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June 16, 2021 12:04 am  #21

Re: Movie night

Feel a slight dampness on her cheek.

I can't believe that I am tearing up. It started as a lump in my throat that I couldn't suppress, then some burning behind my eyes. Jarrod has never seen me cry so I was desperately trying to stop it. 

Despite my control I finally realize that tears were flowing down my face and over my cheeks. I was hoping Jarrod didn't notice.


June 16, 2021 12:21 am  #22

Re: Movie night

My heart started racing, for the first time in my life I might get to see Camilla's beautiful blue eyes full of tears, and, hopefully I get the chance to take care of her tears.

I switched my position towards her, forgot about the movie completely, place my free hand on top of her thigh, caressing it and giving a soft squeeze, feeling her defined muscles give in to the pressure of my fingers. That's when I felt one hot tear land on my index, rolling over it, going through the rest of my fingers. Then a second tear suddenly landed where my fingers start and my palm ends, I was still in shock when a third tear, between the previous two, wet my fingers.

My whole body shivered, I even felt her thigh softly jiggle against my hand. I slowly guided her face to turn towards me with the hand that was already on her cheek, I remove my hand from her cheek and around her back, replacing it with my hand that was closer to it, placing my now free hand on her other cheek.

I didn't even ask, instinct took over me, I kissed a couple of tears from each cheek, giving Cam a reassuring smile, slowly wiping the rest of her tears and the three tear streaks on her right cheek and the two on her left, every track clear, for a second, as another wave replaced the first one.


June 16, 2021 12:44 am  #23

Re: Movie night

Suddenly I realized that my tears had reached Jarrod's fingers. I blush a little but realize I can't stop them. I'm hoping that the theater is dark enough that Jarrod doesn't notice forgetting that he can still feel them.

I can't believe when I felt him shiver assumably from my tears rolling over his fingers.  It was even more surprising when he guided my face to turn facing him. I didn't know what he would think seeing my tear filled eyes or the shining tears rolling down my cheeks.

But just then he placed his hand on my cheek snapping me out if my thoughts. With the tenderness he was showing me my walls slowly began to crumble despite my best efforts.

Then he surprised me with a kiss on my cheek. First my left then my right. I never had anyone take care of my tears so tenderly before. Seeing him smile through my tears after he was done kissing them away told me that it was ok to finally let my walls finish crumbling.

I knew a second wave of tears was approaching so as soon as he finished wiping and kissing all my current tears away I just let another wave overcome me.

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June 16, 2021 12:55 am  #24

Re: Movie night

I have always liked Cam, but I have never had the courage to tell her, now, seeing her with a stronger wave of tears rushing out of her beautiful eyes, leaving several stunning thin streaks on each cheek. I don't know if I am making Cam feel uncomfortable for taking care of her tears, she may think I am treating her like a baby, so I take the risk and continue taking care of her tears.

These strong emotions are starting to get to me, but I don't know how she would take it, as a lot of people say, boys don't cry, so I blink back tears successfully, hopefully Cam didn't notice this moment of weakness.


June 16, 2021 1:05 am  #25

Re: Movie night

Through my new wave of tears I can see Jarrod staring at my tears as they were leaving my eyes and rolling down my cheeks. It felt really good to be able to finally be vulnerable around Jarrod without fear of judgement.

All of a sudden I notice a slight gleam in his eyes reflecting the light produced by the movie. I stroked his left arm with my right hand telling him it was ok to let go. I know he has the image that boys/men aren't supposed to cry but I disagree. I was hoping I could convey that message with just a single touch

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June 16, 2021 1:20 am  #26

Re: Movie night

I successfully managed to keep tears at bay and kept admiring and taking care of Camilla's tears, I kissed some tears from under her eyes, kissed other from her cheeks, thumbed some, cleared her face from tear streaks.

At one point I felt her right hand caress my left arm, I felt goosebumps, I really love when she caresses me, I gather courage I didn't know I had in me and, for the first time in my life (and hopefully not last), kiss her generous lips. They tasted a bit salty, like her tears, I don't know how long the kiss lasts, but it left me breathless (and I have quite a good condition).



June 16, 2021 1:51 am  #27

Re: Movie night

Couldn't believe what was happening.

After Jarrod was done clearing my tear streaks like a pro, even kissing a few from my cheeks he leaned in for a real kiss. (The kind on the lips). I was in shock. I never expected.him to kiss me. I never even knew he felt that way; but I leaned in and kissed him back despite my reservations.

I couldn't believe how wonderful the kiss felt.  His lips were warm and soft and gave me chills up my spine. I couldn't help but shiver a little upon ending the kiss which seemed to last forever.

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June 16, 2021 2:04 am  #28

Re: Movie night

I felt a rush of mixed hormones, adrenaline that kept my heart racing, endorphins which made me feel extreme happiness. I couldn't believe I gathered the courage to kiss Cam, and she corresponded, when the kiss ended I saw her eyes wide in suprise and she shivered lightly (I kept a hand on her thigh), I gave Cam the biggest smile I had, I think at least ten minutes passed, I couldn't catch what was happening in the movie.

A little while later, the scene I was expecting came, the guy came from his long trip and the girl's tears were expected. I never knew this actress was such a professional crier, big, round, thick tears fell from her eyes leaving several tear streaks, her sobbing seemed so real, her nose and cheeks blushed. She was quite a great crier I think I'll search for more of her movies.

I turn to see Cam and the actress seemed to dim, Cam was the most beautiful crier (and the most beautiful girl for the matter) that the actress came in a distant second place in my eyes.

I caress Cam's cheek one more time, feeling...


June 16, 2021 2:16 am  #29

Re: Movie night

A slight bit of dampness.

Focusing back on the movie and not on the most amazing, yet, unexpected kiss of my life I finally saw the part in the movie I was waiting for.  When the actress finally began crying I couldn't help but feel her emotions. Despite myself my eyes began to fill up with tears again, but this time I didn't try to hold back. I knew that despite my insecurities Jarrod would be there to tenderly wipe my.tears away.

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June 16, 2021 2:30 am  #30

Re: Movie night

After the initial bout of tears, I think Cam did like how I took care of her, as this time as soon as I felt her breathing pattern change, streams of tears rushed out of her stunning blue eyes (which acquired a more intense color when tears filled them) down her beautiful, soft cheeks.

I guess she already expected me to take care of her tears, so, now with more confidence, I turned to her and kissed a big, round tear from her cheek, wiping more tears and tear streaks every now and then.



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