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September 20, 2022 6:31 pm  #2981

Re: Movie night

Tristan's POV:

After the gym, we go get a quick shower (and have a quickie, I notice Enid is a lot more cheerful after sex) we go to the coffee shop. WIlliam and Anna arrive a little while later, Enid and I approach them and Enid explains in detail the situation, she tells them she needs to wait for her birthday to get married without parental consent. As she says so tears stream down her face, this time I don't hesitate, I lean and kiss a tear from her cheek as I wipe the rest of her tear streaks, I notice both, William and Anna smile as I wipe and kiss Enid's hot, thick tears from her cheeks.

I invite them a courtesy lunch for them, they gladly accept. I take Enid's waist and walk with her back to the counter, where I finish lovingly wiping her remaining tear streaks. I tell her she can rest for a while, I'll take care of them (Will and Anna).


September 21, 2022 3:54 am  #2982

Re: Movie night

I'm surprised when Jarrod tells me he's never done it doggy style before. He takes the initiative to ask me to show him. I quickly place myself in front of him on the bed on all fours.. I feel the bed shake slightly as he kneels behind me. I then feel him lean so he's holding me in his arms. I smile as I feel his thighs against mine. I didn't realize how warm he was. He then holds my abs as he slowly slides his hands teasingly down to my inner parts. I can't help but shiver as I feel intense tingling of pleasure all over my body. My breasts begin bouncing into his free hand as my thighs begin to give in as I push myself back. I feel his member now at full attention.

After only a sec of Jarrod entering my inner parts I can't help but let out a rather loud moan as my body begins to tremble. I decide to take the lead to let him know just how good this position can feel so I start swaying. I feel him start thrusting slowly making the clashing of our bodies stronger than I anticipated. My thighs jiggle against his quads. He quickly places his hands on my quads as my quads then begin to jiggle against his hands. I try to hold off as long as possible, but this position hits so many more sensitive spots than any of the other positions we've tried so far so I barely last three min before I feel myself reaching the point of no return. As he begins to thrust harder I feel myself finally reach the point of no return just as he does. I start to bathe his member as he begins to fill me up. I can never get enough of our fluids mixing together.

We lay in bed catching our breath when Jarrod reminds me I promised to meet with Jessica the following day so we went to bed rather early as we also had to go back to work as well.

The next day I met up with Jessica during my lunch break at a local coffee shop. When I arrived we exchanged a cordial hug. As we parted she apologized for taking so long to meet with me. I told her politely that it was ok, and after about two min of chatting I excitedly told her about my new life with Jarrod and my recent trip to NY to see my brother and sister in law.

I then asked her how her life has been since we last saw each other.

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September 21, 2022 4:20 am  #2983

Re: Movie night

Anna's pov:

As we are walking hand in hand around the park we skip an upcoming ice cream stall. William explains it would be best to avoid unnecessary sugar and fat until we see the nutritionist. Although initially disappointed, I eventually agree. We finally reach a bench after walking for a bit and decide to sit for a few. He says he doesn't want me overdoing it. As soon as we sit I feel him place his left hand on my right thigh. He then caresses it from my upper thigh to my knee. He looks lovingly into my eyes and tells me that I'm the most beautiful woman he's ever seen he says he can't get enough of my eyes, my smile, my arms, my abs, my thighs and my calves. He then hints he'd like to feel my legs without any fabric in the way.

After a few more min of chatting we are both starting to get hungry (me a little but more than him as I'm currently eating for two). William gives my thigh a soft pat and offers me a hand to stand up. He reminds me we have an invitation to go to the coffee shop for lunch.

As we arrive at the coffee shop Tristan and Enid approach us before we even have a chance to sit down. Enid begins to tell us all the details about their situation. She says they can't get married until the day after her birthday as she is currently only 17 and after her birthday she won't need parental consent.

"When exactly is your birthday?" William asks so we know how long we have to wait.

Before Enid can answer I notice tears beginning to stream down her fair cheeks leaving them rather rosy. I watch in awe as Tristan leans in and kisses a still falling tear from her right cheek as he wipes the rest of her tear streaks with the back of his left hand. I can't help but smile at this loving gesture as it is s rare thing to see in public.

As soon as Enid had most of her tears clear Tristan turns to us and Invites us to a courtesy lunch to thank us for our impending help.

"Thanks." William and I say in unison.

"Just pick whatever seems to be a customer favorite." I said smiling as they both turned and walked back to the counter, Tristan's hand on Enid's waist.

"They really seem to be in love. I'm glad you want to help them." I said smiling lovingly at William as we wait for our order.

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September 21, 2022 10:31 pm  #2984

Re: Movie night

After Camilla comes out from her meeting with Jessica we go home and prepare for work the day after. We finish early and we still have some free time, I ask Camilla if she would like to watch a movie, go for a walk or do some more serious exercise at the gym...

A couple of weeks go by and the busy season is about to start at the school, so we decide to visit William and Anna.


September 21, 2022 10:56 pm  #2985

Re: Movie night

William's POV:

I am stunned by the beauty and shamelessness of Enid's tears, then I can't help forming a smile when Tristan lovingly kisses a tear from her rosy cheek, tenderly wiping the rest of her tears and its streaks as well. He seems to be quite sensitive to it, he'll make a great husband one day. I notice Anna is also smiling, I hold her hand and when Tristan goes with Enid I tell Anna that I remember when Jarrod got married, how we both wiped each other's tears in front of everyone at the church and also, without embarrassment, I hope church isn't the only place she allows me to take care of her tears in front of others, as I value and cherish her beautiful tears, plus, she is a beautiful crier. I add that if I feel about to cry, I won't stop myself from doing so, as I have learned to love the way she takes care of my tears, never hesitate to wipe or kiss my tears, no matter who is around or where we are.

I enjoy the delicious lunch and head back home with Anna, still thinking about Enid's extremely aesthetic tears (I hope I get to wipe them again).


September 22, 2022 3:43 am  #2986

Re: Movie night

After lunch with Jessica we go home. We get our things ready for work pretty quickly so we have a bit of free time. Jarrod asks me what I'd like to do with our free time. He suggests watching a movie, taking a walk or doing a bit more exercise or our local gym.

"I'd love to take a nice walk as it is always relaxing. I don't want to wear myself out at the gym as we have to work tomorrow. And maybe (if time permits) we can fall asleep tonight watching a nice movie." I suggested waiting for him to decide where we would walk.

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September 22, 2022 4:01 am  #2987

Re: Movie night

Anna's pov:

I can't help smiling when I see Tristan so lovingly wiping Enid's tears away. William then grabs my hand as Tristan and Enid walk away to make our lunch. William then begins telling me  that he thinks Tristan will make a good husband someday, which gets him thinking about when Jarrod and Camilla got married. He says he remembers how we tenderly wiped each other's tears without embarrassment. He then adds that, now, if he feel like crying he won't stop himself anymore as he loves the way I take care of his tears. He asks me to never hesitate to wipe and kiss his tears no matter where we are or who is around.

I can't help feel tears of pure love for William in this exact moment quickly filling my eyes.

"I love you honey and am glad you like the way I take care of your tears. It's my honor to take care of you, make you feel loved and your emotions safe and protected. I'm glad you finally feel comfortable not to hide your tears anymore when you feel them. I never want you to feel embarrassed of your feelings." I said lovingly as I see our food order arrive.

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September 22, 2022 4:33 am  #2988

Re: Movie night

Enid's POV

I take William and Anna their lunch order and finally answer their question when my birthday is which was next Tuesday the 27th of August

Me and Tristan would therefore need to get married in the early hours of the morning to forestall any acts of separation from my parents

I managed to hold back my tears as I said this, previously they had escaped and streamed down my face.

However I was growing more confident with my tears than I had been in the past. Crying in front of Tristan and later his sister Melissa had allowed me to lose some of my embarrassment

I left William and Anna to eat their meals

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September 22, 2022 4:45 am  #2989

Re: Movie night

Caitlin's POV

Me and Robyn had a lovely flight over to NYC. Our in flight entertainment system kept us entertained.

We first watched Ms Quarterback the sequel to That Fateful Night which had tears running down our cheeks, then we decided to look at a Guinness World Records programme

After we had watched it, I asked Robyn what it was like for her and Susan

'It's very mentally and physically draining.' She explained 'There is a lot of stations to visit, eight miles of running, plus because you have to start early in the morning you get very tired. You're exhausted by 6am but you have no choice but to just stay exhausted till it's over'

We passed the rest of the flight quietly, reading a book each whilst simultaneously playing footsie with each other.

I missed the cooler weather because we both had our knee boots on then. It was much sexier doing it with our boots on

We landed and got through customs and after grabbing our luggage we went to meet Susan. Robyn had warned me that she might only shake my hand and that she would explain. As it happened she didn't need to. I saw her Asexual pride necklace round her neck

She gave her best friend a hug as tears streamed down her face. After wiping them away she put out her hand

'It's nice to meet you' I greeted, tears running down my cheeks. Robyn was crying too and once we had all wiped our tears we headed for the exit

Security will run you down hard
And I will lead them on a merry chase

September 22, 2022 9:52 pm  #2990

Re: Movie night

Camilla says she would love to go for a walk, the weather is nice, still august, so, relatively hot, but at this time of day it starts to refresh. I take her to the Emerald Necklace, she looks stunningly beautiful in her shorts (better enjoy now before cold weather comes). I tell her: "We could take the 7 mile walk or go just to one park or two". I smile as I let her think...


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