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August 22, 2022 6:33 am  #2811

Re: Movie night

As we are enjoying the movie a very funny scene comes on. Everyone in the theater startes laughing. I hear Jarrod laughing the hardest of all. I turn to look at him and notice unchecked tears rolling down the outer corners of his eyes. Not a sec later I feel him drop his hand on my thigh. I feel my thigh immediately begin jiggling in his hand. I decide not to move and just indulge in all these sensations. I enjoy feeling the warmth of his hand on my thigh as I continue to look at the tears streaming down his face.


August 22, 2022 6:51 am  #2812

Re: Movie night

Anna's pov:

After a bit a very funny scene comes on. I can't help but laugh harder and harder. I turn to look at William and see how he is enjoying the movie. Instead of seeing him laughing I saw him blushing. I was surprised until I looked down and saw Jarrod's hand on his thigh making it jiggle. I disregard it and continue enjoying the movie.

I enjoy the movie for a while until another sad scene comes up. I can feel tears stinging the backs of my eyes. Since William's last bout of tears during the last sad scene I'm curious if he'll let his tears fall freely again this time. I look discretely at him out the corner of my eye. By now I can barely see as tears have filled up my eyes and everything has become blurry. I can barely make out the fact that he also has tears filling his eyes almost as fast as mine. I try to be as discrete as possible so he'll feel free to let go...again. I gently grab his right hand with my left, interlock our fingers and give his hand a gentle squeeze.

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August 22, 2022 7:00 am  #2813

Re: Movie night

I notice Camilla enjoys, even indulges when she feels my warm hands on her thighs, so I keep it there for a long time, unconsciously caressing it, I become aware when I see her eyes sparkle as a very sad scenes comes up. I give her thigh a reassuring squeeze, then I softly pat it again, indulging once more feeling it jiggle against my hand. I am starting to get aroused feeling Camilla’s soft, warm skin in my hand.

I glance with the corner of my eye, seeing William’s eyes also sparkling with tears, that is until a big, shining year starts to roll down his left cheek, leaving a brilliant thick streak on his cheek. I don’t think he is that comfortable yet with unchecked tears in public, so I slowly slide my free hand from under his eye until I catch the tear, turning to look at him, only to notice Anna is looking at him, she just saw me wiping William’s tears.


August 22, 2022 7:19 am  #2814

Re: Movie night

William’s POV:

I see a characteristic sparkle in Anna’s eyes, her eyes are to the brim with tears trying to slide down her lovely cheeks. I am about to bring my hand to her cheeks, when she grabs my right hand and, interlocking her fingers with mine.

I can’t wait, I just slide my hand to her quads, she is still interlocking her fingers with mine, at least I got to feel her sexy thigh soft and relaxed. I try to bring my hand to her cheek, she hasn’t released. I look at her face as a single tear slowly crawls down my right cheek.


August 22, 2022 8:12 am  #2815

Re: Movie night

Enid's POV

We both return to Tristan's dorm and reconnected with each other.

Tristan affirmed his commitment to me saying he would still love to take care of me (and my tears) and that he missed making love to me

I was so pleased and happy that I hadn't ruined what we had together through my flash of anger that a pair of tears streamed down my face. Tristan gently wiped them away for me and dabbed my eyes.

He then reached behind my head and carefully unclipped my hair barette and slowly took it out so that my hair fell down my shoulders.

I wrapped my hands around his neck and we gently kissed. Tristan then started to take my clothes off

Our lovemaking was amazing and when it was over, I cried again ashamed that I very nearly ruined a great relationship. Tristan was very soothing once again and when I left his room I felt like walking on air

The next few months leading up to Christmas I split my time between studying and working in Tristan's shop. I also managed to check in on Robyn a couple of times because my boyfriend asked me.

She told me she was seeing her sister in October and was really looking forward to it. I gently mentioned that a couple of girls in my class had wanted to see if she was ready to date again after Laura. She looked down at her booted legs (she was wearing a skirt today) and running her fingers across the leather as tears fell from her eyes and spattered onto her skirt and her boots

'I can't Enid' she said finally raising her head. Tears were still streaming down her face. 'I'm in love with my beautiful stranger I met in Canada. I can't date anybody else, I'm sorry'

My own eyes filled with tears now and Robyn wiped her tears and got up to go

As we headed into Christmas, Tristan was wanting to decorate the shop and make it really festive so I joined in with putting tinsel everywhere and spraying glittery snowflakes

Robyn even came one day and we both asked her what her plans for Christmas were

'I'm going to England' she said. 'My sister has found my girlfriend from Canada and I'm going to be her date at her ball' Tears began running down her cheeks. 'I can't believe I'm actually going to see her again'

I could tell Tristan was forcing himself not to wipe her tears. Robyn wiped them herself and got up to go

Tristan turned to me when she'd left

'Didn't your friend Alicia have a long distance relationship too'

'Yes she did' I said letting a tear run down my right cheek, so Tristan could deal with it

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August 22, 2022 5:50 pm  #2816

Re: Movie night

Kate's POV

I'd just left Mystic Manor when I got a text from Rachel

'Hey babe, I've finished my run and my car is taking me to the park. Where would you like to meet me'

'Perfect' I replied, tears streaming down my face as I typed. 'I'll meet you by the castle' I added two heart emoji and sent the message and wiped my tears away

I walked the short distance to the round grassy area near the castle buying my girlfriend a drink on the way.

Within fifteen minutes she arrived and I gave her a loving hug as tears ran down my cheeks again.

We broke the hug and I noticed Rachel had a tear running down her left cheek. We wiped each other's tears and briefly kissed on the lips.

We both sat on a bench and she gave me her End of Challenge Report

'8:57:30' she said with a rueful grin taking a swig of Coke. 'The Guinness WR holder did it in 7 and a half hours. How the hell he managed it I have no idea!'

I waited patiently for her to finish her drink and then we walked over to Grizzly Gulch

Security will run you down hard
And I will lead them on a merry chase

August 22, 2022 6:31 pm  #2817

Re: Movie night

As my hand was on top of Jarrod's as it was resting on my thigh, I was so comfortable I didn't want to release even if it was to wipe his tears as they continued to fall unchecked. After another moment of watching his previous tears roll down his cheeks I just couldn't help myself. I released his hand and immediately brought it to his left eye where I gently thumbed it away. With that he gave me a smile then turned to look at William. I didn't want to embarrass him so I turned my focus back to the movie still enjoying the feeling of Jarrod's tears on my thumb.

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August 22, 2022 7:11 pm  #2818

Re: Movie night

Anna's pov:

As our fingers are still interlocked William slid his hands to my quads instead of wiping my tears (as he usually did). He then turned to look at my face. I noticed he had a single tear slowly crawling down his right cheek. Without thinking I brought my left hand up, turned and stretched my hand to his right cheek where I gently thumbed his still falling tear away then traced his streak, still with the pad of my thumb, back up to just under his eye. I then gave him a loving smile to let him know I appreciated him allowing himself to be so vulnerable and even more so leave his tears unchecked and let me wipe them.

That's when I finally realized I still had an unchecked tear rolling down my cheek. I was so busy attending lovingly to William's tears I nearly forgot I still had some of my own also falling.

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August 24, 2022 3:20 am  #2819

Re: Movie night

Tristan's POV:

I loose Enid's hair as she holds me by the back of my neck, pulling me into a passionate kiss. As we kiss I take her clothes off until we are both naked, now I really remember how much I missed her strong body, how much I longed to feel her soft relaxed muscles in my hands. I lay her on my bed, staying on top of her, slowly becoming one with her, feeling my hips slowly pushing her inner thigh muscles, feeling them give in as if welcoming without any resistance. She starts swaying in contrary motion, making the contact harder. I get more turned on hearing a slapping sound between her inner thighs and my hip and quads. I bring my hands to her quads, feeling her strong muscles jiggling in my hands, I can't take my eyes off her still sparkling eyes as I am picturing her perfect thighs jiggle like jello in my hands. I start thrusting harder as I instinctively (I had never done it before) bring my lips to her hard nipples, sucking and lightly biting them. I sense she likes it as she arches her whole body, tensing her thighs as I thrust harder into her, making her hard thighs jiggle once more, her inner thighs against my hips and quads and her quads against my hands.

I feel her breathing fast and hard as she tenses her core, pulsating against my member, I can't hold back anymore, I shoot inside her (in the heat we forgot to wear protection) as she bathes me in her out of this world sweet juices. Her watery eyes finally overflow, a river of tears pour down her cheeks, leaving thick trails on their path. I can't help but kiss and wipe them with all my love. I will never forget this day.

After that memorable night, the semester starts and ends, I barely see Enid out of work as she is working part time with me and in the morning she is at school. I started the adventure of going back to college, I started gastronomy, fortunately it's open and I only go Thursday, Friday and Saturday, even though it's most of the day, it's only three days. during that semester I course the middle levels of tea and chocolate, leaving the advanced for next year.

Melissa comes by around Thanksgiving. Enid and her mom come home to celebrate as well, our bond is growing stronger, two years as a couple, Christmas time comes, Melissa brings Lisa (finally she gathers the courage) and Enid comes with her mom, her mom fits well with my parents. My first semester ends and Enid's first half of junior's ends.


August 24, 2022 3:32 am  #2820

Re: Movie night

I feel a strong tent growing when I feel Camilla placing her hand on top of mine as I jiggle her thigh. For the first time in my life I feel my hand bouncing between her strong thigh and her hand, that is until she releases my hand and brings it to my cheek to wipe my tears of laughter. I take advantage of that momentum and bring my hand to her cheek, sliding it from under her eye all the way to her chin...


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