wanted to say something all she did was blush as she continued to look at us.

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August 10, 2022 2:02 am  #2708

Re: Movie night

William’s POV:

Camilla lifts my chin and looks into my eyes, I offer no resistance, as I want to learn like they did, not to be ashamed anymore. Camilla asks me not to feel ashamed and acknowledges I have been strong for everyone in the past, now it’s their turn to be there for me.

I see Camilla staring at me. “Do you think I look less masculine? You know, several tear streaks and thick tears are more common in girls, right? Still you tell me not to be ashamed? I wish I wasn’t ashamed. I have to admit, when Anna wipes them I feel them disappearing and makes me feel less self conscious.”

I stop talking, realizing what I just admitted.


August 10, 2022 2:17 am  #2709

Re: Movie night

Tristan's POV:

Melissa understood my gesture, as she brings her right hand to Lisa's left cheek, taking care of her tear along with the streak all the way up to just below her eye. Lisa looks like she wants to say something, but she only blushes. I stand up once more and squat in front of Lisa, the back of my thighs touching my calves, I lean both hands on Lisa's thighs, caressing her quads from her knees to the middle of her thighs back and forth, encouraging her to talk. Her muscles are quite defined. I give her a look, encouraging her to talk. She doesn't move. I softly bring both hands to her hot face and tell her: "Lisa, don't feel weak for crying, I can tell you, you are very brave for allowing us to see your tears, you are smart for letting your body vent through tears, and I have to admit, you have a very beautiful heart for forgiving me so quickly, allowing me to wipe and kiss your tears as well as accept my hug. Never feel embarrassed or ashamed for crying, if you don't want to cry in front of others, that's ok, but with us, we will love you, comfort you and especially never judge you. Don't think how you look, I know girls tend to be self conscious about their supposed ugly cry face, in fact, we all have it, and it's not ugly. Do you understand?" I tenderly caress both cheeks as I finish talking (I feel sensitive feeling her sticky, hot cheeks).

I look at her eyes.


August 10, 2022 3:43 am  #2710

Re: Movie night

William softly asks if I think he looks less masculine with several tear streaks and thick tears as he feels they are more girl traits when crying. He also says he wishes he wasn't ashamed like I asked. He says Anna is essentially the only one who can make him feel less self conscious about his tears when she wipes them. I can now see him blushing quite a bit as he finally finishes talking.

"I can assure you the way you cried does not make you any less masculine. I mean I've seen guys and girls alike cry both ways so I don't really associate one type of crying vs another with any gender in particular. And I'm glad Anna wiping your tears can make you feel less self conscious. Everyone needs someone they can open up to and feel completely at ease." I said grabbing both of his hands delicately in mine for some added comfort/reassurance.

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