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November 20, 2022 5:34 am  #3371

Re: Movie night

Robyn's POV

I listened as Marie told me about her Uncle, who'd been a gambler. He had got so bad he had resorted to stealing to fund his habit.

And then he had stolen off Marie's Dad.

'Luckily I was able to get a scholarship' Marie explained wiping her tears 'That's how I managed to get here. It was my dream to study in NY'

She paused as another pair of tears ran down her cheeks

'I've seen how an addiction can grow and what it does to the people you love. I don't want Audrey to go through that'

She wiped her tears again and apologised for ruining our weekly Mousetrap game

'You haven't ruined it' I told her, tears streaming down my face. 'We can still play. I wiped my own tears away and we set the board up

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November 20, 2022 5:42 am  #3372

Re: Movie night

Jenny's POV

Tears free falled from my eyes as I sat on a bench near the Capitol reflecting pool. They both dropped onto my trousers soaking into fabric and onto my boot toes

Hearing that your wife had fallen for someone else was devastating to me. I didn't know what to do next. I was perfectly within my rights to divorce her, but I didn't want to. I didn't want to be a statistic. Another joke marriage

I raised my head and my tears continued to fall, streaming down my face

This was all Billie's fault. If she had been honest from the start, before my relationship with Lois had gotten serious, we could have avoided this

I wiped my tears and began to walk home, listening to the sound of my boot heels click clacking on the pavement

Security will run you down hard
And I will lead them on a merry chase

November 20, 2022 8:55 pm  #3373

Re: Movie night

As soon as I tell Jarrod I'd like to return the favor he quickly lays me down on the bed, opens my legs, kneels between them and begins slowly carressing my quads and inner thighs. He then asks me if I'd like to do it soft or rough. I quickly reply "I'd love it rough, but although turned on, I don't think my body would hold out.  Would you mind doing it soft this time?" I ask slowly hoping he'll be satisfied with my decision.

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November 20, 2022 9:05 pm  #3374

Re: Movie night

Anna's pov:

" You're making me wet again, I can't wait to get back to our room and make you see stars as we go to the highest of our senses and back, you have no idea how sexy you are, I don' know why I didn't see it before, I promised to myself to make up for the lost time, you will be the limit, from now on, I'm 100% yours, I'm addicted to you, I love seeing your mesmerizing shining eyes, I want to take care of all your tears, happy or sad, I can't resist feeling your belly, knowing it is developing a new life, made out of our love, I am extremely attracted to your soft, jiggly thighs and calves, its the best sensation I have ever felt, I can't keep my hands off them, and you know what, I feel really honored and loved when you allow me to have these gestures for you in public, you know, show you my love for you wiping and kissing your beautiful tears as well as show you my physical attraction caressing and jiggling your thighs and calves. I don't think this will change as long as I live".Jarrod says as the waitress returns with our food.

He then gives my quads a soft pat resting his hands as they jiggle. He then pats my inner thigh also resting his hands there as they jiggle. As soon as they stop jiggling I feel him squeeze and caress them. He then tells me we should enjoy our dinner first and takes his fork in his free hand.

"Do you think you could restrain yourself if we had dessert after?" I asked teasingly knowing he probably couldn't hold on that long.  I then began to eat my dinner while I waited for his response.

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November 21, 2022 9:01 am  #3375

Re: Movie night

Caitlin's POV

'I bought you these' Milly told me and Millie on Monday morning. It was a flat pack metal box with a DVD for us both. I got 'Do The Right Thing' and Millie got 'The Manchurian Candidate'.

'The idea is when you choose your weekly film you buy two copies so you can share the same film collection'

I was very touched by my gift and I hugged my best friend, tears running down my cheeks. Millie was touched too but unlike me she didn't cry when she hugged Milly. I made a mental note to ask Kate or my girlfriend Robyn if they had any movies that made them cry

Our bestie moment was interrupted by Hudson who greeted one of my friends with the very cringy;

'Millietronic9000, how are we on this beautiful Monday!'

'Fine, thanks' Millie said perfectly polite, but I could tell she was squirming with discomfort

'Had a nice cozy weekend with Caroline and Bonnie did we' I shot back icily, making it quite clear my best friend's were off limits

'Yes, I did' he said shooting me a grin before sauntering off. We all rolled our eyes at each other and walked to our classes

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And I will lead them on a merry chase

November 21, 2022 2:35 pm  #3376

Re: Movie night

To which Camilla quickly replies "I'd love it rough, but although turned on, I don't think my body would hold out. Would you mind doing it soft this time?" She asks slowly. I smile as I slowly become one with her, leaning to caress her face, arms, abs, inner thighs and calves, I love how her body reacts to my touch, her face relaxed, her arms shudder lightly, her abs flutter, her thighs jiggle hard just with the light caress I give her and her calves gracefully sway and jiggle in my hands as I barely feel their shape in my hands.  I feel about to reach peak, but I focus on giving Camilla the most pleasure, I consciously feel my attentive full member stimulating every inch of her core, making her shudder as I slowly thrust inside and out, the back of her thighs giving in to the soft contact of my hips as I feel the waves transferred to her inner thighs as they jiggle in my hands. I make sure to go extra slow to prevent myself from reaching the point of no return before Camilla, seems this is making her reach it faster, I'm not sure if it's because she is able to enjoy every movement with time to process the feel, or the time I stay inside her completely reaches areas not usually stimulated.

As I was thinking of this I feel, starting to become used to it, Camilla's entire body starting to shake as she starts to ride the roller coaster of reaching peak and bringing me along. Seeing her perfect round breasts bounce, her abs shake and her thighs jiggle as I feel her calves jiggling against my calves and outer thighs as I give her my final thrusts, bring me to the point of shooting strong inside her, absorbing the jiggle of her inner thighs in my hands as I lean my head on her breasts, absorbing the jiggle as well on my face. I feel happy tears begin to fill my eyes, feeling her still toned abs, knowing there is new life, product of our love, inside it. I cup her cheeks...


November 21, 2022 3:29 pm  #3377

Re: Movie night

William's POV:

Anna asks teasingly: "Do you think you could restrain yourself if we had dessert after?" Starting to eat her dinner, she looks at me. I quickly answer: "It's up to you." I softly jiggle her inner thigh. "What would you like, you definitely need food, our baby needs to get nutrients, would you like to eat and have me finish what I started earlier (make you reach the point of no return here) or would you like to have dinner, then indulge in my body as I worship yours?" I slide my hand from her inner thigh to her upper quads, giving it a firm pat, hearing the characteristic slapping sound as I feel her soft, sexy jiggle in my hand. I take a bite of my dinner and hold the fork in the air, looking into her beautiful eyes, waiting for her response, my hand still on her warm skin on her upper thigh.


November 21, 2022 3:49 pm  #3378

Re: Movie night

Tristan's POV:

Our final premarital class is today, Enid and I dress up properly for it, she chooses a long red dress and heels, I decide to wear my former benedictine suit, all black. The last class finishes, we have a small celebration, I look into Enid's eyes, my eyes filling with happy tears knowing we'll have the best wedding in about a month, I caress her cheeks as I softly say: "I love you, I am the happiest guy knowing I'll be with you for the rest of my life".


November 21, 2022 11:13 pm  #3379

Re: Movie night

In no time Jarrod becomes one with me, slowly. He begins caressing my arms abs, inner thigh and calves. I Immediately feel my arms shudder, my abs flutter, my thighs jiggle. I feel his member like never before giving me the ultimate pleasure. Making my whole body shudder with pleasure as he slowly thrusts in and out. The back of my thighs making contact with his hips, my thighs jiggling in his hands. I'm enjoying sensations I don't usually... If ever...feel. I'm not sure if these areas have ever gotten properly stimulated when we rush through it or go harder.

Before I know it I felt my whole body begin to shake. My breasts begin to bounce,. My abs shake. My thighs jiggle his calves and outer thighs. I knew I was nearing the point of no return, but just then Jarrod reached the point of no return, filling me up strong. He leans his head on my breasts as I finally reach the point of no return and bathe his member.

As Jarrod is still laying his head on my breast I'm not sure if I'm feeling tears or sweat. He then sits up.slightly so he can cup my cheeks delicately. That's when I see tears in his eyes. I'm not used to us being intimate leading to his tears so I unconsciously give him a slightly puzzled look.

"I can't get enough of your still toned abs, knowing there is a  new life, product of our love, inside it." He explains as a single tear starts it's decent down his left cheek. Since he still has his hands on my cheeks and doesn't wipe his tear I lift my left hand and use the pad of my thumb to wipe his tear as it continues to fall.

"Aww, honey. I'm speechless." I say slowly as tears are beginning to fill my eyes now.

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November 21, 2022 11:24 pm  #3380

Re: Movie night

Anna's pov:

William says its up to me if I want dessert or not. He wants me to eat at much as I need to, to feed our baby.  He then asked if I'd like to finish what we started or wait until we get back to our rooom. He then slid his hand from my inner thigh to my upper quads giving them a firm pat as they jiggled in his hands. He then began to eat, waiting for my response.

"How about we wait until we get back to our room. I'm so wet right now if you continue I know I won't be able to control myself and I'll start to scream. I don't think we want anyone knowing about our little secret do we." I say slowly hoping he likes my answer.

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