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October 7, 2022 4:11 am  #3041

Re: Movie night

I guess Jarrod likes my idea as I notice him getting even harder. I feel him grasp and jiggle my thigh as he tells me that the longer he has to wait the harder it'll be (for me).

"That's ok." I say rather lustfully, grabbing his left thigh with my right hand and  jiggling it slightly teasing him.


October 7, 2022 4:21 am  #3042

Re: Movie night

Anna's pov:

William looks me lovingly in my eyes and tells me how much he really loves the new me, even saying how much it turns him on as he has my full trust if even beyond my own comfort zone. He says how much I make him feel trusted when I allow him to wipe and kiss my tears especially in front of others. He adds how much younger I make him feel and how strong he desires me even after us being together for so many yrs. He reminds me how turned on he gets when he feels my legs jiggling in his hands. And how much more he loves me today than the day we got married (if that's possible).

As I'm looking into his eyes I can see they are starting the fill up with tears (of love). I also feel myself beginning to get choked up so instead of saying anything I just cup both of his cheeks with my hands and use the pads of my thumbs to wipe just under his eyes. With that I feel a hot pair of tears, one from each eye, leave his eyes and roll over my thumbs. I give him a loving smile as my eyes finally begin to fill up with tears of their own.

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October 7, 2022 4:34 am  #3043

Re: Movie night

I don’t know how or who took my pants off as we share a deep, long, sweet kiss. I become aware when Camilla strongly grabs my left thigh with her silky, smooth right hand, jiggling it as she says in a lustful, yet teasing voice that it’s ok (she will wait). I have to use all my will and strength to prevent bathing her strong, yet soft legs with life giving liquid. I shudder.

As soon as I regain composure I tease Camilla: “If it’s at the beginning of our workday, do you think you’ll have energy for the rest of the work day?” I softly squeeze her thigh, feeling her quads give in to the pressure of my hand. I refrain from continuing as I know in a few hours I’ll make her scream my name until she is depleted.

We sleep a little less than three hours, well, Cam slept, I, on the other hand, could not sleep at all, waiting for the time I could indulge in her beautiful eyes, her perfect body, her sweet voice, not forgetting her lovely soul.


October 7, 2022 4:52 am  #3044

Re: Movie night

William’s POV:

I notice Anna is aware of the tears filling my eyes, as I see her choke up and gulp. Seems she can’t talk, the only gesture she manages to make is cupping my cheeks and wiping under my eyes with her thumbs. That gesture encourages my hot tears to overflow and start rolling down my cheeks and over her thumbs. She gives me a loving smile as her eyes fill with her own tears.

I am surprised and even turned in as she imitates my gesture of her eyes filling with tears, so I correspond cupping her cheeks in the most tender way I am capable of, softly swiping my thumbs across her fair cheeks. My heart starts beating faster when I feel her first hot, thick tears slowly crawling down her cheeks and across my hands.

I wipe the first couple of tears, leaning to kiss the second wave of tears. We both smile as we lose sense of time as I lovingly continue kissing and wiping her tears. At one point things get steamy and I get lost in her body and soul…


October 7, 2022 8:04 am  #3045

Re: Movie night

Sadie's POV

I was surprised and delighted to receive a call from Camilla. She was telling me about her NY trip and how she had met this young couple who owned a coffee shop - not unlike Liz's - and got married in the early hours of the morning

I was a little stunned by this revelation I won't lie. Admittedly I didn't know Enid much, the only information I knew about her was scattered bits from Alicia and Robyn's letters

Camilla then asked when I was going to get married to Liz. I told her we hadn't discussed it and she insisted that we should before hanging up

'Do you want to?' Liz asked me when I informed her about my sisters request. Tears ran down my cheeks as I answered my partner's question

'I love you so much' I replied, a sob escaping from my throat 'But I like our current situation, unconventional as it is and I'm not the marrying kind anyway'

Me and Liz  still lived in our separate flats across the corridor in our apartment block. We would occasionally both stay in the night in one of them, but mostly lived apart

Tears began running down Liz's cheeks now. With her long brown hair loose down her back and framed around her face she looked so beautiful.

'I love you too, and our unconventional living arrangements' She wiped my tears away and I did the same to her. We began to kiss on the couch

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October 7, 2022 10:02 pm  #3046

Re: Movie night

Jarrod asks me if I'd like our fun to be at the begining of our work day. He then comments that if it is he wasn't sure if I'd have enough energy for the rest of the work day. He then squeezes my thigh waiting for my response.

"I'll let you know after I get a little rest." I begin finally getting a bit sleepy. "If I'm not to tired after my rest I won't continue to tease you too much longer and will love to have our fun at the beginning of our work day." I say now yawning.

Before I knew it, it was 3hrs later and I was just opening my eyes. I guess I did get a bit of rest.

"I hope you slept well." I began yawning. "I guess we should get ready for work. When we get there I'll tell you how I feel." I said smiling at Jarrod hoping I wasn't too tired for some morning fun once we get to  work.

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October 7, 2022 10:16 pm  #3047

Re: Movie night

Anna's pov:

As my eyes begin to fill up faster and faster with impending tears William lovingly corresponds to my gesture by cupping my cheeks with his hands and wiping the pads across them. I can't help but feel my tears finally leave my eyes, down my cheeks and onto his hand.

After William wiped the first couple of my tears away I could feel another wave of tears begin to run down my cheeks following the same paths as the first ones. I then felt him begin to kiss my second wave of tears as they continues to roll.

William slowly moved his kisses from my cheeks to my mouth where he plants a deep passionate kiss on them. I could feel my breathing increase and my heart begin to beat faster. It seems every time he wipes and/,or kisses my tears I get turned on more and more.

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October 7, 2022 10:28 pm  #3048

Re: Movie night

I think I dozed off for a few minutes, we get up and get ready for work. I think Camilla's answer is yes, as she is wearing a black and white striped knee-length skirt and matched it with a denim jacket or even a plain white top. I go with my classic black short sleeve silk shirt and black dress pants. As soon as I see her, my body reminds me she didn't take care of the tent last night as I feel a strong tent growing in my pants, she smiles and goes to prepare a quick breakfast.

We eat without much of a chat and get in the car. I drive to school, to test the waters I softly slide my hand to her inner thigh, feeling its warmth and softness...


October 7, 2022 10:41 pm  #3049

Re: Movie night

William's POV:

Anna responds, her heart beating faster and her caresses more erotic in nature. I start undressing her, from top to bottom, I look so attentive as if it was the first time I saw her naked body, I memorize her shoulders, sight and feel, then her breasts, her abs, her waist, going lower, I remove her clothing, feeling and seeing her sensual thighs, then her calves, ending in her ankles and feet. She does the same, I feel her soft, silky hands all across my body.

When we are both completely naked I tenderly slide next to her and lift her inner thigh, feeling its relaxed muscles give in to my hold. I slowly enter (knowing how we both are more than ready) and very slowly and lovingly thrust inside her, feeling her inner thigh softly give in to the pressure of my hand and the back of her other thigh gently giving in to the contact of my gentle thrusts.


October 8, 2022 12:00 am  #3050

Re: Movie night

Tristan's POV:

After a teasing and intense morning, we go home to get some rest. As soon as we got there I noticed I had received a few pictures from an unknown number, when I open the message I see the first one saying he is Jarrod and sent me the wedding pics. I look for Enid, she has already stripped and is laying in bed, I quickly strip and get in bed, next to her. I give her calf a soft squeeze: "Hey princess, guess what I just got?" She looks at me a bit puzzled, I show her the pictures, I slide through the beautiful pictures Jarrod sent me, my eyes starting to fill with tears. As we are looking at the pictures I stop in one in which I am wiping Enid's tears as she says I DO. I look at Enid, her eyes filling with tears as she remembers the moment...


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