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August 24, 2022 3:44 am  #2821

Re: Movie night

William's POV:

I feel Jarrod wiping my tears, then soon after Anna releases my hand and wipes a tear and its streak from my cheek, smiling at me, I feel my hand free now, so I quickly bring it to her cheek, wiping her hot, thick tear and its streak in such a loving way that I see a stronger wave of tears rushing down her cheeks in several streaks. I lean on her thigh, my hand sinking in her soft thigh as I kiss a huge tear from her cheek, following its tear streak with kisses, wiping the rest of her tears with my thumbs, the pads of my fingers and the back of my fingers, kissing her now pouty lips, pushing my tongue inside her mouth, giving her a deep kiss. I feel her body tremble as I give her the deep kiss, I feel a strong tent quickly growing in my shorts as I feel her thigh jiggle as her body shivers.


August 24, 2022 4:42 am  #2822

Re: Movie night

Enid's POV

At Christmas mine and Tristan's families meet up. Melissa comes up from Texas and brings Lisa finally having enough courage to come out to her parents

Throughout our Christmas celebrations I'm thinking of Robyn. She was going to England first to go to her girlfriend's Winter Ball and then onto France to stay with Marie and her parents. I hoped she would be having a good time too

I wanted to ask her when she got back, but something told me we should give her space. From what I heard from the girls in the corridor, she had indeed started a long distance relationship with her mysterious stranger in England. Given that I had roomed with Alicia who also went through the same thing, I knew not to ask Robyn any questions about her relationship as I didn't want to make her cry

Tristan wanted to worry about her as despite outward appearances she was clearly suffering. She was still getting her usual great results but we could both tell her new relationship was on her mind

Her hockey season started again and Tristan wanted to see her match. So we both went as did Susan and Marie. Marie had the job of recording the match presumably so Robyn could send it to her girlfriend who he had learned was called Caitlin

Her team lost the match unfortunately and Tristan wanted to commiserate but I turned him down

'I know she's a friend of ours, but if she needs to turn to us she will do' I said to him

Valentine’s came and went and I saw Robyn dressed up one afternoon. She was wearing a lovely knee length dress, the hem skimming the tops of her knee high boots.

'Are you seeing Caitlin' I asked her. She nodded as tears ran down her cheeks. Not wanting to intrude I left her to it

Her close friendships with Susan and Marie were causing a few of the girls in our year to snipe and criticise but Robyn wasn't having it.

'My best friends are the most loyal people I know' she told one in the corridor one day, tears once again streaming down her face. I hated seeing her cry, as I knew the pain she was going through

The year continued and me and Tristan managed to snatch a few minutes together when we could and before long it was the summer and my junior year was at an end

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August 24, 2022 6:31 am  #2823

Re: Movie night

Melissa's pov:

I visit my brother for Thanksgiving. I see Enid again, this time with her mom. We all have a nice Thanksgiving at our parents. I come back for Christmas this time nervously yet excitedly bringing Lisa. I come out to my parents. I get the same God speech from them as I did from my brother, but ultimately (and surprisingly) they were happy for us (or at least pretended to be not to ruin the holiday). Whichever it was Lisa said she really liked my parents as hers had divorced many yrs ago and she can't remember the last time she's seen or talked to her dad and because of this her relationship with her mother has been very strained. Even now she was still afraid to come out to her mom fearing shed be disowned.

As the conversation continued I could see tears of anger filling up Lisa's eyes. I wasn't sure if it would embarrass her if I wiped her tears in front of my parents so I just discreetly grabbed her right hand with my left under the table, gave it a loving squeeze and tried to change the subject to what my brother was up to.

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August 24, 2022 6:39 am  #2824

Re: Movie night

As I turn my focus back to the movie I can feel Jarrod's hand on my cheek, sliding it from just under my eye all the way to my chin. Although still dry I could feel tears of laughter quickly filling my eyes. I gave him a huge smile as I felt his hand still on my chin. With that I finally felt a single tear escape my left eye and quickly roll down my cheek rolling over his fingers that were still on my chin.

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August 24, 2022 6:56 am  #2825

Re: Movie night

Anna's pov:

After a moment I couldn't help myself any longer and I release William's hand wiping a tear and its streak from his cheek.  Before I knew it I felt his now free hand was on my cheek wiping a hot, thick tear and it's streak so lovingly that I couldn't help feeling another wave of tears start streaming down my cheeks leaving several streaks behind. He then leans on my thigh and kisses a single tear from my cheek, also kissing its streak. He wipes the rest of my tears with his thumbs, the pads of his fingers and the back of his fingers, kissing my now pouty lips. He ends with a very deep kiss on my still pouty lips. I couldn't help my body from trembling as he continued his deep kiss as I was beginning to feel tingles of arousal coursing through my body. I place my right hand on his left thigh trying to indulge myself in his sexy, uncovered thighs when I accidentally brushed across his tent.

As we broke our kiss I leaned over and whispered, finding myself being bolder than usual "Care to sneak away and indulge ourselves (in the rest room) before or after the movie ends...or can you wait until we get home? I mean I am already getting pretty wet and I can feel your strong tent just begging to be released..."

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August 25, 2022 2:52 am  #2826

Re: Movie night

Tristan's POV:

After spending a wonderful Christmas and New Year's Eve with my family and Enid's, the next semester flies, I don't know how I managed to pay almost 40% of the loan I got for the coffee shop opening, I have already hired a barista for the second shift and another waitress, Enid has been a big help in the financial area, I have developed a few recipes, introduced tea and cocoa, am on my way for the advanced level certifications (some of them I have fortunately finished), and have made good relationships with some grain (coffee, tea and cocoa) providers. Best of all, I survived the freshman year of culinary college. When the semester ends, I find a time to visit Laura, we schedule the day.


August 25, 2022 4:32 am  #2827

Re: Movie night

I feel her silky cheek dry, surprisingly, when I reach her chin, a tear catches my fingers, I smile and bring my other hand to her thigh, feeling my hand sliding smoothly on her silky skin as well as her soft muscles jiggling and giving in to the pressure of my hand. I release her chin and cross my arm across her shoulders.

The movie goes on, the scene where Jane tells Thor she has terminal cancer, it can be quite hard not to cry, then Jane sacrifices by holding the Mjoldinr once more, dying in Thor's arms. I see Anna and William wiping each others tears. I turn and cup Camilla's cheeks...


August 25, 2022 4:46 am  #2828

Re: Movie night

William's POV:

As we are still kissing, Anna surprises me caressing my thigh with her silky, soft hand, involuntarily causing a tent in my shorts, which Anna accidentally (was it?) brushes it. We break the kiss, she definitely notices the tent as she suggests we go to the restroom to take care of it, then lustfully says she is getting wet as welI. I suggest another offer, I ask her if I could caress her and she could indulge in my tent, I look at her eyes and lovingly kiss a couple of tears and their streaks, feeling her hand jiggle my thigh as I do so (I know she loves the way I take care of her tears), wiping the rest of her tears as she devotedly wipes my tears.

The rest of the movie goes on, but Anna and I are more into each other than in the movie, still, we see other very touching scenes which make tears roll down our cheeks, other action scenes that have us hanging on our seats and jiggling each other’s thighs as we are excited, but we never stop touching each other.

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August 25, 2022 5:37 am  #2829

Re: Movie night

Sadie's POV

It was Christmas Eve and we were packing up the Juice Bar and wiping everything down before we closed the shop for two days for the Christmas holidays

It had been a very festive Christmas Eve, all of us wearing Santa hats as we served our customers

Before we left for the night Liz gave a heartfelt speech to the troops, thanking us for our hard work and support. It was so heartfelt it caused tears to run down Helen and Natalie's cheeks

After we had all received our Christmas bonus we closed and locked up the shop, put up the shutters and departed for our Christmas break

As me and Liz drove back home, we passed Adrian's former shop. His business after the court case had collapsed and all that was left of it was now an empty shell after hooligans had broken in and left it a wreck

Me and Liz had tears streaming down our faces as we looked at the former cafe. Then the lights changed and we drove on to our flat

I had still been getting my monthly letters off Robyn. After her devastating break up from her girlfriend Laura she had found someone else and was going to England to attend the ball at her college.

Remembering Alicia and what happened to her and Leo made another round of tears run down my cheeks. I hoped she didn't get her heart broken again

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August 26, 2022 5:34 am  #2830

Re: Movie night

The movie continues rather uneventfully, until the scene where Jane tells Thor she has terminal cancer. I can't help but feel tears quickly filling my eyes as I begin to picture what would happen if Jarrod ever told me he had cancer. As soon as Jane died in Thor's arms I couldn't help my tears from rapidly overflowing and running down my cheeks faster than a waterfall.

With that I felt Jarrod's cool hands cupping my soaking wet, burning cheeks.

"I don't know what I would do if you ever got cancer and died." I whispered trying to steady my now quivering lip afraid I was about to start sobbing. I loved the way Jarrod comforted me, but didn't want to ruin the movie for any of the other people watching it.

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